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Cate Blanchett on Brad Pitt

Cate Blanchett on Brad Pitt

“It was great to have Brad there, to have that buoyancy. Brad‘s open and funny, and he makes me laugh. He makes me think about the style of a film in a way I hadn’t thought about it before. He asks questions about the script that I wouldn’t even conceive of asking. He’s a very aesthetic being, and I’m probably quite an emotional being. So for me, selfishly, he brings that out in me.” — Cate Blanchett on working with Brad Pitt on their film Babel

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  • Laney


  • Vanessa

    Damn, I’m too slow

  • Passing Through

    Jared & Audrey – Do you guys EVER sleep?

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    Second!! Yeah!

    Cate is one smart cookie. And my Braddy looks hot in that pic – where is it from that pic?

    I have been undertaking the task of celebrating BAMZS on other sites like Dlisted but there are so many negative haters there – they can’t accept how amazing this family is. So if any BAMZS ever go on that site, you tell ‘em about our BAMZS! :)

    Cate clearly sees Braddy’s intelligence and soul. Love it! Loved her in Babel, my favorite movie so far this year.

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    ^^^Oops, I thought I was second. I guess 4th is not bad, Rumor Has It (sorry for the horrible pun) that 4th place gets you an evening with Brad so you see 4th is good :) Yeah!

  • Shannon

    Hmmmm…sounds like CB sees what Angelina sees in hmmmm

    In every interview she’s been in she is doing nothing but gushing over him. I think she really really likes him :)

  • Alicia

    8th? LOL, and yes Cate we’d all like to get with him as wel ;)

  • Meli

    She is a fine lady and the best actress of her generation.I’m really glad that she is working in another movie with Brad after Babel.They make a good team.

  • Translation

    ” he’s an aesthetic person” : Translation : ” he’s an affacted poseur, with an interest in hairspray and clothes pretending to be an architect”

  • NaNa

    TO Hollywood love says,

    Do not worry. Brad and Angie are in love and the family is everything to them. Furthermore, Brad, Cate and Angie are all friends. Cate and Angie shared a film together, and they liked each other.

  • think positive!

    Translation Says:
    December 3rd, 2006 at 6:50 am
    Screaming at the ocean so early in the day???? Do you guys ever stop??? :lol: :lol:

    Cate also said that she loves him but not the way she loves her husband.
    It was posted on the other thread. Whoever has wroked with Brad have only good things to say about him and the same goes for Angie.

    I like Cate though.She is a great actress!! :)

  • Oldie

    Thanks JJ. When was this interview made?

  • Alicia

    “Screaming at the ocean so early in the day????” LOL!! :)

  • Too Bad

    Wow, unfortunate that the end product was a bomb of a movie.

  • confused

    which is Jolie ?


  • oiejfcwoi

    BTW the post times indicated are USA server times not the time of the individual computer or time zone of message origin.
    ” he’s an aesthetic person” : Translation : ” he’s an affacted poseur, with an interest in hairspray and clothes, pretending to be an architect”

  • Janet

    Too Bad Says:

    Wow, I’m sure they are so sad that their ‘Bomb’ movie is raking in awards and award nominations. Brad, Cate, and the cast of Babel, keep on going with your ‘Bomb’ movie straight to the Oscars and watch all the ocean screamers SCREAM EVEN LOUDER!

  • Babel The Movie

    BABEL boxoffice worldwide is presently $33.06 M, which comes from USA, Canada, half of western Euope and Mexico … and it is still showing and going strong in most of these countries.

    Babel just needs only $7 million to become profitable.

    Babel won the following awards:
    Best Director – Cannes Film Festival
    Best Ensemble Cast – Gothams
    Breakthrough Actor – Gothams
    Best Ensemble Cast -Palm Springs
    Director of the Year – Palm Springs

    Babel is nominated for 8 categories in the Satellite awards.

    Because of its low cost (production budget and marketing), BABEL will become a very profitable movie.

  • Too Bad

    I am a moron. I am just an Aniston fan & can’t accept the fact that my idol is on verge of getting back to the C-list. Yes, I knew my idol is a big fraud & a liar just like me.

  • Translation

    Sorry but I do not know the meaning of aesthetic. I am dumb as always. I am just twisting the translation because I am built up to hate anything Brad & Angelina. I deserve to die & the world do not need any more moron & imbicile like myself.

  • lurker24

    I like Cate. She and Brad seem to get along just great. I hope they have a good time with the new movie.

  • GoodMama

    Team Lara Croft ….

