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Nicole Visits Naomi on Set

Nicole Visits Naomi on Set

Earlier today in London, Nicole Kidman visited fellow Aussie BFF Naomi Watts on the set of her new film, Eastern Promises. Nicole was seen hugging (left) Naomi‘s Eastern Promises co-star Vincent Cassel on set during her visit. Also pictured below: director David Cronenberg.

Nicole and Vincent were also co-stars in 2001′s Birthday Girl.

Nicole‘s husband, country star Keith Urban, is expected to complete treatment at the Betty Ford Center by Thanksgiving. As for those pregnancy rumors, Nicole was recently quoted saying, “I’d love a child with Keith, but not quite yet. We have to get this problem out of the way first.”

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  • stanley

    Cronenberg looks badass.

  • tina

    By Christmans???? It must be perscription pill addiction. Most alcohol programs are 2-4 weeks, pills are much harder to get off of.

  • CJ

    I HOPE that was a typo and they meant Thanksgiving – not Christmas. I’ve heard he’s expected to be in treatment 35-40 days and Thanksgiving is day 35. It’s bad enough he was in rehab on his birthday without having to be there for Thanksgiving too. Get well soon Keith!

  • WTF

    I LOVE Nicole. So classy. I wonder where her kids are while the crazies are “honeymooning”??

  • Miller

    Classy? Hah! Classy women don’t marry addicted musicians and then plaster her face all over the tabloids of them in rehab!! You wonder where HER kids are? She’s never with HER kids. I don’t think you have to worry about HER kids, she never does. Tom takes good care of them. Didn’t she and Naomi have a thing going at one time. Is she bi?

  • ISA


  • cj

    Wow Miller, bit tetchy tom didn’t marry you in a sham wedding on the weekend? Such bitterness towards someone you don’t know.





  • Anna

    Nicole is going gray, looks like baby is on its way……

  • Anna

    CONGRADS You deserve the best of happiness

  • amara

    How can this woman be described as classy. She is never with her children. If, Tom is so crazy then she must be the worst mother in the world for letting her children stay with him. This woman married for money and career advancement. It appears that the children were props for her.

  • Mary

    because you are looking at these pictures, if you don’t like Nic?
    Do I think you are confused? who has just gotten married for money was Katie Homes.

  • amara

    NIcole was a nothing actress from Australia, probably big there but nothing much here until she started dating Tom. She married Tom and benefitted from his status. I have nothing against Nicole but to deny that her career wasn’t boosted by her marriage to Tome is being naive and uninformed. So what if Katie married Tom for money. Hollywood is full of people who have enterprised the institution of marriage. It’s not a coincidence that there are some actress who only date or marry directors (Kate Winslett, Rachel Weisz). Is that some strange twist that they only fall in love with directors, no. It’s how the majority of them are so, to single Nicole out as some paragon of class and virtue is ridiculous. I still say if Tom is the crazy she is worse for agreeing to give him custody or perhaps she even sold them to Tom since he is evil incarnate to some.

  • Isabella

    Nicole Kidman is getting uglier and uglier. She could start playing grandmothers. No wonder Keith Urban started drinking, he could be with young beautiful women but he’s stuck with the old granny.

  • David

    Nicole’s career grew after she got divorced, before she lived for Tom Cruise that is an egocentric person.

  • Mary


    you are a sad and lamentable person, beauty is just a complement, the love is the most important.

    Nicole and Keith love each other, this is the great difference.

    peace and love for you.

  • Beth

    you are a sad and lamentable person, beauty is just a complement, the love is the most important.

    Nicole and Keith love each other, this is the great difference.

    peace and love for you.

  • Beth


    Posted it previously it went to you.
    I forgot to put her name.

    you are a sad and lamentable person, beauty is just a complement, the love is the most important.

    Nicole and Keith love each other, this is the great difference.

    peace and love for you.

  • Miller

    LMFAO she is a gray-haired granny!! Thanks Anna,did not notice that at first.

