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Janet Jackson's Bangin' Bangs

Janet Jackson's Bangin' Bangs

I don’t know who’s dressing poor Janet Jackson these days but gosh, she looked horrible last night in her red carpet and performance outfits. What’s with the Village Of The Damned bangs? Or the suit as a dress? The cuffs?? Not flattering. At all.

Janet performed a medley of “Pleasure Principle” and “So Excited” in the aforementioned (and very unfortunate) wig. The choreo was hot. The dancing was hot. But did anyone notice the possibly drawn on abs? Did Janet pull a Mariah Carey or what? Watch the video of her performance below!

The 2006 Billboard Music Awards Show was held last night at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Janet Jackson – “Pleasure Principle” & “So Excited” at Billboards 2006
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33 Responses to “Janet Jackson's Bangin' Bangs”

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  1. 1
    Jane Says:

    She looks like an alien!

  2. 2
    +greenpeace+ Says:

    in the the second pic she looked like a clown (or is it the Joker?)

  3. 3
    the awardshow critic Says:

    In all fairness-the performance wasn’t bad, but I didn’t understand the beachtowel like objects hanging off their pants-Simplicity is best for visual effects during dancing with reference to costumes-Let the ppl see the performance and don’t distract them by appearance and crazy costumes- Fire all the handlers-start over

  4. 4
    Adrymala Says:

    The worst airbrush body makeup I’ve seen. Yes, those ARE drawn on abs. She’d been better to have just oiled and bronzed!

  5. 5
    Disgusted yet again Says:

    Sorry Janet, but it’s over. You’re getting too old now and it shows.

    Good for her that she lost so much weight, but she’s past her prime. Losing that amount of weight so quickly made her age greatly. She doesn’t look very cute anymore. The sexy, youthful image is gone. Give it up.

  6. 6
    jaromir Says:

    Not sure why people think this lady is hot…….she looks like a black Micheal Jackson, just with an surgically awesome body.

    She should just retire already, her last 2 albums were flops, IMO her full potential has already been realised and now she is falling down from the top of the peak. She’s just the black equivalent of Madona, IMO.

  7. 7
    Marta Says:

    I could barelly hear her voice, song is not so good too.
    she still can dance , but it’s not enough for a show like this (any show really).

  8. 8
    jailbird Says:

    Awful just awful….. I wasted my time watching the towel thing hanging off the back of her pants, I think it was there to hide her big A** cause they can’t lipo that off.

  9. 9
    am the only one?? Says:

    where did the good singers go??

  10. 10
    Get a life! Says:

    A lot of the people that are bashing Janet haven’t seen the inside of a gym in years… because they are too busy sitting their out of shape a$$ on the computer… before any one throws a stone… make sure that your house is not make of glass… What could they paint on your strecth out abs?!?

  11. 11
    Janet Rocked the House! Says:

    She looked beautiful and tore the house down, more so than any other performer last night. Stop the hate already.

    you try dancing like that AND try to sing a song and we’ll see how good you can do.

    get over yourselves

  12. 12
    Sammy Says:

    If you can’t get out there and “wow” people, why do it at all? She’s embarrassing herself. Her voice IS weak. She looks shrunken. Not good. Janet is in shape and has good abs but she’s not as thin as she was years ago when she was like 110 pounds. That towel “thing”was most likely to hide her big butt. I was thinking that too.

  13. 13
    Susie Says:

    She can dance and her singing is not that great. For someone who is 40 she is in great shape. Also I think she is quite sweet and humble. Say what you will but she has left her mark on the music scene. She is a great entertainer. There are some mean comments out there but hey I guess that is what makes some people feel good.

  14. 14
    jaromir Says:

    Get a life! Says:

    December 5th, 2006 at 1:02 pm
    A lot of the people that are bashing Janet haven’t seen the inside of a gym in years… because they are too busy sitting their out of shape a$$ on the computer… before any one throws a stone… make sure that your house is not make of glass… What could they paint on your strecth out abs?!?


    Actually I’m a personal trainer at a local gym. Trust me, you could wash your clothes off my abs.

    Aside from that, you can’t really generalize about people on the net, you really have no clue who is logging on.

  15. 15
    kae Says:

    Hate her hair or wig or whatever that is!

  16. 16
    Bonnie F. Says:

    I really hate the way she dresses lately. She tries too hard to get attention, when she doesn’t need to . Less is more, as they say.

  17. 17
    Mrs. Cooty Says:

    yuk yuk a thousand times yuk. janet looks like a fug tranny and her clothes are shiteous.

  18. 18
    jaykaydee Says:

    Can we discuss the obvious lip synching to a recorded track? It’s totally obvious and shameful.

  19. 19
    Jen Says:

    She needs to get over it. She needs to hide out with the rest of her family! There is no chance for a come back!

  20. 20
    Kori Says:

    You got that right!

  21. 21
    Damn Says:

    Well we all know this is a Lovers for Justin Timbo the Mimbo website so of course there’s a lot of Janet bashing…honeslty I am a fan but not of her recent work, but she has made a lasting mark in that tons of artists pay homage and BLATANTLY copy her.

    To tell her to sit down is diresepctful I think. You can’t loooove Justin, who she brought out long ago, or wish hard for Britney’s no talent self to comeback who bites her style like fresh Cheetohs and then say “oh Janet your a loser” – it’ s like erasing a Madonna or a Debbie Harry – her mark is pretty much forever until some other innovations changes the whole game again.

    And yeah she is Madonna’s competition and even Madonna knows that – that’s why if she tours she’ll gross like crazy cuz Janet’s songs are classics up to now – she’ll get paid as long as she wants to. American Life anyone? Madonna is more of a spectacle than a true showwoman and she got paid and she’s recently said that she knows she and Janet are the last big donnas for pop. They are the 1 and 2 most successful woman in pop history. Britney, Ciara nor Justin will ever achieve that cuz FSLS may be good but everyone’s figuring out it’s just Timbaland’s version of PRINCE’s past work. I swear he moves from one black man to the next, Brit’s a poor imitation of a lilly Janet with unearned Madge over-exposure and Ciara has no real vision, except maybe Control.

    That being said, drop that troll – he’s smothering your creativity like that damn wig. Props to her performance tho – she out worked every performer except Mary’s voice last night.

  22. 22
    Kori Says:

    We shouldn’t have to tell Janet Jackson to sit down. She should know when to go. I saw Madonna’s British concert on TV, and she runs circles around Janet now. Madonna never let herself balloon up and then have to do a major boot camp-style diet and exercise program to lose rapid amounts of weight in a ridiculous amount of time. Madonna has kept her body in excellent condition throughout her career. She is close to 50 and she’s sexier than most of the teenyboppers. She’s also changed her show because she’s older now. With her getting botox injections, she really looks fab.

  23. 23
    Kori Says:

    In addition, Britney will never be as big as she was before. She’s had two babies and she married a loser. People can’t get those images out of their head. Kinda ruins the cute young thing image.

  24. 24
    Claire Says:

    bless her, she was amazing

  25. 25
    Coco Says:

    I’m praying I look as good when I hit 40. Surgery or no you have to have something to work with and she’s hella toned.

    Janet didn’t even need to put out another album…she’s an ICON anyway. Some of these bubble gum pop queens running around Hollywood wish they had the same credibility and album sales like Janet.

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