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Letterman Audience Laughs at Michael Richards' Apology

Letterman Audience Laughs at Michael Richards' Apology

Michael Richards was truly hilarious on last night’s The Late Show with David Letterman. The poor guy was trying to apologize while the audience was busting a nut. It got so bad, Jerry Seinfeld had to step in and tell the audience to stop laughing! Watch the funny, funny video below…

If you missed Kramer’s (Michael Richards) racist stand-up act (Seinfeld theme included), check it out here.

Michael Richards on David Letterman, 11/20
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  • NoOnesLatina

    Poor Guy?? really how do you feel bad for him? And Jerry needs to come off his high horse. Come on you are damn Letterman and Jerry and Kramer are on the screen. What out of all that is serious? Next time (there might be one) he’ll smarter to go Larry King.

  • Oldie

    Mel Gibson had the excuse of being drunk. What’s Richards’?

  • Oblivia

    Jared, you might be wise to say that it wasn’t part of the stand-up comedy act because it was off-the-cuff. It would be one thing to make a pre-meditated joke that fell flat and possibly offended. There was no “point”, no socialogical observation – just that these kids were black and they’re uppity because they’re no longer being regularly lynched….

    I think he’s genuinely sorry that he’s revealed himself to be a sick fiend.

  • Mimi

    I don’t think the audience knew what to think…. here you had 3 comedians talking about a ridiculously sorry situation. Richards looked kind of weird and spacy … he played the weird character Kramer after all … and some of his explanation was really kind of weird too. I was unsure if he was trying to turn the incident into a joke. I only know him as Kramer, not having ever seen him perform at a comedy club.

    As the show progressed and he was rambling incoherently, I just wondered what he was on. One moment he seemed contrite, the next, he was hectoring and lecturing about race relations and war.

  • wow

    He’s sorry he got caught! thats it and thats all. Those kinda of words just doesnt come out of a person who is not a racists. He said it, he said it to be hurtful and it was. He apology means nothing because I bet if it wasnt caught on video this would’ve been totally different.

    Mel being drunk wasnt an accuse at all, but people say things that they would sober. I’m kinda sure if Mel was sober he wouldnt said those things to the police officer (not saying that hes not a racist, he was probably a racist on the low) but Micheal was sober, knew what he was saying…kept on going and going…

    He should’ve just admitted that he hated Black people, he should’ve been real with it instead of that FAKE ass apology…rambling like a fool. I don’t buy it.

  • Rat

    Maybe it’s just me, but I think he really is sorry for what he said. I’ve seen things here and there where people were saying that he’s only sorry because he got caught. I don’t believe that. When you watch the video he looks really ate up about it, uncomfortable and at one point I thought he might start to cry. There’s no excuse for what he said and he shouldn’t have said it. I think he was pissed about these guys heckling him and was trying to get back at them and this is what came out. Not exactly the best thing to say and being a comedian he should know how to deal with hecklers and how to get back at them. Some people might say that his true feelings came out in that rant. I don’t know about that. Sometimes in a fit of anger people say things they shouldn’t say and don’t really mean. Whatever the case, there’s no justification for what he said and to me looks truly sorry and appears to be trying to make amends. We’ll just have to wait and see if people are willing to forgive him.

  • LV

    I respect him for making the apology. He’s being responsible for his actions.
    What more can he do? If he could take that night back I’m sure he would.

  • jaromir

    It takes a bigger man to take responsiblity for his actions. I believe all people have things inside them that are hateful, its just a natural instinct, and when people bottle all that up……….well you know the rest.

    I can genuinely say that no I’m not a racist, and never really understood the concept of racism until I started going to school here in the U.S. Its kinda sad to say that by my own accounts and experiences I have developed a type of cliché point of view about other races, which I’m not too proud of.

    Do I believe that I’m racist, no, I’m actually half latino. But I do have certain, thoughts about others which most of the time seem valid.


    I was actually speechless when I saw the act aired on Entertainment tonight. I couldn’t believe that he didn’t just stop after the first explicative came out. At least he could have said it was a freudian slip. But he didn’t stop, he just kept going and going. It was like watching a bad car wreck.

    It’s just sad that almost 50 years has passed since the civil rights movement and we still have demeaning things like this happening.

    I’m just glad that Jerry didn’t condone what he did and support him. He made sure he apologized.

  • Just Me

    Richards has every right to say what he wants. Thats why they are comedians, and what makes them comedians – they push buttons. Lenny Bruce did it and many black comedians diss whites to get a laugh – who cares? Unless, of course, you’re thin-skinned and believe what is said is truth????

  • Afro-man

    Jerry wanted him to apologise to save the Xmas sales of Seinfeld DVDs – a motive I would have to agree with.

