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What Do Jessica Alba's Parents Look Like?

What Do Jessica Alba's Parents Look Like?

What do the parents of the world’s sexiest superhero look like? Well, here you are. Jessica Alba was born was born in Pomona, California to Mark Alba (above), who is of Mexican descent, and Cathy Jensen (above), who has Danish and French-Canadian ancestry. Jessica, 25, is in Vancouver, B.C. shooting Fantastic Four 2 reprising her role as Sue Storm (Invisible Woman). Her boyfriend Cash Warren is also in town.

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  • Original jpf

    Thanks Jared & Audrey.

    Cash Warren’s dad might be remembered by some as African American actor Michael Warren of HILL STREET BLUES fame. He played Bobby Hill on that one. On SOUL FOOD his character was Baron Marks, and he might also be remembered as portraying Halle Berry’ doctor dad in the tv movie THE WEDDING (comes on the Oxogen channel alot since it was a Oprah production). Anyways, he’s a good actor, handsome man, and I can see where Cash got the looks from.


  • Jane

    For someone who doesn’t want to look like “the pretty girl” so she can have better roles in film, she sure does offer the world some contrast when she put herself in positions where she is ultimatly “the pretty girl” by placing herself next to miss piggy and her butler!

  • Jen

    Jane – How distateful and uncalled for. These are her parents, and have done nothing to put themselves in the public eye save birthing a beautiful and talented daughter. How would you feel if someone were talking that way about your parents after seeing them in a picture with you? You should be ashamed.

  • http://GPost lauren

    never got the big deal about her. she looks like a lot of my pretty friensds. nothing in any way spectacular.

    what happened to the days when actresses had to look like sophia loren or grace kelly?

    what happened? why is average the new thing now?

  • naysayer

    I just don’t get what all the hoopla is over this girl. Yes, she’s pretty and has a nice body when she’s not crash dieting but nothing to justify all the hype. I agree with Lauren, it used to be a time when you said a actress was beautiful, ie, Lauren Bacall, Ava Gardner, Sophia Loren, she really fit the bill. This was the woman who’d stop you in your tracks. Now we have straggly Linsday Lohan and the sometimes emaciated Jessica Alba’s as our standard of beauty. How sad. And for all of those who think Jessica is soooooo gorgeous, if you’re feeling adventerous the next time you’re in NY, go to Spanish Harlem and you’ll find a Jessica Albaesque beauty on every corner.

  • http://GPost Lauren


    here here! a star was supposed to be bigger than life. thus the big screen. so a true hollywood beauty had a quality that was unique and a beauty that was worth the big screen: ava gardner, i agree…how about lana turner? alba would have never made it in the days of marilyn monroe, liz taylor, and the likes

  • http://GPost Lauren

    another one and a beauty who happened to also be part Mexican: RITA HAYWORTH!

    Now THAT was a beauty.

  • http://GPost Lauren

    alba would not be able to sweep the ground that rita hayworth walked on!

  • Me

    I agree with Lauren and naysayer. Jessica’s body is hot but sometimes it looks overly thin. There are so many 20 somethings with hot bodies. I don’t find Jessica’s face extraordinary looking by any stretch of the imagination. Yes she is hot because she has a toned body. Yes she is pretty and wears trendy clothes but that’s it. I haven’t been wowed by her acting talent yet and I’m not mesmerized by her facial beauty.

  • Me

    Oh and I would like her except I’ve heard constant rumors of her being bitchy to people in Canada and she doesn’t possess a personality that would reel you in. Personality wise, she always comes across to me as blah. She’s hot but not the sexiest.

  • kmillz

    Is this newsworthy..jared your slipping

  • Gemz

    Her Dad looks quite hot!

  • Malkavian

    PLEASE..She is absolutely beautiful and gorgeous.I love her. I soooo do not agree with those who say is nothing special.Alot of people agree with my assessment.But I do not know her, so I can not say what she is really like.I do think she would be even more gorgeous with 5-10 more pounds on her. Making fun of her parents??>>sad Jane, Very sad
    But the people saying she is a bitch or that she has no personality, have you met her??? No, then you have NO idea what she is like so STFU please.If you do have a persoal encounter, then please do share good or bad

  • http://GPost lauren

    ^^^^^^^ we are just comparing her to the great stars of classic hollywood and she does not hold up.

    compare her to:
    liz taylor, marilyn monroe, sophia loren, grace kelly, vivien leigh, julie christie, natalie wood, ava gardner, lana turner, jane russell – she can’t hold a candle.

    i have heard she is quite pleasant and nice in real life but have no proof of this – what i heard from a couple of friends.

    ps: salma hayek is also a million times prettier than alba

  • Fattie

    Jessica Alba is pretty! You guys compare her to old Holywood, but you did not mention Katharine Hepburn and lots of average looking actresses … It’s unfair to her

  • Original jpf

    kmillz Says:

    November 27th, 2006 at 2:17 pm
    Is this newsworthy..jared your slipping

    Jared & Aubrey never slip. They work their butts off maintaining a quality site for those who know how to appreciate that. No one has to be subjected to what they consider less than newsworthy anymore than one has to insult the person who put it up. You have a damn choice not to be here are didn’t you know that?

