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Gabriel Aubry's Fuego Food

Gabriel Aubry's Fuego Food

Finally made it out to Cafe Fuego for brunch yesterday with Audrey. Here’s what we ordered:

  • Ensalada Verde Mixta: A harmonious blend of crispy mesclun greens, hearts of palm & skinned carrots accompanied with a light garlic glaze
  • Cubano Sandwich: A concert of warm pork & ham celebrated with mustard, pickles & perfectly aged Swiss cheese, on crisp Cuban bread
  • Cafe Fuego Macaroni de Queso: Baked macaroni with the symmetry of bubbly manchego, spirited mozzarella and smooth cream cheese

The mac & cheese was a tad soupy but tasty. The salad was good. But the Cuban sandwich was over-the-charts YUMMY. Definitely going back for seconds and trying the other dishes out too.

Halle Berry‘s boyfriend, Gabriel Aubry, is the co-owner of Cafe Fuego with business partner Stephane Bibeau. Cafe Fuego is located @ 9 St. Marks Place, New York, NY 10003.

And be sure to check out the Cafe Fuego bathroom. There are choice newspaper clippings of Halle and Gabriel plastered on the walls including their last mention in Page Six.

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  • tanique

    i was wondering about this restaurant. thanks for the review. i’ll have to check it out.

  • thanks

    God, the food sounds so good. It’s got my mouth watering. Dammit should’ve taken a lunch break today!!!

    I like Halle and Aubry together. I know he’s a model and good looking but I don’t find him sexy. Anyways, I still hope Halle and Aubry make it. It looks as though this relationship is good for both of them. They’d make some beautiful babies together.

  • Yup5

    oh God, im glad you enjoyed your meal b/c i enojoyed mine. Loved the mojitos.
    What did you think about their photos being in the bathroom?

  • Just Jared

    I thought it was amusing. I pointed at them and laughed. Of all places, those were the only mentions of the two of them in the entire restaurant… that I noticed.

  • Fattie

    Gabriel is such a hottie ! I really hope his restaurant works well, not like the Fashion Café … mouhahahah ;)

  • JustJared

    JJ–glad you had a good experience at the restaurant and plan to go back. Clips in the can–funny but a little tacky, amusing reading material while doing your thing. Let’s hope there won’t be as many posts and trash from the blog on the opening. Anyway, thanks for your review and Monday funny.

  • Cheeky

    I went there when it first opened, before most people knew about it and I thought the food was AMAZING. I had the Ropa Vieja and my friend had Pollo a la Plancha, both were so good. They didn’t have the clippings when I was there, but it’s amusing that they do now.

  • cantwait

    Stop it, I am salivating with all of this talk of food. The food pictures are mouth-watering. His smile isn’t bad either. Wishing he and his partner the very best of success. Will definitely have to go there the next time I am in town.

  • whatahoot

    What a hoot about the clippings for interesting entertainment in the bathroom, what a riot, but I guess that’s Halle’s personal touch with her funny sense of humor. Am really glad that a couple more people have had a great experience there. A couple of my friends who have been at various different times enjoyed themselves too.

    Has anyone there yet for brunch? Have heard good things. Just curious.

  • heardbrunchisgood2

    Haven’t been there yet, due to my busy schedule preventing me from going into the city. Have heard brunch is as good as their lunches and dinners.

  • JustJared23


    Meant to mention this earlier–Have been a fan of your site for awhile, it’s probably one of the better celebrity sites on the ‘net. I am glad you gave them a good review after the bashing over the last two weeks that got somewhat out of hand, no offense I thought I got on, perezhilton or concreteloop by mistake. Nothing wrong at increasing readership, but not at the expense of disrespecting people.

    Nothing wrong with people doing more than one post under the same name or in response to someone’s question, but I do agree with a couple of the comments by some of the posters myself included mentioning about that a lot of the comments were probably by the same folks, I don’t know but it’s very possible and a better way of filtering those posters as well as people probably making up email addresses. Probably some sick high school prank. I seriously doubt over 300 different people made individual posts to the article on the opening.

  • bdj

    This sounds like a good Cafe. I hope that Halle has found happiness with Mr Aubry. She has certainly gone throuh a lot in her personal relationships. Hopefully, she has found contentment. Much success to the Cafe and Halle and Aubry.

  • 2LOL3

    LOL3…please don’t go there…there either all talked out or really don’t care. Am glad the restaurant is doing well .Let’s hope posters can stay on the topic of the restaurant or if they’re mention as it only relates to the above picture or the clippings. If ya’ll still want to keep it going to the post on the opening.

