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Daniel Craig = Top Dream Man

Daniel Craig = Top Dream Man

A recent Internet poll on dream men was taken in the UK and the top ten dream men were: 1. Daniel Craig 2. Simon Cowell 3. Jesse Metcalfe 4. David Beckham 5. Brad Pitt 6. pop star Mark Owen 7. Leonardo DiCaprio 8. actor Richard Madeley 9. Robbie Williams 10. singer Will Young

Here’s a run-down of the top ten dream women: 1. model and singer Abbey Clancy 2. singer Cheryl Cole 3. Britney Spears 4. Angelina Jolie 5. model Jordan 6. model Abi Titmuss 7. Eva Longoria 8. Pamela Anderson 9. Jessica Alba 10. Madonna

Agree/Disagree? Here is the Casino Royale hotness that is Daniel Craig:

Daniel Craig meets an old friend from school.
“My goodness me, how are ya?!”

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  • Dancer

    I thought he was fantastic as Bond! Really HOT! Can’t wait until his pic with Nicole Kidman comes out!

  • Mrs. Cooty

    What drugs are they on in the UK?

  • mmyers

    This guy is so terribly ugly. He looks like an elf! How can anyone find him attractive? Connery, he’s not!

  • ala

    I think he’s good looking, he wouldn’t be my number one choice, but he did make a great James Bond

  • capriciousdiva

    He’s grown on me he’s a real english gentlemen he was so smooth on Parkinson

  • gitane

    i’m not a bond fan, but i’ll go see casino royale for him. don’t think he’s hot? watch layer cake. if you don’t change your mind, there’s no helping you.

  • Donna A.

    As much as I like DC as an actor. I have never found him sexy. But I am glad he is finally getting noticed.
    Donna A.

  • capriciousdiva

    what the hell are Richard Madeley & Mark Owen doing n the list there such has beens

  • yay!

    It’s funny everyone was hating on Daniel Craig when he was first cast as Bond and now everyone is in Love with him.

    When I tried to tell people on another blog that after watching Layer Cake, I thought he would make a great bond, people went nuts. I love being right. Daniel Craig rules. :-D

  • jq

    He might be a great actor but he’s far from good looking.

  • yes

    I think DC is sexy!

  • nadioz

    yeah he’s my celebrity dream men

  • vicky

    He is so HOTTTTTT !!! I love him so’s a great video BTW..He seems very down to earth too..

    Beside Sean Connery, the rest of the Bonds were pale compare to Daniel Graig. They look like businessman, not an assassin/spy. DC’ Bond is the best ! (at least for me)

  • kat

    oh lookey, at his bodyguard, that is brad’s bodyguard as well.

  • gia

    Love him!!

  • Fattie

    He’s my # 1 too!!

  • Flabbergested

    SIMON COWELL????! Even Dick Cheney would have been a better pick than that drama queen. I think I just threw up a little.

  • kelly

    Am I the only one that thought casino royale was a really bad film and he’s anything but hot he looks a hell of alot older than he is im trying to see it but i can’t

  • angelinammm

    the overexcited lady with the grey hair is about 70… then my god how old is he?
    had me laughing

  • Anon

    You watch the movie and you’ll understand why Daniel Craig is HOT!!! I was a naysayer before I saw it. 100% f_cking boiling HOT!!! SEXY SEXY SEXY…

  • Marta

    Personally I think D.Craig is very attractive.I’m little bored with all this cute boys.And Daniel looks really great, very interesting face.

    Simon Cowell on second place???OMG
    what’s wrong with this women?

  • Linda

    If the statue of David was being created today…Daniel Craig would be the model. Awesome!! He will be a huge star. Plus, he’s such an incredible actor. A true artist like Christian Bail.

  • jjoy

    he is not ugly, he is a dreamy…sigh… :lol:

    he’s a man’s man….masculine….not beautiful fey man…. :-D

  • Marisleysis

    He’s soooo hot. His girlfriend is super lucky.

  • anustin

    #11 jen aniston!

  • anustin

    i mean for dream men….jen aniston!#11

  • Estelle

    Thanks JJ for another thread of my favorite James Bond of all time…. ;)

    He’s a very good characters actor, his attraction to us fan is not only his good look, but it’s his charm, voice, eyes and most of all his crooked smile…wow.