    Oh yeah I envy the gray-haired granny married to an alcoholic and skirt chaser. Yea, right. Envious of a woman who pumps her face up with botox so she cant even smile right anymore?

  • Justine

    Miller e Isabela,

    you should be very ugly, for this reason you have so much envy,

    HA! HA! HA! HA!


    Nicole Kidman classy??????? You’ve got to be kidding me!! Nicole Kidman’s career grew after she got divorced? Yeah right.

  • Cam


  • millie

    well, Nicole was nominated twice and got an OSCAR after she got divorced so I guess it’s safe to say that her career grew. I agree that both Tom and Nicole are famewhores but at least Nicole is likely to have sex with her spouse and doesn’t use her kids as props for “soccer family” photo-ops (complete with “making out” sessions that must be absolutely embarrassing to the kids). Nicole should get her hair done, poor thing is going gray. Naomi looks like a kid next to her.. she’s adorable, hope she has a baby before Nicole.

  • millie

    marrying for money or career is one thing, marrying to a) be a beard; b) produce a child to prove heterosexuality (who knows who the father is) is another. Nicole was very young and new to Hollywood when she married La Cruise–I’m willing to believe she didn’t know everything about her husband (except that he was Top Gun and could open many doors and offer much $$$). By the time Katie came around, everyone in Hollywood knew and she was interviewed for the job very much like Scarlett Johanssen who had the presence of mind to decline. That’s why I think that Katie willingly sold her soul. Either that or she’s borderline demented.

  • amara

    Nicole is pathetic. She got involved with Tom for probably the same reasons Katie did. Stop trying to make it appear as if she is so much better than Katie. Nicole knew what she was getting into. How pathetic that the only mate she could attract was a man with a drug dependency. No other decent man wanted her. My god she was passed over by Bing and Lenny Kravitz talk about scraping the bottum of the barrel.

    Everyone knows she married Tom for career enhancement. If she hadn’t married Tom she would have had the career that Naomi has. Naomi’s took a long time comming and she didn’t sell her soul she achieved her fame without the help of a controlling husband probably exerting his status to get her rolls. With her unfortunate looks Nicole would never had made it without Tom’s connections and makeover. Look at pictures of this woman before she married Cruise. She was sad and looked like Elsa Lancaster or whatever her name is from the original Bride of Frankenstien movie. As for her career taking off after Tom. She got the sympathy oscar just like Liz Taylor after the death of Eddie Fischer.

    She is a disgrace to motherhood. If Tom is using the kids as a prop atleat he spends time with them. She uses the kids as props, also. She has probably sold the kids to Tom which makes her worse that both Tom and Katie.

  • millie

    amara–I agree with a lot what you said. I also wondered why she didn’t help Naomi get better roles during the years Naomi struggled to get Children of the Corn IV.. At least Naomi can say that she earned her position in Hollywood, Oscar or no Oscar. I wonder if Nicole “sold” her kids to Tom or she was pushed away to make room for Katie. Plus, Nicole is not a Scientologist–what if Tom is keeping the kids from seeing her regularly? For that reason, I don’t want to trash Nicole for being a bad parent. Sure it looks bad, but who knows what’s really going on. She stayed home for the most part to raise the kids, after all, so I don’t think she would just dump them.

  • briseis


    You said, “She got the sympathy oscar just like Liz Taylor after the death of Eddie Fischer.” I think you meant Mike Todd, because Eddie Fisher is still very much alive.

  • JoAnn

    For those pathetic souls who are saying Nicole looks like a granny – well, I want to look like her anytime!

    You’re just plain jealous that she has so much, i.e. she came from a very good family, she has beauty, talent, fame and fortune, and now a hunky husband who LOVES her. What do YOU have?

  • carol

    She’s not looking awful, but it isn’t good either. IMO all the relationships she’s been through these last years have taken their toll and it shows.

    I imagine all the fame and fortune in the world won’t comfort her one day when she wakes up and discovers that she has missed the most important thing — the opportunity to raise her own children. It’s a gift…you can’t phone it in. And you can’t get it back.