  • more

    Wasn’t trying to be mean in my comment LOL3, I hope they do well too. Just tired of the drama. We all should just let them be all of us. I’m sure if Jared had any gossip he would have mentioned or will post it. The comments really should stay on the topic.

  • howgauche

    Not trying to spread any negative karma–still think the clippings in the bathrooms are very gauche and not funny. Very poor taste. I’ll get over it.

    Thank God, my parents had class. It’s one thing to have a 50s-60s map of Paris in my parents bathroom, actually it was fun having a geography lesson while going to the can or the same period B/W cocktail party wallpaper in our kitchen powder room.

  • http://deleted Go Halle!

    Dang …. was hoping for some good ole romantic gossip on the two beautiful lovelies who are Gabriel and Halle. Pictures of Gabriel and Halle in the restaurant …. relationship sounds pretty serious to me. So glad to read that JJ enjoyed a wonderful meal at the restaurant.

  • geniass

    Looks yummy. Worth going to?

  • Hey Jared

    Hey Jared…got a question re: the clippings so if/when the relationship will/may sour does that mean the relationship will then really be in the crapper . Just kidding. More hype? Classy?

    BTW, I know for a fact 1-2 who are responsible for posting at least half of the posts on this thread (and have never been to the restaurant). And posted half or 160+ of the comments on the opening piece from 1-2 wks. ago using fake emails addresses and multiple email addresses, etc. (probably causing 50-65%+ comments/responses) I guess some of us are sicker than others. How sad. Not being rude to ya jared, just wanted you know so ya didn’t think that many people actually answered your blog on that article.

  • Hey LOL3

    On the opening article, you never mentioned what you had ordered and how the food and service were (other than your description of Aubry and what he was talking to the bartender about which totally fine if your into that)? Did you order anything? I seriously, want to know what you thought of the place, food, service, decor. Was it crowded or slow? Etc. Thanks.

  • http://deleted Go Halle!

    Hey Jared said:

    BTW, I know for a fact 1-2 who are responsible for posting at least half of the posts on this thread (and have never been to the restaurant). And posted half or 160+ of the comments on the opening piece from 1-2 wks. ago using fake emails addresses and multiple email addresses, etc. (probably causing 50-65%+ comments/responses) I guess some of us are sicker than others. How sad. Not being rude to ya jared, just wanted you know so ya didn’t think that many people actually answered your blog on that article.


    Hey you, I don’t care anymore who is posting, as long as they are posting. It doesn’t matter who is posting as long as there are a lot of posts! I just repeated myself…

    Anyhow, I figure that Jared gets the picture that people are interested in Gabriel and Halle. Just like with Brad & Angie, Jared will be trying to please the fans by being the first to get the new tidbits. So bring on the posts!!!

  • ??????????????????????????

    GoHalle–Maybe you could be right….the articles are in the frigging bathrooms…not the lobby/foyer, dining area, his office, bar…the frigging bathroom/s…doesn’t mean anything…other than if Aubry is responsible for the interior decorating which was mentioned in the other article comments…very yucky…still using Halle to draw customers in and he knows JJ will report it.

    Although I wish the restaurant well and them well too–the more I read this crap, I think it’s all hype, I am sorry, really not trying to start anything, and don’t have any respect for him or Halle. God, I really hope the relationship isn’t hype either, because if it is how could you let yourself go over the last few years, I am sorry. We all want to be loved, cared for, catered to, etc. on some level but why make yourself so desperate.

    I really hope you can get it together and make things work out seriously. Let’s hope Aubry doesn’t turn out like Jack Denison. Just because you played Dottie, you don’t have to end up like her and your well on your way. I will pray for your safety and well-being. Don’t say you totally happy all those pix and videos don’t lie especially as much as twirl on the astral plane and send shit out to cosmos. You need to get more centered and have your insides and outsides match, they’re still not in harmony.

    Believe me you really don’t want to know what goes on in her head. It ain’t all pretty. And yes, I really am psychic and make a living at it as a second income for real.

  • alltotalhype

    Brad and Angelina is one thing ( god knows if my friends posted there too, doubt it). Halle and himbo is another. I just really don’t get it. On the other thread sites…there really aren’t a lot of posts on some of them. People really don’t care. You logic is very high schoolish, sorry not coming from a mature woman who wouldn’t be posting such silly comments. At least the beginning posters if really real wanted to hear about the place. You may be right JJ is probably loving it either way and bringing more attention to the restaurant and them to validate their relationship. Guess it be interesting to see if my multiple posting friends will still post after your insult to their intelligence.

