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Gwen & Gavin's Fresh New 'Dos

Gwen & Gavin's Fresh New 'Dos

Gwen Stefani and hubby rocker Gavin Rossdale walked the red carpet earlier this afternoon at the 2006 American Music Awards held at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. Gwen rocked her “Sweet Escape” bangs (from her album cover) while Gavin chopped off all his hair for a new look as well. Loving the clean-cut, smiley Gavin!

POLL :: What do you think of Gwen and Gavin‘s new hairstyles?

Gwen Stefani performing “Wind It Up” at AMA’s 2006
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gavin rossdale short hair 01
gavin rossdale short hair 02
gavin rossdale short hair 03
gavin rossdale short hair 04
gavin rossdale short hair 05
gavin rossdale short hair 06
gavin rossdale short hair 07
gavin rossdale short hair 11
gavin rossdale short hair 12
gavin rossdale short hair 13
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  • torogi

    I like the hair :D

  • Louisa

    Cute! They always look so happy together.

  • Mark

    They look beautiful as always.

    But Gwen is wearing a WIG. Its from her new album “The Sweet Escape” which has Gwen in the same wig. :)

  • kae

    I don’t like her look but I like her music, she’s very talented.

  • Fattie

    Gwen and Gavin look really happy! I just hope they won’t pull a Reese n’ Ryan …

    G enious
    W onderful
    E nergic
    N aughty

    love her!!!!!!!

  • WTF

    What in holy hell is she wearing! That romper needs to be burned.

  • Tommy D.

    Mark— it ain’t a wig dude. It’s her own hair. Go to her website sometime; view the vids there.


    When it’s your own hair but everyone THINKS it’s a wig, that’s f*cked up.

    She’s morphing into Madonna with every minute that goes by…and that’s not a good thing.

  • Katie

    Tommy D., lately Gwen has alternated between short short bangs, and her ponytail and pompador look (look up her PopWorld performance on Youtube to see what I’m talking about). As a female who has bangs the same length as Gwen’s, I know it is impossible to pull off that pompador look with such short bangs. Unless Gwen’s hairstylist is a magician, I am pretty sure it is safe to say Gwen is wearing a wig.

    However, wig or no wig, Gwen is still beautiful and lovely.

  • TaDA

    Is it me or does she look like she just fell out of the Goldfrapp video “white horse” same hairdo and white romper.

  • Mika

    OMG what’s that ?? this music is rublich I don’t like it but I like Gwen

  • lola

    I HATE THE NEW GWEN. wow i used to adore her. Whatever happened to that cool ska-rockabilly chick from back then. Her look is plastic and so is her new sound.





  • Babe

    The song she sang on the American Music Awards tonight was lousy, but I still like her.

  • T

    I love gwen and everything she does.

  • truth

    She looks great for a new mother but I wish she would let
    herself be a bit more natural-still, she really has her own
    style and I’m guessing that she’s not a b@#$h like some
    of that L.A. music/art/film scene.

  • hidieboda

    that was the worst piece of shit i have ever seen and heard

    so there

  • tkanal

    Her husband is so beautiful. She on the other hand looks like a robotic transvestite.

  • creativegirl

    Oh gosh – I couldn’t believe she took one of my favorite songs from The Sound of Music and turned it into some kind of freakish horrible song. I’ll be interested to hear the album version because her live version of it stunk. I love Gwen’s music but this wasn’t any good. And I don’t like her hair this way. What is with the bangs!??? Everyone has em and they don’t look good on ANY of them. And just my 2 cents worth – I also believe it is a wig. You could tell by the roots that it was a wig and the way it looked to just be sitting on top of her head.

  • Angiefanjsr

    I have always thought that she was different in a gorgeous way since I first saw her twenty years ago, and she has always been talented and pretty. By the way she has wonderful legs.

  • Renee

    his is great. she looks like Carol Channing.

  • meme

    So that was music ? What is she doing ? I mean bad does not describe that garbage. When did she become a b lack woman. Same with nelly Ferfreakintado.The only way to sell records today I guess. but my humps was a hit so anything goes today. Utter crap

  • James

    When is yodeling ever a good idea?? Awful song and not an ounce of sexiness in this look. What is she trying to accomplish… ripping off Missy Eliot?

