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Mary-Kate & Ashley 'Today' Interview

Mary-Kate & Ashley 'Today' Interview

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen spoke with Meredith Vieira on The Today Show earlier this morning to talk about their billion dollar empire and the public attention they’ve been receiving. They also showed off outfits from their fashion tween line. capped this video of the Olsen Twins this morning
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  • Wonder

    I bet they were WEARING the clothes from their tween line. They are small enough…anorexic bitches!

  • Arielle

    I love them…….
    Lindsay,Nicole,Paris,Nicky etc. all of them copy the Olsen Twins,either their style or their men.
    These girls are trend setters and very well-spoken young adults.They focus on their business/school and not the “petty” works of Hollywood.I really respect them.They seem to know what’s important and stick to their priorities while still being able to have fun.GOOD FOR THEM!

  • Jules

    This interview made me really like Ashley. She seemed very together and well spoken, but Mary Kate not so much. She seemed not all there.

  • Fattie

    I really love them and they are really hardworking girls !

    Ashley looked really gorgeous as usual but watching Mary-Kate, I’m not sure I would buy her clothing line …. today she looked like a witch on cocaine …

  • CeeCee

    At the fashion show afterwards it sounded like Ashley kept saying “sequence” for “sequins” when she was describing the clothes. I’ve seen people on eBay type that and it drives me nuts.

  • ash

    Ashley looks great! I LOVE her hair, and her outfit’s really normal. MK on the other hand looks like she got dressed in a dumpster or something…

  • Ann

    What they have done in their few years is beyond impressive and admirable, truly, and the fact that they are serving the oh, so frivilous “tween” market shouldn’t detract from any credibility given to them. After all, it’s good business sense to target an undeserved demographic and generally satisfy that demographic.

    With that said, GOD, they just seem so lacking in personality. Maybe that’s just a great way to protect themselves from the press, but it’s obnoxious that they offer so little as public personalities. They seem so …uninterested in the world around them. And when Meredith asked if Mary Kate had any advice after she went through her ordeal, they totally avoided the question in general. It wasn’t even really a personal question, just asking advice for other young, vulnerable girls! They sell themselves as a brand better when they don’t do interviews. Okay, end rant.

  • pollypoison

    are they scripted? this is same interview they’ve been giving for 5 years. it’s dull. mix it up, girls — “we work hard, it’s not about money, we stand behind our product, we’ve been doing this for our whole lives, etc, etc, etc”. how much cooler would they be if they stood up and said “well, Robert was pimping us to line his pocketbook our entire lives, and we’re not going to shill crap to Wal-Mart anymore because, well, we wouldn’t shop there, and hope you don’t either”. grow some backbone, bitches. you’re not “tweens” anymore, you’re in your TWENTIES. also, feigning drug addiction is the typical starlet route…for 15 year olds. go big or go home.

    it appears Mary-Kate looks on resentfully and with extremely calculated disdain as Ashley smoothly yields all questions, perpetuating that she is the more “together” twin.

    question is, are they still even actors? they’ve had, what, one movie released to theatres? which tanked. MK is probably on the cutting room floor of the plundering Edie biopic. anyone think either will turn out to be an actual working actor? doubtful.

  • clay

    I thought MK was very natural and that Ashley’s comments seemed forced. Really, I didn’t think Ashley spoke very well at all and is also a question hog, she overpowered MK on every question, even the one directed at her. They both seem nice and pretty grounded. The interview just made me want to hear more from MK and have Ashley take a rest for a bit.

  • ur mama

    that’s right meredith, you ask those tough, hard questions like “you’re a brand! just what does being a brand mean?” what a fluffernutter journalist. as for the zombie twins, who gives a fuck about these coked-out, subsisting on ciggies and soda ectomorphs. go throw up a cigarette butt already. and “tween?” try using words that can be found in the dictionary. who buys their shit anyway? bunch of unoriginal followers. kisses, paris.

  • ur mama

    f-u-c-k and s-h-i-t. c-o-c-k-suckers.

  • Jennie

    Take this from someone who is a FAN-A-TIC fo these two,(I have watched them since they were babies on Full House and have followed their entire career) they haven’t changed a bit. They still present themselves the same way they did when they were 15 years-old. Ashley has always answered the questions… they both feed off of eachother in interviews. I think it is absolutely amazing, after all they have been through, the industry has not changed them. No wonder they’re where there at today. They are two girls to look up to.

