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Tom & Katie's Wedding Photo Album

Tom & Katie's Wedding Photo Album

Here’s a full set of pictures from the Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes wedding photo album with intimate portraits and memories of their special celebrations. More pictures in the gallery!

UPDATE :: Apologies, images removed!

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85 Responses to “Tom & Katie's Wedding Photo Album”

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  1. 1
    indayon Says:

    great pics..

  2. 2
    Observer Says:

    Beautiful, beautiful pictures. It’s refreshing to see these celeb wedding photos publicized in this manner without anybody paying for them or fighting (in court!) to prevent their publication.

  3. 3
    Jess Says:

    Third! Wonderful pictures! Suri is so cute! ***

  4. 4
    africhic Says:

    Thats why there are only three post as at now.

  5. 5
    elisabeth Says:

    Lovely pictures!

  6. 6
    Anne 2 Says:

    Love them!!! love them!!! love them!!!, Just Jared where did you steal them from? Suri is the most good natured baby I know, Zahara Jolie Pitt should learn some lessons, that if you a child of stars, paparrazzi are a part of your life so get used to it!

  7. 7
    Dola Says:

    Aha! Tom stood on sth or Katie “kneeled down a bit” standing next to each other on the wedding photos! U can see that she is in fact taller than him when they’re not posing together…

  8. 8
    elisabeth Says:

    I wish the couple all the best and wish that people would stop “bashing” them with negative comments. They have just as good a shot as any of us do!
    They seem to be perfectly happy and deeply in love.

  9. 9
    Gussie Says:

    There’s no business like show business… :)

  10. 10
    pie Says:

    Nice wedding Im happy for them. They look perfectly happy couple.

    Suri is cute baby, but she doesnt look like the one from Vanity Fair but still look like a doll.

    Hey Anne 2 why do you need to bring up Zahara Jolie Pitt here? Are you jealous?

  11. 11
    SEx Says:

    i like them….
    OMG….this clip is so cute….check it out….

  12. 12
    I hate whorlina/VAGLINA Says:

    Finally some better photos of the too hyped wedding they probably saw all the snickering about the official photo they let out and decided they needed a better looking one, not bad but way to overrated, kids looks cute but katie,uh…I mean KATE looks like a child bride. Gross! I still hate the wedding dress! but love the other dress that she were at the recepetion I mean is that what they even call it, a recepetion, when you are a scientologist!

  13. 13
    Enemy Says:

    Tom Cruise is such a freak and attention *****. It’s pretty sad actually, he even has to use his celebrity friends to make his own wedding pictures more interesting.

  14. 14
    overload Says:

    it’s called supply and demand.

    no one is demanding for these pictures so no media are willing to pay high price for it so TomC release it for free. He has been giving his pictures to all the tabs for free releasing it bit at a time trying to entice . too bad it’s all supply and demand.

    there are some people who I know just skim over anything that is TomKat since they have been over loaded for the past year .

  15. 15
    rage Says:

    i’m from ENGLAND and stay there the only couple that splash their entire wedding pics on this magazines are c-list celebs desperate to be recognised so it’s a bit surprising but due to how things has turned for this two the past year not shocked cos they’ll have to more than BLOCK-BUSTED movie to be adored and not considered a MEDIA LAUGHING STOCK

  16. 16
    mif Says:

    nobody cares anymore….old news :roll:

  17. 17
    mif Says:

    who cares? :roll:

  18. 18
    jan Says:

    Welcome to the Bashers Ball , Tom and Katie….it must be a relief for these wierdos to get “off” on bashing ….
    I love Tom Cruise..and his movies…and I will be there when his next one comes out. I think his baby is adorable and looks just like him..period. What will you all do when #2 comes along..who will you decide is the Father..John Travolta???
    Kate looks happy…if she is not..then she is a very good actress…she has picked her life avenue…and all of you should just shut up..or get a life…other than hanging like vultures in the trees over celebs.

  19. 19
    rage Says:

    that’s exactly how they do it i mean they release shots of themselves getting dressed and the lots so f**** desperate and pathetic seriously someone plsssssssssssssssss explain to these sick f******* what a wedding album is (it’s private and for close family and friends to see) not us the poor masses who don’t even know them

  20. 20
    Susie Says:

    Katieis a child who has bitten off more than she can chew. He always gets tried of these wives. Dude has already been married twice. He is a weirdo all the jumping on couches, scolding Matt Lauer like her was Matt’s Dad, getting fired by Paramount… The list goes on. This man is now just a joke in most comedians acts. How sad is that? but before we go feeling too sorry for him let us remember he is just another sick, rich celebrity with an ego that is just too big for any room. He makes me sick.

  21. 21
    rage Says:

    oh JAN honey i feel for u seriously i do i mean being the only TC worshipper in the world today must be hard but don’t blame us for bashing them they brought it upon themselves so i think u should shut up about how happy they are we not interested and not buying it

  22. 22
    OOOO Says:

    Everytime she looks at her wedding photos she’s gonna cringe at the sight of those horrible bangs.

  23. 23
    TSY Says:

    Her dress was sooo overrated. I think she looked beautiful, but her dress was barely better than an off the rack number.

  24. 24
    moi Says:

    TC’s older daughter is one ugly lass.

  25. 25
    ITF Says:

    He is such a spaz. The older he gets the more obviously gay he becomes.

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