Britney & Paris To Host Billboard Awards

Britney & Paris To Host Billboard Awards

NO WONDER THEY’VE BEEN HANGING OUT 24/7. Britney Spears and Paris Hilton are slated to co-host Monday’s Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas!!!!! Exciting performances by: Janet Jackson, Gwen Stefani, Mary J. Blige, Ludacris, and the Fray. Appearances by: Carrie Underwood, Katharine McPhee, Carmen Electra, Dave Navarro, and Vanessa Minnillo. Score one for the FOX network for snagging Brit and Paris. Should be quite the interesting awards show. Will definitely be tuning in!

UPDATE :: People Mag pulled their Billboard Awards story off their main page. Us Weekly is reporting that Britney pulled out of co-hosting the Billboards with Paris. How very strange and how very fast this is all going down. If just Paris hosts, who is going to watch?!?! Errrr…

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  • Paris ass goiter

    first bitches

  • Tony

    I hate the fact that Britney is hanging out with Paris but i LOOOVEEE the fact that Britney (with Paris) ara hosting the Billboard Awards!!! YEEEAAHHH!!!! Im soooo tunning in!!

  • Frenchy

    This is gonna be a trainwreck. They will totally make it be about them and not the artists, you watch.

  • Original jpf

    …and this is what music has come to. Man, what a sad SAD day. Hardworking muscians just got a hard open handed slap across their faces, and a bucket of cold water dumped on their heads. I guess it’s really apprapo that these two clowns ARE the ones to host at a show whose name really was created to annouce and keep track of circus acts and the like over a 100yrs ago.

    They make me ill.


  • Brit Brit’s Meat Flaps

    So they won’t be wear panties to the festivitites. You have us worried there for a moment. A day without seeing some fresh air is like a day without seeing Brit Brit.

  • UGH!

    I can’t believe those two dirty and disgusting slags who have been showing their private body parts for publicity have no effing shame. Paris has always been desperate for attention.

    Britney reallly needs to get her sh!t together and raise her two kids instead of hanging out with Paris.

    There is nothing wrong with having some fun but how F*CKING DISGUSTING to show off to the paparazzies that you aren’t wearing any underwear. TWICE.

  • Justin

    Damn, look at Britney’s big old receding hairline, GROSSSS!!!!

  • Shannon

    I am so glad to see some people aren’t fooled by this crap.

    Britney couldn’t drag her ass from the hole she’s crawled into, and I’m glad she’s tagged on to Paris. Hopefully these two losers will hand each other a shovel and keep digging themselves deeper into the fancy shit hole they call a life. Let’s pray that take Lohan with them too.

    Jeeze, what a terrible image to portray to their young fans, and these girls seem to have no concern about how young girls are perceiving them. Yes, it’s the parents responsibility to raise their children, but it’s everyone’s responsiblity to act like a responsible adult.

  • black

    My sister said that she believes that these two (or at leas Paris) are gay.
    She said it´s the way Paris is holding Britnys hand or something like that….hm?

  • paul

    wo rd’s out they are definitley having a full blown affair. I guess Britney really lusts after Paris, and Paris is a known bisexual. I wonder where Britney’s mom is…I bet she wishes she hadn’t run Kevin out of town.

  • paul

    Britney is lusting after Paris big time, and Paris is known to get it on with the ladies every now and again…especially when Perez Hilton is watching.

  • tanique

    um, why the hell would paris be hosting at all? i mean at least brit has reason to even be at the awards. paris makes one cheesy album and that qualifies her? get a real host, and spare us all. to me, in a lot of ways, these are the only awards that count, because it recognizes sales and paris should be no where near them.

    i hope it’s true and britney had enough sense to pull out. jared, i for one won’t be watching paris host.

  • peggy

    Brit’s mom has shown up at Britney’s house to throw the trash (paris) out because it is really starting to stink. She’s just hoping Paris didn’t record a sex tape.

  • tigerlily

    Brit’s mom has shown up? Oh oh trouble in parisdise. Better watch that your eyes don’t get plucked out Paris

  • Marta

    im wonder if Brit will wear panties at this show?
    she recently show her vagina everywhere.

  • Marina making pictures

    What an explosive duo. I guess Britney and Paris are going to deliver a sexed up show. Their recent adventures are a good previe for what the concerned teenagers are going to see at this awords.

    Thank you for sharing this story with me !

  • Daisy

    Britney better watch out. The quickest way to get on the Hollywood shit list is to be UNRELIABLE. She’s dissed her recording appointments, now she’s dissing her public appearances——–she’ll be on the Hollywood black list anytime now. And when the guys with the money won’t work with you, guess what—the public won’t stick with you either.

  • Courtney

    THAT REALLY sucks that she pulled out!!!!

  • JT

    OH F**K! WHo Cares about these media skanks. Parasite is a f**ked up, Brit is F**ked up. The should hook up with Anna Nicole and open a chicken ranch in Barbados.

    I am so not gonna tune in.

  • Isis

    Bob Dylan said,

    “I like Paris Hilton. I’m sick of these no opinion na**holes, who make themselves’ feel better by bashing someone they don’t know, simply because she’s the current socially accpetable scapegoat!”. He went on to say, “It takes no balls, no courage, no originality, no thought, no subversity to have that opinion….it’s so generic, unoriginal and cliche’, and it’s throughly unenlightening, I just ignore it when I hear it.” – from the New York City Center.

    I agree wholeheartedly, Mr. Zimmerman!

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