  • Celeb Watcher

    Ashley’s hair is great. Mary Kate looks very good and much healthier. Her hair however makes her look younger than I think she wants to. Ashley looks like a woman. Mary Kate still looks like a teen.

  • Brina

    I love the way when the anchors are chatting before the interview, you hear “so that’s now Ashley,” referring to the fact that Ashley’s hair is now dark. That statement makes it sound like they traded names instead of hair colors.

  • MichPerson

    Coming soon to direct-to-dvd porn films…

    They were cute as little girls but take a close look now…I mean a REALLY close look. Complete vacancy. Nothing there. The triumph of marketing. Paris Hilton without the gravitas. Courtney Love without the charm.

  • Arielle

    Mary Kate seems as though she’s not interested in answering ?’s so she lets Ashley do it,I mean Ashley IS the one who’s still in college.I like that their professional.Someone mentioned that they had no personality…….these girls know when to draw the line between personal and their professional life.They don’t need to put on shows for the press,it’s called maturity.

  • cLazr

    glad to have them

  • remember da truth

    So glad to see people here see MK and Ashley for who they really are and not tabloid products! These are two amazing young women, who are BARELY into their 20′s who are not heiresses like Paris, but have worked every year since they were babies. No, they are not acting now — why should they? They are college age, and MK is taking a break from college, but STILL WORKING and Ashley is a student and STILL WORKING!!

    How many of the people dissing them accomplished as much while still in college? So they are providing clothes for people who are no longer the same age, like how many other companies out there? Are you only allowed to market to your own age group? Tell that to all the 50-something designers out there making clothes for 20 and 30-somethings!! And to use the world’s largest retailer as an outlet — GREAT business move.

    As for Robert pimping them out — they work at what they want, when they want and their parents have done a great job keeping them grounded and letting them know that they are people first, daughters and sisters and friends first, THEN celebrities. They are not showing up in clubs without their pants (Britney), drunk driving bookings (Paris), falling down high and breaking bones every couple of months or missing work because of partying Lindsay), or sleeping around. They are young, so of course they go to clubs and have a good time with friends, but they are so much more grounded than others their age.

    I think they are great role models, and if they decided to quit working and just be a family for the rest of their lives, then they deserve it. They are at an age where they are figuring out the world around them, and what they believe and what kind of women they want to be. Give them a chance to grow up before calilng then vacant. They have already accomplished amazing things.

  • katie

    I think Ashley is very well spoken, but at the same time yes, they are both seriously lacking in personality. Could it kill them to just lighten up for once and actually show that they really are the happy people they claim to be? I disagree with whoever said Ashley was a question hog. Mary Kate constantly looked at Ashley as if for support and help. It’s clear Ashley is the one who takes care of things where I think MK kind of stands back a little. I’m a twin and believe me, in most if not all twin relationships there is always one more and one less aggressive in general to everything.

  • Ednonymous

    THEY ARE FRAUDS!!!!!!!
    How dare they act normal and coherent?
    Don’t they realize that as actresses they are obligated to entertain the public with outrageous and immoral behaviour?

    Seriously… it is nice to see tow ‘hollywood types’ who haven’t been screwed up by their $$$ and fame. Not yet anyway. Keep it up girls!

  • mel

    If I had a daughter young enough to wear their clothes, I don’t think I would allow them to buy their line. I think they are fakes and not very good role models for the girls they peddle their clothes to. I hate the way celebrities are so cloak and dagger and hide from the media and their fans until they have something to sell. Then they allow their images and interviews to be plastered everywhere.

  • tuna sashimi

    hhmmm, maybe mk is just shy. she seems spacy and at a loss, possibly medicated. ash has “stepped up to the plate” and noticeable matured, whereas mk seems just a teensy bit stunted. she looked like a little girl playing dress-up in that strange witchy robe, but hey, i guess that’s her style. perhaps it’s comforting to have this big-sleeved thing to hide in? in any case, i relate more to mk. it’s nice to see a child star who doesn’t want to force their personal hardships down the public’s throat.

  • K

    Ashley looks great with a darker hair hue. It’s very nice on her and makes her stand out more. Plus her outfit is somewhat okay, she has that whole mature thing going on, which makes her stand out.
    Mary Kate looks weird- as usual. I am all for individual style, but she looks as if she got up from bed and threw something on- a usual style for her I assume. Also, when they are interviewed, these girls make the weirdest faces and it seems as if they are trying to look mature.