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Jennifer Connelly: Pregnant Again!?

Jennifer Connelly: Pregnant Again!?

Well HELLO baby bump!! It seems that Jennifer Connelly is expecting once again! At least three months along from the look of things. These pictures were taken last night at a special screening of her new film, Blood Diamond, at NYC’s Museum of Modern Art. Blood Diamond co-stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Djimon Hounsou.

Jen arrived with hubby Paul Bettany (both 35), who seemed to be rubbing her tummy. Proud parents of yet another child, perhaps? If so, congrats to them both. I love Paul and Jen to bits!! Thanks Stacey for the tip!!

Paul and Jennifer share a 3-year-old son, Stellan Bettany. They also have a 9-year-old son Kai Dugan, from Jen‘s previous relationship with photographer David Dugan.

Jennifer ConnellyThe Late Show with David Letterman, 11/30

Jennifer Connelly shared two very funny and heartwarming stories during yesterday’s taping of The Late Show with David Letterman. For those of you who can’t watch the video above, here are the two stories:

MY DADDY THE SITH LORD: Paul and Stellan almost spent last night in a French prison. Jen shared that the father-son pair were in Nice on their way home when they were stopped at passport control. Stellan has an American passport while Paul has a British one. Stellan‘s photo was taken when he was a week old, he’s three now, so he’s completely unrecognizable. Stellan exchanges words with the passport officer:

Stellan: I’M LUKE!
Passport Officer #1: Excuse me?
Stellan: I’M LUKE!

Passport Officer calls over another officer.

Passport Officer #2: [points to Paul] Who is this person? Is that your father?
Stellan: No, that’s not my daddy.

Passport Officer calls police over.

Police: Who is this man? What is this man’s name?
Stellan: That’s Darth Vader.
Police: Where do you live?
Stellan: Return of the Fick.

Haha! Stellan‘s way of saying Revenge of the Sith, apparently. “And it so happened that those were the only three people in the world who hasn’t seen Star Wars,” Jen joked. “So this went on for a little while until someone finally figured it out and went [imitates Darth Vader's breathing].” They even confiscated Stellan‘s plastic light saber as well! Poor kid. They’re both safe and back home in Brooklyn now, Jen happily reported.

BABOONS GONE WILD :: The Blood Diamond was filmed in South Africa and Mozambique, so Paul, Jen, and Stellan went on a safari one time. They stayed at a hotel that was all glass overlooking the wilderness. After returning from a dip in the pool and not having locked their glass-sliding door, they experienced their first wildlife experience in the apartment. (Jen and Paul have argued over who actually left the door unlocked.)

Jen shared, “I found a 5-foot-tall baboon on the bed eating a chocolate bar (it was a Mars bar) and his buddy was bouncing up and down on the couch. Another guy’s swinging from the curtains.” Luckily the park rangers handled the situation after Jen ran away screaming…

And without naming names, Jen even compared the behavior of actors to baboons: “They had completely drained the mini bar. Literally. They had just trashed the room entirely. As it turns out baboons are kind of at the same evolutionary stage as a lot of actors. Drained mini bar. Footprints on the wall. It’s nuts!” You can read Paul‘s uncensored version of the story here.

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  • Ann

    So I wasn’t the only person wondering (and hoping, maybe?) that this lovely duo might have another one on the way! That passport story is hilarious. It always seems like something memorable is happening to these two. I think Paul’s account of the baboon story is slightly more explicit than Jen’s, but it’s still, they’re completely wonderful! Except, good God, that belt of hers is doing the worst possible things ever to her really fabulous rack.

  • Ann

    And to be a total loser and display just how much of a Paul-freak I am, I’m going to point out that it’s almost ludicrous that anyone would have a hard time believing Paul was Stellan’s father because Stellan looks JUST like his big daddy!

  • Alessandra

    Sexy LEO! I’m going to go see a sneak preview of this movie on Saturday. Jennifer is so sweet. Good luck to her and Paul if she is indeed pregnant. That story she told about her son at the airport was so cute.

  • Maud

    OK, blame the French’s habit to dub all movies and change the words around, as it happens very often… Darth Vader is really Dark Vador in French speaking countries.

    OK the air police officers were probably not very bright, but I have to add it’s not easy to understand a 3 year old who doesn’t speak your language. Still… not very bright!

  • Amy

    A dress that tight over the tummy makes anyone look pregnant. That’s not a baby bulge. That’s smaller than the bump Reese is pressing charges over.

  • Callie

    Doesn’t this lady have TWO sons? Where was the other and why no cute story about him. I HATE when a parent does that – how does she think her older and equally cute son will feel about it? I hate when parents do this – they move on with their NEW family and where is the other to fit in??

  • bdj

    JC is a good actress. She was good in “A beautiful Mind”. I guess celebrity baby bump watch is the new tabloid/blogging pastime. However, celebrity bashing will never go out of style (even if the person is not the topic of the thread).

