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Fergie Ferg Stands Still

Fergie Ferg Stands Still

Of the three heavy hitter performances last night by Fergie, Janet, and Gwen, Fergie‘s was probably the most disappointing. Fergie barely moved around on stage during her performance of “Fergalicious” and just writhed to the rhythm standing in the same spot. It wasn’t until past the 3-minute mark that Fergie started to walk around. And the performance was only 3 minutes and 30 seconds to begin with! Watch the video below…

But I’ll give Fergie the benefit of the doubt. Maybe she was sick as she didn’t even walk the red carpet. At least she didn’t use the skanky schoolgirl look again. Cute dress, though?

Fergie – “Fergalicious” (Billboards 2006)
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  • fergielicious

    I think it was because she was *actually* singing and didn’t want to be out of breath.

  • Lorena

    I thought that at the beginning, that she was just trying to save herself because her performance at Vh1′s award show this weekend sounded absolutely terrible. But after 2 minutes, she looked like she was on something. She sounded horrible, messed up her little rap completely, and frankly looked out of it. Too much partying with Brit and Paris, I presume. All I have to say is, once an addict, always an addict.

  • Jorge

    She did sound out of breath when she was walking across stage. I guess she just didn’t want to lose her breath during the whole song. So either she is smoking stuff she shouldn’t or Josh is doing a great job in the sack.

  • http://deleted Disgusted yet again


  • http://jailbird jailbird

    Agreed ….it was terrible!!

  • Britty

    Love the song, but she sounded horrible. My son was like, mom, that’s not who sing the song is it? Not sure why she wasn’t moving too much. Maybe she was sore or hurt or something. She messed up and she sounded really bad. Ick.

  • W

    Boring!! My gosh, she looked like a statue. Gwen out did her self! I’m not a big Gwen fan, but she did a far better performance then Fergie. And Gwen was actually singing too!

  • tanique

    gwen is by far a better performer. even though i don’t love wind it up, her performances are at least fun.

    fergie is cornylicious. i don’t get the hype.

  • kayten

    I think her shoes just hurt. ;-)

  • rp

    Out of breath??? She was lip-synching the song! What’s up with that!?!?!

  • Arielle

    I think she was nervous.Her VH1 performance was good,she really didn’t move though.

  • Liza

    Actually I heard that she came down with a really bad cold and has been having some vocal issues. Which makes sense, I mean she’s been touring for the past 4 years. And Josh was recently on the Ryan Seacreast morning show and he could barely talk because he had the flu. I’m sure he passed it on to Ferg, just bad timing.

  • Martin

    She was wearing a skirt so I think her record label asked her to try really really hard not to pee on herself.

  • daria

    Gwen is NOT the better performer, Fergie looked sick this one night, but i saw them live on the same stage when Gwen was touring and she was horrible. Fergie is usually dynamic and wild! She was not well.

  • Lola Lola

    Great song–way better than Gwen’s. But I was watching the video thinking, are her heels too high? It’s looks totally unnatural for her to just stand there. Something is definitely up—maybe she was sick or her skirt was too short and she didn’t want to pull a Britney? Who knows. I’m still glad I bought the album.

  • MonkeyShines

    Fergie stood still because her shoes were too big. Watch when she walks out to the end of the stage with she does the supermodel stomp and throws her feet forward in the shoe because the shoe is way too large for her foot. Grabs the shoe with her toes. She’s trying not to fall or lose a shoe. Some stylist made a bad error so she couldn’t dance. Plus she’s not the best dancer anyway.

  • cara

    She is a very good dancer live. I think she wasn’t feeling well. I think she got that little hug from will at the end because he knew for some reason that performance was hard for her for either illness or something else.

  • uurf

    Man I love the song “Fergalicious”. Well, at least I did, back when it was “Supersonic” by J.J. Fad.

  • Coco

    Gosh that was a tired performance…But I LOVE the song!

  • Queen Bee

    It’s nice to see a band mate support another when they go solo! Wyclef and others take note.

  • http://d I

    Gwen’s performance and setup was wayyyy better…like usual.

  • André

    the things is: fergie can’t sing.

    everytime she tries to sing alive it’s a total s***.

    Gwen is cooler, prettier, slimmer and better in every musical aspect…she’s creative.

    Fergie on solo does the same thing she does on BEP.

  • marie


  • K

    Fergie was way better! And it was live by the way….I heard she overslept and no one woke her up in time and she had to get ready really fast, and that’s why she missed the red carpet too. BUt other sites are saying she was a little tipsy…so who knows. But I love the song anyway!!!!!!

  • Don’t worry about it!

    Fergie sucks!!! and her song does too. Gwen wannabe.

  • The Personal Stylist

    I just worked with Fergie this weekend, and what y’all don’t know is the because the Killers CANCELLED last minute, Fergie’s performance was pushed up. So she has to skip the red carpet and rush onto stage….make the performance much better knowing it was totally rushed. Poor Fergie.

    PS-love dress…this is a remake of her original in Fergalicious…see article on

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