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Wentworth Miller Puffs Up

Wentworth Miller Puffs Up

Here’s the account of one lucky woman’s run-in with Prison Break‘s Wentworth Miller… in a puffy coat:

OMG I finally did it, I got to meet Wentworth Miller. We had gotten called back for another PB shoot and of course our scenes had nobody that we knew in them BUT at the same location they were filming another scene afterwards which had Wentworth, Dominic, Paul, and Sara all there!! At the last minute after we were done with our scenes, they told us that 3 people had cancelled as extras and they needed volunteers. Of course we raised our hands immediately!! We were escorted upstairs to a holding area that overlooked below where the actors were shooting at. Sara was down there first so I got to see a lot of her. She is very tall and skinny and very pretty in person. After she did her scene they started setting up for Wentworths scene and I was so excited I was gonna get to see him this time for sure. Well I went downstairs to see if I could catch a glimpse or something and the crew guy told me that if I was hungry I could go get some coffee and snacks in the breakroom. So I wandered in there and who did I see? Wentworth and Sara!! They were engaged in conversation and it was just them in the room. I walked over to the snacks pretending like I didn’t know who the hell they were. Then I saw my chance. Sara had sat down and Wentworth picked up a paper and was just standing there so I went up to him and told him what a huge fan I was and asked if I could get a picture with him. I had never been so nervous in my entire life! At that time my husband had come in with the camera. Wentworth said “Sure” and he put his arm around me I got my picture. I said “thank you” and he walked off to do his scene. I got to watch him the whole time while he was filming. At dinner I got to sit right behind him and Paul, it was amazing!! Then later on we were doing a different scene and Wentworth was right next to me!! All I have to say is that He is absolutely gorgeous in person just as hot as on tv if not hotter. His eyes are so big and beautiful. They looked like a blue/green color.

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  • Misha

    WOOT first comment!!! YOUR SO LUCKY! n dang hes looking hot

  • Margaret

    WOW she is so lucky.I would die to have that chance.Lucky her!

  • ggg


  • Estelle

    Well, it’s great for her, way to go girl….lucky indeed.

  • dpblu

    awww how sweet man, Went’s so sweet whever he takes a picture with someone, a fan, he always has his arms around them. Such a lovely guy, i love him!

  • kmillz

    wow she’s is one ugly lucky woman….i would of tried to seduce him right there…lmao just kidding

  • dizzyclover

    So where are they filming?? And did Wentworth and Sara do a scene together???

  • oh-la

    I wonder if this bitch knows Jared re-printed her blog and photo? (without asking probably?????)
    kmillz – lmao at ‘ugly’ !!!! I guess it had to said…ha ha ha

  • oh-la

    oooh! it converted one of my words! ***** = B*tch

  • Softspoken

    Wentworth gets hotter by the second!!!! What a lucky girl! Iam sooo jealous.

  • Melissa

    =O Lucky biotch! I wanna meet Wentworth! =P

  • LAB

    kmillz and oh-la, that was very rude of you and not to mention immature. What are you guys, 5? ROLLEYES!! GROW UP!

    Thanks, JJ! What a lucky lady.

  • Twinkie76

    Hi I am the one who met him. I did not give my permission for this photo to be copied or my blog for that matter. I have respect for Wentworth and I did not mean for this to happen. I am just a fan who wanted a picture.

  • stankbreaf

    Hey how tall are you twinkie? I wanna compare my height with your so i can get a feel of how tall he is

  • Twinkie76

    I am 5’7 he is about 6′ or 6’1 he is pretty tall

  • http://jailbird jailbird

    Twinkie did he smell of peanutbutter cups??

  • Rachel

    Twinkie you’re sooo LUCKY! Ugh, I’m so jealous! Wenty’s such a panty creamer, LMFAO!!!

  • Nancy

    YOU ARE SSSOOO LUCKY!!! I am so happy for you, I would LUV to meet him in person

  • kmillz

    eww rachel…i mean really panty creamer.lmao…..congrats to lab for never insulting anyone in her life. It obvious im in a jealous rage but hey if she’s ugly she’s ugly

  • stankbreaf

    Come on now she is not ugly! How would you look standing next to wentworth lol! I’m sure if she were standing next to your average joe she would look decent.

  • Twinkie76

    Ok first of all I am not ugly! That was a horrible picture of me, I was exhausted from shooting all day and night and it was snowing outside so thats why we were all wearing jackets. If you want to see what I usually look like you can check out my photos on myspace. Unfortunately though because of all this I had to make my site private. Also that is not all of the blog either.

  • oh-la

    but vain…

  • http://deleted Lisa Marie

    Congrats Twinkie! Some of the gals (er children) here are jealous, rude losers. Don’t listen to them. Wentworth is a complete hottie! You’re the one who got to hug that big hunk of man. The rest of us can only dream of what that might be like.

  • Twinkie76

    Thanks Lisa

  • Smurf061

    What else was in the blog?

