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Britney Celebrates 25th Birthday @ Zoo

Britney Celebrates 25th Birthday @ Zoo

Flynet posted pictures of Britney Spears celebrating her 25th birthday yesterday afternoon at the Los Angeles Zoo with son Sean Preston, almost 15 months, and one of her old back-up dancers, TJ Espinoza.

Last night, Britney glammed up and hit up Mr. Chow for her birthday dinner (see below). Thankfully, way less revealing than this past week’s blinding photos. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BRIT!

UPDATE: Apologies, images removed!

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49 Responses to “Britney Celebrates 25th Birthday @ Zoo”

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  1. 26
    gia Says:

    come on
    what kind of double standard is this where i type ‘ska*k’ and it gets wiped out, but Fergie’s show is deemed ‘skan*y schoolgirl’?!

  2. 27
    coco Says:

    Is she on powder? Or is this what women from small towns in LA look like during a divorce? Geesh, at least she’s been consistant. She’s looked awful in every picture they have taken of her. Divorce or no, she has too much $ to go out looking a hot mess.

  3. 28
    lula29 Says:


    That’s a trip. Britney Spears is queen of the ***** schoolgirl too. At least Fergie can sing and dance. Britney can’t sing and dances like a JV cheerleader at best.

    Britney chose to be a mother, which means she chose all the responsibility that goes along with that. She has to be more conscious of how she’s perceived in public because of her kids. Her age has nothing to do with because she proposed to Kevin, she bought the ring, she chose this mess. She was in the position to choose well for herself, but because of her own gutter taste, she chose what she did. Kevin Federline though might not be perfect, but he’s also not the reason for Britney’s behavior. She has a tendency toward the trashy and that’s her problem.

  4. 29
    DirtMGirt Says:

    I feel like I’m watching a bad car crash.

  5. 30
    charizze Says:

    motherhood is a gift. i just hope that she can properly raise her children.

  6. 31
    charizze Says:

    and please wear a panty!?!?!? you are rich and you cant afford to buy a underwear? you are telling to all young girls and teens out there who are idolizing you that it is okey not wear a underwear on public..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  7. 32
    Rachel Says:

    I know this is a little late but, HAPPY 25TH BIRTHDAY BRITNEY!!!

    I really hope she does well in everything she wants to accomplish. I feel so much compassion for her right now. I’ve gone through some sites and read what people are saying about her, and it almost makes me want to cry. It’s so harsh, so vile. I truly don’t know how I would deal with it all. It sucks enough having to deal with family, friends, and colleagues, I can’t imagine having millions and millions of people critiquing every little thing I do, I’d go insane!

    People forget Britney’s a human being, or rather they know, but like to ignore that very important fact. She’s done a lot of things in which I’ve thought, “OMG, I would NEVER do that, she CRAZY, what’s wrong with her!?”, and then I’d get angry at her. But then I remember we’re all different! We all have different paths, different experiences, different ups and downs, that shape the way we think and act, it doesn’t make some better than others, just different. Just because someone does something you’d never do, doesn’t mean you’re better than that person. I hate the way she’s being judged, it really shows how much hate there is in the world, it’s suffocating. She’s done stupid things, we ALL have, but people should back up a little, there are limits! I wonder what those people that spent hours of their lives writing spiteful comments about Britney in all of those gossip blogs would do if she committed suicide? I’m not trying to be dramatic, this is an honest question I’ve asked myself. Suicide happens all the time. Some kids commit suicide because of bullying, now imagine bullying in a global scale, it’s hard. You have to be very strong. Anyhow, my question is, would they feel glad? Do they hate this stranger (that has done absolutely nothing to hurt them) that much? What does that say about them? Forgive me for the lengthy post, but I can’t help and worry. What does it say about America when they’re judging a pop star who got drunk and showed her genitals to the world, harsher than someone like Saddam Hussein, who killed thousands of people? Think about it.

  8. 33
    lolita Says:

    sarah jordan Says:

    December 3rd, 2006 at 6:07 pm
    JA knew her marriage was over in the summer of 2004 , as she stated in Vogue interview. all those report by the tabs of marriage crisis on 2003 was actually true, they have been on marriage counseling on the year 2003. As a married couple, you knew your marriage is working or not, and I’m sure JA knew the ultimate divorce is coming.