  • http://deleted Go Halle!

    Hey, you are still here… still interested in this post that nobody cares much about. Please!

  • Anonymous

    Don’t care about the number of posts, etc. How insulting to insinuate they’re as popular as B & AQ or T & K, etal or will ever be.

    The more I read about this place and the relationship I am totally turned off. Whatever happens to the place so be it. Whatever happens to the relationship–they both deserve each other—both are shallow self-absorbed media whores–I don’t know how you all can live with yourselves.

    Halle, I stood by ya for years when shit was always flying, if anything bad happens, ya have been warned all along, you get what you deserve. You really are a cunt and you have really sold yourself to the devil on this one. You know longer look glam, sexy. How tacky walking out of the restaurant with a drink in your hand. You aren’t all that with your plastic/botox body parts. Don’t care if the comments bring you and your bitch closer together. Don’t care if you have his kid, marry him (if you do the prenup thing), bankroll his restaurant, etc. God are you so fucking desperate to be loved that you’ll settle for anything. So much for the 12 steps, you definitely have relapsed on this one with your no nothing life.

    It doesn’t surprise me if she does flit about in the cosmos, no wonder she’s never grounded and is all over the fucking place.

  • botharestupidcunts

    Really couldn’t care less about the number of posts, I don’t think they’re that popular. I think they look utterly ridiculous. Nothing classy about him or his restaurant or the relationship (and whatever attracts them together—Halle’s twat (if they really do have sex that often or at all ) and Gabby’s love for Halle’s money and so called prestige. A-list my ass, she belongs on Kathy Griffin’s D-List (sorry Kathy for the insult). If he truly loves her regardless of the photos, reports,etc. I will be amazed and will stay for the long haul and is really not an asshole–I really will be amazed.

    Both are stupid cunts deserving each other and whatever happens to them, the restaurant, etc. Halle, you’re definitely slumming with your new bitch and have sold your soul to the devil on this one. Can’t wait to see what you, Vince and Sam (Karen her publicist) come up with for damage control when all is said and done.

  • http://deleted Go Halle!

    What a great post to wake up to, huh?

    Gabriel and Halle are popular all right. Some of you “old-time” posters keep coming back to check them out. You cannot stay away. But that is how the jealous, hateful spirit is…. I liken it to a racist who claims he wants to be kept separate from the people he hates. He swears he doesn’t want to touch them or get near them. But guess what? He cannot relax and leave them alone. He is the first one to start something.

    This is you haters: compulsively driven to this site to look for Halle and Gabriel so that you can get your feathers riled up. Result: Anger and stress.

    This is me: compulsively driven to this site to admire the beauty and positiveness in this relationship, feeling nothing but joy when I see them together. Result: Joy and happiness.

    By harboring hatred and ill will feelings toward Gabriel and Halle or ANYBODY, you’re only hurting yourself.

  • Hallefan

    LOL3 and Go Halle…you all should be commended for being die-hard Halle fans seriously. If everything works out like you both say it will you should be well rewarded.

    Anyway…I wouldn’t pay much attention to the haters, I doubt they will be visiting much longer everybody gets tired of SSDD eventually. Who cares about the others and the fake psychic, (believe you that they’ve posted b4 even though I haven’t seen anything, must’ve missed the site or post that day)?

    ( It’s just me) Don’t hold much credence in phone psychics, don’t know who Tanna Hoy is except, I know the Ohio Atty Generals Office in Columbus was collecting complaints a couple of years ago. She may be legit and very good. There are who do fit in that category.

  • Nadine

    wow okay it started off so well with the actually commenting on the restaurant and then BOOM! neg-a-tiv-ity! sheesh…

    i actaully want to go to this restaurant it looks really good especially that Ensalada Verde Mixta (for a salad) and Cubano Sandwich – especially the Cubano Sandwich. yum.. i guess its not good to look at this whist im hungrey! it seems v. simple but good.

    i dont care who opened the restaurant as long as the foods good… i’d go, except i dont live in new york .. :(

    i love the description of the food, very resauranty… lol

  • Nadine

    i yayayaya what happened to my comment? it didnt post…

    okay well to sum up what i had typed but am now too lazy to retype:

    it was going so good with the actually commenting on the cafe and then BOOM! neg-a-tiv-ity!

    food looks good especially the sandwich! yummmm!! so simple yet so yummy!

    i dont care who owns the restaurant as long as the foods good! :)

  • Oh Please

    Gabriel is a mess! Is he that insecure that he has to have this site showcase his food, and of course you have Halle on the picture. Halle should have nothing to do with the food. And the mac and cheese is disgusting!