  • Chachados

    Gwen is rocking the whole Michelle Pfieffer look from Scarface. She even said that was what she was ‘feeling’ right now. I mean, hey, she pretty much exhausted the chola girl thing, so why not? It’s fun.

    However, her singing sucked. This song-strange. One of my gay male friends had a heart attack-”I couldn’t get past the yodeling to hear the rest of the song!” It’s shocking, it’s different. But remember, she did the same thing with Fiddler on the Roof. Wait. Sensing a trend. Rogers and Hammerstein musicals get the reworking on Gwens albums…she’s not a gay man is she? (it’s a joke)

  • KC

    Anyone ever notice that the amazing Bush frontman Gavin who is a god.. turns into just Gavin when he is next to her.. He is a doll.

  • bdj

    That song has a banging beat. It will tear the clubs up. GS knows what she is doing.

  • yellow rose

    Wig ……Fig….. whatever !!!!! The Girl is …..BADDDDDDDD!!!!!

  • msguidedmama

    ok so she combined The Sound of Music with a cheer I did in high school in the 80′s and calls that a song. that was hideous. Gwen. stop. please. you are a great mom, just focus on that right now, your song stinks

  • agree

    that song was awful.
    where the hell did the old gwen go.
    this new stuff sounds (forgivee me, but it does) like FERGIE!!!

  • raqchel

    okay im diggind the hair…..but the song…..uhhh…..make it stop please……

  • Sandbitch

    It’s woeful. Does Ecstasy actually make that crappola sound good? Good reason not to take it…

  • mariootsa

    she should put more effort into the music rather than in the marketing. one word: cacophony.

  • Mark

    Tommy D., its a wig, trust dude.

    Why don’t YOU go watch the behind the scene videos on her website. Duh.

  • Cynthia

    Anytime someone comes out with a second album you hear this shit. Same thing with beyonce and look how much she sold. Gwen is very creative and original. That’s the reason why Fergie and Nelly Furtado are biting her style. I’ll admit this performance wasn’t that great, it sounds like she lost her breath but at least she doesn’t lip sync. GWEN IS UNIQUE.

  • Angela

    I love Gwen. Like cynthia said, she is very creative and originial. This new song is great, so funky!!

  • Dizzy Lizzy

    At least their kid is cute…unlike that suri freak alien fug baby from zenu…just wanted to say that tom is a midget, kati is a moron, the kid is a fug, and tom is embarrased of his fat adopted daughter and his weirdo tiger woods lookin son…thats whey we never see any pics of them, they don’t live up to his ideal of beauty so he keeps them hidden away. tom cruise never even graduated from high school. tom has hair plugs, possibly a hair transplant now. he is fat. he wears lifts. he believes in aliens. kati has some sort of herpe thing going on, which is sooooo grody, who would want to kiss that? UGLY SURI UGLY HAHAHAH….o and LEAH REMINI ~ YOU NEED TO SHUTUP YOU ARE A LOSER TOO WITH YOUR 1RST GRADE BELIEFS

  • Lisa

    Ugh, what a sell out! I used to lover her and I still listen to her old stuff all the time. She turned into another plastic, cookie cutter artist. She was so beautiful and talented. I agree with earlier posts, she is starting to sound like Fergy. I am very dissapointed Gwen!

  • Kini

    I think they look hot together….

  • The Seventh Brady

    She appears to be unsuccessfully channeling Peggy Lee. A wheelchair might help.

  • chicklets

    Gwen looks like shit like she usually does now. Gavin looks beautiful, as usual, even with short hair. Shame that he’s her walking accessory




  • naysayer

    the hair is hideous. hope that’s a wig.

  • moola

    Is your crotch hungry, girl? Cause it’s your pants.

  • moola

    Is your crotch hungry, girl? Cause it’s eating your pants.

  • sim0ne

    that song is horrible.

  • Jo

    What a disapointment with that performance! I wouldn’t call that music!
    More like TRASH! Even painfull to watch and hear!
    I miss the old rock chick Gwen!

    But she does look amzing and fresh not long after giving birth!

  • Kate

    I think Gavin is hotter now than he is back then – Gwen is so cool, oh and shes SOOO lucky to have him! I mean LOOK!