  • jay

    some of u racist bitches on this site is fucking disgusting how can u make excuses for this bitch, he needs a fucking beat down for want he said and for any of u who think it is ok to called black person the n word needs a fucking beat down to

  • capriciousdiva

    Oh my God seen as I’m from Europe I don’t know who this guy is but that was some pretty bad stuff he said…

  • oh jay – now you’re coming alive

    Wow – jay seems to be acting as poorly as Richards did. Thats OK – jay has the right to say what he wants – AS DOES RICHARDS.

  • Me

    You know people kill me apologizing for stuff they mean. No need to apologize at all. He said exactly how he felt, and thats very sad. He went the politically correct route and made a public apology… in order to save his pockets. SMART MOVE RACIST. He’s very lucky to even be in one piece. Those type of comments are unaccetable and they reflect him as a human being. However, he should be forgiven. But the incident should not be forgotten.

  • jay requires anger-therapy

    A beat down – jay?????? Now can you please tell me how that would be more appropriate than someone calling someone names? Violence is OK and name-calling is not? Grab a fu**ing brain idiot!

  • Kat

    Thumbs up to Letterman … thumbs down to the rude audience …

  • Thoughts

    Richards can say what he wants – censorship went out with slavery – remember?

  • http://justjared ?

    he is a pig, not sincere at all–career over like it has been in the past six years.

  • Rocking

    His career may be over, however, he has enough money not to need to work anyways. It’s really too bad his punishment will be living in the South of France the rest of his life. :-)

  • Madge

    Mrs. Cooty is right. The majority of the audience thought Jerry and Richards were having a Seinfeld dialogue.

  • Jay needs to go a chill out

    Jeez! Jay, you need help!

    I really believe Michael is sorry and regrets what he did so he needs to get a break. He obviously got caught up in the moment and did a very stupid thing, but he’s had the courage to apologise so let’s all give him a break.

  • ashylarry

    Why did he choose to go on Letterman?! Go on Larry King for God sakes. How embarassing… in an already embarassing situation. I’m black and I realize that the n-word is used in comedy. Carlin, Rock, Bruce, Silverman. It’s not only used by black comedians. I don’t have a problem with the word being used as long as it’s in the context of a joke. It doesn’t offend me. It’s comedy.
    What Richards did was completely out of the context of any joke. I wanted to say this before anyone started talking about “double standards” between black and white comedians. The sad part of the whole situation was that Richards wasn’t joking. I feel honestly sorry for him. Money is’nt everthing and he seems like a seriously broken down man. Jerry Seinfield really needs to get over himself. Richards didn’t need his help apologizing and I’m sorry if this cuts into the Seinfield season 7 Christmas sales.

  • http://none amanda

    Jerry Seinfeld was already scheduled to be on Letterman, and he gave up some of his own interview time and asked that Michael be allowed to apologize. So Michael didn’t “choose” Letterman over Larry King, this was just an interview already set up so Seinfeld graciously gave airtime to his friend.

  • bdaygurl

    fyi… the audience was laughing when he said “afro-americans” a term that hasn’t been used since 1979…

  • kae

    Interesting…Just watched the tape for the first time. It’s my opinion that Richards did get way out of hand. I’m not sure why any comedian needs to bring up race. Aren’t there other things to joke about? All it does is bring up hatred and resentment. Joke about something else.

  • piper, with a low

    I know that I’m going to catch h#$l for this, but I am ‘outraged’ out. Tom Cruise, Mel Gibson, Isiaiah Washington, Rush Limbaugh, O.J., Brangelina’s bodyguards, and countless I’ve missed and others to come. MR will never be invited to my home, as if there was any chance of that, but his nasty words will not hang over my life like some sort of pall. If it did, it might as well be the Jim Crow era.

  • jUst saYin

    The words speak for themselves he said what he said at that comedy club and being heckled is no excuse for those comments it wasnt because he was mad because i’m sure that wasnt the first time his shows gone bad he’s a racist plan and simple and no half hearted apology changes that.

    And FYI to me his “apology” sounded like he was worried more about his own safety and not the people he offendeds feelings (just my thought)


    I am black and not at all offended by what he did. You know why? Because he feels like a whole lotta people-his feelings came out and hey it is what it is. I would much rather know that and deal with it, instead of not know it and support him. You get what I am saying. I actually liked Seinfeld. BUT if I knew Kramer was feeling like that, I would have never watched it. I want everybody to “come out” I want to know just what you think. Then I can decide to spend my money on you or not. This goes for recording artists too. It’s freedom of speech. So let it all hang out. I don’t care what type of apology he gives, I don’t want anything in my home that is associated with any movie, tv show or anything else he has been in or will be in.