    The food looks straight out of i-hop!

  • wow!

    Why on earth is there a clipping of Halle in bathroom! Everyday I swear this dude sounds more and more like an opportunist! It’s a official I can’t stand this dude!

  • LMAO

    Actually the clippings in the bathroom is just the right place for them, because their relationship is sh*t! LOL! And needs to be flushed down the toilet.

    If Halle thought to put the clippings in the bathroom, then she is more white washed than I thought. First she mainly has white dudes f*ck her on camera, now I guess she wants it in her real life as well.

    Yeah I said it!

  • http://deleted Go Halle!

    Halle Berry’s mother is white, remember? Here we go again…. probably another black male who thinks Halle is supposed to stay within her limits by only dating the BLACK MAN. You’re not winning any points by portraying yourselves as racists. You guys need to go somewhere. Halle is dating a kind, gorgeous gentleman (as far as we know) who is a successful model and who has opened a restauraunt, and you are having a fit. I’ll say it again: Meanwhile, on the other side of town, there is Ice-T, a rapper notorious for rapping about race in America, who married a blonde bimbo named Coco who flashes her ginormous boobs in every photo, looking like a sl#t. Ice-T is stepping out all over town with that. Where is the protest? That is okay, huh? The double standards are appalling!

    Please don’t tell me, “We’re not talking about Ice-T, we’re talking about Halle.” Ice-T is only one of many. Do we need to go down the list?

  • myspill
  • GoodGod

    Couldn’t careless about the hype about the restaurant or Aubry’s personal life with Berry, but does this place really have good food while it’s still getting mixed reviews. Have had several friends eat at the place at different times and they ordered typical Cuban dishes and had mixed reviews on the food and service. Some said that the food didn’t live up to the pictures on the restaurants website. They did have some of the same reactions as some of the posters about the tackiness and opportunistic approach of Aubry with the clippings of them in the bathrooms. I hope things improve for the restaurant and having it succeed on it’s on without using Halle as pr. I hope she really didn’t give him any money for the restaurant and if she did good God I hope she had him sign a demand/promissary note at the bank so she can protect her investment in the event she did really invest in the place.

    The more I read about the place and Aubry’s actions it really leaves a sour taste in my mouth, sorry folks, he’s turning smarmy to me when I kinda sorta thought he was okay looking for a model. Don’t think I will be visiting the place anytime soon

  • toeachhisown

    To each his/her own. Whatever happens to the restaurant or them is all cause and effect. Both may succeed or not. Only time will tell regardless of what we may wish for them.

  • Ewwwwwwwwww

    That picture of them really gives me the creeps, something sinister. Sorry, gals. I am starting to not think that they look sooooooooo dreamy anymore

  • touche

    Touche LOL3…yep Boris’s mother is German and his father is from Ghana West Africa.

  • http://deleted Go Halle!

    Eww why pretend? You NEVER thought they looked dreamy. You’re just doing your inspection, trying to find SOMETHING, ANYTHING to cast this couple in a negative light.

  • Leigh

    Thankssays, you are a true racist bitch. Howgauche, the very fact that you used the word ‘class’ proves that you do not have any. GoHalle, you are right on target!

  • Missingsomething?

    Unless, I am missing something. Re-read the posts. Are you just being a troll and try to start something–looking like you grabbing anything. Nothing racist about Thankssays’s post–cheap shot. Howgauche–maybe a little snobby, but not classless, who made you the manners and decorum police? They’re entitled to think the bathroom thing is tacky. Personally I find it a funny hoot, tacky or unclassy who knows? I guess to some it is. GoHalle–some truth to her posts, big Halle/Gabriel fan. Afraid it posters don’t post JJ won’t post things about her/them, which is silly–we’re talking Halle Berry folks, there will always be posts about her/them, so don’t worry.

  • new pix

    link won’t post–check out the link post on the other JJ Cafe Fuego article.

