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'Casino Royale' Lives Another Weekend

'Casino Royale' Lives Another Weekend

Casino Royale raked in another $15.1 million for a total domestic run so far of $116 million, well on its way to surpassing the $432 million total of James Bond’s most successful screen adaptation, Die Another Day. If you haven’t seen the film yet, go out and see it now!! Definitely will be seeing it again.

Above is Daniel Craig with producer girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell as they arrive for the Australian premiere of Casino Royale at the State Theatre in Sydney, Australia.

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  • Anon

    Daniel Craig is sooo hot!!! Rugged baby!

  • Anon

    Girlfriend’s got some teeth on her though. Neigh!!

  • sara

    the movie is great ,great! and daniel craig is a amazing bond!

  • Estelle

    Thank JJ for the thread, finally a Daniel Graig’s thread. I’m becoming one of his biggest fan just because…. ;)

    Daniel Graig owns James Bond, I swear, he’s the best Bond yet. I saw the movie 3 times in 3 weeks already JJ, the best action, romantic, thriller of the year. Love those blue eyes and and he wore the tux…yike!…Yes Mr. James Bond indeed.

  • gapeach

    Movie is GREAT!!! Craig is the best Bond – just beating out Sean Connery in my opinion.

    Don’t mean to be ugly – but his girlfriend needs a stylist. This is the second dress I’ve seen her wear at a premiere that didn’t fit – therefore didn’t look good.

  • Nikki

    damn hes hot!

  • Nikki

    … n i loved casino royale … so much so i wanna go see it again! hes amazin in it!

  • jjoy

    Estelle Says:

    December 4th, 2006 at 12:15 pm

    morning Estelle, did you see his movie “Munich” with Eric Bana??? i really like him….he’s on my top 5 list of favorite male celebs :) ….imo, he’s the best bond ever and this is the best bond movie….i can’t wait for his next bond movie….sigh….Daniel Craig is James BOND period.


  • Sheryl

    I’m sorry but Daniel Craig is NOT attractive to me at all. I have never seen a picture of him where I thought he looked even remotely cute. I am not a big James Bond fan, but occasionally watch the reruns on Spike. However, I have no intention of watching anything with Daniel Craig.

    To each his own…you all can have him.

  • B.

    So, Sheryl, you just stopped by to express your non-interest in Daniel Craig. Well, cheers love, thanks a lot. Be sure to keep us all posted on who else you’re not interested in.

    Haven’t seen Munich yet but I’m looking forward to it – loved Craig in Layer Cake, Enduring Love and, of course, Casino Royale.

  • Estelle

    JJoy…ITA with you, we are both into Bond’s fever …. :)

    I just love his blue eyes and that crooked smile of his. Did you know, on an interview they asked him who is his fav. actress that he worked and he said ” Angelin Jolie”, he said she’s the most wonderful person.

  • Estelle

    I’ve seen munich… I cried and cried. I like Eric Bana too. I’ve heard that he will do the sequel for the Hunk ( please don’t Eric, that was your worst movie).

  • kae

    Saw the movie, it was great. I was a skeptic about Craig taking over as 007 but he was by far the most athletic Bond to date. I don’t think that he’s good looking as far as his face goes, but damn, that body rocks! The guy is built!!!

  • whatever

    no way, i think he is ugly as Bond

  • vicky

    DC’ voice is so orgasmic..yes he is the best Bond ever..what a body he has and no doubt he has a huge charisma just like Steve McQueen..Not classical beauty like Brosnan or Connery but hey this man figths well and kills without any hesitation..and first time I see James Bond who can ACT !! I am big fan of his acting !

  • Estelle

    In the book, Bond supposed to be a heartless assassin, rough and fearsome looking, blond hair, blue eyes. He’s not suppose to have a pretty boy face. His face is suppose to be an unacttrative, full of characters and yet handsome in a manly way. When you look at him, you are either intrigues by him or fear him.

    Beside Sean Connery, the rest of the Bonds were pale compare to Daniel Graig. They look like businessman, not an assassin/spy.

    Daniel Graig has that kinna face. So much characters, that you just want to know more about him.

  • gia

    JJ THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Yes, boxer’s face and body, & orgasmic voice; damn straight he’s hotter than hell. Purdy boyz need not apply. Gf looks better w/hair dwn but still not hot enuf 4 him

  • gapeach

    I don’t like pretty boy actors – they have no character. Christian Bale is my favorite and even though he’s very good looking he’s not a “pretty boy”. I like men to have a little character in their face. I also don’t consider Sean Connery as a classical beauty like Vicky said. He was the only Bond until Daniel Craig in my humble opinion.