  • http://tmz b4REAL

    O.K. enough already. Let me speak from an “Afro-American” perpective whatever that is?!?!(I’m BLack, born in America) Let’s understand something, not all white people like “Black People” that’s just the way it is. And, for those that do, for whatever reason, which I’m sure is a very small percentage, “God Bless You”. This has been going on so long I don’t even know what made him think his apology would make a difference. Do bigots, racist, etc., feel like, when I get caught I’ll just say…. “I’m sorry” and poof :>( it will all be forgotten. (NOT!) I’m curious, do you think Mr. Rich would have made those statements if he knew that the people he was referring to,were responsible for the invention of the following necessities of life, such as: The air-conditioner, refridgeration, heating furnance, combustible engine, lawnmower, iron, ironing-board, street sweeper, ink-pens, elevators, windshield-wipers, mailbox, tires, just to name a few. I truly believe, as long as these types of things are hidden from the public by ommission, and commission, we will always be called by the N word!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wow

    Amen b4real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You said it.

  • kc

    Google those inventions if you want to be informed and educated. Many were invented by people of other nationalities.

  • Jeff

    Of course he’s sorry….his career is over……what was said was said….apologising doesn’t make it go away……….

  • Leslie

    The man wasn’t joking. He was directly attacking audience members out of anger. There’s a difference. So comparing this to other comedians making jokes about other races as part of an act is unjustified.

  • stanley

    He’s sorry. He blew up and send what he knew would dig into the fu(kling a-holes who wouldn’t shut up during his act. If he had called them clowns you think they’d have shut up? Nope. So he said something that cut deep.

    Anyone who has been in a comedy club knows that much worse things get said.

    Per him getting a “beat down”. I would bet a lot of money you’re in no position to beat anything other than your own shriveled man shame.

    As far as someone inventing the mail box…I’m pretty sure we’d have grabbed that one anyway. Tires were not invented by black people.

    I like people. Some are black. But if someone was seriously pissing me off and heckling me about being a total failure I’d say whatever made them the most mad too.

    People are too sensitive in America. If you want to see where that leads go to England, that place is on the cusp of an all out race war. Americans would be wise to lighten up. The black vs. white thing won’t end well.

    And for fucks sake people…it’s Kramer! Anyone who heckles Kramer is an a$$hole. Of course if he had shouted that nothing would have happened. Personally if I were black I’d be more offended by being called a re+ard or an a$$hole than a n!gger. But then again I wasn’t conditioned to be ultra sensitive like a sleeper waiting for the keyword.

  • Karen

    To everyone who doesn’t believe him, let’s see eminem (if that’ s how you spell it who cares) can sing about raping his mother, killing and dismembering his wife and they have him on tape in his younger days saying nigger but it’s just a joke, hypocrites. He’s sorry let it go

  • Alisha

    Sure, Richards might have been going for the jugular, something that “cut deep,” but there are just some place you just don’t go. Yes, those two guys were indeed assholes for heckling Richards. Why does their being black (nay, “n___s”) have to be brought up; what the heck does that have to do with them being disruptive? A–holes come in all shapes, sizes.

    I agree that there is a ramant PC craze here in this country, but being offended by Richard’s comments is notbeing oversensitive. Richards clearly recognizes the gravity and meaning of what he said. If we ever get to a point where it should be okay to say those things, we will have effectively set ourselves back those 50 years that Richards was referring to.

  • Kendra

    As a person of colour it always p****s me off how we let others disrespect our race so easily! Sure Richards apologised but it doesn’t make what he said right and it doesn’t make it go away. And to those of you who think he has a right to say it go tell that to the Jewish community! They almost crucified Mel Gibson for his recent tirade. Their motto is ‘Never Forget’ and neither should we. And as for being oversensitive…we wouldn’t have to be if many people still didn’t look at our skin colour and assume we’re less than nothing, without knowing about your educational background etc. You try that on for size and tell me how it feels.

  • CapCurt

    Richards should be fried over this! This is from a person who does not think that “nigger” should be removed from the vocabulary. I am Black and I use the word. I am from inner city Miami and some whites and Hispanics I know use the term with me. The difference is the intent. If it were used for comedy that is one thing, but this was an attack! This was clearly the case because he talked about what would have happened 50 years ago. Not only that Sinbad said that he actually started on the guy before what we saw on the video. He also stated that the heckling was notat all severe. I am slow to call someone a racist. But in this case – he is.

  • Chickadee

    There are lots of black and jewish people missing in the US, hey, you never know he might be a serial killer if all we know! Check his lawn or his closet if he doesn’t live in a house, crazy bastard!!!