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New Tom & Katie Wedding Pictures

New Tom & Katie Wedding Pictures

Here’s what looks like a mock-up (final version?) of the upcoming issue of People Magazine, out on newsstands this Friday. The cover is a new picture of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes on their wedding day, which was this past Saturday. To the right is a Good Morning America exclusive screencap from yesterday’s show, showing Tom and Katie sharing their first kiss together as an official couple. Cheers to TomKat!

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tom katie wedding kiss 01
tom katie wedding kiss 02

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  • sam


  • Tan

    That was a beautiful wedding and a big one I would of been soooo nervous but I guess when your movie stars your use to that.I wish them the best.

  • London BAMZS fan

    I think they make a lovely couple and wish them the best. Suri is absolutely gorge (don’t care what anyone says) :)

  • tanique

    thanks jared for the pics, and for just wishing them well without the typical slant put on them. very sweet pics.

  • galilea

    i hope suri will have a wonderful life!

  • Fick

    Cheers!!! Thanks Jared…
    Just lovely!

  • elisabeth

    I just love this couple!

  • olek

    i thought there would have been more guests…seems kinda small to be a BIG Wedding.
    but despite my aversion against all things scienco (well religion in general) they do look really happy together…and so i wish them well.

  • pat

    It is SO wonderful that to actors are able to get together for a part. They seem to be able to make it look like it’s real!

    Suri will have a life filled with worldly things. The only wants she will have is for the love and affection from her mom.
    MAybe someday her mom will be able to attend a church that believes in parent chaild bonding.

  • WTF

    Package it up any way you want. This “marriage” is still fake, fake, fake.

  • dean

    “Package it up any way you want. This “marriage” is still fake, fake, fake. ”


  • h

    with ref to PAT , What right do you have to accuse Katie of not loving her daughter? No right. Just because you don’t like them does not mean that her parents do not love her. You can clearly see that Katie adores Suri. It’s very sad that many people want to tear both Katie, Tom and their beautiful baby apart. You have NO REASON and NO PROOF that Katie does not shower her daughter with love and affection.

    Just because you do not like them, or think that they make bad decisions, does not mean that they are bad parents. I think that Tom has some very strange and wierd ideas, and i wouldn’t do a lot of the things he does, but this does NOT mean he does not love his daughter, nor does it mean Katie doesn’t love her daughter. It means i think some of the things they believe in are strange.

    Stop being so judgemental. Just because someone has different views from you does not make them a bad person.

    Katie’s dress was wonderful. They looked like they had an awesome day. I am very happy for them and wish the entire family all the best.

  • Sue

    What a joke these two are! They claim to just want to be private and live their lives, then have 22 page baby photo shoots and release tons of wedding pictures. If you’re going to talk to the talk, you should walk the walk. Then, again, “Tomkat” and privacy are on opposite ends of the spectrum. These two jokers don’t want to live out of the spotlight, as once the cameras are turned off they have no one to pose for.

  • pat

    “H” the church of co$motogy does not allow a mother to bond with their babies. I have NO doubt that Katie would LOVE to have and hold HER daughter Suri, 24/7. And she’d LOVE to be able to take her out in the FRESH SoCal air when she and Tom go to the park for the weekly photo-ops!

    I was NOT judging anyone, I was merly going by THEIR cult beliefs

  • pr person

    These two are pathetic, disgusting, fake, media whoring, Xenu loving cult freaks. I think that is one People magazine I can do without.

  • Please explain

    John Travolta and his wife Kelly are Scientologists and so are heck of a lot of other stars, yet Tom Cruise is the only one getting dissed. I still don’t understand why you are coming down so hard on people who don’t share your religious beliefs. I thought we had some religious tolerance in this country.

  • h

    Well, i believe Katie is first and foremost a Catholic, and Tom has said in the past that you can be a Catholic and yet still hold scientological beliefs.

    I don’t believe that Katie has not bonded with her child. I believe scientology believes that the baby should be in a calm atmosphere, and quiet for the first hours of it’s life. I think Hubbard actually stated to leave the baby alone for 24 hours. Whereas i don’t agree with that, it still doesn’t make these people bad parents. We don’t even know if Katie did so with Suri. Regardless, it is still possible for mother’s to bond with their babies, a day or so after giving birth.

  • kmillz

    This People Cover story will NEVER be able to catch Shiloh’s, Tom can forget it. LOL a 14 day old baby has kicked his @ss. lolol

  • RayG


  • rage

    one’ld think after all the shinanigans and build up to the wedding day which turned out to be an anti-climax there’ll be something special about the dress and ceremony but there isn’t,the ceremony from the pics looks so ordinary and plain something everybody and anybody could afford, i mean look at that hall for christ sakes apart from the two bouquets of flowers(which looks ugly and not at all special,just plain bare) there’s nothing else spectacular just same old same really guys think about it weren’t you expecting some sort of heaven after all the TOMKAT brags but then they are classless media whores with no taste also with all the hitch they had on the day they weren’t even sure they’ll be allowed to get married explains why they couldn’t dress up in the hotel and had to go to the haunted castle for that and TC arrived after the bride which shouldn’t be but as you fans say they’re SCIENOS ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • pat

    “H” No one EVER said that Katie was a “bad parent”. But the first few months are the MOST important of an infants life, it is a shame that Katie spends SO MUCH time alone shopping. She should be able to bring her daughter with her or she should stay home and take care of her.

