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Nicole Kidman: Endlessly Interesting

Nicole Kidman: Endlessly Interesting

Here are the scans of Nicole Kidman in the December 2006 issue of Vogue, on the cover dressed in a gold Versace armor-inspired bodysuit. Here are some choice excerpts from the interview:

  • On the strength of love: “I’m a big believe in the power of love. It wasn’t that I’d given up home, I was just… asleep. Bt now I feel like I’ve woken up again.”
  • On how she chooses her film roles: “I’m drawn to playing women who are complicated, and beautiful in their complication.”
  • On what’s she’s learn these last two decades: “I’ve very hard when you are in your 20s to cultivate a relationship. You get the advice ‘Don’t get married when you’re 22,’ and you just think, They don’t know what they’re talking about. But now I look back and think, Oh, there’s probably some truth to that. You don’t realize that you are sort of uninformed, trying to find out what you believe in and who you are. And for me, I’m much more about the other person… Not giving up on who you are. I think that’s the big lesson and having the guts to speak up at times when you don’t want to, or you’re scared to. But life has got all those twists and turns. You’ve just got to hold on tight and off you go.”
  • On looking back on her marriage to Tom Cruise: “[I look back] never with regret. Honestly, I would have started married for the rest of my life. It wasn’t 50 years; it turned out to be eleven. [But when it was over], I needed to go on carefully and delicately find my sense of confidence again, because it just wasn’t there. There was nothing to draw on. I had a well of emotions, but they were not able to give me strength.”
  • Steven Spielberg on Nicole: “With Kidman, you always don’t know. You always are unsure of exactly what’s going on inside her. And that’s endlessly interesting.”
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    • Fick

      She’s married again. Why is she still talking about Tom? And specially why is she still talking AGAIN about how she felt devastated and she didn’t want it to end?
      In ten years, will she still be saying how it broke her heart?

    • Jules

      She never got over Tom. Im afraid she married Keith just to beat Tom and Katie to the alter and it backfired on her. I hope for Keith’s sake this is not the case ….but we will see.

    • Sasha

      You’re right she never got over Tom and never will. She did try to beat Tom and Katie to the alter and am afraid their marriage is over. How long was she engage for???????

    • louloute

      I don’t think so, there’s nothing in what she had said that remind me of some pity party of the likes of Jennifer Aniston. Nicole is such a wondeful and classy woman, she was just explaining that she used to be drowned into the star system when she was with such a big big star that Tom Cruise was, and still is.
      I’m happy she’s found love again with Keith, there’s no doubt about that. I prefer by far their sober and genuine wedding ceremony compares to TomKat’s lavish one. Keith and Nic look so down-to-earth, and they seem to be aware about their status and their age, it’s just beautiful and rare.

    • Susie

      I have deep respect for Nicole as an actress. I think she always does a great job with different characters she takes on. As for those saying why is she still talking about Tom what is she supposed to say when she is asked about him? The media does not want this Tom/Nic story to die. I also think that Nicole is better off without Tom. He is a strange man. Katie Holmes will find out one day. I just do not trust that man at all. His actions in recent years have only confirmed what I was only suspecting. I think Nicole is better off with Keith… even if they are having a difficult time right now. I agree with Louloute about Nicoles wedding it seemed beautiful and genuine. TomKat’s weeding was a production… yet another publicity stunt… watch that space.

    • Jules

      I’m not sure how long they were engaged (nic & keith) but it certainly hasn’t been “beautiful and rare” a marriage with him going almost immediately in rehab. In their last pics together he always looked like he was uncomfortable to me. I do hope them the best though! : )

    • ladybug

      What’s up with telling people to wait to get married? Our culture is so childish. If you don’t know you are when you’re 22 you just spent too much time getting wasted in college. Then again, it seems like actors don’t ever actually know who they are. Tom may be a weirdo, but he seems very passionate, and that is hard to duplicate. The crazy ones are always passionate. I for one think Katie is lucky. I don’t see what makes Scientology any stranger than any other religion. Deities from the great beyond, strange rituals… whatever floats your boat. Tom and Katie are the happiest couple I’ve seen in a long time.

    • liliaroz

      And the latest rumor is that she is pregnant! I hope it’s true this time! It would be the best news ever! That news would just confirm everything we all suspected all along about Tom shooting blanks. I wish Nicole and hubby Keith all the very best! And i do hope the good news and the prospect of this up-coming little bundle of joy will give him all the strength and courage he will need to successfully complete his rehab treatment and keep out of drinks and drugs in the future! All the very best of luck to them both!

    • Original jpf

      I love Nicole, and she’s part one of a very small group of actresses that I admire as people as well as think them very talented as actors. I wish her well with her future offscreen and off.


    • Talia

      Nicole Kidman will always be one of my favorite hollywood starlets. She is beautiful, graceful, and everything that a classy woman represents.

