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Wentworth Miller Gets Disconnected

Wentworth Miller Gets Disconnected

Check out 60+ screencaps from last night’s episode (“Disconnect”) of Prison Break! I literally start out with 10,000+ screencaps for each episode and whittle it down to the best 50+ caps each week, so know that you’re getting the best!

What I found to be the most interesting was seeing Sarah Wayne Callies‘s (Dr. Sara Tancredi) stunt double from the scene where she jumped outside the hotel window onto a car windshield. Hilarious!

UPDATE :: Re-cap added! Here goes: Wowowow…one more episode until the fall finale! Aldo spent as much time with his sons as they have known him. Good thing I had my closed captioning on so I could hear what Michael’s final words to his father were.

Mahone is on the trail and a wounded Coyote is able to provide him with the plane that is going to Panama. Sucre gets on the plane without the brothers, who want to finish what their father could not do.

Sara gets even and leaves an imprint of an iron right on Kellerman’s chest. Even after taking Kellerman does, she still has to grab her purse. What a bag whore! I could understand if it were designer. Sara, enlighten me with the designer of your precious bag!

C-Note loses his wife over a mistake he makes. Bellick loses his freedom over one he makes as well. Kellerman needs to find himself some new allies before Kim finishes him off.

The good doctor has inner strength too—to give herself stitches that is! But not enough to pick up her cell phone from Michael in time! He had a message for you: another RENDEZVOUS because she had the KEY once again. Writers, stop recycling your goods!

With the Fall Finale coming up next week, any speculation on what will happen to our heroes? Will Sucre survive? Will Bellick, Linc and Michael reunite at Fox River? All this and much more next week on The Killing Box!

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  • Lisa


  • Lisa

    This was the best episode so far….I was on THE edge of my seat the entire show!

  • kelly075

    somebody tell me if they are going to jell again, please!!!!!!!!!!!! i leave in paris. Lisa what did you saw!!!!!

  • TSY

    Graet episode! Now that Kellerman has been shut out, it would be in his best interest to out the prez! And I LOVED the storyline between Michael and his dad. I am totally laughing about Bellick! I sure hope Sucre survives!

    The only thing that was soooo annoying. . .Franklin’s wife really bugged me. As soon as the pharmacist claimed she need to get the $75 in change from the back, she should have grabbed the prescription and ran! I can’t believed she waited around!

    Good show. Thanks for the pics JJ.

  • Jolie4ever

    I don’t like it when he cries…it makes me sad :(

    Come here Wenty, come to mama

  • BrownCords

    Last nite’s epi was depressing!! All that espionage training and Daddy Burrows couldn’t take a clear shot @ Mahone’s ginormous forehead?? And, why did he have to die?! I was hoping for a sunset ending where the Burrows 4 live happily ever after at their surf shop store in Panama! Thank god for the generous lingering shots of Scofield’s behind, that cured my blues away. Oh and the fact that we’ll only have a 2-month hiatus versus 4 after Nov 27th – YEAYYYY! – started to get the shakes over the impending Wentdrawals already.

    Thanks JJ + Happy Thanksgiving!


    unfortch i missed like the first half hour.
    i luved the grave site for the father. i missed my tea bag. i am sooo happy sarah is freed and micheal is trying to get back with her!

    wentworth and dominic purcell rule and so does our jared!
    xo erika

  • elisabeth

    They do not go back to jail, at least not now.

  • Wet For Went

    Awesome pics Jared. That Sara and Kellerman scene was definitely the best of the night. Best line “Fly safe Papi.”

  • Estelle

    Thanks JJ for the update and recap of the show, I love this episode too. Glad that Sarah escaped, but I knew it, anyone who come close to help these 2 will died a horrible dead. Too bad their father has to died, I hope his connection can still help Michael and Lincoln.

  • Lynn

    Im wondering who that blonde girl really is that was helping their dad. I wonder if shes a sister or something…but great show last night! I think this was the best show so far as well. Didnt show much of Tea Bag last night…wonder what hes up to. Im going to go crazy after this last episode. Its going to be too long to wait!

  • ZeNd

    the stunts face cracks me up! lol.. so sara wasn’t jump by herself then. lol

  • Jolie4ever

    Soph – go to myspace video and you can watch prison break there for free

  • http://Jailbird Jailbird

    That was a cheesy line “fly safe Papi”…it sounded so un-natural for Wentworth to say something like that…… much too corny for me.

