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Family Man Will Smith Honored

Family Man Will Smith Honored

Will Smith was honored last night by the Museum of the Moving Image at its 22nd annual black-tie Salute on un the Grand Ballroom of the Waldorf-Astoria in New York City. The program was taped last night and will air on Friday, Jan. 12, 2007 @ 8PM on Bravo.

It was a family affair! Will, 38, was accompanied to the event by wife Jada, 35, and son Jaden, 8. Will‘s finest moments were screened in front of other big names including Jamie Foxx, Eva Mendes and Thandie Newton. Will‘s latest film, The Pursuit of Happyness, co-starring son Jaden will be released by Sony Pictures on Dec. 15.

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  • Anon

    Cute kid

  • black

    Ok seriously…he looks like 60 here!!
    What the hell happened to him?

    And they´re letting their little kids act allready?………ts,ts,ts

  • crybabyAniston

    Why do I get the feeling that this marriage is on the way out. Not feeling the love between Will and Jada… and I think Jada is the one pulling away. The only hand she’s holding is their son.

    I’m getting a weird vibe from them and Will look old and stressed.

  • mel

    crybabyAniston, I agree. Lately, it looks like they are distant, they don’t look comfortable together at all.

  • Frenchy

    Jada face is looking harder than usual. I love how the camera shows up the white hairs on Will’s head even with the low cut. How come no cries of “pimping” in regards to his son? I think the stress is due to the fact that everyone is hip to their marriage and Will being on that infamous list that’s been floating around for years on the net. They should stay together till death……………..Jaden is a cutie.

  • tanique

    hahaha, right so i guess the pics of them kissing at this same event were them being distant and having no love between them.

    its great to see a couple working, especially in hollywood.

  • alero

    Jada’s makeup is what is making her look hard. I hate false eyelashes. Now I have no idea what has happen to Will Smith. He does look sixty.

  • Sandbitch

    Mrs Smith looks like a female impersonator.

  • Original jpf

    Love them, I think they look like people do when they’re growing older. I have a niece who was fully grey by the time she was 17. They aren’t The Fresh Prince and the young punkette from A Different World any longer people. Regarding the lack of smiles/PDA? I personally can’t critic them and then get my panties in a bunch when people accuse my Jolie-Pitt of lacking in love because they aren’t grinning ear to ear while wrapped like duck tape around each other. Smith-Pinkett? I wish them continued happiness, or the pursuit of it.JMHO


  • cok

    cute boy and will smith is looking old but still cute… is the movie any great?? haven’t watched it yet.

  • Denise Richards

    These ignorant comments on this forum are just coming from jealous HAGS.

    The truth is, Will and Jada are one of the happiest couples in Hollywood. Jada is beautiful, Will is handsome and they have beautiful children.

  • Eli

    How cute is the baby!!!!!
    I think Will and Jada are a great couple. He looks a bit older in those pictures, maybe he’s trying to look older for a new movie?

  • Jillian

    Jada and Will look good. Look at that gorgeous body of Jada’s.
    Jada and Will are very affectionate, they are a close couple. Very in love.

  • wow

    WOW, you people are a bunch of HATERS!!! He looks old? I mean, he is in his forties, sorry he doesnt age as gracefully as some of you here. I mean, those who are saying these mean things are probably in their 30′s and look about 54.

    Its so easy to say mean things rather than positive…no matter how hard you all hater you’ll still be ugly!

    Anyway, the family looks wonderful, Will is aging perfectly and Jade looks wonderful.

    I can’t wait to see this movie!!!!!!!

  • bdj

    Cute Family. Will and Jada are great and always give forthright, intelligent and
    funny interviews.

  • ja9stamper

    Where is Will’s mom? I see Jada’s mother there but not Will’s. Isn’t it his film premier? If a mom is to be there shouldn’t it be his? Wife clearly wears the pants in this family. Saw him of Opraha. The put so much attention on Jada’s mother. I felt sorry for his mom. They really overlooked her.

  • Jillian

    To ja9stamper: Thats not Jada’s mom. Jada’s mom is a very young looking black woman, I know her.

  • Heather

    ja9stamper, That is not Jada’s mom, you need to get the facts right. Jada’s mom is black and young, she looks like she can be Jada’s sister. That woman on the pic must be a business associate or something.

  • mel

    Tanique, calm down, call off the dogs. Just going by the pictures here and from Italy.

  • mel

    and another thing, it’s a blog people. It’s to express your opinion, no reason to go crazy and get nasty with others because they don’t think the same way as you. I’m sure Jada and Will don’t impact your life enough to get so nasty! If your not personal friends of theirs and are getting so irate at people, you have serious issues!

  • tanique

    huh? who got nasty? i laughed because i think all the negativity on most boards is funny in a sad pathetic way. i like seeing people talk ish behind a computer screen.

    and if you don’t think they look comfortable, that is your perogative. sorry to disappoint, but when i start a post, HA HA HA it’s probably not that deep.

  • Anon

    Everyone seems to forget Jada is bisexual. Maybe she’s focusing a little too much attention on her girlfriend and not her hubby, hence the percieved distance…

  • lol

    What is going on with Jada? she has WAY too much makeup on. I don’t think she needs that much.

  • mmyers

    She looks pissed off! I guess she wanted to be Father of the Year, with her hard azz face! She the man, she the man!

