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Violet Affleck Turns 1 Year Old!

Violet Affleck Turns 1 Year Old!

Flynet‘s got some new pictures of Jennifer Garner and daughter Violet Affleck on her first birthday, which was yesterday. Jen took baby Violet out to lunch at Italian restaurant “Amici” in Brentwood, CA. Looks like they were accompanied by a female friend with no daddy Ben Affleck in sight.

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  • Anna

    cute!!!!But where’s daddy??

  • Courtney


  • jamie

    Jen seems to be a great mom and Violet is really cute !!! :)

  • Jess

    Aww! Violet is so cute! Happy birthday missus! xxx

  • Baby

    Sorry but her baby is not that cute, she looks like Ben, not pretty, i hope she will look better when she grows up. She is also quite small for a 1 yr old, surprisingly as Jennifer and Ben are both tall and big people.

  • Eli

    Happy Birthday Violet!
    She’s so cute, I think she looks a lot like Jennifer

  • yellow rose

    People who say nasty hurtful thing about children on these blogs
    are LOWER than WHALE – SH*T !!!!!!

  • gs

    Aww… Violet is really sooooooooooooooo cute!:)

  • http://deleted Annie

    The baby is cute, but not beautiful. I think she will grow up to be beautiful, though.

  • GoodMama

    Now that’s how you do it. JG just beams with her kid and enjoys time spent with her. You don’t ever see helpers. Britney Spears needs to take a page and put her kid(s) first and not Paris and partying.

  • right


  • jea


  • jea


  • http://jailbird jailbird

    its always bad new when you have to pimp-out you 1 year old daughter to get publicity.

  • Anon

    Violet = aiight, not beautiful. Too bad her looks come from her daddy…

  • malibumom

    They are both adorable-Jen is the real deal-well raised and down to earth-just what affleck needed-


    If that was Angelina out eating w/ her kids alone, the haters would be screaming ‘BREAK-UP!!!!’ and dancing in the streets. lolol

    Cute Mommy and baby.

  • myo

    Cute ? You’ve got to be kidding, she has an ugly jaw, dumbo ears and small eyes. Dumb and dumber, that kid looks as stupid as her parents

  • remember da truth

    Glad she got some mommy and daughter time together and weren’t mobbed. She probably will spend time with family when she gets back home.
    Why is that when a celeb does a normal thing and the paps take pics that immediately people think they are “pimping out their baby for publicity”? What sick mind thinks that? Then if Tom and Katie keep the baby home so you don’t see her out with them when they eat and shop and go places, then they are just trying to drum up publicity that way. You people need to take a chill pill. When you are Ben Affleck and jen Garner, you don’t WANT publicity. Been there, done that, know it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Both had to deal with high-profile romances/breakups. They live low-key lives. Ben is out promoting his MOVIE right now, not the fact that yes, he’s married and had a baby like millions of other people.

    I love that she’s laughing with her baby.

  • fanny

    violet is too cute :))
    i wish i had a baby.
    hapy birthday little princess!!!

  • http://hotmail maria

    I love violet, shes so cute, and she looks like Jenn

  • butterfly

    i think she is adorable and looks like jen.

  • angelah

    aww how cute:-)

  • Jordyn

    Come on we all know why Ben was a no show for his own daughters B-day lunch….god forbid someone get a “family” pic of them…again get over seems anything having to do with the kid it’s all Jennifer, I never see Ben doing anything with her.

  • Kitties

    All babies are cute in their own way. Happy 1st Birthday Violet!

  • anustin


  • evy

    the baby looks like jen are you kidding but have to agree jen look’s like crap and no wonder their not being mobbed she’s so old news and what no daddy no real first birthday party are they so broke cause all the money he spend on Lopez cause it doesn’t look like such a happy family jen look’s real stressed and plain all the time she did look nice at GQ but real life ugh……..

  • k

    Great pictures. Violet is really cute and Jen seems like a great mom. She seems to really enjoy being a mom.

    For the posts that mention Ben not being there, come on, do you really have every meal with your spouse???? It wasn’t her birthday lunch, it was a lunch. I’m guessing her first birthday would be with kids, balloons, cake, etc. DUH!

  • yellow rose

    Some of you are realy Sick NUTS !!!
    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, no wonder these Celebrity have so
    much SECURITY, and just think folks, one of these NUTS could be living
    next door to you ………. Heaven Help Us All

  • Victor Garber

    I don’t particularly find Violet adorable much in the same way I don’t think Coco Arquette is a cute kid. Violet’s eyes are like Chucky the doll. Outside of that one picture of Jennifer laughing she basically looks like crap

  • charone

    Violet is a cute and adorable kid I like her eyes.