  • Leigh

    Missingsomething, I am not trying to start anything. All of you started it with all your racist remarks. Thankssays is still a racist bitch, neither howgauche nor her parents have any elegance or dignity, and GoHalle is absolutely right. She may be a big fan of Halle and Gaby’s, but she at least makes sense in her remarks and is open-minded. She doesn’t come across as racist and narrow-minded like most of the posters do. After all, all of you are hoping that this couple breaks up as soon as possible, and that Halle will find another black man, even if he may beat her or break her heart. That is more preferable than an extremely good-looking, charming, gentlemanly, accomplished white man. So all of you are indeed racists and common to boot!

  • Thanksforclarifying

    Leigh thanks for clarifying your point. Personally, I hope they make it. Maybe some of the posters are or maybe racist. How is the below quote racist–it seemed positive to me:

    thanks Says:
    November 27th, 2006 at 3:43 pm

    God, the food sounds so good. It’s got my mouth watering. Dammit should’ve taken a lunch break today!!!

    I like Halle and Aubry together. I know he’s a model and good looking but I don’t find him sexy. Anyways, I still hope Halle and Aubry make it. It looks as though this relationship is good for both of them. They’d make some beautiful babies together.
    —How on earth is this racist?

    Not going to debate the howgauche is, think you are being just as judgemental as they are ( no offense). Go Halle’s points are well taken.

  • apology

    Leigh, disregard the last part of my last statement. Was more concerned for the first part. Again, do appreciate you for clarifying for someone who really likes them and wanted to know more about the restaurant. Thanks.

  • Leigh

    Thank’s apology. I do have to say about the last part of the statement that if Gabriel were a black man she wouldn’t make such a point of disparaging his appearance. In another posting some months back, a woman said he looked dirty and pale. That is racist!

  • gotcha

    No problem. Gotcha. Thought you were making reference to their original post which was reposted. Was confused. My fault. Glad we were able to clear that up.

  • recentpic

    A recent pic of them actually shows Halle looking as if she was telling him off. I’m surprised Jared has not posted it. Gabriel was pulling his hair back, Halle rolling up her sleeves, and turning around and saying something. Could have been nothing, but other posters who saw this pic thought she was somewhat scolding him. He looked as if he paused and was just looking at her, Halle kind of had a “what are you doing” type of expression. But who knows, it’s hard to tell with pictures what’s really going on. Maybe they are just the perfect couple (yeah right????)

    We’ll see what happens. Life is short, but it’s also quite long. They’ve only been together a year, that’s really nothing. I won’t say they are the perfect couple, they have to go through some hard times before I say that. Anyone will love you when you are in the spotlight and everything is gravy!

    You can check the pic on (Dec 2006 archives).

  • Severalpix

    Thanks for your post, will have to check it out. Guess JJ either wants to do positive stuff on them or is waiting to see where all the blogs are going with this so there won’t be another TP snafu.

    There are several of those pix of them walking and talking as on the X17 link (which I posted )as well as several others making other jokes about them as well as that kooky guy from British Columbia Arika Moritani/Stuart Bennett who’s been posting crap all over the internet including his blog for the last year or so dogging the couple saying how Halle is really in love with Stuart etc. Some of the comments of several people nailing him are found on the above X17 link for being a tad weird. Haven’t seen the pix on your link, yet.

    Personally, I think some people may be reading to much into regardless of what the status of the relationship is, how long will it last, etc. A lot of the sites have also noted the same thing. I know some people may believe they’re fighting where myself and others don’t. You all be the judge?

    I do agree with the posts either on this site or the recent JJ article on them who ever commented this is probably the longest they’ve been together at anyone time and getting used to that and doing what normal people do, even though I don’t know why she doesn’t have someone else do her grocery/other shopping if she doesn’t want to be seen so much?

    Here are the various other sites:

    Arika Moritani/Stuart Bennett:

    Skinner Central –

    Haute Gossip –

    stardirt: The Best Celebrity Blog Posts –

    Profusion123 –

    Staralicious –

    Celeb-Update.Com –

    celebrity nation ––didn't wait for the thumbnails to download, but I am sure it’s the same pix.

    There are also more pix of them grocery shopping on X17:

  • http://deleted Go Halle!

    Thanks to everybody for giving me some more tidbits and sites to check out. Halle and Gabriel are my favorite couple at the moment. I think JJ is lagging a bit with the photos.

    Is it true that this couple might move to Canada? Says who?

    If Halle picks up her things and makes that journey to Canada with Gabriel, there is no need to speculate any further. This is a SERIOUS relationship. They could be planning something big together… perhaps a child. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.