  • JoAnn

    You’re absolutely right. If you read Keith’s recent interview, one of the things he mentioned was how proud he is of the WARM and PROTECTIVE relationship he has with his stepchildren. That tells me he and Nicole do spend quality time with the kids, and they PROTECT their privacy. IMHO, kids are NOT to be paraded around for PR photos. They don’t have to satisfy the public’s curiosity by “posing” with their kids every chance they get.

  • Sienna

    Miller, Amara, Isabella and COGIRL:

    I can picture you as really ugly, miserable, pathetic, sore losers! Somewhere along the line, you were dumped by your lover in favor of another woman who has the attributes of Nicole. No wonder you hate her so much.

    How the heck would you know Nicole didn’t help Naomi during the years Naomi struggled? How do you know she didn’t offer and Naomi preferred to do it on her own? Naomi has been quoted many times as thanking Nicole for helping her out. To me, it’s wonderful to see 2 women who can maintain a strong friendship for over 20 years in a highly competitive field. Stop making things up.

  • karen

    Nicole and Naomi are secret lovers! It soooo makes sense now. She married Tom so they can be each other’s beards. And now she’s married Keith who’ll always be too high on drugs or locked up in rehab so she don’t really need to pay him attention most of the time. And Tom’s married Katie who is a drugged up robot who’s a bit more pliable than Nicole was(how dare Nicole get that Oscar!).

    And to the morons who said that Nicole doesn’t spend time with her kids, she spends time with them but in front of the paparazzi like Tom does. She at least has the decency to keep that part of her life private, unlike that crazy publicity whore, Tom.

  • karen

    ^ oops, i meant Nicole *doesn’t* spend time with her kids in front of the paparazzi like Tom does.

  • das

    Nicole was nobody…nothing …before Tom! Is she very protective with her children????????????please!!!!!!!! I think that Isabella and Connor don’t remember to have her as mother!

  • Marieke

    that nic isn’t much seen with her children doens’t meen she’s not a good mother. It actually meens she is, because she’s trying to protect them for the paparazzi, and in my opinion that’s a good thing!

  • nella

    god! she isn’t seen with her kids because she’s NEVER with them! No paparazzi aroud her? Are you kidding? We can see Nic ‘s pics with Keith in Betty Ford center or in Italy England Kosovo…but we cannot see any pic with her 2 children?

  • Karol

    Am I the only who think that Nicole cannot mother?

  • rage


  • Sienna

    Karen, Das, Nella:

    Sounds like you’re one of those ugly, miserable, pathetic, sore losers too. Get a life.

  • Joan

    Boring. Give me Viggo, he is a part of this film as well!!!

  • Winnah

    I think she prefers to mother her spouses rather than her children. She married Keith so that she could mother him and “save” him. He’s got so many problems that he really doesn’t need her right now (even though he thinks he does) – but she’s really busy looking supportive and motherly, in between trips to England to shoot her latest movie . When she gives up her career to support him, then I’ll believe she’s serious about marriage and children.

  • sarah

    No karol you aren’t the only. How many times Nicole Kidman said ” I w’d love a child ” ?… But she’ s NEVER pregnant…How many times nicole said ” I love my kids .I’m a so good mother !” … But she ‘s NEVER with them …Sorry Nic : you ‘re old , ugly , pathetic sefish HYPOCRITE!!!! Just my opinion

  • flipper

    to karen—————-Nicole doesn’t spend time with her kids in front of the paparazzi like tom does ——————— if you ask me : she doesn’t spend time with her kids. Period. The end.

