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Beyonce Performing "Listen" on 'Oprah'

Beyonce Performing

The stars of Dreamgirls stopped by The Oprah Winfrey Show today! Beyonce performed “Listen” from the movie’s soundtrack. Before singing, Beyonce introduced the song: “”This is the moment where Deena finally finds her voice. The whole movie she’s been manipulated and she’s kind of lost her own opinions. I think a lot of women can relate to the lyrics.” Watch the video of Beyonce performing “Listen” below! Dreamgirls is out in theaters this Christmas!

Beyonce on kissing Jamie Foxx: “I wasn’t nervous when I had to kiss Jamie. I’ve done onscreen kisses before, and every time it makes you a little uncomfortable. I’m a singer first, so I still have to get used to that. But he was very professional, and I had to look at it as Deena kissing Curtis.” Jamie joked, “Yes, that’s the way I looked at it, too… And I see your parents [in the audience]. I see your father out there!”

The cast: Beyonce (Deena Jones), Jamie Foxx (Curtis Taylor Jr.), Jennifer Hudson (Effie White), Anika Noni Rose (Lorrell Robinson), and Eddie Murphy (James ‘Thunder’ Early).

Beyonce performing “Listen” on The Oprah Show, 11/20
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  • stanley


    next please.

  • bdj

    Thanks Just Jared. I saw this on Oprah. Beyonce was good. I was hoping that Jennifer Hudson would sing also. Jennifer Hudson is awesome and when people hear her sing “I am telling you” shivers will go down their spine. I am looking forward to this Movie. Keep up the good work Just Jared.

  • michele

    I’m sorry but Oprah ANNOYS THE FUCK out of me!!!

  • Anon

    I think Beyonce is so pretty, but I can’t stand her singing voice. I think she’s mad gorgeous, but that voice bugs me. Oprah is looking tight!

  • Shawn

    Beyonce looked lovely. In fact all of the women did. Oprah looked really tired, though. Her makeup was “off.” Maybe her guy Reggie is on vacation or something.

    I didn’t think Eddie would have the nerve to appear. I can’t get the “transexual” thing out of my mind. Everytime I see him now, I imagine he is on the down-low. He had such a nice-looking wife and family. Now he’s with Scary Spice. Truly scary.

  • Mikkey

    I am more excited about Jennifer Hudson than I am about Beyonce. I am also thrilled that Jennifer is getting major buzz over this movie and I hope she bolsters an Oscar nom.

    Was it just me or did Beyonce look like she drank a big glass of hateraid when Oprah was goin on about Jennifer’s performance and singing abilities.

  • Shannon

    I’m looking forward to this movie. I seen the play a long time ago, and loved it. I’m not a fan of Beyonce’s acting but she can sing.

    Eddie is not a bad actor and neither is Jamie, so the movie should be pretty decent.

  • jj

    Since this was taped on Friday, looks like Jamie Foxx would rather spend time with Oprah vs. Tom.

  • Renee

    Only blacks present. Racist.

  • ploypaphat

    What’s wrong with Miss O in the main pic ???
    LOL :D

  • SATO

    Why is she so overdressed. Though she sounds awesome, not even like herself really…

  • bdj

    Jennifer Hudson is the one to look out for. I like Beyonce, but girlfriend looked a little peeved that she was not getting the Oscar buzz. I remember when Jennifer was on American Idol, Simon was quite cruel to her. However, he was taking credit for her success on Oprah.

  • Frenchy

    I can’t wait to see Jennifer and Eddie’s perfromance in this. I feel though that this film is coming out about 5 years too late. It’s should have been before Moulin Rouge and Chicago. There’s a whole generation of people who say huh? when you say “Dreamgirls” It was a Broadway show that mostly New Yorkers only saw and that was about 25 years ago. They should have a revival on Broadway cuz that’s where it belongs.

  • blkhoney88

    Oh no! Renee girl, you are so crazy! She had the people from the play on the show and the play is about some Black people….I love the way people throw the term “racist” around….”Look, it’s the Temptations, all Black! Racist” ..”Why were there no White people in Jackson Five?? Racist!! That’s why!!” Why don’t you go and read a book, about South Africa 50 years ago, or the USA in the 20′s and 30′s?
    Get a grip! Oprah has everybody on the show, she had all the people from “Friends” on there, “Sienfeld” and the people from “Everybody Loves Raymond” not a Black person among them….was this racist?? You must be a 12 yr old leaving in a one stoplight town outside of ColdWater, Mississippi….oops sorry, that was racist! My bad!

