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Tom & Katie: 'Great Honeymoon!'

Tom & Katie: 'Great Honeymoon!'

Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, and baby Suri are back safe and sound from their honeymoon in Maldives. They were spotted departing from Male International Airport via Tom‘s private Gulf Stream jet. Looks like they had a fun, relaxing time spending time together as a family!

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  • +greenpeace+

    FIRST!!!! Yay =p

  • Susie

    Enough about that kid. Who cares. It is just some celebrity kid. Normal looking too. There is nothing extraordinary about this baby at all. It’s Dad needs to cut off those stupid bangs. I can’t stand him anymore anyway. He is a nut job…

  • Susie

    Is it me or can you all remember when he was all over Nicole!!! Funny he is all over this Katie girl. I wonder how long this will last? He has already been through two of these. He has had enough practice in the dumping business. It is always him who does the dumping too…

  • dean

    Tom is such a good father. He even takes his kids on his homomoon.
    OH WAIT! there is only one kid there.
    Where are the other two?

    Oh that’s right…..he only needs them when he can’t use toddler Suri for the photo ops.
    My bad.

  • Kalista Brat

    I saw better photos at! just click on the enlarged photos and it will blow up the picture to the size of the screen!I looked up close at Suri’s face in them and I have to say she is really really really gorgeous!

  • tanique

    she really is a cutie.

  • Jules

    Good for them. That is the most beautiful baby. They look happy.

  • anustin

    eerrrrkkk……enough with gaytom!

  • SEx

    lovely family!

  • jen

    I love this family ! They look happy and Suri ‘s an adorable little doll!

  • Hugo

    to Dean : you ‘re a bit pathetic ! They took baby Suri on their honeymoon because she’s a BABY !!!!! Anyway did you see Nicole with Bella and Connor …???????????

  • paola

    Suri is a beauty ! She’s amazing! love her!


    I’m not big on these two but I will say that they look rested and happy. And I have to say that Suri Cruise is easily the prettiest celebrity baby out there, just no contest.

  • Courtney

    Katie & baby look great!!

  • Mediterranean

    At last, she has something nice to wear, including her wedding dress unfortunately.

    Tom might be gay or bisexual, Tom believes in something most of us find very strange but he doesn’t harm anybody. He doesn’t make anybody’s life hell. All the ex-s, except the first wife, say nice things about him. The rest is not our business.

    Suri is beautiful baby, her eyes to die for!

  • Observer

    Katie looks naturally beautiful in these pictures. The baby is cute like all babies are!


    Suri looks like an average baby – and in the recent wedding pics has bags, jowls and a bulbous nose like a lot of wee ones. There’s no shame in that, she’s a baby, that’s what MOST babies look like – but what’s clear to me now, is that these two parents, for whatever reason, are ashamed of what she looks like (i.e., a normal average looking baby), and so they have to style her hair like she’s an adult, and try to match her to her those airbrushed glossy VF pics.

    The kid looks NOTHING like she did in the mag. Her hair is even a normal thickness for a kid who has hair…it’s not even unusually thick…I caught a bald spot in some of the wedding pics.

    …and that is really what worries me about these two, why are you trying to Vidal Sassoon your 7 month old, and glam an infant up???

    That’s just sick.

    I mean I know what’s driving ol’ Tom…I think when Suri came out she not only did not look like Tom, she didn’t look like Katie either — and probably as a newborn wasn’t the most perfect looking baby, so that’s why they waited, and then released the VF fakery, and why they are now styling her and poofing her up.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if when she wakes up they douse her face in ice water to keep those bags at bay.

  • reality

    CLINIQUA – you have a serious problem – bad mouthing and trying to start fights on websites – putting down a baby please!!!!– you are one of the very BAMZS fans that goes absolutely foul mouthed insane if anyone makes a remark about your idols that you don’t agree with, like or just plain misunderstand. What is wrong with you? Seriously, something is way off. Take your post and insert Angelina, Brad and Shiloh in all the places that you have Katie, Tom and Suri. Maybe someone will do if for you and post it on the BAMZS thread with your name.

  • pr person

    Wow… Tom sure looks … …….tiny….