    But Mamma don’t look so hot especially in that first picture. she need to eat at that resturant.

  • leis

    i think she’s cute.. though her eyes are quite strong features for a baby girl, but she’s still a cutie. These pictures are private moments just so happened paps are always around. Actually i like it more when I see celebrities looking plain on ordinary days just the rest of us. And Jen just like Angelina are very down to earth and simple when they’re not posing for premiers or presscons.

  • anon

    JG meets Foley on set, becomes engaged, gets married and basically a year later leaves him because she falls in love with Michael Vartan. Two years later she goes to Canada to film a movie and the next thing you know she’s pregnant and married to Ben Affleck. But because she always act like a cute little girl, people never call her bad word… :roll:

  • Mediterranean

    The daughter is cute, just cute!

    The mother is ugly without make-up and hair-do, with them she becomes pretty.

    The father used to have a goodlooking.

  • lc

    anon Says:

    December 3rd, 2006 at 1:51 am
    Thank you anon for posting the facts about Jen. Also she is skinny. Weights less than she did on her TV show but that is not brought up either.

  • angelinammm

    i actually thought this kid was oogley BUT she is prettier by the day

  • Carol Tarkenton

    Iam astonished at the cruelty directed at a child.What is wrong with you people?
    All children are beautiful as are all their loving moms.

  • Robyn

    Ok, she is pimping out her kid? What is she supposed to never leave the house with her? She is a very hands on Mom and trying to live her life for gods sake. She must be pretty confidant to leave the house without hair and makeup to take her daughter to lunch, the fact is if she were trying to pimp out her daughter and was interested in photos and publicity she would really fix herself up don’t you think? I think she seems like a great Mom and very involved with her child, those of you that pick the child and her apart and just grasping. At least you don’t see her going to nightclubs 7 nights a week with no panties flashing the paparazzi but if she were you would talk about that too wouldn’t you? It’s a no win situation with you people.

  • anna

    i love the pics! but somehow I feel like I’m intruding on a private moment here..which is weird since most of the other pics are from the paparazzi anyway.

  • Cathy

    Violet is a Cutie Pie. Violet looks like a Healthy and Happy Baby, that what matters, not some of these Shallow comments insulting her looks. Get a life people.

    These pictures don’t look like Violet’s Birthday Lunch Party Pictures. They look like Jen had lunch with some friends and brought Violet with her.
    This family isn’t going to let the Paparazzi get pictures of a family event such as (Violet’s First Birthday Party). There was probably be a party with Mommy, Daddy, family and close friends later that day.

    There have been plenty of Pictures of Ben with Violet (Holding Her). Ben is Editing his movie “Gone Baby Gone”. So there will be more pics of Violet and Jen together because Jen isn’t working right now and Ben is.

  • Lucia

    i totally agree with Robyn and Cathy’s post. GET A LIFE PEOPLE! no matter what a GOOD MOTHER does, like Jen G., you people will tear her apart. You must have really sad and pathetic lives to do this and actually take pleasure in it. If you want to tear someone apart…go and check out Britney Spears…she’ll give you lots to talk about…as for Jen G and her family…leave them alone. They are very down to earth, loving and real! I wish this family all the love and happiness in this world. Violet is beautiful and so is her mom. Happy Birthday Violet!

  • Mediterranean

    If someone does what she is supposed to do as a mother, she can’t be chosen a good mother. Because she gave a birth to this kid and she has to take care of this child. My daughter is my own responsiblity to take care.

    Concerning Britney, I am not sure because I don’t know her personally, I think she had those two babies just for the idea to have them, it’s kind of fun. Britney can’t even take care of herself well, she seems very immature, she acts like a kid herself, anyway. Hopefully, she’ll be a mother as she is supposed to be one day, hopefully, it is soon!!!

    Violet is cute, not beautiful at all. But there is no ugly baby on this earth either,

  • Robyn

    I beg to differ, you see people have kids all the time and especially when people have money you see the Nanny raising them. When you see someone take their children with them, go hiking with them in a backpack, pushing them in a stroller, taking them out to lunch and including them when they have the oppotunity to leave them that to me is a good mother, not just an average one. That is the difference between being an average mother and one that really tries.

  • Anon

    Jeez, can’t figure out which one is uglier – Violet Affleck or evil-eyed Apple Martin (Gwyneth’s fug baby). You know what? I call it a tie, they both win for the most monstrous looking celebrity babies.

  • Stacey

    What??? Violet is adorable! She is one of the cutest, I think.

  • http://natalie Graziella Heriot

    happy 1st birthday beautiful girl!!! hope you had a wonderful celebration.