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TomKat's Wedding Goes Cruise Control

TomKat's Wedding Goes Cruise Control

Enjoy the first official picture from yesterday’s Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes‘ wedding. Looks the ceremony went without a hitch! Also pictured below: Will Smith, Brooke Shields, Jennifer Lopez, and hubby Marc Anthony.

Where is the couple headed to for their exotic honeymoon? To the sunny side… of Maldives!

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  • Claire

    They both look happy. Good for them. Hopefully this marriage is keeper and we won’t be hearing about another celebrity divorce.

  • Missouri Fan

    Congratulations TOM & KATE!!

  • elisabeth

    I am so happy for this couple. I have rooted for them from day one.

  • Sheri

    It’s time for people to leave them alone, and let them enjoy each other. They both look so happy and no matter what the evil ones say Suri looks like both of them. Good luck and happy future. They earned it!

  • Josie

    People, be nice!

  • Pandy

    Beautifull dress.

  • dean

    It is nice that she will never again be told to stand up straight.

  • Fick

    Gorgeous. A stunning couple!
    May their life together be a blast!!!!

    And just for once, if it would be nice if people could leave them alone. Let them live their lives the way they want to!

  • heather

    You mean they didn’t SELL the picture either!!!!!WOW!!!!

  • tina

    Wow its amazing that they are as tall as each other now….. I am sure she is bending her knees!!!!!!!!!

  • bdj

    The Wedding dress is beautiful. Best wishes to TOMKAT.

  • Leslie

    Nice lifts T!

    I also like the cheesy background.

  • Fattie

    Now that married maybe they will leave us alone and love each other very much outside of Intouch magazine

  • alex

    Who said gays can’t married??

  • lui

    This is a strange pic!! Where are they?? in a Dungeon??

  • mystic_aqua

    This pic looks more awkward than a high school prom photo. Weird!!!

  • mn

    Which cave did they rent out? Osama Bin Laden’s?

    One word explains the pic: bad photoshop!!

  • dulce

    On their wedding night… “Tom the gay midget” had a male escort hidden in his closet, he banged him while Katie slept with Suri.

  • dulce

    Katie is thinking in this photo… “Damn if i bend my kness any more i will be able to give my gay midget husband a blowjod”.

  • katy

    Cave? It is in an old Cassel in Italy. Maybe not the US way,
    but the beautiful way!

  • Pandy

    The news said that the ceremony was in the stables of the castle.. this is from cnn.

  • rage

    k why is she wearing white? didn’t he bang her already and they have a child as well also that is a cave for christ sakes can’t they get somewher else for the pic and god that dress is ugly coming from GEORGIO AMARNI

  • Tara

    Katie’s hair looks a bit mullet-y.

  • tanique

    how many times can the same corny jokes be made about these two? whoa he’s short, that is so hilarious. man he is a scientologist, damn just so funny. wait we thought he was gay, so funny it hurts. get over it.

    BEAUTIFUL picture, and background. i love her dress. i’d love to see pics from inside the castle, because i’m sure the candles and such were breathtaking.

  • Lina

    why does tom look taller than katie? I thought katie was taller

  • Jocasta

    But you can’t actually see her feet; she’s standing in a hole.


    Check out Will Smith. Has he gone gray for another movie?

    I wish the couple the best!

  • bc

    November 18th is also the sixth wedding anniversary of Catherine Zeta-Jones and what’s his name.. MIchael Douglas!

  • Posh_Fan

    Some of you are so sad. They both look beautiful. Congrats to Tom & Katie.

  • tanique

    please, he’s been grey for awhile. i believe that is just his new look.

  • lex

    why does she have to be the same height as tom in photos? so he is short she knows it he knows it we all know it is it a bad thing? why the deception?

  • d

    so i guess the divorce countdown can officially begin. all of you rooting for them were propbably rooting for britney and k-fed.

  • Curious

    Something is weird with this picture. Both of their heads look too huge for their bodies. First time i saw it I thought it was a fake, photoshopped. They look like those bobble-head toys, seriously. It would be a beautiful picture if it wasn’t for that. Katies head especially is HUGE in proportion to her body.

    Plus its just stupid they staged the photo for tom to look taller.

