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Ben & Jen GQ It Up

Ben & Jen GQ It Up

Jennifer Garner showed up to support hubby Ben Affleck (pictured below) for last night’s GQ 2006 Men of the Year Awards for the magazine’s 11th Annual Men of the Year issue in West Hollywood. Ben was profiled amidst Oscar buzz for his role as TV Superman George Reeves in Hollywoodland.

Leonardo DiCaprio, Will Ferrell and Jay-Z have all been named GQ magazine’s 2006 men of the year.

In not one of her best looks to date, Jen donned an aubergine minidress with interesting detailing and peep-toe heels. What do you think of Jen‘s short hair?

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jennifer garner short hair 01
jennifer garner short hair 02
jennifer garner short hair 03
jennifer garner short hair 04
jennifer garner short hair 05
jennifer garner short hair 06
jennifer garner short hair 07
jennifer garner short hair 08
jennifer garner short hair 09
jennifer garner short hair 10
jennifer garner short hair 11
jennifer garner short hair 12
jennifer garner short hair 13
jennifer garner short hair 14
jennifer garner short hair 15
jennifer garner short hair 16

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  • k

    I think she looks great!

  • AllieOop

    The shoes are the least of her problems. That dress looks like the one I bought at Gunne Sax in 1995 for my junior prom.

  • suspicious_package

    I think she looks lovely. Dress and shoes aside (I think we’ve all seen worse) I like the way she took her time getting back into shape after Violet. There seems to be a competition in H-wood to get as stick-thin as possible after giving birth.


    I think she looks awesome!! I hope she doesn’t try to get any thinner than she already is. She has a great body. Her dress isn’t my favorite, but she looks great. Her hair looks good too. I am not a fan of super long straight do nothing with it hair.

  • Heather

    She looks mar-ve-lous !!! And so does Ben.

  • Heather

    Jen’s dress is really pretty, the shoes are nice, her hair looks good. Ben looks handsome. ‘Nough said!

  • Michelle

    She looks like a man. Look at that face and those shoulders…she’s a MAN!!!

  • http://jailbird jailbird

    they are both as boring as watching paint dry

  • http://jailbird jailbird

    and besides I still have not forgotten that Ben chased after Jlo got rid of poor Chris Judd(nice guy) and then cheated on Jlo with a bunch of hookers. What and insecure person.

  • amy

    beautiful and sweet, both of them.

  • Jillian

    Beatiful couple. I love them. I wonder when they are going to have another baby. Their little girl Violet is a doll.

  • Denise Richards

    They both look beautiful. A very handsome couple.

  • Denise Richards

    Oh yeah, and they are good people to boot.

  • mimi

    She’s trying to be sexy and seductive like JLo. What happened to the simple Jen?

  • Coolone

    i Dunno but to me she looks like she walked str8 off the corner in some of these pics. yes she had the same outfit on. but some poses and faces she looks lil strung out. her bodys back, but is the person?

  • Lynn

    She looks awesome. Ben must feel lucky!

  • Original jpf

    Love them much and she looks DAYUM great! One couple on my short list of celeb’s relationships I think are gonna make it all the way. Good stuff.


  • Donna A.

    I think they both look really nice. A great looking couple.
    Donna A.

  • Lovin it

    She does look a little funky in a couple pix, but I like the fact that she is natural. No botox for her! I hope she stays like that and doesn’t go the Nicole Kidman way and freezes her forehead.

  • Talise

    She looks hot, she made some fashion faux pas but she’s not atrocious and her hair looks VERY good.

  • Fifi

    She looks just like Rachel Mcadams and that is NOT a good thing!

  • test1

    I can’t see the pictures!

  • http://jailbird jailbird

    I wonder how long it will be before Ben starts his old problems of drinking and gambling.

    He will never be as famous as he once was.

  • http://jailbird jailbird

    do either of them have a movie to premote??….because all this publicity and happy couple with a baby routing after they declared the wanted to keep a low profile.

  • emma

    She looks like a hooker but maybe that’s what Ben wants her to look like.

  • Molly

    Ben and Jen were at the GQ Event because Ben is One of GQ’s Men of the Year.
    Ben has been promoting “Hollywoodland” which he has been getting great reviews and Oscar buzz.
    Some of you people are talking out of the side of your necks.
    The interviewers are asking questions about Violet, Ben just answered the questions.

    Ben and Jen make a nice looking couple.

  • Hollyscoop

    wow! I love the dress, she looks great!!

  • Leslie

    “Not her best look”–whatchu smoking Jared? I think she looks fantastic, the hair’s cute on her.

