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Jen & Vince: The REAL Break-Up

Jen & Vince: The REAL Break-Up

In case you’ve been living under a rock… Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn have called it quits. People reported the official break-up last night following Jen & Vince‘s being together for more than a year. Reps Stephen Huvane and John Pisani said, “After Jennifer‘s trip to London several weeks ago, Jennifer and Vince mutually agreed to end their relationship but continue to be good friends today.” The million billion trillion dollar question: Who will Jennifer Aniston date next??? Leave your guesses here now, check back next year to see if you’re right! !!

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  • lulu18

    They seemed like a good couple. Such a shame…

  • All Jen carest is saving her fugly image

    I never understand how someone like Jen could live and sleep peacefully with the amount of lies and fake news she put out there just so that she maintain a certain image in public. she is such a big liar and fraud.

    I dont know how to describe it but it seems Jennifer is probably so sensitive and so concerned with her public image, she doesnt want to get humiliated in the public, that she has so much drama going on for every breakup that she had.

    When she and Brad broke up, they have to put up a charade and took that trip to Anquilla prior to their announcing their separation, and now with Vince, whe had to go to spend and put up another charade of spending a romantic weekend with him before breaking up. The thing is there is this statement again that they remained good friends just like with Brad… probably until Vince is seen with another woman and off she goes to VF to say her again.

    I think she is damn lucky that her ex-men are always so nice to her. But, whats up with her??? Gosh what a FRAUD!!!!!

    All Jen cares about is her fugly image

  • Kat

    For me it is the 10 cents question. Coz I couldn’t care less who she dates. Not interested in her sorry, don’t find anything remotely interesting in her life. Good luck to JA just can we not know about it, please?

    I don’t understand why people continue to pay so much attention to a boring has-been…

  • tanique

    because they dont find her boring or a has-been?

    i’m not sure who i’d like to see her with, i just hope she is happy.

  • MizLiz


  • she deserve KFed

    KFed or Mr ExBritney would suit Jen Aniston best. Both of them are media w.h.o.r.e. to the infinity.

  • creativegirl

    In all honesty I think Jen waited to announce it until now to jump on the “Celebrity Break-Up” PR bandwaggon and join the likes of Reese, Britney and whomever else is “breaking up” these days.

    I used to really like Jen, but she just seems to be playing a big publicity game since she and Brad split.

    Just my two cents worth. I’m sure others will have their opinions as well.


    I remember a polls earlier this year on US Weekly, they said

    Who will last longer Brad and Angie or Jen and Vince
    Winner: Jen and Vince

    Who is the better couple Brad & Angie or Jen & Vince
    Winner: Jen and Vince

    Who suits Jen? Brad or Vince
    Winner: Vince

    Who is more romantic? Brad or Vince
    Winner: Vince

    Goes to show you how delusional Jen hens are!!! :lol:

    My pick for Jen’s next victim? Kevin Federline.

  • !

    How do you ever replace Brad anyway? Vince couldn’t that’s for sure..She should of took care of her Man Brad in the first place. .But She didn’t.

    Maybe try the other team out?

  • cookie

    now she’s almost 38 yrs old.i really feel sorry for her.i wonder what she feels whenever she sees brad and AJ so happy together.i bet she will date next is KID ROCK.he.he

  • Tracey

    Too Bad, I was hoping she could settle down with Vince. As for the second comment, you need to get a hold of yourself. So much anger! Jen cares not only for her image but also her Ex’s….she did not let out the true dirty laundry of Brad Pitt’s affair with Angelina. Also when you break up with someone you will usually have one last time with them so, I think both of her trips were just that…to say good-bye! As for Jen dating again, I think she will take her time and if she does she will finally find the right guy! All the best Jennifer!


    I just got a call from K-Fed, he said even though he is a deadbeat dad, a wannabe rapper and laughingstock of the music industry, he does not deserve this a fate worse than death. NO to K-Fed and Jen.

    How is Fabio looking these days? What about carrot top or the guy who played screech on Saved by the Bell.

  • creativegirl

    ! Says:

    I think you’ve got something there. I just read an article that said Jen and Courtney exchanged “wedding rings” like Oprah & Gayle did. I’ll have to search for the article. Maybe that will be her next move.

    You are absolutely 100% right in that there is just no way that anyone could ever replace Brad. What an absolute fool. She had one amazing guy as we all see each and every day. He’s not a guy who plays the field, he’s a one woman man and totally devotes himself 100% to his partner and his family and she threw it all away because she wouldn’t give Brad Pitt a baby! She was a bozo! She could have had it all.

    I really think she will start to fade into the background now. I think most Hollywood guys will avoid her like the plauge don’t you. Maybe Courtney will give her a guest spot on her new show on F/X for however long that lasts. Or that Dancing with the Stars rumor will come true.

  • Kat


    I think most people do find her boring. The rest are all fans of Rachel Green who can’t distinguish between her screen character and the real person. I mean just point out one interesting thing or activity in her life – it is all tanning, hair extenstions, yoga, chatting with girlfriends, smoking, drinking…. Just one exiting thing about her – phleeease…

    Just read the comments on most of the articles about her the last 2-3 months you will get the idea of the public mood…

  • anustin

    lolzzzshe should jump at the golden gate with all the shark waiting.