    I disagree with the comment that he isn’t harming anyone. What about his ignorant comments and beliefs regarding psyciatrists, medication, anti depression meds, PPD, etc….? These comments could be extremely harmful to someone who won’t seek help or comes off their medication because of Toms Cruise’s remarks.


    Oh shut-up fool — I said nothing insulting about Suri, just that she looks like a normal to average infant, not the glossy baby featured in VF. …and you can whine all you want, it’s very evident that baby spends almost an equal amount of time in ‘hair & makeup’ as Tom and Katie, maybe more.

  • Capriciousdiva


  • NYCGalnVA

    While Suri may be cute, she sure is not the age they claim she is! Why is a 7 month old wearing hard sole shoes?? She must be walking then and just bypassed the crawling stage….I’m just saying…..

  • jan

    You folks just amaze me! Hard sole shoes…? My first baby walked around a coffee table at 6 mos. Bangs, bald spots…geez..a baby has hair in the first 12 mos that falls out, shifts around, changes colors…give it a rest. White clothes..the Maldives are HOT..white is the color of choice in the tropics..Tom is wearing a white jacket, Katie is wearing white pants…Kids missing??? Duh! School you idiots..teams ..etc…Tom and Katie will be back at the Soccer can bet on it. And don’t be surprised if there is not a #2 eventually…via airmail, turkey basters, UFOs…etc…but it will ALSO LOOK JUST LIKE TOM!!!


    Oh brother of course Suri looks different from the Vanity Fair spread that came out, what four or five months ago? She’s four to five months OLDER. But whatever, she’s a gorgeous baby, Katie and Tom should be very proud.

  • gasp

    Def. Suri’s my favorite baby girl of 2006 !

  • Sandbitch

    Suri is nearly as tall as Tom already! You’d think the missus would give the guy a break and leave the elevated shoes at home… Maybe she’s too spoiled rotten and self centered to care.

  • barbara

    Suri ‘s the cuttiest baby I’ve ever seen ! go Tomkat !

  • peope please

    Whether you like Tom or not there is no reason to be so critical of Suri. She’s a beautiful baby and like any parent you like to dress your child up. I don’t think she spends her time at the salon….I think her hair is just growing out like children’s hair do. As far as Isabella and Connor I agree with Jan….they have school and already took a week off in Rome for the wedding. First people are complaining about Tom and Katie not showing off their child and now that she’s being seen a little more often some people are making such awful remarks about the child. And in VF Katie says somewhere that she reads what people have to say. Well If I were her I wouldn’t want to show my child to anyone either. Who wants to hear people talking negatively about your child or your husband. You know all you people who only can say negative things about a baby need to keep it to yourselves!

  • dada

    Cliniqua ———-go away , please! I well know you are a huge brangelina fan ! I think that you ‘re a bit jealous just because you can see with your eyes that Suri is the most beautiful baby in the world !

  • Carla

    I totally agree with peope please… Tom and Katie are good and lovely parents and Suri looks really happy with them !

  • WTF

    “I looked up close at Suri’s face” Good God what in the hell would possess anyone to do that?! That thing is so fugly I can’t stand to see it from far away. Up close the damn thing would burn my retinas. Yikes.

    Did GMD shrink? He looks tinier than ever.

  • kae

    Loved your comment to Cliniqua, very nice!!! I’m not really a fan of TomKat but talking smack about Suri is just ridiculous. People keep bringing up the fact that Suri looks differently than she did when she was in Vanity Fair. Maybe Cliniqua doesn’t understand that ALL magazine photos are touched up, even the ones that feature Brad, Angelina and their children. Not to mention the fact that infant features change constantly. Of course Suri doesn’t look the same as she did in the magazine, she’s older now.

  • anonymous

    Bella and Connor are home schooled by one of Tom’s sisters using Scientology methods.

  • Posh_Fan

    WTF: Get a life!! I cant believe some of you picking on a little baby! Hate on Tom and Katie as much as you like but Suri is a beautiful child and she looks the same as she did in those VF pics only a bit older.

  • Eli

    Suri is beautiful, her eyes have an amazing colour. Katie looks great, tom should cut his hair.
    They are a wonderful family.

