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Tom & Katie's Wedding Photo Album

Tom & Katie's Wedding Photo Album

Here’s a full set of pictures from the Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes wedding photo album with intimate portraits and memories of their special celebrations. More pictures in the gallery!

UPDATE :: Apologies, images removed!

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  • indayon

    great pics..

  • Observer

    Beautiful, beautiful pictures. It’s refreshing to see these celeb wedding photos publicized in this manner without anybody paying for them or fighting (in court!) to prevent their publication.

  • Jess

    Third! Wonderful pictures! Suri is so cute! xxx

  • africhic

    Thats why there are only three post as at now.

  • elisabeth

    Lovely pictures!

  • Anne 2

    Love them!!! love them!!! love them!!!, Just Jared where did you steal them from? Suri is the most good natured baby I know, Zahara Jolie Pitt should learn some lessons, that if you a child of stars, paparrazzi are a part of your life so get used to it!

  • Dola

    Aha! Tom stood on sth or Katie “kneeled down a bit” standing next to each other on the wedding photos! U can see that she is in fact taller than him when they’re not posing together…

  • elisabeth

    I wish the couple all the best and wish that people would stop “bashing” them with negative comments. They have just as good a shot as any of us do!
    They seem to be perfectly happy and deeply in love.

  • Gussie

    There’s no business like show business… :)

  • pie

    Nice wedding Im happy for them. They look perfectly happy couple.

    Suri is cute baby, but she doesnt look like the one from Vanity Fair but still look like a doll.

    Hey Anne 2 why do you need to bring up Zahara Jolie Pitt here? Are you jealous?

  • SEx

    i like them….
    OMG….this clip is so cute….check it out….

  • I hate whorlina/VAGLINA

    Finally some better photos of the too hyped wedding they probably saw all the snickering about the official photo they let out and decided they needed a better looking one, not bad but way to overrated, kids looks cute but katie,uh…I mean KATE looks like a child bride. Gross! I still hate the wedding dress! but love the other dress that she were at the recepetion I mean is that what they even call it, a recepetion, when you are a scientologist!

  • Enemy

    Tom Cruise is such a freak and attention whore. It’s pretty sad actually, he even has to use his celebrity friends to make his own wedding pictures more interesting.

  • overload

    it’s called supply and demand.

    no one is demanding for these pictures so no media are willing to pay high price for it so TomC release it for free. He has been giving his pictures to all the tabs for free releasing it bit at a time trying to entice . too bad it’s all supply and demand.

    there are some people who I know just skim over anything that is TomKat since they have been over loaded for the past year .

  • rage

    i’m from ENGLAND and stay there the only couple that splash their entire wedding pics on this magazines are c-list celebs desperate to be recognised so it’s a bit surprising but due to how things has turned for this two the past year not shocked cos they’ll have to more than BLOCK-BUSTED movie to be adored and not considered a MEDIA LAUGHING STOCK

  • mif

    nobody cares anymore….old news :roll:

  • mif

    who cares? :roll:

  • jan

    Welcome to the Bashers Ball , Tom and Katie….it must be a relief for these wierdos to get “off” on bashing ….
    I love Tom Cruise..and his movies…and I will be there when his next one comes out. I think his baby is adorable and looks just like him..period. What will you all do when #2 comes along..who will you decide is the Father..John Travolta???
    Kate looks happy…if she is not..then she is a very good actress…she has picked her life avenue…and all of you should just shut up..or get a life…other than hanging like vultures in the trees over celebs.

  • rage

    that’s exactly how they do it i mean they release shots of themselves getting dressed and the lots so f**** desperate and pathetic seriously someone plsssssssssssssssss explain to these sick f******* what a wedding album is (it’s private and for close family and friends to see) not us the poor masses who don’t even know them

  • Susie

    Katieis a child who has bitten off more than she can chew. He always gets tried of these wives. Dude has already been married twice. He is a weirdo all the jumping on couches, scolding Matt Lauer like her was Matt’s Dad, getting fired by Paramount… The list goes on. This man is now just a joke in most comedians acts. How sad is that? but before we go feeling too sorry for him let us remember he is just another sick, rich celebrity with an ego that is just too big for any room. He makes me sick.