  • hjhjs

    youe are so stupid! she is so beautiful she has a great body, she is more beautiful than de us girls

  • Dee

    Monica Bellucci is a class act worthy of being in the same league as the old (and dead R.I.P) actresses u’ve mentioned. I don’t know what your standards of beauty are, but personally I like curvy women, women wtih self confidence and some mystery i.e. keeping the private life private (and as opposed to most modern “beauties” she should be taking her of herself…)…

  • Dee

    the missing word is CARE of course lol…

  • dave

    monica belluci had a nose job implants botox and lips injections and much more she ain’t real I like real wowen not some plastic surgery whore

  • http://GPost lauren

    monica? implants? nooooooooooooooooo!

    salma hayek, charlize theron, angelina jolie, uma thurman=actresses of today that are way prettier than alba

    alba=average pretty

  • http://carmen anon

    She’s alright. Pretty. But not amazing.

  • Wonder

    Lauren, I agreed with your last statement up until Thurman. Thurman???? REALLY??? You put Thurman in the same league as Hayek, Jolie, Theron…Surely typing “Uma Thurman” was a mistake. You meant Aishwarya Rai, right???

  • chanelconspiracy

    She’s very pretty, and looks very much like her father. I like the mischievous looks she’s giving her dad.

    Wonder – I have no problem with Uma being in Lauren’s grouping. She has a quirky, etheral beauty. She like Cate Blanchett, not traditionally beautiful, but there’s something about her.

    I think Aishwarya Rai is as overrated as Angelina Jolie beauty-wise. Yeah, they’re both pretty, I get it, but eh, that”s about it. The old addage, beauty is in the eye of the beholder has never been more true.

  • http://GPost lauren

    I know I know, Uma is not immediately considered gorgeous but there is something interesting about her like a really tall Greek Goddess.

    Ashwarya Rai is stunning.

    I forgot Iman, now that’s a Goddess like beauty.

    So I have to add those two. Don’t get me wrong, Alba is very pretty. In a girly way. I just don’t find her groundbreakingly beautiful like stars who make you feel as if they are from another galaxy. My all time favorite is Sophia Loren. I also forgot to mention Audrey Hepburn. Alba is in the pretty league. Sophia, Liz Taylor, Angelina Jolie, Charlize Theron, Iman are in the extraordinary league.

    My opinion, of course.

  • http://GPost Oh please

    She’s alright. And my pic IS cuter. She just got lucky.

  • naysayer

    Why do people have such a problem with others who have differing opinions than theirs? Grow up. Lauren and I were stating that while Jessica is a pretty girl, we don’t feel there’s anything spectacular about her. No one’s attacking the girl, we’re stating an opinion. Geez, how old are you? 12.

  • Cocobuttr

    I saw her in person hanging outside a T.G.I.Friday’s in the Cayman Islands a couple of years ago. I only noticed her because of her outfit-not because of her overrated “beauty”. When I walked past her, I told my best friend “Hey that’s Jessica Alba.” His answer was, “Who’s that?” Classic.

    I will admit she is pretty, but not the prettiest woman in Hollywood, and her acting is tortuous. I almost wished for her to die in Sin City.

  • SB

    I’ll have to disagree with those saying she is not in the Elite league of beauties. I agree she is not a “severe” beauty. However, she has done a lot of magazine photoshoots for a reason. She is absolutely stunning in many of them. Her recent red carpet appearances have been show-stealing. Total movie star looks, IMHO. Right there with the greatest. She knows glamour and fashion and makeup, and has the body and face to pull it off.

    Look at that incredible smile she is giving her dad in one photo above. Her ability to turn that on at anytime is what has really got her so many fans. That smile, those looks, and what seems to be a nice personality works for her.

    She was good in Sin City and Fantastic Four. Both sequels will have her in them, and they didn’t *have* to get her back for Sin City 2.


    Amazing! Thank’s JustJured!

  • angie

    i like her! however i do think she is HIGHLY OVERRATED as far as looks & acting she pretty but in CA you can find tons of girls that look like her everywhere sooo yea her acting…..anyway i think she looks MEXICAN for being mixed race, and she always makes a point of it…she likes downplaying her latina heritage which is sad she should be happy cause its what gave her Prettyness!! other actresses like Ashwarya Raye, Angelina Jolie, Alexis Bledel (who is part mextican her self) & adriana lima (not a actress but latina) are far more exotic looking ANYHOW she is PRETTY….but my point is so are many other actresses…..

