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Ricky Martin: Ocean Drive's Coverboy

Ricky Martin: Ocean Drive's Coverboy

Ricky Martin is looking hot hot hot as Ocean Drive Espanol‘s coverboy for the December 2006 issue! Ricky‘s last tattoo was done during one recent visit to Puerto Rico. It’s a series of symbols in Hebrew Aramaic, “The Lord’s Prayer” in spiral form. Here are some choice excerpts from the interview thanks to my sub-par translation skills:

  • On his morning rituals: “Clearly. Generally, I wake up early and I go to Starbucks. They know me there and they have the newspaper waiting for me, my coffee and my cinnamon roll. They are my family. Later, I go away to the gym and depending on how it is that day, I go study. I continue to practice capoeira (martial art of Brazil). I don’t go crazy training six hours daily like before anymore. I just go to the class.”
  • On following religion: I really like the Buddhist philosophy but that doesn’t mean that I am of the religion. If I subscribe to Buddhism, I can’t be of anything else. They limit to you in many aspects, and I am not going to follow those rules. I believe that everybody has the right to decide what makes him/her happy. I am not one to say what is better and which is worse in terms of faith. According to the teachings of Buddhism, the worst thing than you can do to your karma is to say to someone else that their faith is bad.
  • On his properties’ inspirations: My apartment in New York, creativity. Miami, peace. Puerto Rico is my home, it’s my people. I open the door in the mornings and say, “Ah, smells of Puerto Rico”. The one of Los Angeles, I’m selling and I’ve been offered money already. And I said, you have the key there. Congratulations, I will go and buy another one.

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  • Al

    Ricky, Ricky, Ricky…

    Don’t you know that you’re no longer important nor have you ever been important? He’s so full of sh*t with these ‘inspiration’ and philosophy crap. And to even stay on the radar, he’s gone and signed up for UN which I’m all for but not him because he’s doing it for all the wrong reasons.

    He can’t dance, can’t sing… guess maybe property investment is for him after all.

  • Anne 2

    I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove Ricky Martin. Kiss, Kiss, Kiss he is so gorgeous, I will defiantely buy the mag. Al get a life, it was his choice to cut down on the lime light because of the stress, so leave him alone. Go Ricky

  • Mary

    Ricky Martin may not be important to you AL… But he is very popular in the Latin community and in many places around the world. Who are you??? Ha yes nobody… Ricky is sexy; Ricky is an excellent singer and a brilliant writer. More important of all he is a great human being who is helping many children around the world. He has a great foundation that is helping to stop the trafficking of children and abuse… Al you are full of hate. . Have a great day.

  • Mhine Argones

    I used to like Ricky Martin as an artist….but with all his works at the UN and foundation…..i grew to like him as a humane being……..a beautiful person in and out. God bless you, Ricky! WE LOVE YOU.

  • Paris ass goiter

    Go Ricky!!! your rock!

  • black

    When the hel will he finally admit that he´s gay?

  • mi

    He’s cool and peaceful…i like that.

  • Patti

    I loves me some Ricky!!! He is gorgeous to look at, talented, good-hearted, and a kind soul. What more could you ask for? Don’t know if he’s gay or not, but so what?

  • Ednonymous

    I’m sorry… he’s famous for what… a really bad toupee?

  • Katie

    I miss the days when he was on General Hospital.

  • Jorge

    HARLEM J Says:

    Wow, that would be hot!

  • Paul

    That bunk tattoo is in aramaic, NOT hebrew.

  • Bill

    Al, Ricky ain’t doing badly. He’s worth millions. Was voted one of the world’s “beautiful people” by People Magazine, won the equivalent of the Academy Award in Mexico and from his bio:
    “Ricky has created the “Ricky Martin Foundation” which gave a million dollars worth of musical instrument to Puerto Rican public schools. The Foundation is also deeply involved in helping children who are victim of child prostitution and/or pornography, especially in India but also all around the world. According to Ricky, “this is the biggest problem our society is going to face within the next 10 years”.

    Speaks 5 languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese, French & Italian.

    You go Ricky. Sure beats what we call celebrities in the USA.

  • rob

    hey Ricki…the concept of ‘karma’ did not originate with Buddhism….it originated with St. Thomas Aquinas…do some real research, mi amigo. why all the worship of this man, he’s purely an entertainer for God’s sake.