  • rage

    oh JAN honey i feel for u seriously i do i mean being the only TC worshipper in the world today must be hard but don’t blame us for bashing them they brought it upon themselves so i think u should shut up about how happy they are we not interested and not buying it

  • OOOO

    Everytime she looks at her wedding photos she’s gonna cringe at the sight of those horrible bangs.

  • TSY

    Her dress was sooo overrated. I think she looked beautiful, but her dress was barely better than an off the rack number.

  • moi

    TC’s older daughter is one ugly lass.

  • ITF

    He is such a spaz. The older he gets the more obviously gay he becomes.

  • MB

    Maybe it’s the quality of the pictures, but some of the pictures look like they’ve been photo shopped or altered.

  • rage

    moi u’re one sick freak to say that about an innocent girl i’ld luv to see what u look like the ugly ones have a beef for the pretty ones bet u’re one of those that get off the rails whenever tomkat’s daughter is called weird looking and ugly yet you call another ugly practise what you preach bitch and stop being a hypocrite cos if that girl is ugly i wonder what the ASIAN TOT TC is carrying is (FUGLY)

  • rage

    NOTICE is it me or are the kids just not as ecstatic as TC claimed i mean he did say it was his daughter that said to him to marry katie but judging by the pics they are not over the moon at all as claimed

  • Gotta

    rage – you’re a complete nutcase. The child is ugly, so what? Truth is truth. Go preach on some other blog, you big twit.

  • Ghuvane

    its obvious that rage is very thin-skinned about ugliness. I have a feeling rage is uglier than she is.

  • in your ugly face rage

    rage bashes the TCs but hates it when someone tells the truth about someone’s face. rage is a hypocrite.

  • http://deleted Hawaiian Girl

    Jan’s not alone at all. Many of us still love Tom. I will always watch his movies. I’ve had some of the best times at the theater with Mr. Cruise. A movie star in the truest sense of the word.

  • tc4775

    money can make anyone do anything. before tom she was a “c” celebrity at most. she didn’t have the money or fame to travel around the world for a mere shopping spree. her parents don’t mind the money either. now their daughter can fly them in to visit all the time and anywhere around the world. money can by you momentary happiness. let’s see if it buys katie success in hollywood too.

  • Nadine

    don’t be so mean… leave them alone whats with all the bashing?

    rage – its only a picture that doesnt mean their not glad he’s getting married…

    i think the wedding looks great… everyone looks really good. i love katie’s dresses, tho the reception wedding is nicer in my opinion. The wedding dress is also really pretty, its away from all the classical type of dresses…

    its look gorgous and i wish tomkat all the best!

    ps. stop the hating… im not a huge fan of tom but im not going to go around bashing them partly because i dont really know them …

  • Jealousy

    So what if he’s 1″ shorter than Katie? He’s 5’8″ and she’s 5’9″, so what? So what if he’s a scientologist? Last time I checked this was a free country, no? You know, freedom of religion, remember that one? They are both gorgeous, wonderful actors, laughing all the way to the bank unlike the rest of you losers who sit on your computer all day to bitch and moan! Don’t you realize, nothing you can say is going to affect their happiness right now! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! They are living a life that you only dream of while you’re wasting your whole life complaining on some stupid message board! Go out and live your own lives for crying out loud, stop worrying about what celebrities (people you don’t even know) are doing with theirs. No seriously, go do something useful with your sorry asses!! In other words GET A LIFE, MORONS!

  • Tom haters are gay

    Suri is one the most beautiful babies I’ve ever seen!

    Hey haters, lets see some of your baby pictures. I bet you look like baby red ass monkeys! ha!

  • JoJo

    Looks like a beautiful wedding, they both look very happy and who wouldn’t be getting married in a castle wearing Armani with the whole world kissing your a$$. I think Suri is sooo friggen cute.. What an adorable baby, she looks just like both of them.

  • TruthHurts

    Suri is one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen. You all know it too and it burns your ass!