  • rage

    KMILLZ you are so MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAN but htax absolutely made my day did you see the part that ays TOM KILLS OPRAH that is well HILARIOUS

  • ceecee

    “Well, i believe Katie is first and foremost a Catholic, and Tom has said in the past that you can be a Catholic and yet still hold scientological beliefs. ”

    The Bible says that you cannot serve 2 masters ……….

  • Aracely

    Aww how beautiful, I guess People scored more pics of them.I can’t wait to see em!

  • Frenchy

    Interesting article about the wedding:

    Tom Cruise’s stunt wedding
    Fiona Hudson

    November 21, 2006 12:00am

    THE wedding of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes has been branded a stunt after the pair admitted they got hitched days before the celebrity bash.

    Critics have labelled the Italian ceremony a sham intended to promote the Church of Scientology.

    Scientology weddings, which include elements such as a vow never to go to bed angry, are not legally recognised in Italy.

    But the couple’s agent said they had “officialised their marriage in Los Angeles prior to their departure for Italy”.

    A US gossip show yesterday said the couple would follow the Italian ceremony with a Catholic service in Los Angeles.

    Bracciano Mayor Patrizia Riccioni is considering taking back the honorary citizenship she offered the couple before they wed because the small village was offended by their behaviour.

    “It would have been nice for them to stop and wave,” she said.

    A Catholic priest in the Italian village, Father Nicola Fiorentini, said the town felt insulted.

    “It wasn’t a wedding at all. It was just for publicity,” he said.

    “I can’t believe such an event was allowed to take place at all.”

    The bride and groom are believed to be honeymooning in the Maldives.

    It has emerged a Scientology adviser sat at every table during the reception to answer any questions guests had about the unusual ceremony.,21985,20792950-5006023,00.html

  • Be sane

    Scientology is a FOR-profit CULT organization, banned in many countries to be recognized as a religion.

  • kae

    Stop bringing up Shiloh, move on please…

  • B

    Yes, this wedding is ridiculous and I am pretty sure Katie Holmes has been brainwashed. This wedding is completely fake and you are seriously lacking if you don’t see through it. The only reason this relationship is taking place is because Tom is trying to hide the fact that he is a homosexual. Everybody in Hollywood knows it. It’s really quite sad that he has gone to such measures.

  • London BAMZS Fan

    hullo people, how sheltered are your lives? It was a ‘religious’ ceremony which lots of people have nowadays. e.g. I have Hindu friends who sign the civil register one day and then organise a big (Hindu) wedding do on another. Why does it have to be a ‘sham wedding’ just because they officially got hitched earlier?

    Over here in the Europe we usually have 2 ceremonies; the register office one (where some people wear wedding dresses to also), and the symbolic one (which is usually the big affair).

    Man you guys are hysterical, and to the Haters – GET A LIFE!!!

  • London BAMZS Fan

    PS. Christianity also started out as a ‘cult’ – read up on your history morons.

  • London BAMZS Fan

    PPS. I’m not a Scientologist btw, just in case (hehehe). I just don’t like small mindedness and intolerance, it’s the reason there’s so much bloodshed in the world today.


  • Cruise’s Gerbils

    Blech. Cruise looks like he’s having root canal.


  • London’s an idiot

    The Romans described Christians as a cult – Jesus and his followers did not have any interest in labelling themselves.

  • London’s an idiot

    Oh and another thing – calling people “morons” is not exactly showing tolerance – London must be extremely “small-minded”. Talk about a hypocrite. :-)

  • h

    Pat, re: “H” No one EVER said that Katie was a “bad parent”. But the first few months are the MOST important of an infants life, it is a shame that Katie spends SO MUCH time alone shopping. She should be able to bring her daughter with her or she should stay home and take care of her.”

    Come ON. Give me a break. She’s rarely seen out, and you expect her to bring Suri out all the time amongst the hundreds of photogs that follow them everywhere? You cannot seriously expect Katie to be at home with her child 24 hours a day seven days a week. Even women who are not famous still have breaks from their children. She doesn’t spend sooo much time alone shopping. We don’t see her out that often, since Suri’s birth. Besides, you really don’t know how much time Katie spends with Suri, so rather than jumping to conclusions from a few pictures, accept the fact that neither i nor you really knows what goes on behind closed doors, and stop automatically assuming the worst, – and speaking this like you are speaking facts.

  • Love TomKat

    I wish them a happy life together. Hear Tom is a doting father. Katie is a lucky girl.

  • h

    @ Rage

    How exactly did it turn out to be an anti-climax? How on earth would you know that? Did you go?

    The wedding day was not for us, it was for them! A wedding day is always a special day, regardless as to where it is held, or who is part of it. It would have been spectacular for them which is what counts. Katie’s dress was absolutely gorgeous. Simple and stunning, as it seems was the ceremony.

