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The Beckhams Rock Rome

The Beckhams Rock Rome

David Beckham and wife Victoria Beckham were spotted leaving the Hassler Hotel earlier this weekend in Rome, Italy. But only Mrs. Becks attended the wedding ceremony of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes at Castello Odescalchi as Becks was required to continue soccer training with Real Madrid. Pictured below: David Beckham watches the Primera Liga match between Real Madrid and Racing Santander at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium yesterday.

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the beckhams tom and katies wedding 01
the beckhams tom and katies wedding 02
the beckhams tom and katies wedding 03
the beckhams tom and katies wedding 04
the beckhams tom and katies wedding 05
the beckhams tom and katies wedding 06
the beckhams tom and katies wedding 07
the beckhams tom and katies wedding 08
the beckhams tom and katies wedding 09
the beckhams tom and katies wedding 10
the beckhams tom and katies wedding 11
the beckhams tom and katies wedding 12

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  • Cocobuttr

    A few poor choices, but only she could rock half the s**t she wears.

  • Thanks

    Thanks JJ Becks looks wonderful as always especially when he doesn’t have old mutton dressed as lamb in the frame :)) When is she gonna work out the diff between class and clueless – all that money and that pink skirt is just tragic!! Nice pins – but the best legs don’t help you when you’re putting the slap in slapper. As for the flying saucer – beam her up Scotty – save her from herself!

  • Posh op

    I like Posh alright so this isn’t a dig at her, but I keep getting an image of her sitting down, and that mini Christmas tree skirt flying up giving everyone a “Lohan shot.”

  • Posh op

    Well that’s one way to keep the monkey on your back!

  • Jewel

    I think Victoria looks cutting edge and kinda funky.

  • kd

    I think they are great and going strong, which looks to be really rare these days. And though I love some things the Mrs. wears, sometimes she is just OUTRAGEOUS!!! What I would really like to know, is what Beckham thinks about what she wears???

  • bdj

    Posh acts like she was the star of the Show. Best wishes to TOMKAT

  • Fattie

    Posh’s outfits are great! very daring, i love her

  • vicky

    They are the most stylish couple in modern time ! especially David !! OH MY ! this man looks gorgeous in anything..

  • tanique

    i agree vicky. say what you will about them, but DAMN they can wear some clothes. they wear things i’m not sure others can get away with.

  • Observer

    bdj, I say the same, as if it was a fashion show and she was one of the models. Doesn’t look like she even cares about the wedding or was affected by it. It was all just a fashion show for her.

  • d

    why did she wear black to a wedding? am i out of date?

  • beckham rocks!!

    David Beckham is ssssssoooooo yummy!!!!!!!!!!!

  • To INFO

    If you’re into fashion, of course those things matter, but everyone isn’t keen to live by what outfit is in the now. I repeat, I like Posh, and I’ll also stress that I adore David, but her gear means zilch to me, and her passion “and others like her” who feel it’s of importance to always hit the scene in the correct uniform means nothing to some of us and that should be fine.

  • Cena

    Her dress it too tight and looks cheap. It almost appears that she has back fat

  • WTF

    “Posh acts like she was the star of the Show”

    She was. The “ceremony” was delayed because she was shopping and they had to wait for her. Haaaa haaaa haaaa Go Posh you Rock!!!!

  • the truth

    To present celebrities to Nicole’s marriage, they were true friends and the ones that were present to Tom’s marriage were invited just.
    Tom Cruise doesn’t have friends, but work friends.

    Tom Cruise = $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

  • whocares

    Is “Posh” supposed to be the figurine that goes on top of the cake? What the H*** is she wearing??? I have NO USE for her….

  • vegas whore

    will smith is looking kind of old lately

  • cj

    She’s a chav and will never be anything else no matter what she wears. Everyone knows you only wear hats to a morning wedding. A real social faux pas.
    Who knew Tom and Katie had no real friends? how sad on your wedding day.

  • Shaz

    Why do they always look overdressed??….and Posh has a bad taste in clothes!!

  • Observer

    Her dress itself would not look so bad if they were walking and acting a little more naturally. Look at the way their hands were placed together… he was just holding onto her fingers, like they were going onto a dance floor…

  • kae

    Victoria looks so fake all of the time. She is never natural and she poses WAY too much.

  • Cinnabana

    Jewel and Fattie, ITA.

    i think she looks cutting edge and stylish. These looks are not meant for everyone. But she is rocking them.