    I was so happy when they announced that he will be the next James Bond, I had no doubt that he would be great and thank you Daniel for proving us minority were right for believing in you. Who has the last laughed?….Daniel Craig? actually the James Bond’s franchise and its producers….laughing all the way to the bank…..

  • Sydney

    Oooh, I agree, Daniel Craig is unbelievably hot. He’s got rugged good looks and an amazing body, but his charisma and screen presence are what send him off the charts in sexiness!

  • Where is Went

    Jared, DC is great, but how about some Wentworth Miller? You are always so great at posting on him, and us PB fans need our WM fix since the show is now on hiatus.

  • portuga

    what to say of a pool that as britney spears on 4th place:)))))))))))

  • sara

    craig is not cute or handsome but he is hot in a manly way with beautiful blue eyes and a great body.

    the movie is really fantastic!

  • portuga

    correction on me:)))) even worse
    brit spears on 3th place as “dream woman”
    what to say (lololoool)

    as for craig…hes quite alright…nothing to say there:))))))

  • sara

    i loved vesper and bond together,my favourite moment is the ” shower” scene…so sexy and sweet.

  • B.

    Dreamy Daniel Craig. Yeah, that sounds about right.

  • vicky

    sara I agree with you..shower scene was so erotic and hot..I love it ! No kiss no nudity no sex but was so sexy !

  • LondonGirl

    I have been a fan of Daniel Craig’s for several years, since I saw him on stage. I thought he would make an excellent Bond, but I was laughed at. He is the epitome of a man: rugged good looks, beautiful body, intelligent. No foppish metrosexual he! Men everywhere could learn a lot from Daniel Craig. We women like real men, not pretty boys who spend as much time as we do preening in front of a mirror. Delicious, Dreamy Daniel Craig! Yummy!

  • kae

    Simon Cowell?????????????????????????????????????? My brother lives in England, I gotta ask him about this one. If it’s true, the women there have, shall we way interesting tastes…

  • ashylarry

    I pray that there is another Simon Cowell they are refering to other than the one from American Idol.

  • Jorge

    It’s sad that I’m always in the minority. There are only two on that list that I think is sexy. That’s slightly depressing.

  • the real tita

    Wasn’t DC in the first Lara Croft movie? He was already nude in that picture with Angelina. It’s where she said she’s seen better or some such thing! He does have a very manly body and could play a real bad**s.

    He’s like an improved version of Charles Bronson…they say his face may not be pretty but it’s full of character.

  • Estelle

    the real tita Says:

    December 6th, 2006 at 4:56 pm
    AJ said he’s one of the best kisser…. :)

  • Joan

    Daniel is reallllyy hot.
    So sexy and cute.
    Manly with a great body and blue eyes.

  • angelah


  • voltavie

    the real tita Says:

    December 6th, 2006 at 4:56 pm

    Thanks for the info tita. it looks like I have to go and get the Lara Croft DVD.!!!

    Estelle Says:

    December 6th, 2006 at 6:02 pm

    Hi Estelle, fellow fan. We certainly appreciated the kissing action in CR.

  • Lisa


    Who takes these bloody polls. im embaressed to be from the UK!!!

    David beckham, Leo Dicaprio and Brad pitt – YES

    The rest – Nuh uh! Gross..

    And the girls… Jessica Alba and Angelina – YES – the rest – NO WAY!!

    Jordan and abi titmus and Pamela — WHAT????!!!!!!! Are they crazy

    Have u noticed that the only hot ones are mainly from the USA..

    The UK sucks

  • marymi

    where is WENTY? if he’s NOT in the top 10, then what number is HE in?………brad pitt?….YIKES!!!! :O

  • Seya

    I think that he is the sexiest actor in the world!!!!

  • zhen

    love him!!!!!!!!!!!

  • eldo

    That footage is from the Aussie premiere at the State Theatre in Sydney. I can’t believe people throw themselves at celebrities like that. LMAO

  • Vermin

    Daniel Craig looks like he’s a meth addict. YUCK!