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Britney Spears: Single & Lovin' It


Hilary Duff – “With Love” Fragrance Commercial
  • John Mayer told Ryan Seacrest that he’s not dating Jessica Simpson, but that he’s “having a lot of fun in [his] life.”
  • Taye Diggs was spotted “cheek to cheek” with Ashlee Simpson at G-Spa last week. The two downed tequila shots and were whispering and intertwining arms for a half hour. Ashlee‘s rep says the two are “just friends.”
  • First daughter Barbara Bush had her purse stolen on the first night of a two-week trip to Argentina with her sister, Jenna. The Secret Service declined to comment and the First Lady’s office would not say why the girls are in South America.
  • Steven Spielberg is said to be in hot pursuit of the movie rights to “Jersey Boys,” the musical about Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. Harvey Weinstein and Tom Hanks, as well as execs from Disney and Warner Bros. are interested too.
  • Madonna: The Confessions Tour – Live From London will appear on NBC tonight at 8pm.
  • At the premiere of his new film “Déjà Vu,” Denzel Washington said that of all the actresses he’d worked with, the hottest was, “Dakota [Fanning], by far she’s the hottest of the bunch!”
  • And to all you Americans out there, HAPPY TURKEY DAY!! GOBBLE, GOBBLE!!
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  • chicgurl

    good for her!

  • angie

    YAWN! i’m OVER it!

  • WTF

    I hope Denzel was joking!

    Shitney sucks.

  • oops!

    Yeah……. right.

  • Good going

    Way to go – get drunk and party everynight – that will show a judge that you are a good mother and should have full custody of your kids. On the other hand I think Brit is hurting bad and killing her pain with the party scene.

  • habiba

    good for her…but why?

  • farah

    YAYYY!!!….wuts her young son called…hey habiba how are you??:):):)

  • Jess

    “At the premiere of his new film “Déjà Vu,” Denzel Washington said that of all the actresses he’d worked with, the hottest was, “Dakota [Fanning], by far she’s the hottest of the bunch!” ”

    Aww! Dakota is so sweet! Bless! I hope Denzel was only joking – and that he ment she was cute rather than hot!

    Leave Britney Spears alone. She is just trying to do her best by her two adorable sons, Sean Preston (1) and nearly 2 months old baby Jayden James. Why is it up to the press/paps/public to judge a woman? Or anyone for that matter. What they do is up to them. People get divorced all the time, just because she’s a singer and he’s a rapper (or whatever he is) why does it make them any different. I’m fed up of people slating them.

    None of us can say we’ve never done anything wrong.

  • Hannie

    John Mayer is a f*cker. He did not only deny seeing JS earlier, he felt the need to humiliate her about it. So now he has very public dinners with her?
    It does not matter if she has brains or not, this Addams Family lookalike is a cad. He thinks he’s god’s gift to women. And his gigs are fall-asleep-boring.
    One of these days the media are going to realize he’s more yuck than hot.
    He does not think she’s good enough for him, but he’ll do her anyway? Nice for the trophy list, huh?

  • SusieQ

    I love the new -old – Britney. Can’t wait for the comeback!

  • Rori

    Britney’s hair looks like dog dung.


    Who’s the guy in the Hilary Duff ad?? Have i seen him b4?

  • anon

    yeah hes the guy from xmen shawn ashmore i believe

  • anon

    i just checked imdb its him and he has a twin maybe its his twin in the commercial aaron ashmore he was on smallville

  • ISEY

    Britney is very slowly but surely fading away into oblivion. You’d think having KFED in her life was the worst that she could do in her life, now she’s hooking up with Paris Hilton. Couldn’t she wise up for the sake of her kids?! It’s just pitiful to see her waste away.

  • Yuck

    Shitney is just gross. Worse than ever, and the biggest has-been of all time! I just saw pix of her with her ass hanging out. Then there were the pictures of her vagina. She is just awful. She has no talent, and is totally boring. She’s hanging out with Lindsay and Paris wishing that she had the fame that they have. Enough already. You have two kids. Get home and take care of them instead of partying, getting high, smoking, and looks like a 10 dollar hooker.

  • Alec

    Britney Spears…. why does her records sell?
    cause i dont know of any1 who likes her… (and i bet alot of male PP user would agree with me that she only worth one
    *beep*…. thats it…. not even two) so how is she still a “star”?

  • pd

    Does anyone know what kind of shoes Hillary Duff is wearing in her new video “with Love”, she shows them off at one point in the video and they are hot! They are black pumps…very hot, I need to know what kind of shoes they are.