    I’m excited to see if Kellerman will now help Sara, I hope so because I like the two of them together. I think Kellerman likes Sara because he had a real problem completing his job when Mr Kim told him to finish her off.

    Sara sewing her wound back up was gross…..Yuckie poo!!!!

  • Jolie4ever

    Soph – you’re welcome!!! enjoy the show :)

  • Linds

    Oh…Mah…GAH! I cannot watch this show without taking a xanax and washing it down with a sip, ok a glass, ok, a BOTTLE of wine. I had pee stomach the entire episode! You know it’s serious when you’re screaming at the tv making wild hand motions telling girlfriend to jump the f*** out the window. PLEASE do not let them go back to prison. I will absolutely die.

  • fam

    wooooooooooooooow. i think this was the best epi so far.
    i LOVED it, so much tears for our little mike, the scene where his dad died really broke my heart! can’t wait till next week, and will there be a (small) hiatus? anyone?

  • Kendra

    Thanks a mil, Jared. What would we do without you? I haven’t seen the episode yet but I’m spoiling myself with the screencaps. Is it my imagination or has poor Sarah’s been stuck in the same outfit for several episodes? And the brothers are like crash-test dummies…those two have been in too many car crashes to count. Gotta love this show:)

  • Mink

    News on the hiatus is that the next new episode of ‘PB’ AFTER next week’s Fall Finale will be on 29th Jan, 2007.

  • caris

    what were the final words to his father??

    i’m totally O.V.E.R. c-note’s family drama – bring back T-Bag. Without a doubt, T-Bag is the best actor on the show… but give me a little Went action any day!!

  • chan

    Jolie4ever, where is you space !!! Thanks

  • Katie

    This show will be the death of me. I held my breath so much during the initial segments, that by the time the first commercials hit, I was dizzy. Must. Breathe.

  • http://jailbird jailbird

    I’m totally over Cnote & his family too, Dom is boring unless he’s with LJ and I’m glad they have sent Bellick back to prison so that he can have a cavity search :)

    I also had to suspend my belief in reality when Sara was underwater for what seemed to be longer than humanly possible, I kept asking myself why dosen’t she just stand up for god sake…….anyone have an answer???

    OOOOrrrrr but Wentworth is so cute when he cries :)

  • hannah

    What were his last words to his father then??! I haven’t watched this yet , in UK> I usually find clips of it to watch on the net, but the videos on my space do not work for me – they say they are for US users only. As do most of the full length versions of the episodes on the net!

  • http://jailbird jailbird

    I think Sara’s stund double is a man because those are some really big hands

  • caris

    yeah, most stunt doubles for women are men in wigs. Check out some of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s fight scenes – totally dudes!

  • caris


    sorry… didn’t mean to yell… but now it’s driving me crazy!

  • Jolie4ever

    chan Says:

    November 21st, 2006 at 3:29 pm
    Jolie4ever, where is you space !!! Thanks

    it’s called when you go there just click the video link and search for Prison Break

  • MrsRobinson


  • http://jailbird jailbird

    Linc: Panama would have been good.

    Michael: You ready for this.

    Linc: Been waiting for years

    Michael: Good to hear it, cause today’s the day we stop running.

    How cool was this excange of work!!!!

  • Heidi

    I’m confused…I thought there isn’t going to be a hiatus anymore? so how come there’s a “fall finale?” According to that link from the last PB info Fox is gonna have the break for the college bowl and the 2 24 opening episodes in January 2007. So…what about December? There’s no PB during December?

  • meemee

    Amazing episode! I loved it! Can’t wait for the fall finale next Monday!