      I think the reason people keep harping on her past relationship with Tom is because of who he is and his recent nuptuals to a younger woman. Nicole spent ten years with this man and they have two children together.

      I think her relationship with Keith will be much better. She is more mature and honest than she was with Tom. Keith may have his problem but atleast he has a good support system with Nicole. She could have easily divorced Keith and chose not to. He had alot riding on that pre-nup with the addiction clause and this really shows that he loves her.

      I wish Nicole much success in her life and her new marriage.

    • Talia


      Just because he went into rehab does not mean he is abusing again. He could have had a moment where he felt that he was going to abuse and decided to stop the urge before it was too late.

      I believe Keith had the best interest at heart. Knowing what was riding on that pre-nup clause, he did the right thing.

      I think he truly loves Nicole.

    • Jules


      I hope you are right. I like Keith a lot and respect his musical talent. I hope they make it together.

    • Mrs. Smith

      Nicole Kidman is only second to Angelina in actresses that I admire and who I find are classy and beautiful. My take on her reference to TC is that she is still asked questions about her time with him because the media wants to dig up some new ‘dirt’ on those years they were together, especially as he is lately showing his true colors, that is, a crazy megalomaniac. I hope that Nicole and Keith U will be happy and that they stay together through these hard times of his rehabilitation. Also, I hope that she is really pregnant!

    • rage

      the media will always come up with it cos take it or leave they know and agree that NIC is the best TC ever had and will ever have and they just do not understand what happened to the more sensible and charismatic TC and the only person they can get the answer from is her, call his weird ways love but to me it isn’t cos luv is all about protection and privacy, you protect what you have and cherish it,it’s a world for just you and your partner and not total strangers exactly what both him and nic did while they were together “they were in a world of their own” no strangers/paparrazi JUST THEM a luv like that is beautiful and you just enjoy every moment of it wich is what NIC has always said she enjoyed 11 yrs of her life with him & has no regrets, if u think KH is enjoying her new life yes the media attention she never had anything like it b4 as for those that think NIC got married to beat KH and TC to the alter after every thing she’s being thru u are as FICKLE as TC & KH but no surprise there cos u are fans cos in the space of 2 months TC& KH were engaged and expecting but NIC & KEITH met JAN-05 didn’t start dating till JUN-05 engaged NOV-05 married JUN-06 compared to TC & KH i think that is nomal

    • Justine

      Excuse me, Fick, but she is not speaking about Tom, but of her life, unhappily for her, Tom is part of this passed.

    • Daisy

      Nicole & Keith never had a prenuptial agreement. When this story came about at the time of the wedding Nicole’s Australian publicist totally denied it. Too bad the media didn’t spread that instead of always spreading the rumors that she is pregnant for the 80th time in the last year. I really like Nicole & Keith & I hope they make it.

    • BeCool

      When’s Angelina Jolie going to appear in Vogue??? I thought it was November or December???

    • rage

      this baby definitely is the most talked about unconcieved baby ever wonder what will happen when s/he is finally concieved and born luv them so much (keith and nic)

    • kuala

      Well, Cate Blanchett was on the November cover, and now Nicole is on the December cover so who knows when Angelina’s cover will come out. Maybe she will be on the cover of W cuz it’s owned by the same company and they sometimes switch people around. Or maybe it will come out next year. who knows?

    • MIchelle

      I love Nicole as much as anyone, but why, oh why, the big bumpy collegen lips? You can see that they have been filled recently.

    • Marty

      Nicole spent 10 years with Tom ; she loved him and still loves him !!!The end !

    • Isabella

      Go away Nicole! Go away Tom! So sick of both of them!

    • Mia Farrow says

      Barbie Botox is a has been since she left Tom. Her last movie with him is the Others, her biggest success attributed to him
      Now the razzie award winner nicole make crap movies, and the last one is awful: Fur. Her performance is very bad.
      Sorry for her

      She should have take time for Tom and her family, but as the nanny recently put it in her book: “I never saw her”

      Indeed, she is such a carrerist.
      I can’t beleive all the things he did for her and she wasn’t even here for her husband
      She clearly let him go on scientology.
      She should have worried. She was his wife. He was her husband

      Now she sold her kids to scientology education and in exchange won a lot of money from Tom, who mostly care about his kids, not money obviously (since he spend his time to donate it to charities)

      Tom has a baby. Who said he was shooting blanks? tsss, moron, you’re a sad prick.
      Suri is a tom look alike.

      Nicole is a media whore: Canel+ Tag Heuer, plus 2 movies per year… stop and see your kids’soccer games for once.

      And stop complaining nicole, do like Tom, speak of happiness.

      People got their problems already. Yours are not more important.