    Honestly, they get criticised for having a big wedding. Now, they’re getting criticised because they kept it simple, and it wasn’t some outlandish, spectacular, (well, what you judge as that) ”some sort of heaven”. They can’t win either way. If they had gone over the top, you would have said that they went too far and went over the top. Just accept the fact that they are happy, they had the wedding that THEY wanted, and that is all that matters.

    They were allowed to get married, if you pay attention, they had already signed the paperwork back in L.A the week previously, because otherwise the ceremony would not have been legalised while they were in Italy. They were officially married by the paperwork in L.A, and then had the blessing of sorts, which they classed as their real wedding, in Italy this past weekend. (Which many couples do, finalise the details at home and go abroad for their big day)

    Why would they have to get dressed at the hotel, when they were marrying at the castle?

    And Katie arriving with Suri and her mother before Tom, what’s your deal with that? I think you’re clutching at straws now….Generally it’s the actual wedding, i.e in the church/beach/wherever you are having the wedding where the groom is waiting first. Not who is first to arrive at the area in which you are getting married. Gosh you just seem so desperate to criticise you’re picking on things that aren’t even important nor make sense.

    For the record i am not a TC fan. I don’t believe in the scientology stuff and i think he has very wierd beliefs. But some people are just picking on ridiculous things. At the end of the day, it was THEIR day. As long as they are a happy family, that is all that counts.

  • What?

    h’s lengthy-useless-diatribe
    I think when they decided to invite the world into “their” day they lost the priviledge of having any privacy!

  • h

    @ What’s short pointless sentence

    When did i mention privacy? I don’t believe i did. I said it was their day, and they had the day they wanted, and that’s all that matters. Perhaps you should re-read.

  • Oh h – stop whining

    Not worth the re-read – sorry. :-)

  • rage

    @ h darlin don’t get me in ur TOMKAT squabble and how did i know well honey the BBC NEWS aired it apart from what i saw they also described it as ANTI-CLIMAX and perhaps it wasn’t but all i’m implying is they both (well TC) bragged so much about it that at the end of the day no one saw anything special but a complete sham i’m sure it was special to them cos it’s their day PERIOD and honey what is it with the EPISTLE you got all that from that little comment of mine seriously you are OBSSESSED hope you are this good in your profession /academics saying i’m desperate to criticise is typical coming from you also saying at the end of your post that you are not a TC fan is sly and hypocrtical cos if you are not you wouldn’t have gone thru the pain to read my post let alone do a write up on it how long did it take you to write that uhhhh seriously get a grip and stop tripping if pple are laughing at them they brought it on themselves not my fault to Oh h – stop whining: Not worth the re-read – sorry. Absolutely correct nothing about them is worh re-read just a laugh

  • Bored

    I wonder if that’s true about the town’s residents feeling insulted. I would have been.

  • h

    @ rage

    At least i can type properly, and use punctuation. I stopped reading your post halfway through as apparently, you’ve never heard of a full stop.

  • Dr Jube

    What an exercise in complete & utter over-the-top Hollywood excess.
    You probably could have fed a 3rd world nation for the cost of the (cliched) fireworks alone.

  • Rebecca

    All you people need to be locked up in a mental ward. All this back and forth about two people who are not worth the time of day. You All need help.

  • jj

    “h” How do YOU know that they really got married in Los Angeles? Well, maybe that’s how others know what they now.
    Katie took off to Paris for a week when her baby was supposedly 4 mos old. The ONLY reason there are always cameras around is because their peeps call and ask them to show up and take the pics!

    THAT IS THE ONLY REASON! They are in the same class as Lohan and the hilton sisters, LOW CLASS MEDIA HO’s!

  • kae

    Okay, TomKat definately uses the media to their advantage but I wouldn’t go as far as putting them in the same category as Lohan and the Hilton sisters. And let’s not forget that most celebrities use the media, how do you think they become celebrities? I would agree that this time TomKat went way too far. They act like they’re loyalty or something. Lots of big egoes in Hollywood!

  • millie

    this is so funny.. my favorite part is that Tommy took his best man (the head of the Church of Scientology) to the honeymoon. At least someone will have sex!

  • deb

    The wedding day was not for us, it was for them! A wedding day is always a special day, regardless as to where it is held, or who is part of it. It would have been spectacular for them which is what counts. Katie’s dress was absolutely gorgeous. Simple and stunning, as it seems was the ceremony

    Honey, if you think this wedding was just FOR THEM.. you are a bit naive. We knew exactly when and where it was going to be.. we knew who was going to be there.. we know what they had for dinner the night before. We know where the are going on their honeymoon..hopefully that is all we will learn about of the honeymoon.

    We have pics of the ceremony,.. we have pics of the wedding kiss. this wedding was NEVER meant to be a private affair. It is all part of Tom’s PR campaign to turn his image around to women. And it seems to be working.. some women get soo turned on and sentimental about weddings and babies etc. Tom may or may not be crazy… but no one accused him of being stupid.