  • Nadine

    #TSY i know i was screaming at the tv telling the girl to go get the medicine and leave… it was so annoying, in my opinion its her fault she got taken by the cops, so stupid… she knows her husband is one of the fox river 8 so y stand around?

    his last thing he said to his dad was something like “im not going to let you die” …
    it was something like that… his dad was like “i love u guys u know that “.. and mike didnt say anything and then well i think he said the not gonna let you die thing and then he die…

    i hope sucre didnt die!! pray!! PAPI DONT DIE ON ME!! lol

    fly safe papi!! i like the last lines the way mike said “cuz todays the day we stop running” ohh.. that was hot the way he said it .. lol ahhhhh… cant wait till the finale… i hope kellerman and sarah would team up!! lol thatd be funny yet weird … shes trying to find mike to be with him or soemthing like that i really dont get it anymore and kellerman is trying to get rid of linc … such a crazy lil world…

    #heidi – the way i understood it is that the fall finale is on next week and then its not going to be on during dec. and beginning of jan and it returns on jan 22nd?? is that right? someone correct me if im wrong… dont worry it doesnt make complete sense to me either!

  • Nadine

    wow long comment .. .sry bout that… ^^ :)

  • kmillz

    wentworth was really selling it…thats scene when he was having flash backs made me sad..and then i started laughing

  • cocot13

    the show will be back on Jan,22,2007 with a recap episode and the new season will start on Jan,29,2007 and end on March 22,2007

  • cocot13

    oops guys I,m sorry I meant end on March 26,2007 I,m sleepy lol

  • J

    Kellerman is the worst hitman ever .Too bad Dr.Forehead got away what a pity.

  • ks

    Another fantastic episode! I can’t wait for next week. The brothers are mad and fighting back. YES!

  • idunno

    Someone tell me they don’t get back into jail AGAIN!!!

    omg.. they’re not re-breaking aren’t they??
    coz if they do.. i’m gonna *#@$*!#(&$(&#&@^^#&@$$%

    And how many days do we have after the season finale until the new episodes??? >

    ARGH!! the suspense is killing me!!! and it’s just a damn TV show!!!!

  • http://Jailbird Jailbird

    Yeah! Kellerman should have put a bullett in that BIG FOREHEAD.

  • RedAngl19

    I’ve been following PB from the very beginning, and I LOVE IT!!!

    The last episode was one of the best. And I have to say, when Wentworth said… fly safe papi… I was in awe. That was so SEXY!!! I have DVR so I rewound ir, and watched it again. Woah, baby!

    Love where they’re going with the story line. Excellent.

  • corona

    OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! season 2 is ending on march 2007? THERE BETTER BE A THIRD SEASON!

  • cocot13

    I think that the 3rd season will be the last unfortunately

  • http://jailbird jailbird

    I hear you # cocot13….that’s my feeling too.

    Season 2 has not lived up to the high standard Season1 had. I really miss the whole prision setting, they should have dragged out the escape for another year.

    I’m just hanging in there for Wentworth.

  • Elsa

    This episode was just fine… I mean this episode was full of scenarites mistakes duh, that’s was amazing… We’re not stupid.. These guys are not some kind of heroes or I watched the wrong serie tv, I don’t know…

    I hope the next episode (and last for now), will be better. Hope so.

    Take care!

  • much_mischief

    best epi ever… the scene when michael’s crying and was all vulnerable and not wanting his dad to touch him
    Wentworth was AWESOME!!!!

    bellick is going to jail!! hahaha…..i feel kinda sorry for him though…as a former correctional officer, his days in jail are numbered…it’s gonna go all “oz” on him….

    …happy to hear that PB returns in january not march or some hideous time like that…can’t wait!!

    sarah rocked it too….kellerman now has quite the token of his time with her!

    ..mark my words kellerman (bad, bad, sexy beast) is gonna change sides and it’s gonna be un-believable!!!!!

  • Nadine

    #jailbird… if they had dragged on the escape for another season no one would be watching it except the few loyal pb and went fans… i know alot of ppl who loved the show at the beginning and then afterwards like in the middle of season 1 got sick of it and stopped watching it.. if they dragged it on for another yr they would have lost alot of ratings… i dont see it continueing after season 3, they cant make it go on forever, its just going to get stupid after that… i dunno thats my opinion about it i mean i wish itd go on longer!! but oh well..

  • J

    I Read sorry can’t remember what site a few months’ ago that the writers are even thinking beyond that and ending the show in the 4th season in 2008.Because the ratings are still high thanks to Went there are more people watching and keep watching.
    Also Jailbird i am with you i’m hanging because of Went too, i also like your comments!

  • http://Jailbird Jailbird

    Thank You # J

    I’m sure Wentworth appreciates your support, don’t forget to watch Monday night….and report back to JJ. Happy thanksgiving –Jailbird :)