  • aimee

    i think they comb the baby’s hair that way to cover up her birthmark..

    She’s a cute baby but nothing amazing.. and that is ok, why does she have to be the most beautiful? She just is cute and will probably look even cuter as she gets older. Babies change in appearance every few months..

  • laura

    Eli Says:

    December 1st, 2006 at 8:44 pm

    Ok finally home I see

    What makes them a wonderful family? just curious…

  • Jooles

    I’m just wondering…it the official wedding photo, Tom and Katie were “cheek to cheek” – in these photos, she TOWERS over him, even in flats. Things that make you go hmmmm….

  • hjhjs


  • Molly

    Hey that Susie! Say something nice, man, stop being a witch. I think your jealous over Tom & Katie!

  • Just Wondering!!!

    Suri is quite an attractive baby. She is not the most beautiful baby in the world. She is not even close. She is a baby and time will tell, whether or not she will be beautiful.

    I noticed something that strikes me as odd. I noticed in the above pictures (2), (3)and (5) that Suri does not look at her parent’s, she looks away from them. In a couple of pictures Suri appears as though she does not want to be in her mom’s arms. This is an observation. I am wondering based on this observation, if Suri has autism or Asperger’s Syndrome. Just wondering and I mean no harm. I can’t understand why she would want to get away from her own mom. Most babies turn toward their parents to be protected.

    Just Wondering!!!

  • pat

    Just wondering, I noticed that too, re., suri faced away. My take on it is she is older then just 6-7 mos and she is trying to get down. You know how little ones are when they are first walking, they want to go go go! If she has had free run on the boat for a week, then now can’t be down doing her own thing….

  • ABC

    I do think baby Suri is very adorable. I actually think she looks exactly like Cruise.

    Now — my question though — how could anyone still think that Tom Cruise is a “good” person is beyond me. Sorry all — I mean, Tom Cruise is a nut job. His criticsm on things he knows nothing about other than what Scientology says (about “there’s no such thing as a mental illness”, psychiatry is a hoax), is horrible and without based (again, OTHER than his beliefs).

    I’d understand if someone says they love Cruise coz they think he’s a good actor — that’s understandable. But to say “he’s a great guy” or worse “a great father” (why? just coz he parades his kids around?) — I just don’t understand.

  • ingram

    Some pple are stupid, why don’t you go and insult your friends and leave this pple alone.
    the baby is looking away! isn’t it that babies can become reckless and move about and how do you know Suri want’s to get away, why not think maybe the photographer captured those moments, why do u pple have to be insulting all the time. Gees!!!!!!

  • MM

    a nut job? how do you know maybe you are one, come on ABC, maybe you know some nut jobs hmmm! maybe you hate Cruise, maybe you are not/will not be a good parent, maybe maybe maybe maybe, come on ABC you really make me sick and you too Cliniqua, what an ugly name

  • ihatethefans

    Suri is an adorable baby, an angel for me. i don’t know because the people hate this baby. God bless Suri and her parents, be strong Suri you are the best.

  • Joannie

    Suri is a cutie pie, there is no doubt; however, she CAN walk. She is trying to push off her mom in these pixs so she can get down and walk. It’s not that unusual for an almost 7-8 month old to walk, but I do believe she might be older [closer to one year]. She doesn’t look like a baby anymore. She’s very large for a 7 month old, which makes me think she’s at least a few months older.

  • pat

    Joanie……Even if a baby of 7 mos can walk, they do not have the maturity to push off from their moms the way Suri is doing. She really looks like she can be quite a pistol!!
    I agree, she does look a few months older then 6-7 months. Not just her size but her actions and the way she seems to hold herself, she must be closer to 1 year.

  • dean

    Compare Suri (size and actions) to Violet Affleck, whom just turned 1 yr yesterday.
    Do they look and act like there is 5 months between them?

    I DON’T THINK SO!!!!

  • website for scums

    OH shut the hell up people! The baby is 7 months old and LOOKS her age! Autism for fucks sake??? What is wrong with you morons? Whoever said that, don’t be surprised with you end up having a child with autism! Remember Karma? Keep talking shit and you’ll see it will all come back and slap you in your fat face!