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Ashlee Simpson: Rail Thin and Slimming

Ashlee Simpson: Rail Thin and Slimming

Ashlee Simpson looks to be slimming down even more these days, seen here walking the red carpet at the 2006 American Music Awards at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles earlier this afternoon. Papa and manager Joe Simpson accompanied his daughter to the awards show.

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ashlee simpon american music awards 01
ashlee simpon american music awards 02
ashlee simpon american music awards 03
ashlee simpon american music awards 04
ashlee simpon american music awards 05
ashlee simpon american music awards 06
ashlee simpon american music awards 07
ashlee simpon american music awards 08
ashlee simpson american music awards 01
ashlee simpson american music awards 02
ashlee simpson american music awards 03
ashlee simpson american music awards 04
ashlee simpson american music awards 05
ashlee simpson american music awards 06
ashlee simpson american music awards 07
ashlee simpson american music awards 08

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  • Shannon

    What happen to her!

    See this is proof that some plastic surgery isn’t worth it. She looks older now…like way older.

    I think she’s a decent preformer, SNL good aside, but she looks really old there.

  • bdj

    This chick is still around. I thought she would have lip-sync her way into “one hit”
    obscurity by now. Oh well, so much for 15 minutes of fame. I know, that was cold.
    I am sure that her fans love her.

  • Fattie

    Hate that slut !

  • Angelface

    Shannon, she looks older because…well, she is older. Duh.

    What she looks like is a Mary Kate wannabe.

  • retarded

    when are these stupid girls gonna understand that the “starving myself” look is COMPLETELY unattractive, they just look sick, guys want a girl that looks healthy. I feel bad for her.

  • T

    She doesn’t have bones popping out or anything like nicole/kate/marykate.

  • Good going

    Don’t think she is much thinner than when she started out – she is pretty much the same – but face change is dramatic – she is practically unrecognisable. I remember she did a reality show – filming her at the beginning just starting out and she was having a fit because the clothing was too girly – she wanted balck scraggly hair -hats and weird funky boyish outfits – she said that’s who she is not that girly girl stuff -she rejected the other outfits and even rearanged some pieces and tore them a little – she said she was different and wanted to be different not a jessica clone -well look what a little fame and couple of years will do – not a jessica clone but definitely not the individual she started out being – jsut a pop princess clone – a dime a dozen- stand her in a blonde line up and she will blend in perfectly — too bad- having said that she still looks good.

  • truth

    It must be hard to always be known as the
    “homely one” of the family!

  • phc

    Wow, if it didn’t say it was Ashlee Simpson, I wouldn’t have known who it was. Why would a a girl want to change herself that drastically. If nothing else, she at least had unique going for her before, now she looks like every other hollywood party girl.

  • Gina

    Everyone got something they dont like about their body and if you have the money then why not! im not talking about extreme make-over surgery…but like nose surgery wuld do or somthing thats not too far wuld do! theres no way a person can be happy with the way they look like or der body, theres always somthing a person dont like about them self and sadly thats the truth! if you had the money you would probably do the same thing!

    ohh well just want to say she LOOKS HOTT!! BST OF luck FOR YOUr CAREER ASH!

  • snoopy

    She’s not so thin. She looks slim and healthy. Let’s not try to prolong the skeletal trend with unwarrented comments like rail-thin.

  • concerned

    she just looks totally different

  • Nanea

    … maybe she looks thinner because ugly dad Joe Simpleton looks like he’s getting fatter by the minute?
    Why’s she famous again? Can’t sing, can’t dance, not the brightest bulb…

  • suzy

    she looks completely different – i didn’t recognize her at all. pretty sad.

  • Stephanie

    Yeah, I wouldn’t have guessed that was her if not for her name being under the pic…While she’s not as thin as most of the anorexics out there, she did used to have some meat on her bones that made her look relatable to young teens..not anymore…

  • pinky

    here comes the next anorexic, she is not way thin buyt she has definitelly lost weight and if she continues she’ll turn to another nichole richie, she does seem to want to imitate mary kate, specially with the face and smile. By the way NIchole is looking better, thumbs up for her, it must be hard to get better, but I’m glad she is trying.

  • Marivic

    i think she got too thin and is starting to dress more and more like Jessica. Dressing like Jessica isn’t a bad thing, but being to thin…looks weird.

  • david

    Starving!? What?! Are American girls so fat and so in denial, that THIS is now considered starving?

  • Sinéad

    she doesn’t look good..but beyonce looks just as thin as her (in the photos of them together in a previous story)

  • susie

    lookks their daddy swithced frim Jessica to ashlee. Perv!!!

  • K

    It’s really all about confidence. You should feel confident with your body and remain healthy. If you are so overnight that it affects your health, then you should work on getting back into a healthier shape. If you are so skinny that it affects your health, then you should get back to a healthier shape too. However, starving yourself just to “look good” does not help. It’s important to be confident with yourself and the way you look because otherwise the insecurities shine through. Work on the inside first.

    As far as Ashlee getting a nose job. What’s wrong with that? It’s her choice to do what she wants to do. If she felt insecure or did not like her nose and felt that changing it a bit would help her, why not? She does look amazing with her nose. Besides, people that color their hair are doing the same thing that people do who are having surgery. You don’t like what you’re born with and you try to change it, that’s why we were braces as kids, color our hair, cut our hair, change our styles, etc. Same for surgery.

  • Rachel

    The rate at which she’s getting thin is frightening.