  • tina

    I watched the whole show and I thought it was great. Jennifer Hudson got her due props. I can’t wait til the movie comes out. I hope she’s nominated for an oscar. However, on the other hand I find it very interesting how America delibertly looks over the fact that Beyonce Knowles cannot put a sentence together. The girl is extremely beautiful and has a wonderful voice but she’s a ditz. Who say’s looks can’t buy you everything?!

  • Kat

    While I agree with what blkhoney88 said wholeheartedly, please remember. Not all people who live in Mississippi or the South are racist. If you want proof of the widespread racism in the North, just look at most football and athletic rosters on high school teams. You will be hard pressed to find a lot of minorities. Other than that, I LOVE OPRAH!

  • Renee

    blkhoney, why is your handle blkhoney? what does black have to do w/ who you are? I live in Houston, Texas, one of the most racially diverse cities in the US. We welcomed hurricane victims, black, white, and Vietnamese from Mississippi and Louisiana after the hurricanes. My adopted son black, so don’t throw down on me. We have the largest Asian population outside of San Francisco. Hispanics are the majority in Texas. We love our diversity, so don’t throw down on someone you don’t know. I think the play should include people of all races, as should Oprah’s guest list.

  • stanley

    When people segregate themselves it’s easier to attack them.

    Just sayin.

    Besides black people are like 12% of the US. Ask someone in Europe and they’ll guess it’s 50/50. Point? Any negativity is at least in some way deserved because by excluding others you tend to piss people off regardless of the morality of your intent. Black people need to stop identifying themselves as black and start recognizing people as people. Pride insinuates superiority. Oprah has way too much pride.

  • Jeffrey

    This movie is about black people, in fact loosly based off of a real black group that some of you may have heard of, The Supremes. So whats the big deal? I honestly dont get what your point is. What exactly would you have blacks identify themselves as and who’s being excluded? Last time I checked Oprah’s audience consisted of a wide range of races, age groups, sexes, etc. it really is rediculous how people put a completely different spin on things that are as clear as day. Great performance by Beyonce, by the way.

  • Sheryl

    stanley you’re a genius. only black people identify themselves as black instead of people. every where you go, no one else identifies with a country, race, ethnic group, or religion. they are just PEOPLE and they all get along.

    black people get with the program. maybe then, you’ll get along with everyone else.


  • Mzreeds1

    I only have a problem with the fact that everyone thinks that Beyonce HAS to be the main attraction at EVERY event!!! Yes, Jennifer Hudson should have performed and probably would have brought the house down with her performance!!!! But, what can you do??? I just hope she (Jennifer) gets her moment to shine and let her true talent come through……..

  • stanley

    What’s the weather like up your own a$$ Sheryl you racially biased fukwit.

    If the topic weren’t black people (topic as was assigned by the other racially biased and equally stupid blkhny) then maybe I would have addressed others racial biases.

    Black people should identify themselves as people.

    You should identify yourself as a douchebag and/or retard. Thanks for playing.

    Oh btw, sarcasm is widely accepted as the last resort of the slow witted so kudos on outting your own tardness before you even really got into what you were barfing out there.

  • http://yahoo A LITTLE PEEVED





  • little girl


    it has the preview .. NOT SURE IF IT IS REAL!!!

  • Neat

    i watched it BUT i was just hoping jennifer would have performed instead, dat gurl gives me the chills!!..i really wanted to see it, but i guess it leaves something to look forward to for the movie!! cant wait! i hope jennifer gets nominated for an oscar!!

  • SEx

    Jennifer Hudson is great….beyonce is good…’s sad….lol

  • moola

    Yeah michele, I’m guessing Oprah annoys…um, because she’s black and successful and because you eat to many ho-ho’s and wear to much blue eyeliner. B i t c h, get a job and stop shouting at daytime tv all day long…yer liable to kick over yer tv dinner.

    stanley, are you an ‘angry young black man’?

  • gene

    If you americans hadn’t treated black people like shit they wouldn’t have felt the need to “coagulate” and to structure a separate community identity. If ya’ll had treated them like humans they would have been more readily assimilated into the american mass consciousness and you wouldn’t feel compelled to whine about shit like this on celebrity gossip blogs.

    And no I’m not black, before you startup with that racial bias bullshit again. Why do you have to belong to a certain group before you’re allowed to feel empathy for them or to have insight into their processes? That’s ‘tarded!

  • gene

    FYI. **** = s h i t

  • cadwallader

    Identity is what differentiates us from each other. I’m sure you’ve all heard the tired slogan about how our differences make us unique, well it’s true. If you take away a community’s sense of self you reduce them to nothing more than ‘units’. If you force people to wear the same uniform and to sport the same unsightly beard you force them to become mindless drones and that, I’d assume, is no fun.