    Katie haters are all jealous men who are in love with Tom! Just because you WANT someone to be gay doesnt make it so you silly rabbits! Hey, he’s just not into you so hang it up already!

  • rage

    Gotta, Ghuvane, In Your Ugly Face, i luv it when i bring the bitchy side of pple out like you sick f***s won’t bother saying word about your sorry asses cos u’re not worth it and i do not know you from adams it’s obvious u’all friends know what they say (BIRDS OF A FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER) just feel sorry for y’all and NADINE I REALLY RESPECT YOU thanx for not taking it personal like they’re related to you like some fools here do

  • Susie

    Just because the parents are famous does not make this kid Suri (stupid name) beautiful… Lets get that straight. The kid is ok looking at best. Enough of all this Suri is cute thing.

  • Dr Jube

    what the f**k is going on with the groomsmen in tights, etc?? LOL!

  • Tom haters are gay

    Hey Rage, you might want to put this on your Cristmas gift list:

  • Tom haters are gay

    Hey Rage, you might want to put this on your Christmas gift list:

  • Dancer

    Glad to see his publicity machine is in motion using the wedding as a publicity tool. They have released more pictures of their wedding than I think anyone else in recent history. Yuck.

  • Dancer

    I’m mentally ill with multipul personalities resulting from childhood abuse. I’m in a mental institution right now with nothing better to do than to come here and post under all my different personalities so I can rip on people who are happier than I am. Yes, I know, I already tried killing myself and got cought!

  • WTF

    Re: Ugly

    Sometimes Isabelle looks cute and others, not so much. But Suri, now that thing is FUGLY as Heck. Yuck scary looking.

  • pr person

    What happened to releasing just ONE official picture? Holy Crap!! I guess since the first picture that they released was ripped to shreds, they figured they would bombard us with their entire friggin photo album; hoping that the public will go something like this: “oohhh how nice, a pretty party, look at the pretty wedding pictures, pretty clothes, pretty floweres, oohhh there is their baby and Katie can hold her, pretty fireworks, wow a few famous guests, ohhh they kissed for three minutes …. hmmmm maybe they really are in love and aren’t weird, media whoring, take your best man on your honeymoon to complete the brain washing of your wife, cult loving, freaks, at all.”

    These two are pretty pathetic and I find it amusing that their “wedding” hoopla is backfiring on them.

  • flipper

    I love them ! They look very happy! Baby Suri is the most beautiful and happy little girl I have ever seen in my life! —-to Rage : you ‘re just pathetic ! get a life!

  • http://deleted Fan

    Years ago, I attended the wedding of two Jehovah’s Witnesses. It took place in a little bitty Kingdom Hall. The bride was beautiful, the groom was ugly. Well the ceremony went along as usual until the kiss. The kiss was long and it was sexy, like they had practiced it well. You could see that the congregation didn’t expect that and got a little flustered. People were blushing.

    So, TomKat decided to make the kiss good. It was probably a culmination of all the crazy feelings and experiences they have had over their romance. I’m glad they shared a good, long kiss. They know what they are doing. I love Tom. He thinks about his fans who have given him his wonderful life.

  • lola

    Many of us love Tom and we will love him no matter what, so many of you convincing yourselves that no one likes him any more, are going to die bitter haven’t you learnt your lesson?

    At first you said they will split after 2 months and after 20 months and a gorgeous baby, they are still togather, then you say she is not pregnant, she gives birth to a gorgeous baby, then you say there is no baby, turns out there is one who looks just like them, then you insist it is not his baby, it grows to look just like him, then you swear by your ancestors that they will never marry, and they had a fairy tale wedding, now that the baby looks too big, turns out that when she smiles she has no teeth like a normal 7 month old kid.

    A word to the wise, stop hating this couple, they are happy and you are not, try and find happiness too but since you don’t have as much money, do something within your means. Most of us were sceptical in the beginning but hey! we let it go instead of making it a career to bash and find fault with two beautiful people who found love. frankly you are starting to sound delirious, ridicluous and desperate. It is o.k, the rich can also find love, swallow the pill.