    Yeah well I wouldn’t mind it one bit if you toned your enthusiasm down on places like Dlisted. It is a losing battle trying to get them people on those sites to feel as you do, and second because you have made it damn hard to even mention being a Brangelina fan without being called over the top JustJAred Brangelunitic. I am not saying or trying to tell you what to do, but I know i am not alone wishing the cheerleading didnt end up looking like you repping everybody else who loves B&A. Cant hardly nobody post 3 words on one of their threads already without a fight because MK set a nasty tone, but then you come and push the buttons more and its so feeling on purpose. Please chill it down a notch and stop trying to convince them bitches there. They are there to be nasty and not nice.

  • malibumom

    Defending the Jolie -Pitts on other sites is like explaining quantum physics to a two year old-they will NEVER get it. Funny thing is, if Brad and Angie came to their house, they would welcome them and gush all over themselves!

  • think positive!

    oiejfcwoi Says:
    December 3rd, 2006 at 7:57 am
    Actually you are not saying something new here.I’m one of the people that knows this better simply because I’m not American and my time zone has 8 hours difference with the U.S time zone.But I wouldn’t be surprised if our beloved trolls are screaming at the ocean all day long without getting any sleep… :roll: :lol:

  • anustin

    too bad, its good to scream right now,i mean this early….its high tide!

  • xsdcsdcsdcsdc

    “do not need any more moron & imbicile like myself” : only a true imbecile would pretend to be someone else, then be unable to insult them properly.

  • bdj

    Thanks Just Jared. Babel is an exceptional Movie. Thanks for the latest Box Office figures. People should take the time to see Babel. It is a complex, emotional Movie with great acting. I hope that BP and other cast members continue to receive award nominations as well as Oscar Nominations. Cate B sounds like a good friend to both BP and AJ. She is also a great actress and deserves to be in “top ten highest paid” over some of the mediocre actresses listed by the Hollywood Reporter.

  • darop

    think positive: so how do you know whether the original post was morning afternoon or night ? You said : “so early in the day”. You have no clue when it was posted.

  • think positive!

    confused Says:
    December 3rd, 2006 at 7:54 am
    Thank you so much for the first pic!! Angie is always gorgeous!!

    But seriously you didn’t have to post yours too ok?? :lol:

  • think positive!

    darop Says:
    December 3rd, 2006 at 9:46 am
    Because it was suppose to be a joke.If you don’t find it amusing just don’t read it or ignore it. Have a nice day!!

  • fact is

    babel will bomb : phis fans are fat WalMart women and expect Brad Pitt as hairsprayed pretty boy, not as a bald fat man or 50 year old guy. Brad Pitt has hit a wall. People never saw his movies for him, only a shallow projection of an image of what he thought they wanted. Thats what he pretended to be, thats what sold and now that is what they expect. The same thing happened to Stallone.

  • lol

    fact is Says:

    fact is you are a clueless idiot.

  • deena

    good morning, think positive and anuston, and any other BAMZS-ers here.

    Fight the good fight, keep up the good work and the “others” need to go to an AA meeting (a$$holes anonymous)

  • lurker24

    Please, dont go to dlisted. In that site the posters are nasty with all the celebritys. Let it go. Most of the world loves the Jolie Pitts. Dlisted, FF and perez is all that is left for Aniston fans. Believe me, I’ve being reading these blogs since the very beginning of Brad and Angie love history. The hate is dying down and the number of the haters is decreased. What you have is a very small and vocal number of people very angry with life( they troll all over the net, post over different names, just to give the impression that alot of people think the same way they do.), and these people found a new hobby, hate on the JPS, But time is their worst enemy. Brad and Angie proof everybody wrong, and most people like them as a family unit. So, what I’m trying to say is don’t fuel their hate and make their hobby more funny for them. They will move to the next thing or next hobby in a while. You don’t need to show the reality for them, they know. they just don’t want to see it. We know and the word know that the JoliePitts are happy and in love.

  • I won’t see it

    BAD REVIEWS: “leak, edgy, hyper-real. Purposely depleted of warm colors. Pitt and Blanchett only appear intermittently (and not terribly dynamically). An art-type film in three countries.” “Unrelentingly, unremittingly sad, excruciatingly painful, all for no valid reason, Alejandro González Iñárritu’s Babel is a movie to avoid at all costs.”"If Crash drove you to distraction, then thou best stay away from Babel, this year’s towering exercise in socio-political-psycho babble.”This is one of those movies that would work better at home, where you could pause the tape when you need to take a break or fast forward when things start to slow down too much.”
    GOOD REVIEWS: “Iñárritu is an exceptionally gifted director who makes each individual scene in Babel work beautifully. However, he runs into trouble as he attempts to pull all the plot strands together”"Tragedy is so overwhelming in Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu’s “Babel” that my anxiety increased throughout the viewing”"An amazing, disturbing drama, “Babel” is a puzzle of film that pieces itself together bit by bit.”

