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Wentworth Miller Stuck in Killing Box

Wentworth Miller Stuck in Killing Box

I LOVE KELLERMAN!!!!!!!!!!!! Paul Kellerman is my new BFF for helping Michael and Lincoln escape. More screencaps after the jump!


Here’s the re-cap for last night’s Prison Break episode “The Killing Box”: The fall finale is upon us and the excitement was worth the wait! T-Bag manages to kill two people just to get Susan Hollander’s address. Looks like Teddy’s home and it is creepy! Sucre has made it to Mexico, after ditching the plan. Can’t say the same for his pilot though. How will he reunite with Maricruz now? Sara realizes her options are out when the brothers are compromised and she’s left with no one to trust but herself. She ditches her former identity and cuts her hair to fully leave her former life behind.

Bellick gets sentenced to Fox River so he can stay close to his mama. And he thinks being a former C.O. will help him with a joyous twenty-five years. C.O. Patterson love! However the new warden is cracking down. I miss Popey! That’s clever TPTB, have a man wrongfully sentenced for a murder he did not commit. I loved the last scene when the cell closes in Bellick’s face and the camera pans back to show the cells—very much a mirror image of when Michael first entered Fox River. Nice to come full circle, huh?

Yes, the boys are caught and Mahone cannot finish his end of the deal—killing the brothers. Kellerman and Kim cannot finish their ends as well. There is some foul play involved but the end result is the same. Lincoln and Michael escape as they are in the transport van on their way back to Fox River. They fall right into Kellerman’s trap—the killing box. The boys are cornered, pistols are pointed and Kellerman takes Mahone out! Kellerman is their surprising ally—he wants to screw with the people that messed up their lives!

Prison Break returns January 22, 2007 for a recap episode and all-new episodes after that! Lincoln finally meets the man he supposedly killed, Bellick has trouble with a new inmate named Bank, and Lincoln and Michael do the one thing that Kim was trying to avoid.

[Written by geniass]

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  • Diane

    Okay … first.

    And I just had to say: OH. MY. GOD. Are you friggin’ KIDDING ME?!

    Kellerman helping the bros?! For real? I want to believe it, but I can’t … it’s Kellerman, dude. KELLERMAN!

    I did like that one line, though: “You want to off the bitch?”


  • elisabeth

    I thought the episode got really great towards the end, I was beginning to wonder there for a little while. Kellerman, it’s almost too good to be true, and how will Linc deal with him once he finds out that Kellerman killed his son’s mom and step-dad?
    Ohhhhh, that ought to be a good one!
    Let’s not forget how he tried to kill Sara, Mike will really like Kellerman when he finds that little bit of info out…..
    I can’t wait until January 22, it will be a long two months!

  • cocot13

    BEST EPISODE EVER , shit is about to go DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Diane

    Ohhhh … January 22 … okay. That hiatus ain’t so bad. Happy early birthday to me. Heh.

  • aveeno1

    that was a great episode! I can’t wait for Jan 22nd. Kellerman!!!!!!!!!!!!!? I didn’t see that coming but boy wasn’t I overjoyed by it!

    I hope the girl doesn’t kill herself…. I kept going oh no… don’t do it!

  • jennifer

    this episode was HOT. shit’s getting DEEP!

  • Mindy

    I didn’t know prison break was a comedy didn’t you just love the shot of bellick replacing Micheal?lol genius!

  • Mallory!

    I’ve always loved Kellerman and found myself oddly attracted to him…but he was damn hot in this episode! Maybe it was the scruff and him holding a sniper rifle but he can have me any day…and the ending! wow:)

  • Jolie4ever

    OK I love this show and I can’t wait til 1/22/07 – dayum Michael don’t make me miss you so much :lol:

  • patricia

    wwwwwwwwwwwoooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!i never saw that coming!!!!!!!

  • amy

    thanks for the info…but next time, would u be able to do a big SPOILER ALERT so ppl can scroll down before reading! thanks!

  • santaclaus


  • Amyy

    OMG didn’t went look hot in dirt and fire??!!? that’s so funny how the pilot thought he gave surce the parachute bag that doesn’t work! i LOVE when michael talks about sara.. SSOOOO sad. kellerman is the shit, he’s helped sara from the beginning by not killing her… because she was the friend [narcatics annoymous] “of an enemy [michael.linc] of an enemy [mahone]“

  • duuur


  • duuur

    the best part is that belleck ended up with avocado.

    how great.

  • much_mischief

    I knew it!!!! i called it!!! it is on…jan22 people…mark your calenders!! yoo woo!!