  • kae

    I’ve heard from a very reliable source that Jada doesn’t like caucasian women and doesn’t believe in interracial couples. If that’s really true, she’s got some issues. I really like Will Smith though. He always seems like a happy guy.

  • Talia

    I really love Will and Jada together. They make a beautiful family!

  • http://deleted they look like

    Will Smith looks older mostly because of the gray hair coming in. If he grew his hair, colored it black and shaved the gray from his chin, he’d look about the same as always. You can plainly see from these photos that his face is not full of wrinkles. He’s showing a little tiredness/maturity in the eyes, but that’s it.

    Jada Pinkett is too thin. Looks like fresh off dieting to me. She needs to add a little bit of weight. She would look younger, not so harsh/emaciated.

    I hope they are just having a bad day and not feeling mushy with each other at the moment. You can’t base a marriage on feeling cozy all the time. You have to stay committed to the family and to staying together. That’s mostly what it’s about. Good times come and go like changes in the weather.

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    Will’s hair was purposely died gray for a role he is doing. It is not his real hair color.

    That is not Jada’s mom. Jada’s mom and dad are both African-American from Maryland.

    Besides the Jolie-Pitts, I have to say this family has become my very favorite family in the world. They seem to have values, well behaved cute kids, and a real focus on family. They are always with their kids.

    You should see their daughter on Oprah recently – the kids are so charming and witty – it’s great.

    I am also impressed at how Jada has embraced her step-son Trey, Will’s son from a previous marriage. She calls him her “bonus kid”.

    I think she is drop dead stunning. She looks like a doll. Gorgeous family.

  • black

    Arn´t these two people who are all for “the open” marriage?
    I mean, how stupid is that?

  • nina

    Their little boy is completely precious! Can’t wait to see the movie.

  • charone

    Who said that Jada is bisexua?? I doubt that.

    anyway. They all are soooooo kwet.

  • Beautiful Family

    I won’t comment on Will and Jada and/or whether their marriage is on the rocks or perfect. I will comment on that beautiful child Jaden. This boy is gorgeous. He is sooooooo cute. Jada looks beautiful as usual. Will is handsome and does not look 60.

  • http://deleted well,

    Something hasn’t seemed right from the get-go though they are a cute family. They’re not traditional in the least. Jada used to do drugs. I was shocked because she’s supposed to be so smart and ahead of the game… wonder how she got into that. Jada also got pregnant first after stating didn’t want to marry or didn’t need marriage. Will and Jada never wore wedding rings. Ever!! Why not even a simple band? They speak like they both would accept the other person having affairs as long as there is no lying. Sounds pretty open, huh?

  • marriage ain’t perfect!

    I can see what some of you are saying, but in all seriousness, there’s nothing wrong with being pissed, mad or whatever at the hubby-it’s not perfect-the point is to stay in the game and not give up-that’s why I feel sorry for ppl in HW-the myth of looking perfect all the time and being perfectly happy all the time and perfectly in love all the time has ruined some marriages-I esp feel sorry for Reese and Ryan-Perhaps if they would have lived away during the school year and only lived in HW to work things would have worked out-I think Will and Jada are great-

  • Haven’t You Heard! Says

    Will is trying for another Oscar. So it is time to be perfect and stand and pose for family pictures. Jaden looks like can we stop flashing the lights, already.

  • black

    They are idiots.

  • ihatetheblogger

    It seems that the only family must be happy here in this blog is the family Jolie-Pitt, the other must be unhappy because the fans tell this. This family is normal, and from the pics they seem comfortable. But if you desire that their marriage bomb……good for you, you have always the Jolie-Pitt

  • Mediterranean

    She doesn’t look feminin at all. Will will always be a nice guy. The kid is beautiful.

  • black

    But the thing is people somehow always know when a marriage is over…..see Reese and Ryan, Brad and Jen, Ben and Jen, Rachel adn Adam…….people just know.

  • http://deleted Righteo!

    What about Madonna and Guy? We’re getting the first drippings of trouble. We’re sensing that something must be seriously wrong… a split seems inevitable sooner or later. What a shame if this marriage goes kaput because Madonna was really, really in love with Guy. Guy is the only man she loved the way she loved Sean Penn. But Madonna is an innovator – perhaps easier for her to get bored. She’s highly creative and may not last in something so boring and routine as marriage. Some people are good for the relay, but not for the long distance.

  • finley

    Kae Says:
    December 4th, 2006 at 4:07 pm
    I’ve heard from a very reliable source that Jada doesn’t like Caucasian women and doesn’t believe in interracial couples. If that’s really true, she’s got some issues. I really like Will Smith though. He always seems like a happy guy.

    Who cares if Jada doesn’t believe in interracial couples…what does that have to do with the post? Now-a-days people choose to date interracially like it’s a fad maybe she believes in preserving her African heritage (like many black people do) and passing that on to her children and there is nothing wrong with that. There’s also nothing wrong if Caucasian males or females only date within their own race…that is absolutely natural and more common than dating outside your race. From your post, I can tell that you feel a tad guilty and may engage in interracial dating and you’re just looking for a way to justify and defend your actions. Preserving your heritage, regardless of race or creed is not a negative thing at all; it should not be an issue.

  • z

    his hair made him look old, as soon as it grows out a bit Will looks MUCH younger … they is such a cute couple!!! luv em both =)