    Oprah unwittingly tends to be a bit separatist but I suppose she feels a sense of responsibility towards the black community and feels that she is the only voice they have since she is the only prominent black face on American TV who can affect cultural perception.

    Oprah better watch out or you right wing nutjobs might just accuse her of having a ‘black agenda’ to go along with her ‘gay agenda’ and her ‘feminist agenda’.

  • black

    I really feel more and more discriminated…..only black people on Oprah, the BLACK mtv awards…´s too much.

  • black

    I´m only going to watch LOST from now on…

  • jalenep

    No way in heck was bill condon going to allow jennifer hudson to sing “and i am telling you…” before the movie is released. that song is the main draw for some. as for no whites being on the show – none have a prominite role in the movie. just like blacks don’t in 99.95% of the movies released this year, or last year, or 5…10…15…20… 25 years ago.

  • black

    That´s because most of them can´t act- or if they do, they only act the clishé parts.(Gangster, drug addicts, crazy fellas or the typical black; meaning lots of waving with hands and pseudo cool talk)

    The only black actors who can really act are Wesley Snipes, Danzel , Lisa Bonet and all black people in LOST.(I reall ylove LOST)

  • Cocobuttr

    Finally Dream Girls has made it to the big screen! They tried to get “crack is whack” Whitney Houston to play the role of Deena years ago, but supposedly she also wanted to sing “I am telling you as well”. How Crazy is that!

    Too bad Jennifer Hudson didn’t sing “I am telling you”:(….although I like Beyonce why do they ALWAYS have to put her front and center (naturally why she was chosen for the part of Deena)…
    She’s actually embarrasing sometimes because she sounds like she has a mouth full of mashed potatoes.

    And CADWALLER thank you for your words of wisdom.

    You all have a lovely Thanksgiving:)

  • Saddened

    I am saddened that the thread for Dream Girls became a place for people to argue and bad mouth Beyonce. Why can’t we enjoy both of the young ladies voices? They both sing beautifully. Why does one have to be considered better than the other? They have different styles. So what? I can enjoy and listen to both. Beyonce did not seem upset when Jennifer was being praise from Oprah. Jennifer stated that Beyonce was wonderful to her on the set. When you have success and are comfortable with yourself, you don’t become jealous of others. As for Beyonces speech, she as southern drawl but she doesn’t sound stupid. Give the girl a break.

  • Dave

    I`m amazed that color enters into ths conversation, Dreamgirls is about a singing group that happens to be black period,there are no whites in the picture, so what? there`s only been about 6 blacks that have one oscars when we all know there should be more, we can talk about this crap all day, dosen`t mean a damn thing, EVERYBODY go see this film, it`s magnificent, that`s all that matters.

  • noiramo2008

    what does race matter? this concerns some of the comments made above..the show was to promote DREAMGiRLS and apparently it is mostly an all black cast but this has to do with the script and the storyline not racial diversity. The point of the show was to promote the movie and ya’ll are taking it to another level by of course always trying to play the RACE.CARD. Let it go and enjoy what is suppose to be at the table, Oprah helping to promote a new movie. FYi Oprah does have a very diverse guest list, if we all recall correctly and watched her, she iS NOT closed minded when it comes to the RACE of her guests because who was the crazy person jumping on her couch? umm YEAH a WHiTE MAN named Tom Cruise. As we say where I live and regardless of what ya’ll think of it: GET OFF THA GAS.

  • wawa

    i like beyonce, but now she’s really trying too hard to always be the main girl. yea she can sing, but if she was really humble and shy like she says she is, then she wouldnt have worn a bright pink barbie dress that barely held back her boobs. jennifer hudson deserves all the credit that is given to her, and i hope she remains humble and down to earth. she should have sang, but its a good thing she didnt, they saved the best for the movie!!

  • stanley

    So no argument against it then?

    Thank again guys. Oprah is as racist and backwater as any redneck and no one can say otherwise.

    No harm in it though. Except it causes people to hate black people or to justify their hatred.

    Isn’t that right Kramer?

  • sarah

    Beyoncé did not sing live! thank god, ’cause she really doesn’t sing that pretty! I don’t like the song either.