  • millie

    JoAnn Fabrics: “she came from a very good family, she has beauty, talent, fame and fortune, and now a hunky husband who LOVES her. What do YOU have?” Everything you just mentioned except the fame but I can live with that.. ;)
    sienna: Naomi never thanked Nicole for helping her out, she said she was thankful for Nicole’s friendship but she never mentioned she got any help as far as professional stuff. Maybe she didn’t want it but it strikes me as odd that someone married to then the most powerful man in HW couldn’t get her BFF an audition. At one point Naomi was left w/o health insurance and kicked out of her apartment because she couldn’t afford the rent. She didn’t say Nicole offered any help even then. HOWEVER, when Nicole was dumped by Tom and fell apart, it was Naomi who moved in with her and helped her though this difficult time. I always sensed that Nicole was the one who had to be “taken care of” in this relationship. I wonder if Nicole would fly around the world to be at Naomi’s wedding w/o even getting to be a part of the wedding party (Nicole gave all her male friends like Hugh Jackman, B. Luhrman and Russell Crowe a part in the wedding ceremony or reception–Naomi wasn’t included, didn’t even have a reading at the ceremony.. so much for a deep, close friendship). I think Nicole is the kind of woman who doesn’t like any females sharing her spotlight (btw, yes, she had an ACTUAL spotlight on her when whe walked down the aisle), not even her BF.

  • JoAnn

    Millie – you should be glad that I’m providing the fabrics to cover your fat ass. All the female members of Nicole’s wedding party are family members – her sister, daughter, niece and cousin. Family first!

  • JoAnn

    Millie – continuing with the FEMALE family members who made up her wedding party: her mother and Keith’s mother (now her mother in law) lit the candles.

    Russell Crowe and his wife were there as guests, just like Naomi. He was not part of the bridal party. Hugh Jackman performed at the request of keith.

    btw – GREEN is not a flattering color for you. It makes your fat ass sticks out even more.

  • Jennifer

    oh yes, Nicole is the fame whore, she’s the one who has had pictures of her wedding, first kiss and cutting of the cake included, posted all throughout magazines, right? Not. They keep things that are private, to themselves, giving people just what we should get, something small but simple (the two official wedding photos of them), they should be able to keep that private and they did. I won’t comment on the whole rehab/park photo’s cause I don’t know quite what to think of them, but I don’t think it was staged, at least not by them. And the kids, don’t get me started on that. The reason we don’t see Nicole (or Keith) with the kids, is because Nicole wants to keep things private, we don’t always have to see the kids do we? Just because we don’t see paparazzi pictures of them with Nicole, doesn’t mean she doesn’t see them. I mean I remember the pictures of Conner and Keith (and other family & friends) on a boat back in Australia during Keith and Nicoles wedding. Seems like they get along just fine. I wich Nicole and Keith the best of luck with their relationship. And to Katie and Tom as well. They all deserve to have someone who cares for them, and I hope both sets have found that person.

    I have lots of respect for Keith, despite the fact that he is struggling, because he realized he needed help even at the brink of the release of his latest CD. True courage to realized he slipped and go in. All the best to him, the fans and I’m sure his family and friends, hoping for the best. Yes, I’m a fan of his, so what. He was talented and sucessful before he met Nicole (despite what non-Keith fans would have themselves believe), and he still is now. He’s a true talent, amazing with a guitar, and he’ll bounce back just fine, with the support of everyone who cares for him.

  • Isabella

    Oh you Nicole fanatics always give me a good laugh. You have your crush on Nicole and assume that anyone who doesn’t like her is just jealous of her. I also don’t like Tom, am I jealous of him? I’m sure most of you don’t like Tom, you must be so jealous of him too. Silly girls.

  • Answer

    It’s very false Nicole doesn’t married with Keith Urban for money , She was already well known when she married with tom. Do you remember the “Dead Calm ” a famous Australian movie by Philip Noyce with Sam Neil?? After this one , Nicole becamee very popular in Hollywood . Some producers saw this film and found some potential in Nicole.After few years Nicole met Tom on the shooting of Days of Thunder. So don’t be stupid , if Nicole has achieved all this in her career it’s thanks her talent not thanks to Tom. Thank you very much

  • Lane

    Man her hair is growing in GRAY!!!!! I wish Keith all the best with his treatment!!