  • Estelle

    I did not see that coming either, I thought Mahone will kill Kellerman, not the other way around…I hope it’s not another trap, like Kellerman using them to get to Sarah and he can kill them all. Bellick…ain’t karma a b**ch. hahahahha…

  • carys

    “I need you to be ok. I need you” // “… find Sara”

    I loved this episode!!!! LOVED Kellerman. Micheal & Sara talking about each other, but not too each other – sweet agony! Bellick in the cell with Avacado, and then the camera pans away – awesome. Every scene with T-Bag.. he’s just so creeptastic!

    Must… survive… til… January…..

  • cocot13

    I just heard that there may be 4 more episodes added this season extending it from 22 eps to 26 eps meaning that the season probably wont end until late April or early May

  • Ciev

    man i doubt this show airs in London, so i won’t get to see the rest of the season. thanks Alexanderina for offering to tape it for me.

    i still hate Kellerman for all the things he’s done in the past, most recently what he did to Sarah, but he was the lesser of two evils at the end. but we’ll see if Mahone is really dead, although lots of people get killed so i guess he’s done with. T-Bag never fails to send creepy chills up my body. hope Sucre meets up w/ Maricruz at the airport. hope C-Note gets his wife back. Sarah needs Michael so i hope they meet again soon, and Linc sees LJ. Bellick in prison, yup karma is definitely a b****. man i guess i’ll have to read about the rest of the season, but i can’t wait.

  • Mrln

    This episode was so great! I can’t wat until 1/22/2006. I love Prison Break!
    And I love Went!!!

  • dolphin25

    I’m so addicted to that show !!
    Sara cutting her hair? Nooooo….

  • danni

    ciev … if you are like me and not living in the states you can download the episodes from

    anyways …… how good was that episode!!!!!??????? i couldnt believe it!!! YAY 4 kellerman for a change!! hehe how will michael find sara now that she threw her phone away?? hmm … all these questions and we need to wait until the end of January!!

    bring on 2007 !!!!! :)

  • http://Jailbird Jailbird

    Kellerman in his leather-jacket-man-handeling-guns………what a “hot bastard” he turned out to be in this episode.

    I am strangely attracted to him too!!! go figure!!

    Unfortunately I already guess in advance the out come of this episode so there was no surprises for me, however glad to see everyone else enjoyed it.

  • http://Jailbird Jailbird

    they just censored my word ….. “hot b**t*rd”…..just in case you can’t fill in the blanks

    Go Kellerman!!! you dirty dog!!!

  • http://justjared chris

    Love all the characters on this show T-bag is so vile but yet I love him ! The look on Bellick’s face was priceless. I’m pulling for Sucre and of course Michael and Lincoln. This is the best show on tv . What a great group of actors, can’t wait for January!!!!!

  • Jan22ndinT-minus55days

    HOO-FREAKIN’-RAY for one great fall finale and a short hiatus!!! Good riddance Mahone!! Can’t wait to see how it all gets down with the brothers and Kellerman working together. They all need to capture Agent Kim, go to Hawaii and slowly lower him down onto boiling hot molten lava – die evit Agent Kim, DIE! (So was the old dude that was present with him a representative of “The Company”??? Agent Kim looked a little fearful of him…hmmmm).

    Last but not least, Wentworth was beyond smoking last nite! The glares he gave toward Mahone were priceless *thud* Thanks Jared for your PB + Went news!!

  • Jeanne

    How hot is this show?? oh, and Went too of course.

  • Langtry

    Can I tell you how much I love this show????

    I actually pumped my fist in the air when Bellick’s new roomie was revealed to be none other than Avocado! That was too funny!!!

    ***Mallory***: A man holding a rifle is always sexy. Kellerman’s scruff only added to it!

  • Jewel

    Ciev Says:
    man i doubt this show airs in London, so i won’t get to see the rest of the season.
    Ciev, we do have prison break in London! But season 2 will probably not start till early 2007. So I guess you’ll have to watch the whole thing again….also we don’t get a haitus.

  • Rach

    This show is so awesome..I’m a huge Misa fan so I’m hoping there will be another rendevous.I love Kellerman even though he’s evil lol, but I love that he saved the brothers, I’m in Australia so hopefully we’ll be getting the second series soon, until then I’ll keep reading recaps..Prison Break Rulz….

  • Talia

    I want to talk more about Dominic! Could they have picked a better guy to play Lincoln?

    Last night’s episode was great! I love the direction Prison Break is going.

  • Kendra

    I’ve got to stop reading the speculation and spoilers on all the BP fan sites…cause I must admit I saw it coming too! Kellerman was getting freezed out and you know what happens when a rat gets cornered…it lashes out! He was too cool, though. The shades, the hair, the sniper rifle:) Can’t wait for Michael to find out what he did to Sarah…..