  • sowhat

    So let’s see, from the days my ancestors were forced over here and denied religion, freedom, and basic rights we all enjoy, Why do peope have a problem with the fact that we are proud of who we are, what we have accomplishes, etc. I implore to on any given day look at the majority of Oprah’s audience and the people on her show are not black. Majority of all media outlets, shows, movies, magaazines,etc feature whites with the occassional black, asian, or spanish person. Whether you like it or not, people look at race, they look at skin color, physical attributes, etc. I love it when people can’t figure out what I am because why does it matter. I”m proud to be both black and spanish and if you have a problem, well that”s your own insecurities. To the idiiot who stated that black people need to get along with everyone else, who the fuck is everyone else suppossed to be?
    You are not in the days of segrefation honey. Sorry for the the ass who stated that the only black people that can act are Denzel,etcn bitch get your mind right. Stop worrying about race and go see the movie.

  • tinkerbellsohot

    I think Jennifer Hudson can sing way better than Beyonce. Beyonce is not a singer like Jennifer she is only a entertainer. She needs not to sing live because its not a strong suit of hers.When you hear Jennifer you get a shiver.

  • stanley

    Everyone else would be human beings ‘sowhat’ you braindead r e t a r d. We’re not in the days of segregation, so why are you condoning segregation? Moron. You are a total failure.

    Why don’t you address the point? There are very few black people in America. Separating yourselves as some sort of unified vindication is counter productive. Whether you do it yourselves or white people do it, it’s still wrong you fantastically stupid, stupid little girl.

    I’ll never see this movie. I have no interest. Eddie Murphy is a joke and hasn’t made a decent movie in 15 years.

  • LoveDevine

    Ok people…I have sat here and actually read these ridiculous comments because I really wanted to see where people were going with this whole racial thing. As stated before there are so many movies that have all white casts and Oprah has had many of them on her show without a problem. Actually most of Oprah’s shows consist of nothing but white guests and a mostly white audience. So we get one show about an ALL BLACK girl group…and guess what??? the cast is ALL BLACK too…wow people wanna go and lose their damn minds. It’s so funny that the same people who say that black people aint worth sh*t are the same people that wanna talk some BS when we do something great. Maybe its just that greeneyed monster that’s comming out as usual…white people have been hating on us for years and have tried to steal our thunder…so here we go again with the crap…because its funny how some white person that has way less money than Oprah is sitting here talking sh*t about her!

  • HowEmbarrasing

    First of all there needs to be a “segregation” of the people with viable and meaningful statements to be made and those who are just angry at themselves for who they ARE and who they will never BE. Don’t lump EVERYONE into ANYTHING by generalizing statements based on race, gender, heritage or location because there is an exception to every rule. “Black” people don’t DEFINE themselves as “black” anymore than “white” people DEFINE themselves as “white”. If you have to “define” yourself by your race you are a shallow and lost individual as are those who “defines” anyone else the same way. Also, if you do not belong to the “black” race, you cannot sit on the outside looking in and think that you will accurately analyze what you don’t know about. If you look back in history, it was Europeans who defined “blacks” so, is it that when black people take ownership of something negative and neutralizes it that you get pissed off Stanley? If someone wants to separate themselves, as you put it, from anything it’s their choice and they are free to make it. Just as you are free to make the disagreeable remarks you’re making here. And if a person does so refer to themselves by their race it does not mean “look at me, I’m ready to be mistreated”. It means that they know WHO they are and it’s much more than WHAT YOU see. When the media begins to give more merit to the actions of PEOPLE and not what the BLACK man did then the undeserved stigma of ‘black is bad’ will be lifted

    May I ask a question to Renee? What does where YOU reside have to do with YOUR racial views? I don’t like it when it rains but I still live in an area with precipitation. Just because you have a black adopted son doesn’t mean that you aren’t racist and just because you’re not black doesn’t mean that you hate black people. To see that a movie has an all black cast and feel that it’s racial shows that you have some hidden anger towards the black community unless you show the same resentment for an all white cast, which there is a great deal more of. Remind yourself that it’s just a movie that represents a small moment in movie history and is depicting but a portion of America and all will be right in your little world again. And if Oprah is racist, she’s not for or against black or white, she’s FOR green because she is a business woman. She has people on her show based on who will bring her the most GREEN (and the last I checked we didn’t have a racial group made up of green people).

    And by the way… a person’s true ignorance is shown when they resort to name calling and using curse words in relaying your thoughts in place of unanimous vocabulary (Stanley).