  • oh-la

    I think JJ has done the correct thing now in blocking her face… cos you can’t just nick someone’s photo and post it all over the net without asking. I’ve seen this girls Wentworth pic and blog copied on several sites now, none of them with her permission, that sucks. It’s so rude that these people think they have the right to do that. She posted it on her own page and all the crazy Wentworth fans nicked it – starting at the freak-central church. I wouldn’t want to have my image associated with a bunch of mentally challenged fantasists either!!

  • Blitsta

    Twinkie, how did you get cast as an extra?

  • atropos

    omg. w0w! :D

  • dewt

    one word for wentworth OVERRATED!!!!!!!!!! GROW SOME HAIR

  • LAB

    kmillz, I wasn’t insulting you sweetie. Unlike you, I’m not that low. I was stating a fact.

  • Keiko

    Hey Twinkie, forget about that people, you’re not ugly at all (well, you know that) and I’m really happy for you. Wow, you met Wentworth, and he was with Sarah, awwww, you lucky girl. Thanks for sharing this with us, I’m sorry it was without permission though. Kisses hun! Awww, lucky you!!!!

  • Twinkie76

    He didn’t smell like peanut butter cups but there were peanut butter cups in the room lol! He had just got there so I don’t think he had eaten any yet. I was too nervous to examine what he was eating haha.

  • cocot13

    I’m sure Sarah’s husband is gonna be thrilled to hear his wife was flirting AGAIN with Went he better get down to that set STAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Twinkie76

    thanks Keiko thats sweet :)

  • Mink

    Personally I think that blog entries are free game for posting on other sites if they are left public, and the sites linking them are not for profit and respectful of what was posted (blog entries are now included in Google Alerts). This was definitely the case with regard to the Church (the mentally challenged fantasists had the manners to post a thank you and absolutely no derogatory comments were made with regard to Twinkie’s appearance). However, I agree that a ‘for profit’ blog should ask for permission.

    Twinkie, for my part, let me repeat, thanks so much for posting such a great write up of your encounter. You’re very lucky, and we’re all more than a little envious. Apologies if the re-posting of your encounter anywhere has caused you grief.

  • Amy

    panty creamer?! revolting bunch of people u are!

    i read these trashy sites…but i’m going stay away from the comments section. absolutely disgusting and vulgar comments.

  • kjlee

    Twinkie, please don’t be so upset for this happening and just focus on the fact that you brought us joy! I am so happy to see Wentworth again (when exactly this photo is taken?) and glad to know he’s kind to his fans.
    I thank you for these things and envy you. Look at his arms around you!

    Maybe man in the mirror is your husband, correct? Did he take a chance to take a picture with Sarah? haha

  • Isabella

    so they were filming where it was snowing Twinkie? where was it at? couldn’t have been dallas, right?
    anyway, pretty cool picture, glad for you that you got to meet him!

  • Twinkie76

    I’m not mad I just don’t want to get into trouble with the fox people thats all because of my blog. But at least I didn’t have any spoliers in there which is what they don’t like. We filmed on Thursday near downtown dallas. We had an arctic blast come through which is why it was snowing. thanks everyone for all your great comments. I’m glad I could brighten your day. I’m still in shock over the whole Went experience myself. All I can say is it may have been freezing outside but it was definately HOT inside lol!

  • Mink

    Twinkie, I’m sure you won’t get into trouble. You just posted details of a fan encounter Wentworth was obviously happy to have, and as you say, you didn’t post any spoilers. That’s what they get all bent out of shape about, as far as I’m aware. Once again, thanks for sharing.

  • gime miller/scofield

    omg twinkie!!!

    dont listen to what this ppl are saying about you! you are beatiful no mather what

  • gime miller/scofield

    huh..why didnt the whole thing come up??

  • Twinkie76

    ok i made my site public again for anyone who wants to see what I usually look like lol. Check out my funny videos and let me know what you think!

  • gime miller/scofield

    i only meet sucre, c-note and LJ and i made a fool out of myself infront of sucre:P
    when he huged me…the only thing that came out of my mouth was”jean paul” couse he smelled like it..and he just laughed so hard:P

    hey i got a Q:
    how did sara look like whit the short hair, was it good?

  • Twinkie76

    it was cute, it wasn’t that short, like shoulder length

  • Mink

    Oh yes, Sara’s hair. Twinkie, do you mind answering – has Sarah Wayne Callies really had her hair cut, or was it a wig? Could you tell?

  • nicoo

    damn you’re so lucky! i wanna meet hem to!

  • http://jailbird jailbird

    Hey Twinke your beautiful enough to have Wentworth’s arm around you….. Santa came early for you Twinkie. Forgive all the rude comments, it’s call professional-jealousy…..they’re not really mad at you, they just wish it was them.

    I guess he hadn’t eaten the peanutbutter cups yet, so that look on his face is hunger.

  • Twinkie76

    it was her real hair for sure! no wig

  • RachelCatalina

    Did you get to meet Dominic, too? Just curious if he had grown his hair out like Wentworth? Also, did Went say anything about the longer hair on himself?