  • Stacey

    You’re welcome Jared, and thanks for posting the interview!!! Jenn looks gorgeous as always. The Luke story is so adorable! They always have the cutest stories about their kids. I thought it was a definite bump, btw because in the pictures I was looking at on gettyimages, there are alot of pictures of them laughing as he’s palming her stomach, and there is a bump there. The way that bump is, so low on the stomach, indicates pregnancy to me. They’ve said they want more kids and this is Paul’s year to work coming up (they split years to work) so it would be good timing for them.

  • kae

    I love Jennifer Connelly. She’s classically beautiful and a great actress.

  • Observer

    Callie: that was a funny and cute post… seems to be out of nowhere, but obviously you had something specific in mind and were angry because of it. :).

  • Samantha G

    Leo and Djimon Hounsou are going to be on OPRAH on Monday Dec 4! I wish Leo would appear onConan, how come he never appears on talk shows (except Oprah)?

  • brian gordon

    this site may be of interest to your readers…

  • Callie


    Thankyou! I have never sent in any comments but I come to this site often. While I read the above about Jennifer Connelly that “they also have 9 year old son Kai………” and yet nothing more was said (by Jennifer, not this site) about the older boy. All the cute things were said by Jennifer about ‘their’ son. That kind of thing happens so often, not just with the stars and perhaps I am sensitive toward it (though not angry). Nonetheless it happens all the time and I was just wondering if anyone else noticed it. So far no one but me has commented on it!!!


  • Stacey

    Callie, she usually mentions both…the last interview I saw she was talking about how much Stellan adores older son Kai and how much he looks up to him. I think in this instance, that circumstance just happened that day and she told the story. Kai was not with Paul, just Stellan, so I think that’s why he wasn’t mentioned.

  • Ali

    I totally think she is pregnant. Looks like a baby bump to me, her hips look a little rounder and so do her breasts. Either way she looks good. Curious to see if she really is or not.

  • Nida

    To what Callie said… Well I don’t think this goes for Jen & Paul. (Moving on with the “new” family, leaving the son from her previous relationship behind or something.) They have cute and lovely stories about both of the children, and Paul absolutely dotes on his stepson Kai. (You should watch his appearance on Ellen, for example, where he tells this sweet story involving the older son, a sleepover party and pancakes.) If you watch/read/listen to more interviews of this couple, you will see that both of the kids are equally loved by both Jennifer and Paul and they don’t have a “favourite” kid or something. I think they handle their little family very well. They seem like remarkable celebrity parents to me, and like a very solid, devoted and affectionate (and unbelievably sexy, stylish & beautiful ^^) couple. And if there’s a third kid on the way (I certainly would love that), I wish them all the best!

  • Callie

    Hi – thanks for all the positive comments about my first comment posted this morning. You are right – I should watch and listen more – this was just a spur of the moment thing I read and felt it was a little sad for the older boy, and it seemed to fit a pattern (not specifically with this couple though). I’ve not really seen/read much on his couple and their family. Will see what else I can find.

    Thanks again, it’s been a great first experience commenting on here for me.


  • chanelconspiracy

    Awww! You just don’t take a three-year olds light saber! My nephew would have cried his little heart out if the same thing happened to him.

    Not so sure about the pregnancy stuff. I am so f****ing over the ‘bump watch’ hysteria – I don’t mean JJ per se, just in general. I just don’t think it’s anyone’s place to speculate.

  • http://deleted Donna

    2nd reminder – don’t forget to see ladykiller Leo on Oprah this coming Monday. I think he likes Oprah because he respects her for her charity work, etc. He’s very good when he’s on her show. Leo has a lot of confidence and charm. You’ll see.

  • Nida

    Callie, if you’re interested you could watch another one of Jennifer Connelly’s appearances on the Letterman show (from 2005), where she told a lovely story about the whole family’s stay in Europe. It’s the first three minutes of the videoclip and pretty cute. :)

    I understand what you meant with your first comment here, and I agree that it’s really sad that some parents prefer one of their children over the others, or decide to just focus on the kids they have with a new partner and neglect the children from previous relationships. That’s a really awful thing to do to a child. But it definitely isn’t the way Jennifer C. & treats her children, I’m sure.

  • LoveJen

    I love Jennifer so much. I’m so happy that she was wearing black tights in those pics. Her legs are a national treasure and she should show them off more often. Wrap those lovely gams in black nylon more often Jen!!!!!

    You Rock!

  • Hanna

    I allways think she prefer Kai, on speach os Oscar she thanks for him… and she say everything about him… even what caind of music Kai likes….
    It was sad, maybe on another part of the Letterman show she had talk… because it´´s just one part.
    And once she said… that she falling in love for Paul, ´cause the way he cares of Kai.

    And I hope she is pregnant.

    Sorry for my english