    Why decide that because black accept the term “black” to refer to a race of people that they belong to it opens them up for attack? Why attack them because they are “black” people? Isn’t that showing racism? No negativity is deserved when it’s based on your race. No one is born choosing to be the race that they are just as no one is born choosing to be short, tall, rich, poor, etc. Why should we decide to attack a “group” of INDIVIDUALS simply because it’s easy to? ‘Oh, there’s a group of blacks… let’s talk bad about them cause we can.’ Knowing who you are does not insinuate pride. If I asked you to described yourself and you said, ‘Six feet tall, white male with blue eyes and brown hair, weighing 180 lbs with an enjoyment for peanuts’, have you then segregated yourself to the “Six foot tall” group or the “people who enjoy peanuts” group of which you’re proud of? I can understand how people who make their existence whether good or bad revolve around their race but do you only dislike black people who “identify” themselves as black or do you dislike all black people because they are black? If someone is ugly and they own up to it does that make them proud? Maybe. Do you feel that their being ugly and proud make them superior to you? Only if you want to be proud and ugly too or if you are ashamed of how you look. Are you ashamed of your race? Does being ok with the race you were born into make you proud? And who was it that started dividing and defining people by their racial heritage in the first place? If you were raised around Asians only you’d probably relate more to Asians and feel more comfortable around Asians and if you didn’t have to interact with people you didn’t feel comfortable with you probably wouldn’t but does it make you a bad person to retreat to the familiar?

    Look at something you have a problem with when it comes to people and apply it to yourself to see if it has merit before going on a tirade and insulting people you don’t even know especially when it’s generalized.

  • janet

    I love this song. Ever since I got a early copy of b-day I played this song over and over again. It is the best song I’ve heard in the longest time but some how I think the record is more emotional then the performance. IT was a little bit much and I think she try to out do it. Anyways it’s my opinion as a asian women.


    Can’t wait to see Dreamgirls!

  • stanley

    You fucking dumba$ses restate my points in different words and misconstrue the content for your own objectives.


    So a) it’s okay to have an all black show. There have been all white shows and are still. So that’s acceptable racism? MOST OF AMERICA IS WHITE. Why set yourself up for a kick int he nuts? Why not stress integration and defining people by their actions and not their race? Get it? Black people are a small percentage of America and a small percentage of the world. It’s in your own interest to get people thinking about more than skin colour. Der.

    b) White people aren’t allowed to be proud to be white. They get called Nazi’s before they can finish the sentence. So there goes that point. How comfortable you are with people of your same race is irrelevant. Pre-existing racial bias is still racism. Condition yourselves differently if you’re such a bigot.

    A persons true ignorance is shown by how ignorant they are. I can use whatever terminology I want. You can’t argue against my points so you pick on the delivery? Suck my nuts.

    The “media” can give whatever merit it wants to black people. It should give it to people who do good things that happen to be black. Wrap your head around being something more than your skin you stupid b!tch.

    Next time you wanna write a novel and waste my time please include naked pictures of yourself. Unless you’re fat.

    You lose.

  • HowEmbarrasing

    Wow, you just proved how ignorant you truly are. If the points that I made WERE your points then YOU would have made THEM and not the little minded, dogmatic issues you have with the world. Everyone can do whatever they want which is why we live in a free society, including allow ill-bred individuals such as yourself who should probably seek professional psychological help (which by the way I can offer you).

    “it’s okay to have an all black show. There have been all white shows and are still. So that’s acceptable racism?” Pick a stance and stick with it, or this John Kerry I’m speaking with? No racism is acceptable racism but then neither is sheer ignorance. Yet you prove that it’s alive and well.

    “White people aren’t allowed to be proud to be white. They get called Nazi’s before they can finish the sentence. So there goes that point.” Wasn’t a point that I made but I’m guessing that it’s one that you did want to make. You have superiority issues because you don’t like who you are. It has nothing to do with black, white, green, blue or purple people it has to do with you.

    “A persons true ignorance is shown by how ignorant they are.” Enough said.

    “The “media” can give whatever merit it wants to black people. It should give it to people who do good things that happen to be black. Wrap your head around being something more than your skin” Ok, first off the “media” CAN’T give whatever merit it wants to black people without consequences. Most of the consequences rest on the shoulders of black people. And speaking of someone wrapping their heads around being more than their skin, you really ought to take your own advice. Don’t assume MY race because when you assume…

    “How comfortable you are with people of your same race is irrelevant. Pre-existing racial bias is still racism.” First, the “pre-existing racial bias” term sounds like you. You have problems with black people and you need to figure out why. How comfortable you are with people of your same race IS relevant because just because you’re black OR white doesn’t mean you identify with that race of people which would cause a person put in that situation to be uncomfortable. Just because someone is white doesn’t mean that they identify with you (I should know) and a preference for the familiar does not suggest racism unless you intentionally exclude the unfamiliar (races). Now try not to waste anyone’s time or this blog’s space by posting inanity.