  • Rach

    I cant wait for Michael to find out what Kellerman did to Sara either..Love Dominic, he’s awesome.


    thank-you jared!
    i Luve prison break. i luve the brothers and tea bag so!
    xo erika

  • Linds

    Oh HELL to the No! Kellerman helping the boys? How’s this shizz gonna play out once Michael finds out the treacherous way Kellerman tortured his one true love? Who the hell is the old guy pulling the strings in the company? Sarah girl – I know you didn’t ditch that cell phone – it’s the only way to get a hold of Michael girl are you crazy?!!? That shizz was bananas. I love this show. Damn you hiatus!

  • Kat

    oh my days i sooo did not see that one coming…when the said unlikely ally…i did not no they meant unlikely unlikely ally. KELLERMAN. That was a class episode. Credit to the writers and the actors. ( Wentworth Miller & Paul Adelstein were great) Fantastic. ROLL ON JANUARY

  • mmm mmm good

    Kellerman and Michael are HOT :twisted:

  • corona

    this will be a very long december. oh noooooooooooo.

  • http://jailbird jailbird

    Yeah! the guy from the”company”…..the one with the wierd eyes and the post-it notes…..What does he have to do with everything???

    I just love Kellerman, but he could switch sides at the end, he seem pretty attached to the President. Maybe Kellerman just wants the key that Sara has.

    Everytime Wentworth starts taking(wispering) like Clint Eastwood I yell at the TV……….”SPEAK UP!!!! WENTWORTH!!!”….I wanna hear what he’s saying.

  • http://jailbird jailbird

    sorry thats a typo ….talking(whispering)… what I should have typed

  • lovely

    can you please send me the last episode? my fucking tivo erased it. please and thank you

  • Carline

    super épisode wentworth ws great and kellerman too….je ne pourrais pas attendre jusqu’en janvier it wil be very long Bad december without went

  • Nadine

    Diane – yeah isnt it a gr8 birthday present!? happy birthday to me too! what a gr8 present! :) lol

    OMG I CANNOT BELIEVE IT! of course when i first watched it i could not believe the whole kellerman helping mike/linc, but afterwards you have to see that it was expected! cannot wait till jan.

    jailbird – i know! kellerman looked so hot in that episode. with the glasses and gun and [sigh] just so hot…

    its going to be so interesting when mike,kellerman,and sarah all catch up, heehee… just to see the look on mike’s face when he finds out!

    go sucre!……………… and mike and linc …………oh and kellerman too!

    i know, wentworth’s got this hot whispering thing goin’ on! i-yayayaya.. [sighes] cannot wait till jan.. oh well repeats, and season 1 on dvd… its allllll goooooddd! :)

  • Melissa J

    God, this was the best episode yet, I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. Wentworth kicked ass, and I loved Kellerman! My only complaint Is that I wish Sara wouldn’t have cut her hair! Can January 22 get here any quicker! *Squeel*

  • http://jailbird jailbird

    #Nadine….yup! its gonna be an interesting triangle between Sara, Michael and Kellermen.

    #Marymi…..Yes I’ve seen a lot of Clint Eastwood movies, I like him in the spegetti westerns too. The producers on PB keep saying that Wentworth is like Steve Mcqueen but I think they are dead wrong, that coolness and the voice is very much like C. Eastwood…..Dirty Harry!!!

    Does anyone know the name of the actor who plays Kellerman???

    Also that Sara’s not to bright, cutting her hair with a razor…what the hell is Michael going to think when he see’s her looking like that :) :) :) crazy Forehead.

  • VioletPrue

    The guy who plays Kellerman is also named Paul, Paul Adelstein. I think the dude in the room who didn’t speak is Kim’s boss, the head of the Company, and I have a sneaking suspicion it could be the Presidents father, maybe that’s why Kim freaked out when Kellerman said he knew everything the President did. (next to the obvious Linc thing) And I also think Mahone may not be dead, he was “only” shot once with loads of cops nearby who would have heard the shot.
    This was the best eppi of both seasons so far i think. Why, WHY is January so friggin’ far away? Oh, the Wenticipation!!

  • Nadine

    #VioletPrue – thats actaully true with the whole mahone shooting and the cops all around … maybe hes not dead! OOOOoooo what a twist that would be … kellerman’d be screwed! “Oh, the Wenticipation”

  • Nadine

    okay my comment screwed up

    #violetprue – love the whole Wenticipation thing… brilliant lol

    oh #jailbird…

    It’ll also be interesting with the whole aspect that Kellerman also likes Sarah (tho he never said it, its so obvious) … what a lucky girl – Michael and Kellerman… Oh look what I just noticed – PB is going to have their first ever love triangle aw wow… OMG I JUST CHECKED PAUL ADELSTEIN’S (kellerman) BIO ( HE’S ENGAGED TO LIZA WEIL – THE GIRL WHO PLAYS PARIS ON GILMORE GIRLS! I DIDNT KNOW THAT!! (IM A GILMORE GIRL FAN TOO) awwww!! thats so cool… wish them all the best! look, theres another lucky girl!

  • Nadine