  9. 34
    mick Says:

    NishaG Says:

    December 3rd, 2006 at 8:57 pm

    ITA. actually its over for quite sometime, but they have to put the facade of bliss in public for the sake of their career. JA said she knew it was over in summer of 2004.

  10. 35
    kae Says:

    I’m not quite sure why you’re defending her so much. She KNOWS that she is in the public eye and that her life is under a microscope. So what does she do? She ditches her two sons to hang out with Paris Hilton of all people. She doesn’t wear underwear even though she knows she is constantly being photographed and smokes around her children. And last but not least, she married the biggest loser wannabe rapper who left his 8 months pregnant girlfriend to be with her. What does this say about her choices??? She is not a good role model for girls and young women. Period…

  11. 36
    Mediterranean Says:

    Britney, what you are doing is PR.

    After partying around until the morning and being close friend with the worsts, do your PR. But you can’t save your image anymore. You are done. Stop using innocent babies of yours. God protect these two babies, firstly from their useless parents.

  12. 37
    Mediterranean Says:

    JA handled her divorce gracefull???? Lady where do you live, not on earth for sure.

    She has been using this divorce of hers since she realised that there is no end with Brad, even long before the offical separation.

    Either you don’t read or you are talking about another Jennifer Aniston, which I hope not, because to have another like her is unbearable.

  13. 38
    daisy Says:

    she doesn’t have JJ with her because she hasn’t sold the “first photos” of him yet. Why give it to the media for free when she can make a buck? (sarcasm and eyes rolling)

  14. 39
    Jo Says:

    At lest this time she has panties on!

  15. 40
    Hailey Says:

    malibumom: I totally agree with you… that’s one of the reasons why I can’t stand our celeb-obsessed society… all of these celebs out there that people have a fascination with have their priorities so out of whack, it’s really quite sad- no wonder so many of their children end up taking the “wrong path” in life… I could only wish to have the amount of $$$ that they have at their disposal, so that I wouldn’t have to work and so my babies wouldn’t have to go to day-care and I could be able to stay home with them… unfortunately this is not the world that us normal folks live in…

  16. 41
    Susie Says:

    Next to Christina and Jessica Simpson she now looks like some dirty nobody. This young ladies life is a mess no matter which way you look at it. Jessica went through a divorce as well but no matter what anyone says about her I believe she has handled herself with dignity and class. There were no degrading pantiless photos of her acting the fool. This is one stupid girl. The very fact that she let go of Justin Timberlake to be with this K-Fed says it all. She is one dumb girl. Nothing can save her now.

  17. 42
    Nikki Says:

    who does wee SP look like do u reckon?? im confuddled by it ….

  18. 43
    Child welfare Says:

    They should have confiscated her kids in the delivery room! Where the hell is her mom? Do they have moms? Lindsay’s dad is in Jail -her mom is trying to re-live her teenage years-Brit’s mom is no where to be found until she needs some more dough to buy some jeans at Walmart-what a waste of money these ppl are-

  19. 44
    Sean Preston Says:

    Mommy, is that your cooter stinkin or is that some animal?

  20. 45
    jaromir Says:

    this girl is such a trash bag. And for people to defend her, just says a lot about how poeple standards and moral obligations lay. Sorry but this lady is nothing but pure trash.

  21. 46
    Jen Says:

    I like Britney, but she needs to put her kids first before the partying! Yes, she needs to make a come back, but she’s doing it all wrong! Her kids need attention, they sure ain’t getting it from FedEX!

  22. 47
    Sallzie Says:

    Ahhhhhhg. Is that 12th pic of Brit supposed to be sexy? Yuk.
    Kay, I’ve officially lost faith in Brit. She WAS going good for erm.. a week?
    Needs underweaaaaar.
    The babe looks cute, tho.

  23. 48
    Slimdwiz Says:

    what is Britney’s problem.Her new single sucks that thing she was wearing at the MTV music awards was trashy.Her music career has gone down the drain.I don’t think she’ll ever be the star ahe once was. I think she needs to be a mother first and entertainer second because it’s just not working out for miss “Oops I did it again”.

    Sorry Britney fans it had to be said


  24. 49
    sar Says:

    where is tj espinoza now? what is he doing?

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