    • Roald

      Mia Farrow-

      Nicole’s career is doing great.Have ALL her movies been blockbusters? Nope.But that’s because she takes risks and is willing to explore different things.That’s what makes her endlessly interesting and fascinating and that’s why she’s a respected actress and directors want to work with her.You say she is a has-been? Right. A has-been who is working with Baz Luhrmann,Noah Baumbach and Wong Kar-Wai among others.Tom can only dream that those directors would ask him to work with them.Especially now that he is a laughing-stock.

      And you say Nicole “should have been here for her husband”? Um,she was there for him.For 10 years.Until HE left her.HE abandoned her.Not the other way around.
      And IMO,it’s pretty obvious he left her because the Cult of Scientology told him to.Nicole was/is a “suppressive person”(a non-scientologist),the poster boy for the cult couldn’t stay married to her.They are probably doing the same thing with her children (Tom brainwashed them too,right?What a great dad!).They probably encourage them to “disconnect” from their suppressive and “bad” mother.Because that’s what Scientology do,they destroy families.That’s why it’s considered a cult.Now Tom has the perfect Scieno wife,a good girl who will tell him how amazing he is 12544 times a day.That’s exactly what his huge ego needs.And yeah,they are SO HAPPY.The perfect completely brainwashed Scientologist family.It’s no wonder Nicole still talks about Tom in interviews.He and their children have been stolen from her.It takes a while to get over something like that…

    • louloute

      mia farrow

      you sound like a very stupid person

    • fanny


    • Dancer

      I meant an oscar for the Hours.

    • jen

      Dancer : who chose to live in Nashville(Tennessee)? As far as I remember Isabella and Connor are living in LA with their Daddy: no paparazzi there??????????? Send me an e-mail when you “see” Nic with them! She’s a good actress especially in the real life …plus : she doesn’t have any private jet !

    • Dancer

      Yes she did choose to live in Nashville. What is wrong with that. She has access to private jets. When was the last time anyone saw her on a commercial jet. She owns part of one if I remember correctly.
      She is in LA a lot. My friends who work in film have said she sees the kids every time she is in LA, they sometimes stay with her for visits when school is out and she is filming. Again, if this was reversed and she had physical custody and Tom was the non-custodial parent, nothing would be said because he is a man. The kids are safe. The kids seem happy. They are loved greatly by three people – Tom, Katie and Nicole not to mention their family members. So what if this is an unconventional arrangement? Nicole is fiercely protective of the kids and you don’t see many pictures of her with them because she doesn’t parade them to the papas like Tom does. We don’t know (neither you nor I) exactly what the situation is between Tom and Nicole and the kids. WE can only speculate. All I know is that friends that I have in the film industry say she is a loving, caring mother. She talks to the kids frequently on the phone. She sees them whenever she is in L.A. and they visit her in Nashville and on the movie sets. They have no reason to lie about this information.
      I won’t change your mind about her, but as I said, we don’t know the situation. I believe my friends because I trust them. You don’t need to change your mind, open your mind to other possibilities–as it is already made up.

    • Auntie Basil


      You are extremely insightful in your comments about Nicole and Keith and their relationship. We need more objective and hopeful individuals like you in this world.

    • Iolee

      she’s a great actress and one of the best in our time. i wish her luck on her new marriage. it’s too bad that kieth has a problem but like any marriages, none are perfect. best of luck to her and him both.

    • Maggie

      I love Nicole more than any other person in this world. I really identify with everything she says, and she is the reason I chose to pursue a career in acting.

      To the people who are sick of hearing about her, think she is brainwashed etc: She doesn’t choose to have all of this media attention. I really doubt that she calls the National Enquirer every week and tells them to run an article saying that she’s pregnant. She’s a celebrity. Get over it.

    • rage

      when was the last time TC was named highest paid acto and his scieno wife will only dream about it

    • keith urban

      Talia, I went back to rehab cause I drink like a fish! I was doing fine before I married Nicole. That crazy broad drove me to drink! Hell, I think I started drinking just so I could go to rehab and get away from her! To be honest, I can’t stand that frizzi haired skeleton looking pasty *ssed c*nt for one more day! I have to think of a way to end this and fast!!!

    • Sandra

      “keith urban” – you can stay in rehab forever. Good riddance!

    • carriej

      Nicole is the fakest woman in hollywood, she had her freakles removed from all over her body after Dead Calm then she got her boobs after she met Tom ( who by the way is the reason she even fluked where she is today in Hollywood) and now she is the walking advertisment for Botox and collagen in the lips!
      Why cant she be honest and say she has had all that work done on her face instead of lying about just having good genes and staying out of the sun. She is Australian, of course she would have wrinkles and freakles being a white skin redhead.
      She never stops acting, on and off the screen and blowing her own trumpet.
      Good Luck Keith, you seem like a nice guy but doubt you will last the distance with that ICE QUEEN