  • voltavie

    Estelle Says:

    December 4th, 2006 at 5:25 pm
    In the book, Bond supposed to be a heartless assassin, rough and fearsome looking, blond hair, blue eyes. He’s not suppose to have a pretty boy face. His face is suppose to be an unacttrative, full of characters and yet handsome in a manly way. When you look at him, you are either intrigues by him or fear him.


    You have hit the nail right on the head.!! I agree with you 90% (except for the word “unattractive”) in your description. Daniel Craig’s face is extremely attractive, maybe not “classically handsome”, he oozes sex appeal and ruggedness. He has a handsome voice and is very well spoken in his interviews. After responding to his performance in Casino Royale, I watched Layer Cake and again found him to be an excellent actor, I wish him much success and look forward to watching more of his movies.

    JJ Thanks for giving us all these great pictures, keep up the good work.

  • Estelle

    voltavie Says:

    December 4th, 2006 at 7:27 pm

    Oh no, sorry, I wasn’t clear about the “unattractive” comment. I was talking about the character in the book, not the actor. ITA with on Daniel Graig, I also think that he is very attractive and very handsome. He caught my eyes when he was in the movie Tomb Raiders….and yes, his voice is to die for as well…. ;)

  • http://deleted ugh

    I don’t like him. Not at all what I expected. I don’t like a blond Bond, and I think Craig is ugly.

  • Steph

    It’s more than just looks that make a person hot. He’s got a smoking body, and a very rugged, manly, intimidating feel. That’s what makes him hot, and a perfect Bond.

    And I just read Casino Royale, and Bond is neither blonde nor “unattractive”. The book mentions his “dark hair”, and Vesper is warned not to fall for him, b/c Bond may be attractive, but he’s cold and fully dedicated to his work.

  • sara

    gapeach Says:
    I don’t like pretty boy actors – they have no character. I also don’t consider Sean Connery as a classical beauty like Vicky said.

    IMHO young Connery wasnt cute or beauty.I love casino royale and Craig is attractive in a manly way and his body is amazing.

  • http://deleted ugh

    Everyone has a right to his/her opinion. If people think Daniel Craig is unattractive, well, then that’s the way they feel. Nobody is trying persuade you. People are just giving their honest opinion. The man does not appeal to everyone. So there!

  • jaromir

    This was a good movie. I remember a lot of people talking trash about him before, I always kept my opinion at a neutral point of view, but was a little skeptic simply b/c it was such a different point of view to take on the character.

    Well all that aside, in the end I would put him on par with Sean Connery as best bond ever. Simply b/c Sean Connery started the role, making him kind of the template to follow, but Craig is sorta of the new template.

    Regardless I’m glad that they got rid of all the ridiculous gadgets and the sauve looking agent. B/c in reality we all know that this isn’t how it would really be. Craig is an average looking man, just like everyone else, taking Bond back to the Man’s type of Man. Not the flamboyant playboy thats been portrayed ever since the after the Connery/Lansbery era.

  • gia

    his hands
    his voice
    his gray T-shirts and rugged jeans, and lack of artifice
    his crooked smile and blue eyes

    have never fantasized re any actor before – ever – but this one guy is infreakingcredible. keep having to come back and look at him

    those who like him – check out the videos on youtube, esp the one re the bond love story… ahhhhh


    what videos GIA?? Do you have the names of them, i’ve been trying to see some vids of YouTube with him but i couldnt seem to find any good ones! Point me out in the right directions girl! Thanks!

  • gia

    just do a daniel craig search on youtube, and a bunch of them come up

    the exact video i’m talking about is called “bond & vesper – everything” and it goes for 6min or so

    the shower scene kills me

  • gia

    man but i swear his g/f is a tranny! in all the closeup shots you can clearly see the Adam’s apple!!! else she really needs to see an endocrinologist, her thyroid is wack!

  • aj


  • AK

    Well, I’m being mean–The girlfriend needs a sandwich and a better plastic surgeon. I swear I see an Adams apple….

  • gia

    i tell ya it’s a tranny

  • sue

    well i just recently saw the film and absolutely fell in love with him…i think he’s so super sexy, and the best bond for sure!! he’s the first actor that i’m totally obsessing over = ) i’m so glad i found this site – has great pics of him. are there other sites with good pics of him?

    but on another note, is it true that he cheated on his current girlfriend with sienna miller? if it’s true, i feel so bad for her, and it’s pretty bad that he would do that to a friend – jude law. i also read that he was pushing for sienna to be a bond girl…that’s pretty tasteless of him to do – if it’s true.

  • tina

    i think he is gorgeous.i had not seen the other james bond movies and neither did want to but i became awestruck when i saw him starring in casino royal!t!he is a great actor,with much talent and prospects for the future and most of all hhhhooottt!!!!i loved the scene with the chair….he is talented and sexy.what’s more to ask?he seems smart as well…the ideal!