  • WTF

    Their eyes look dead.
    Jenna Elfman is NOT a-list.

  • the truth

    To present celebrities to Nicole’s marriage, they were true friends and the ones that were present to Tom’s marriage were invited just.
    Tom Cruise doesn’t have friends, but work friends.

    Tom Cruise = $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

  • moahaha

    Since when does Will Smit have grey hair? Is it for a movie role?

  • kat

    katie is totally kneeling down a little. i wonder if she did that for all her wedding photos just so it makes tom look like he’s at least taller.

  • Iolee

    man, that brooke shields photo looks horrindous! and what are those blots on her chest? anyways, lovely photo. kate looks more down home that what i would have expected her to look. i wish them both the best.

  • Cruise’s Gerbils

    She’s standing in a ditch, presumably.
    He’s thinking of hot sex with men.
    They invited a bunch of D-list “friends” to witness the charade.
    What a joke.

  • Aracely

    Leave em alone this is supposed to be a happy time in their lives!Wtf is wrong with you ? You are already mentioning splitsville like you want it to happen!It’s not right that you people have so much animosity towards this couple, it ain’t their fault you are so obsessed with them!The only reason you see so much of them is because the media knows what people want to see and what will boost rating or magazine sales!You come here pretending you don’t care when you do care and then you pretend to be annoyed by it!You go to such extremes to talk crap!

  • jen

    Oh, Tom is taller than Katie! and his face is smaller than her!
    Pratform shoes and photpshop saved Tom!
    Anyway, His/Their marriage is covered in fake. lol

  • Top

    Are we sure this is a legit picture? It looks like the type of picture, dress, hairstyle etc. I would expect to see from one of my friends or relatives. Nice but certainly not I have more money than I know what to do with, Armani designed my dress, the photogropher is one of the world’s best, I flew in my hairdresser and make-up expert from who know’s where nice…

  • Celeb Watcher

    You all are a bunch of jerks. I think he’s a weird cultist and she’s nuts for linking up with him. With that said, they look very nice in the picture. Her gown is BEAUTIFUL! He looks handsome. Their heights are listed as 5.8 and 5.9 respectively. All they would have to do to have him taller is for her to wear flats under her gown and him to have a bit of a lift in the shoe. Not that hard.

    Suri is a beauty. And Katie can wear whatever color she wants to. It is her wedding and its not like that tradition has been held sacred over the past 40 or so years. So, stop picking on them. Send them some missionaries to get them out of that cult. And let them lead their lives. I wish them well.

  • Celeb Watcher

    Brooke shields is getting to the age where she shouldn’t wear such heavy makeup. She is a little more lined than a lot of folks at her age, and is thin in the face, so the dark blusher makes her look a little hard and accentuates her angularity. She’s a beautiful woman. She needs to step back and find out the most flattering look for her at this point in life.

  • bunch of loonies

    How is it that he is taller than her in the pictures? How do they make heels for men so high?

  • bunch of loonies

    Aracely Says:

    November 19th, 2006 at 1:37 pm
    Leave em alone this is supposed to be a happy time in their lives!Wtf is wrong with you ?

    —-Well it’s wonderful that you want to be so nice to them. As to you saying it’s supposed to be the happiest time of their lives and therefore we should only say nice things, well. I want to reassure you that, frankly, they will not be reading this and people can say the most outrageous things, and their lives will go on their merry way regardless.

  • stoner

    She couldn’t hide the mini bangs on her wedding day. so sad!

  • wtf

    Cruise’s Gerbils-Haaa Haaaa you said it.

    Brooke usually does look very pretty but she look manly to me.

    I don’t like JLo but she looks very elegant and I love her dress. Marc ALWAYS looks sharply dressed, plus he’s slim, not sweaty and porky like the groom.

    Will is a nice looking man but he’s a beard too.

    Suri is fugly thank god there isn’t another pix of that thing here.

  • rage

    not only does the couple’s eyes look dead with no expression,you can tell the smiles are for the camera but also the guests just don’t look as happy as they should for their friends!!!!!!!! opps they not their friends they are work friends my mistake


    aaaaaaaw….she wore flats for him, and is stooping so she only appears an inch taller. How sweet.