  • candice

    LOL it’s a man baby!
    Seriously, Jen Affleck should NOT be showing off her arms like that in a strapless gown.
    What happened to women being soft and feminine?

  • Sara

    Not Jen’s best look. She’s uh looking a little manly.

    Ben’s out there promoting himself and his role in Hollywoodland because the award buzz around him is fizzling. Not that I blame him, it’s really competitive in the best supporting actor race this year. For a brief moment, it looked like a sure thing he’d get a nomination but now not so much. He wants one badly so he and Ken Sunshine are doing everything to keep his profile visible.

  • mari

    She looks like Jho except Jho looks pretty and feminine garner looks like a man.

  • jaromir

    Am I the only one who thinks that she’s hideously ugly?

  • jaromir

    Also I should add that, I’ve never seen the appeal of Jennifer Garner, she’s like any average girl that you can see at a local coffe shop. Personally I think she looks like a man.

  • Susie

    Some that are saying she is ugly are out of their minds. Also I think her and Ben make a much better couple than J Lo and Ben. J Lo is also better off with Marc Anthony. Alls well that ends well…..

  • SEx

    they both look great!

  • brass

    They are an AWESOME couple…down to earth and GORGEOUS!! I hope they make it…they seem so real.

  • sultrydame

    They’re looking good. They’re my 2nd favorite couple. ;) (Brangelina rocks to my #1!)

  • http://jailbird jailbird

    Publicists pay and campagin for these prime positions like GQ man of the year and People’s Sexiest man of the year. It’s all about who will pay the most money for the spot and who’s publicist has the most power.

    To tell you the truth I have not heard Ben’s name mentioned anywhere for about 1 year…..actually I thought he gave up acting or couldn’t get a job because of the mess he had become, so for him to get man of the year is a joke.

  • kae

    Just because a woman is muscular doesn’t mean she looks like a man. I think Jennifer Garner is beautiful and healthy looking, unlike a lot of the skeletal women that you find in Hollywood.

  • http://jailbird jailbird

    I like how Ben pimps-out his wife and kid just to keep his name current…..hollywood people are so phony!!

  • Original jpf

    What the hell is wrong with some of you?! You’re so jaded, nasty and depressed acting! Ok, we get it, you won’t be happy until Ben falls off the wagon, Jennifer looks bummed 24/7, and Violet is hanging with Paris! My I hope you aren’t this negative in your life off the web. Sounds like a Dlisted, PH, Celeb T thread here.


  • http://deleted Not convinced

    Why do I keep thinking that Ben Affleck will scr*w up? Because he likes strippers. Even Gwyneth Paltrow basically said he likes the kind of women with big t*ts. He likes the sexy, slutty women. Far cry from his wife. He has been a drinker and a gambler. All those Las Vegas trips were not for nothing. Unless he’s truly cleaned up his act, I think the little imp is still in him somewhere. I hope he doesn’t break Garner’s heart. Recently he said he honestly doesn’t know what Garner sees in him. That’s not good. Makes me believe he knows something we don’t. He’s a typical politician pursuing a career. Facade.

  • http://deleted Not convinced

    The censored word above was SL*TTY.

  • Jordyn

    The only question I have is….what the HELL is the problem with the two of them being photographed together….come on the secrets out, everyone knows you’re married….get over yourselves!

  • Courtney

    Her hair & makeup look awful!!
    The dress & body look great.

  • vibe

    why do i get the feeling that he is not happy in the relationship?
    Time will tell, i guess.

  • auntlovie

    You guys are really harsh! They are not my favorite couple (angie and Brad are), but my first thought was…wow, she FINALLY got some style to her dressing. She has always had a matronly look! I think they both look great compared to hundreds of other pics of them! God Bless them and their little daughter.

  • Lina

    Purple is not her color But she is very pretty

  • Kate

    Ben Affleck GQ’s man of the year, yeah keep dreaming. If you had read the article some of you need to read the blurb. It said that Leonardo,Jay-z and Will Ferrel were the men of the year, Ben wishes that he was. He was just there to promote himself like he was on Ellen yesterday. Since the movie he had semi good reviews came out way back in September he needs to remind the voter that he is worthy of a nomination for the Golden Globes or if he is extremely lucky and Oscar buzz,but I doubt it the buzz that was around him was way before real actors with great roles started to come out.

  • magna

    Ben only looks happy if people are praising and liking him, and if his career is going well. He feeds off others’ opinions of him. He really is an insecure guy. He sounded really excited to have more babies on the Ellen show (being sarcastic here). I have a feeling once he gets the praise and wins the Oscar to get validation for himself, he’s gonna start reverting back to his old bad habits. Mark. my. words.