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Chad & Kenzie: Blondes of the Brave

Chad & Kenzie: Blondes of the Brave

Chad Michael Murray and fiancee Kenzie Dalton walked the red carpet last night for his upcoming film Home of the Brave at the Academy Theater in Beverly Hills, Calif. He looks more interested in posing for the camera than paying attention to his fiancee in his picture. Chad, 25, and Kenzie, 18, have been together since Dec. 2005 and engaged since April 2006.

Home of the Brave tells the story of three soldiers struggling to readjust to life at home after returning home from a lengthy tour in Iraq. The film also co-stars Samuel L. Jackson, Jessica Biel, 50 Cent (pictured below), and Christina Ricci.

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  • Godiva

    I love her dress! Does anyone know who’s that by?

  • kelly

    his hair is less blonde but god he needs to shave that thing on his head of or trim the hair and get rid of that scruffy beard the look he’s got going on isn’t good together

    I don’t know whos lips are reder

  • http://deleted Sissy

    Another relationship that will be over before you know it. Notice how she is beaming in just about every pic. Couple smile from ear to ear for the camera, seeming so in love, and then you read that it’s over.

  • MLissa

    He’s a big ol’ CHEESEBALL!

  • angelinammm

    oh, look brad pitt wanna be

  • errr

    he is HOT!

  • AllieOop

    That girl better watch out. Nothing says impending breakup quite like a girl beaming up at her man while he ignores her.

  • didi

    Sophiaaa come back!!

  • kat

    this guy is a cunt. how could he cheat on sophia, and then proceed to marry her while he knows he was living a lie. poor girl, she’s deceived by his good looks.

  • Fattie

    His look lately is …. yuk! … How old is his new girl ?? !jailbait!

  • G

    He’d look a hell of a lot more bearable if he’d stop squinting for the brooding look and open his fucking eyes.

  • Boo

    They look like they could be brother & sister.

  • Sammie

    She looks like a fucking tart! God I hate her so much. Sophia is waaaay prettier and I’m glad that she is going out with that Foster dude. Chad you suck! But your still hot.

  • truth

    They are like the low rent version of the old Reese and Ryan!

  • kae

    She looks like she’s about 14 wearing mom’s makeup. He looks like a sleeze bucket.

  • Misha

    The chick has WAY too much make up on her its like caked on

  • kay

    no wonder it looks so familiar, same pose when he was with sophia bush, looking her in the eye. and look where they are now. can’t wait till they break up and he goes running back to sophia!

  • Amy

    she’s sooo boring and acts like a total bimbo! …they look like they are a couple from the 1950s when girls stayed quiet and their man protected them well. she’s just…annoying. and he is bit of a silly boy, judging from his self-important interviews.

  • Gross

    They make me sick… Kenzie looks cute and all but urgg….they make me wanna puke.. Shes looks like his daughter! Anyways he looked better with Sophia but he doesnt deserves her..

  • jane

    ummm….you guys/girls that are gushing over him and hating sophia bush…you do realize he is widely reported to be as gay as the day is long, don’t you?

  • Jacinda

    Umm…am I the only one who thinks they look like brother and sister? Always creepy when a couple looks related like that!

  • boris

    they are sexy, beautiful, rich, attractive and happy, she´s 18 and he´s 25, a little age difference but it´s ok, everyone that says they are sleezy and that Sophia Bush is better are just jealous. Jealousy kills! You´d say the same thing about Sophia if she wasn´t “unhappier” and that is just sad.

  • Kristy

    Wait, if they got together a year ago, then she was 17 when they started at it?And he was recently divorced? That’s fucked up. 17? C’mon….

  • http://- rathany

    she is ugly and when i saw her last time she had meat on her but now she has lost a lot of weight and it does not look good. i would of keep SOPHIA BUSH she is dam hot

  • Notta Chance

    Squinty McScumbag and the trailer park tart! We’ll be gettin’ hitched soon y’all!

  • samanth256

    This relationship is doomed. She was still in high school when they got engaged for God’s sake… and he hadn’t even finalized his divorce. I find the whole thing disgusting. I have no respect for him anymore… preying on school girls who are extras on the show. pathetic.

  • fan

    Yeah I don’t have respect for him, I never did. He couldn’t have made things anymore awkward at work if he tried, dating an extra then getting engaged before the divorce was even final. He rushed into getting engaged so why is he taking so long to marry her? i would have thought he would have married her a long time ago.

    So glad Sophia isn’t with this idiot anymore, she deserved better and truly I don’t know Kenzie but any girl deserves better than being with this dude.

  • Bo-Jangles

    What is with the 1980′s Christian Slater hair-do????????

  • lavender

    eew…. they don’t look good together… what the hell is chad thinking ?! pls go back to sophia! T.T

  • http://justjared anonymous

    They STILL freak me out…….

  • http://justjared anonymous

    Kenzie needs to gain weight…….
    I saw some pictures where she is wearing a bikini…..and she is sticking her butt out….trying to look sexy and she’s like trying to put this “sexy face” on……I started laughing when I saw it.
    I guess she never heard that saying that if you TRY to look sexy you look like an idiot……and the complete opposite of sexy….
    I felt bad for her…..the pictures were not even of me and I was embarrassed!!!!!!!
    But seriously…….they look like brother and sister…..

    Anyone see “The Hitcher”????
    It was actually better than I expected…..cuz ya know it’s a remake and remakes suck most of the time. Sophia looked hot……..great acting too…….♥

  • Sheshsopno

    God wat is wrong with him?!!!

    he needs desperately to get his act together i mean seriously …….the chick looks soooo totally lyk a baby sis , a slutty sis …..i mean sheeesh she’s not even in the same league as SOPHIA!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://ChadMichaelMurray Angelina

    pls go back to sophia!
    pls go back to sophia!
    pls go back to sophia!
    pls go back to sophia!
    pls go back to sophia!
    pls go back to sophia!
    pls go back to sophia!
    pls go back to sophia!
    pls go back to sophia!
    pls go back to sophia!
    pls go back to sophia!
    pls go back to sophia!
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    pls go back to sophia!
    pls go back to sophia!