  • Jen

    He was not worried about celebs accepting him, it was his family. Can’t use celebs to validate you.

  • Michael

    Rick you rock, I have been your fan for many years, you and your work has gotten best and best. May the lord bless you for all you do and keep up the excellent work!!!

  • earl

    I thought that karma originated Carson Daily…

  • Jonathan

    I love you Ricky!

  • carly mayfield

    I guess some people need to get a life, I mean no disrespect and not to be hurtful but if Ricky Martin is gay who cares, thats his own damn business, if he is straight, gay, bi, confuse, or in the closet, who business is it. And for kiki, sorry about your brother, but thats just wrong of you to call a person a liar and talk about how you know their sexual orintation personally, when you probably never even met the man , I mean whats your so called proof , and Ricky Martin foundation have around , I believe for more than a decade, so how dare you!!!!!!!, Ricky Martin hae helped out in the latin community, why because you weren’t there so he does not, and by the way even Elton John was married to a woman and was in the closet as well, please all of you know about something for sure before you open your mouths, and for rob its the concept its the teachings of karma , that buddhism talks about and if he just an entertainer why your commenting on him!!!!!!!!.

  • lilian

    Al.- “He can’t dance, can’t sing… “??????????????? what are you talking about????????????????? he’s the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! don’t be envious…

  • mar

    Oh my Goddddddddddddddddd Ricky you’re sooooooooooooooooooooooooo handsomeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DLova

    They day he admits to being gay…I’ll be on my knees giving him his reward

  • Radka

    the topic”Ricky Martin is a gay”is not inetersting to me.lets talk about his music and work. I saw he can dance and sings :)

  • mary jane williams

    I know Ricky’s foundation supports UNICEF, and the CEO of UNICEF makes over $500,000.00 per year. So, when people donate money to the Ricky Martin Foundation, some of it is going into the pocket of the super rich UNICEF CEO. How much money does Ricky make as CEO of the Ricky Martin Foundation per year? Those stupid, silly, simple minded girls that handed Ricky Martin $47,000.00 just to have dinner with him, handed it to some rich men. How stupid can some women be? He must have been laughing at them!

  • John

    Maybe after those women paid ricky $47,000.00 to have dinner with him, he should have taken them home and given them the ‘golden shower’ just to say ‘thank you’. After all, he urinates on all his friends. This guy really has some deep seated problems. I don’t know what they are but he needs to get some help. You would think that with all of his money, he would have felt guilty for robbing these women of such a large amount of money that will take them forever to pay back. He was wrong in doing it! He can afford to fund his own organization.

  • Delmy

    Everyone is allowed their own viewpoint, no matter how ridiculous or malicious it might sound. I love Ricky Martin’s music and personally believe that he comes back with a great CD looking better than the year before. He has a wonderful voice. He’s sung with Luciano Pavarotti, an operatic icon. I respect Ricky Martin, many years ago a singer (Christian Castro) commented on his talent and said he was better than Ricky Martin on T.V. Well when the media brought this remark to Ricky’s attention he said, simply “Everyone is entitled to their opinion”. He did not reduce himself to petty quarrels. I honestly believe that he is a good-hearted individual who I respect, admire, and care for. If you feel you have to put down a talented, attractive, intelligent man go ahead and do so, maybe that will help you feel better. At least give credit were it is deserved.

    P.S. I think His best CD is A Medio Vivir

  • EMMA

    To “AL”

    its sooo obvious.
    any man who calls ricky martin gay or wotever
    is doing it out of JEALOUSY. and im dead serious here! your so jealous! because women clearly dont like you sorryy lol.

    all thesee menn on heree
    who call him gayy
    or whateverr
    sayingg his bad at shizzle

    im sorryy but your soo jealouss!!! because face it youu wishh you had a crowdd of womenn who lovedd youu BUT ITS NOT GONNA HAPPEN MATE.

  • EMMA

    To “AL”

    its sooo obvious.
    any man who calls ricky martin gay or wotever
    is doing it out of JEALOUSY. and im dead serious here! your so jealous! because women clearly dont like you sorryy lol.

    all thesee menn on heree
    who call him gayy
    or whateverr
    sayingg his bad at shizzle

    im sorryy but your soo jealouss!!! because face it youu wishh you had a crowdd of womenn who lovedd youu BUT ITS NOT GONNA HAPPEN MATE.