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Paris Gushes Over Britney

Paris Gushes Over Britney

The latest issue of Us has Paris Hilton gushing over Britney Spears: “I love her. She is the sweetest girl I know. She’s so down-to-earth. I just want her to smile and be happy.”

Recently, a spokesperson for Fox announced that Britney was backing out of hosting Monday’s Billboard Awards show, leaving Paris to fend for herself. Something tells me it all doesn’t quite add up.

Anyway, pictures include Britney filling up her car’s tank at a gas station last night along the Pacific Coast Highway. Seems like a paparazzi has got it in good with Britney, hugging her at her hotel.

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britney spears gas station 01
britney spears gas station 02
britney spears gas station 03
britney spears gas station 04
britney spears gas station 05
britney spears gas station 06
britney spears gas station 07
britney spears gas station 08
britney spears gas station 09
britney spears gas station 10
britney spears gas station 11
britney spears gas station 12

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  • Notalotjellytot

    check out the goofy friend who gets out of the car to watch her put in the gas….photo opportunity!!!!
    why is she carrying around cash in an envelope? Just got paid by the pap for her cut on the vag photos

  • Daisy

    OH MY GOD, she looks like SHIT. What a train wreck. I honestly thought those pictures were from a year or so ago. What happened? She looked reasonably OK even just last week. Her face is puffy, her skin is blotchy, her eyes are sunken.

  • angelinammm

    Britney – down to earth, what Paris meant to say was ‘trash’

  • lurker

    That’s what happens Baby, when one parties hard most nights like she has been!

  • Mediterranean

    Tell me your friend’s name, I’ll tell you who you are!

    Paris is the best person to help a person who is in sh…ty situation in life like Britney. Paris has been there, done that; actually stuck in it. She will teach Britney how to get used to this.

    Britney is going worse to the worst! God bless the kids, they are just babies for God’s sake!!! Who is taking care of these babies?

  • CapriciousDiva

    She’s acting like she ain’t got no kids anymore atleast when she was with Kevin she had time for her kids. You’d be forgiven for forgeting they exist

  • tigerlily

    US magazine pulled out of sponsoring the awards cause they heard Paris and Britney were planning to finger each other on prime time. Britney is the new Anne Heche. Totally f###ked up on sex and drugs.

  • Chris

    When Paris said “sweetest person I know”, she was referring to the taste of Britney’s vagina.

  • sosa

    …and “down to earth” means always lying flat on her back with Paris’ head between her legs

  • Pimpcessa

    QUESTION: How many bubble-headed redneck bimbos does it take to put gas in a car??? She looks retarded acting like she doesnt remember how to pump her gas, (so does the other idiot girl she’s with) I mean its not as if she comes from the days of full service gas stations. I always thought she was trashy but now she has removed all doubt. What kind of woman (not to mention mother) runs around town in a micro mini and no underwear night after night?? I honestly think Paris is trying to ruin her – notice how Paris is always dragging around this Drunkin Britney – if you look at Paris in the partying photos she almost looks like a cat about to swallow the canary. Britney’s too stupid and egotistical to think anyone would do that to her.

  • sosa

    pimpcessa, you are absolutely right, and it’s only gonna get worse for Britney. Paris had Perez film one of their “sleepovers” and its gonna hit the web soon. Paris destroyes anyone around her. Good news is too many people make too much money on Britney, and Paris has just overstepped her bounds. You don’t piss off the money guys in Hollywood.

  • perez

    hmmm…both paris and britney were “gushing”

  • kae

    Brit looks like she’s been used up. Instead of tramping around at night, she may want to get some sleep.

  • Shannon

    She should hide out for a while. I don’t think poor trashy Britney understands people aren’t watching her because she’s a no-talent having, pedophilia-inspiring, pop-rock princess like she used to be, but instead she’s like a good car wreck that automatically makes you twist your head to watch.

    It’s not really sad to watch this anymore because she has enough money that I’ll get a good laugh over seeing her broke by thirty.

  • perez

    anne heche redo

  • Pimpcessa

    Holy Shit she’s morphing into Courtney Love right in front of our eyes.

  • Courtney

    Aww! Im let down that Brit isnt hosting anymore!!! That sucks!

  • Cynthia

    Hahahahaha!!!! Britney looks like Anthony Keidis from the shoulders up!

  • bdj

    I can just see Brit Brit and K-fed on Judge Mabeline’s Divorce Court fighting over K-fed jr and K-fed II. K-fed will have baby mama Shar as a character witness and Brit Brit will have Paris(the hooker with the heart of gold) as her character witness.
    Brit Brit really needs to come back down to earth and buy a good pair of panties.

  • malibumom

    She needs some sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid-nitric acid-absolute alcohol-xylene-benzene- and a whole host of other strong acids and solvents to clean her tail-ewwwwwwwwwwww! A thong won’t be good enough she needs some of grandma Ella Jo’s big drawers made of 200% cotten and lined with antibacterial cloth-goodness-Can you imagine the germs that are in her car and the cars she rides in? I bet she smells like limberger cheese! Ummpf

  • leis

    britney is a laughing stock…………… i dont know what to say anymore, nobody’s going to defend her anymore because she lost her dignity already………….. i thought after showing up for the first time after giving birth in a preppy attire looking classy and slim, it was a teaser for a better and sophisticated Britney… obviously it wasn’t after all…. Oh Britney, you blew it!

  • K

    This whole friendship thing seems a bit odd to me. Britney went from being “in love” with k-fed and now all of a sudden she’s best friends with Paris? Their relationship seems a bit more than just friendhship; the constant companionship, the hand-holding, the weird stocking’s exchange. Oh yea and those weird crotch shots…what is that about? You know you are constantly photographed, wear underwear!!! Even if it’s for publicity, it’s just sick…

  • paris herpes

    Weird cause on TV they said she was still hosting with Paris…not sure what’s going on, but it’s a friendship/publicity stunt that’ll soon wear off…

  • nessa & zaccy

    don’t be so mean people. brit is a person too

  • nessa & zaccy

    but she can be a little over the top, i must say.