  • Jade

    I think Posh looks fantastic… no one else could pull those clothes off, and I do hope no one else tries. I think she’s cute.

  • Loy

    I think that Posh thought that she was the star of the show-she wasn’t!

  • Annie

    I normally like her style. but I dont like those dinner style which looks like Yuk cake.
    the fur coat, she copied kate moss again.

  • whoever

    I think Posh looks like crap, she moves like a robot, and her clothes are ridiculous!

  • gitane

    someone please explain what is the appeal of this woman? she is the most plastic looking person i have ever seen! and her clothes! they’re frightening! does she do anything besides parade around in questionable outfits?

  • Candy

    Does she know this isn’t about HER? I think she’s too into herself to know that this isn’t a Victoria Beckham fashion show. It must be so stressful to be so full of yourself!

  • thungbemo

    both of em wer lukin stuning ……….wow!!……..DAVID BECKHAM ROCKS….

  • chanck

    Was she attending a funeral??

  • Carolina

    I’m not from the UK… can someone please explain to me what chav means? I’ve heard it so many times when referring to VB- just curious as to its’ meaning– thanks…

  • remember da truth

    I agree — no one could wear what Posh is wearing and look that good in it. If you or I wore that, if even Paris Hilton wore that, we’d all look ridiculous. But on Posh it works. She is so completely HERSELF. Like Pam Anderson, you just have to smile and go with it. There is no pretense, this is what she is, and she plays the part of the pampered, spoiled, into-herself rich girl. It’s what we want from her, so she gives it.

    And yes, she WAS the star of the show. The couple was a joke, the wedding a freak show, a novelty act, that had to be publicised to death to get the coverage it did. When he has to invite Brooke Shields to get people to talk about his wedding, yeah, TomKat are not the real stars. It’s who will actually show up at the damned thing that’s the show, and Posh performed with flying colors.

    Good for her! And the fact that she has a whole thread and no one else at the wedding did… Yeah, she’s a star, like her or not.

  • ***4c’s***

    Reply to Gitane query:
    Chav is a derogatory slang term in the United Kingdom which appeared in mainstream dictionaries in 2005 . The term “chav” refers to a subcultural stereotype of people fixated on fashions such as flashy “bling” jewellery (generally gold) along with designer clothing in the Burberry pattern (most famously a now-discontinued baseball cap) and from a variety of other casual and sportswear brands.They often wear tracksuits/shellsuits and ‘hoodies’.

    …..which is not the term to refer for VB.. she is the cutting edge and just one of the few people who can look fabulous in her husbands pants! Those who understand their lifestyle knows what I am talking about.


  • ***4c’s***

    ..chavs tend to like rap, rave dance, and RnB. Response to the term has ranged from amusement to criticism that it is a new manifestation of classism. The term has also been associated with delinquency, the “ASBO Generation”, and “Yob culture”…usually a derivative term for non working!

    So, do you think its Victoria?? ha! Use your word wisely darlin’, because Victoria is non-charva-way whatsoever.


  • daisy

    how many of the guests got their own threads?

    well done Victoria mission accomplished ;)

  • Hailey

    Nice to see that Beckham really watches out for his kids– see Romeo all by his lonesome in the second to last pic? Way to go Bekcs… no wonder UKers vote you #1 Dad year after year…

  • http://Jailbird Jailbird

    gay-midget has to be in love with Beckham

  • K

    I know there are so many haters towards Victoria Beckham. Typically she may not be gorgeous to all. And yes she looks like she had your nose done and her sunglasses are too big for her face and she is too skinny. However, all in all she looks great, her style is impeccable and the clothes she wears are amazing. Her style is great; always well put together and well taken-care of. I know she has money to help her, but still –there is Britney Spears with money and no style.

    Plus Victoria is just a great female-physically and stylish. She is too skinny though and needs a few extra pounds, but if she is happy then cool. But, her style is great and I love her look. She looks amazing.

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  • iris

    if you had any sense of fashion you stupid moron you would realize that her “pink skirt” is actually quite pretty and made it on several magazines calling her a fashion godess hmm..not to mention its all 100% couture not that you would know anything about that

    hmm what do you wear? overallas? butch plaid shirts?

  • lydia

    What the hell is victoria beckham is wearing to the wedding?? She tried to draw the attention away from the nuptials and to herself…her outfit looks more like a horseracing or funeral get-up…

    but then again she always overdresses and dresses inappropriately