  • Tyler

    Beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder and I think Alba is grossly overrated in every aspect. I live in Southern California, I see beautiful women everyday and Alba when not on the screen looks so incredibly average. I definitely think the standards for what is “beautiful” has altered a tremendous amount since the early days of Hollywood. Classic beauties like Grace Kelly, Rita Hayworth and Gene Tierney were of definite higher standards. These women were the complete package. They were elegant, they were graceful, extremely classy and talented. This was a time when beauty was natural. Look at a woman like Ingrid Bergman, who off screen wore average clothes and no make-up and was still beautiful, all 5’10 of her. Someone mentioned that Katharine Hepburn was average looking, well, I wholeheartedly disagree. Kate was uniquely attractive, especially for her time. She was tall, she was red-headed and had real defining features for a leading lady starting out in the ’30s. She was also a very talented and adept actress capable of playing any role, quites possibly the greatest female actress to ever live, which shows to prove that the beautiful back then could actually act.

  • shitestreet

    she is sexy, that’s why she tops sexiest women polls. there are many beautiful women but not all are sexy.

    alba is worth a bang, lots of them actually

    bang, bang, bang,

  • Nikki

    I think she is beautiful in a mixed-race ethnic way.

  • becky

    i think jessica alba is alright not mega pretty. I think she is pretty cause she has white features. small nose nice teeth and large round eyes like salma hayek who has a tiny nose and nice eyes. salma is like a cross between keira knightly and winona ryder in her features if she looked mega ethnic she would not even be considered.

  • Chrissy wei

    I have to definently agree Lauren. She is the almost overated actress in Hollywood. Being from California myself I have seen girls in my highschool with a similar look to her. The woman is pretty but nothing extraordinary. Alba is cute. Salma Hayek is gorgeous not to mention a better body and dangerous curves. Salma Hayek is not only sexier but has a very unique and exotic look to her that is definently not common. Alba doesn’t even compare to Salma who is twice her age and continues to age gracefully.

  • m

    audrey and grace were and always will be beautiful, stunning, etc. they are timeless. sophia is still beautiful, stunning etc. (she’s alive isn’t she?). cate blanchett is stunning…

    …unlike aishwarya rai, jessica alba, liv tyler, etc. i think jessica is pretty, but i don’t usually remember much of what she looks like…that’s how much i consider her looks. so basically, she quite forgettable.

    now, the other two aforementioned celebrities are somewhere in between ”annoyingly unforgettable” – because of their irritating faces – and ”forgettably stupid” – for their constant lack of expression. both are very naff (as in, ”tacky, cheesy, tasteless, etc.).

    so, while i DO pleasantly remember the likes of audrey, grace, sophia and cate, i forget jessica, and the slew of young starlets trying to make it in hollywood. however, every once in a while i am reminded of aishwarya and liv whenever i see an inappropriate ode to their looks (a.k.a. hype) in an advert or an obnoxious comment. i am talking about the givenchy perfume campaign starring liv tyler and the vulgarly presumptuous comments by aishwarya rai on her being compared to audrey hepburn, and i will quote,

    ”Audrey Hepburn’s son Sean Hepburn Fererr presented me with a book on his mother in the US. A week later, after the premiere of Bride And Prejudice, I was compared to the great actress and her demeanour by some of Britain’s leading newspapers — that’s quite a coincidence.”

    and when she said, and i quote again,

    ””Taj is a beautiful piece of architecture, more beautiful than me. I’ve always regarded it with admiration as it embodies love.”

    but then i remember the likes of audrey again, and think of what she disliked most: pretense, affectation and insincerity…

    …and i forget about the likes of ms. rai.

  • sylvixen62

    Jessica is pretty she’s not average! She has to have bleach blonde hair fake boobs to be hot! I think Jessica is hot ! she has a natural beauty! Angelina jolie has an exotic face but her anorexic body ruins everything. salma hayek is pretty but has fake boobs!
    Pretty comes in diferent colors!

  • ggrods

    My Oh! My, aren’t we envious !!!
    Jessica Alba is young, beautiful and talented. Have you ever seen Halle Berry without make-up ??? I have, she doesn’t looked very pretty
    to me. Believe me, she down looks average, and not good looking at all. Thank God for Hollywood make-up artists. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. To be discovered like Jessica was (she was a child star) you need to have something about you that someone else sees as potential, talent and the timing has to be right !! Because she is half white and Mexican, either she is going to inherit the genes from her mother or father. An example: Barak Obama, he is half white and African but he still looks African American. Although, when he was young he looked more like his father. He probably had a nose job.
    All those old stars, believe me they all looked like the average people. And now days, all these Hollywood types are all fakes. Nose jobs, boobs, bleaching their skin, and fake hair.

  • tammy

    she was only voted most beautiful last year cuz she’s half mexican. majority of people who live in america are mexican and of course they would only vote a women of their own origins. *scoff* she’s the only decent looking famous actress that’s at least half mexican in america. jessica alba doesn’t compare to the marilyn monroe and audrey hepburn . no one can compare to marilyn monroe

  • katie

    shes pretty. but one of the recent beauties that just fascinates me is megan fox. she makes me so envious :(

  • taylor

    Jessica Alba is pretty…

    BUT NOT THAT GREAT! There’s girls out there who are prettier.

    The dad looks like he was a good looking guy but the mom looks very fat and overweight.