  • lol

    to fact is Says:

    Hollywood Confidential
    Who is Hollywood’s Most Wanted Actor? More than 50 of the industry’s top power brokers dish out the honors in an Exclusive Radar Poll

    Most sought-after actor

    Winner: Brad Pitt
    Runner-up: Will Smith
    Despite his spotty box-office track record (see Troy, Fight Club, Meet Joe Black), Pitt scored the most votes. “He’s charming, talented, handsome, and has international appeal,” says one A-list producer. Coming in a very close second is Smith, whose ability to make rain under even the worst conditions didn’t go unnoticed: “He crosses the color barrier, and audiences love him,” says a former studio prez. “I mean, you couldn’t get a movie much worse than I, Robot, and it did giant business.”

  • lol

    I won’t see it Says:

    why do you think we care that you won’t see it ? We don’t its above your intelligence anyway so please go see Borat again.

  • Question???

    What do Mexico, France, Sweden, Denmark and Turkey have in common?

  • bdj

    I won’t see it Says:
    December 3rd, 2006 at 9:57 am

    Good. Then don’t see it. “Happy Feet” is still showing. We don’t want you to stress your intellectual capability.

  • think positive!

    fact is Says:
    December 3rd, 2006 at 9:52 am
    I have to disagree with you at one point. Brad has made many movies that his performances didn’t require a “pretty boy” image as you called it. Such examples are Fight Club Twelve Monkeys Snuch and Seven. Brad have shown what his abilities are and what his able to achieve in many levels. This whole image is not what Brad pretended to be it’s what the MEDIA perceived him to be. Because as you said that’s what sold. They refused to see Brad as an actor but only like a hunk. True fans of Brad are respecting him and don’t want to see him as a dry image but as a talented individual in his work. Brad has always been way more successful in the international markets. His fame is not only based in the U.S. Of course Babel won’t do as well as M&Mrs Smith did. It’s not a blockbuster. It’s an indie with subtitles. But the fact is that now Brad is getting recognition as an actor (he might get an Oscar) and he is in a movie that got excellent reviews and it’s nominated for many awards and it has won some of them already! Personally I think that’s what matters the most.

  • think positive!

    I won’t see it Says:
    December 3rd, 2006 at 9:57 am
    Oh thank God!! I didn’t want to hear the second “Big Bank” of the explosion of your brain in the middle of the night…Scary :shock:

  • Janet

    lurker24 Says:

    You are right about DListed. I went there one time and was reading what the people were saying about Heidi Klum and Seal’s children and it was really nasty. They are very mean to alot of celebrities.
    Also, you know how Perez Hilton always posts how many people visits his site daily? Last week he had almost 4 million different people visiting daily and only very few of those people post replies in the posts. Even the ones with 400+ replies have the same people posting multiple times, sometimes changing their names. Remember even Perez who controls the board said a majority of people just read but do not post on his site.

  • Be sane

    I won’t see it Says:
    December 3rd, 2006 at 9:57 am

    Yes you should stick to something brainless like The Break Up.

  • Alexanderina

    Thanks Jared and Audrey for the new thread, oh I just love Cate B., she is awesome, and that is so sweet what she said about Brad

  • la la lah

    Translation Says:

    December 3rd, 2006 at 6:50 am
    ” he’s an aesthetic person” : Translation : ” he’s an affacted poseur, with an interest in hairspray and clothes pretending to be an architect”

    Is ‘affacted’ even a freakin word???

  • deena

    The luxury Brad now has since he has become mature and has more money than he can spend in a lifetime, is that he can do the movies he wants, when he wants.
    He has his own production company and the clout he needs to do so. Even in his younger years he picked a few movies for the role he would play and not the money it would make. He once said that, while an Oscar would mean a lot to him, there are a lot of good actors out there that he respects, and his pretty boy image might follow him. Then he jokingly added that he did NOT want to get a Lifetime Achievement Oscar when he’s old just for hanging in so long

  • Alexanderina

    I won’t see it:December 3rd, 2006 at 9:57 am

    omg and do you think that we care that one less idiot is not going to see Babel, oh please you are not that important, go back to watching TBU, it is more on your level, stupid and lame

  • the real definition

    aes·thet·ics /ɛsˈθɛtɪks or, especially Brit., is-/ Pronunciation Key – Show Spelled Pronunciation[es-thet-iks or, especially Brit., ees-] Pronunciation Key – Show IPA Pronunciation
    –noun (used with a singular verb) 1. the branch of philosophy dealing with such notions as the beautiful, the ugly, the sublime, the comic, etc., as applicable to the fine arts, with a view to establishing the meaning and validity of critical judgments concerning works of art, and the principles underlying or justifying such judgments.
    2. the study of the mind and emotions in relation to the sense of beauty.

  • no typo

    ” he’s an aesthetic person” : Translation : ” he’s an affected poseur, with an interest in hairspray and clothes pretending to be an architect”

  • xwedc

    I know what aesthetics mean. I don’t know what TBU is.