  • supsicious_package

    I’d like to recommend Matthew McConogay, since she is so accustomed to bearding after her year with Vince. They could tan topless and smoke dope all day. A match made in heaven.

  • to tracey

    Tracey Says:
    she did not let out the true dirty laundry of Brad Pitt’s affair with Angelina.

    lol… You are delusional.
    Jen fan—crazy. Yea they go hand and hand

    Brad did not have an affair. Get facts to back it up B*tch

  • chris

    i care too and i hope whom ever that person would be will make her happy bcos she deserves that much oh yes she does and one thing i would like to say people all you taht have started to criticise and abuse and those yet to come she is human she has feelings and all her life you would know she has always wanted to be loved you need to know her history and yu would understand ,i love her and many people would always love her and who knows what tomorrow brings no one knows guys but all i can say is no matter what i know there is a special person out thare for her whom would take her and love her and cherish her for life and trust me hook, line sinker that person is around and she only needs to open her eyes and seehim till then JEN I LOVE YOU AND I HOPE YOU HAVE A WONDERFUL XMAS AND THE GREATEST YEARS OF YOUR LIFE ARE COMING I BELIEVE IN YOU AND YOUR HAPPINESS IS GURNTEED NO MATER WHAT ALL THE NAY SAYERS SAY YOU DESERVE TO BE HAPPY and Vince amazing guy i wish him the very best he truly his and i pray he too settles for a good person and if you truly her a fan of someone you never stop wishing them the best and yu love tem for their failures, their sucess and above all their mistakes bcos it shows thet are only human.

  • creativegirl

    Jennifer Aniston Buys Wedding Bands?
    By Cathy Beers
    Dec 4, 2006

    An amazing stir was caused over the summer when it was reported that then Jennifer Aniston beau Vince Vaughn had purchased a huge rock for the wedding ring finger of his All-American beauty. There were denials all around and Jennifer was never photographed with the ring.

    Jennifer Aniston Buys Wedding Bands

    But a new report claims now that it is she that has made the purchase of two wedding bands and neither is for Vince.


    According to In Touch Weekly Jennifer has purchased two wedding bands – one for her and one for her bestest friend Courteney Cox. The report in the weekly entertainment magazine claims that while shopping at Barneys in Beverly Hills on November 11 Jen fell in love with a $9,000 Cathy Waterman diamond and platinum wedding band.

    The magazine says she grabbed one for her and one for Cox.


    According to the item, she got the idea from one of her other friends, Oprah Winfrey. Oprah did the same thing for her pal Gayle king and it is reported that Jen has followed suit.

    An insider tells the mag, “Oprah gave Gayle a similar ring and Jen loved the idea and wanted to do the same for Courteney.”

    © Copyright National Ledger,

  • so is Arquette lying too ?

    It must s u c k to be pals with Aniston. So now Arquette are liars too ?

    “A day after reports that Jennifer Aniston told Oprah Winfrey that she and Vince are “still on,” David Arquette told the “Jamie, Jack & Stench Show” on Los Angeles radio station STAR 98.7 that rumors of Jen and Vince’s breakup aren’t true. ”

    “That is complete horse doo-doo,” Arquette told the STAR 98.7 morning crew. “It’s so funny, they say stupid things like, ‘Why’d Vince leave?’ or something like that. And the answer is because he’s doing a movie! I mean, come on people!”

    Arquette, of course, is married to Courteney Cox-Arquette, Jen’s good friend from their days on “Friends.”

  • passingby

    Vince was just a rebound relationship. You don’t get dumped and then hook up for life with your first relationship after. Clearly Aniston needed somebody to help get her thru the hurt…

    That’s over…

    I say Ed Norton would be a good hookup.
    He is talented and respected, but not such a big tab presence that he would outshine her.

  • lela

    i wonder if this is the same reaction Ang is going to get when she breaks up with Brad. Will brad be the bad guy or will Ang be the bad guy cos you know a break up is bound to happen sooner or later, it is Hollywood after all and then all the brangelina fans will bite the dust the same way the vaughniston fans did. It’s gonna be funny reading the comments.

  • Tree hugger

    Not Edward Norton, please. My boy deserves better than Jen.

  • Susie

    I like Jennifer and I hope she finds happiness. It is sad when people start to blame someone for being left by their husband. She was in love with him and he decided to run off with Angelina that mad cow. Good luck to Jen and I hope she finds happiness with whoever she is with next. I also think that she should be applauded for the classy way she has handled herself throughout the mess with Brad. If her and Vince decide that they are going their separate ways who are we to dictate when they do so and how they do so? Some of these comments are so crazy I think several people have lost their minds.

  • Tree hugger

    Well we’re talking about JEN and VINCE right now.

  • Mandy

    Not a fun of her, but i wish her all the best!!!!!

  • WTF

    “I hope she finds happiness”

    Please this bitch will never be happy. She gets too much press playing the victim role.

    BTW- Chiniston & classy do not belong in the same sentence.

  • A little Birdie

    Vince left this song on Jen’s answering machine when he broke up with her.

    If love was a bird
    Then we wouldn’t have wings
    If love was a sky
    We’d be blue
    If love was a choir
    You and I could never sing
    Cause love isn’t for me and you

    If love was an Oscar
    You and I could never win
    Cause we can never act out our parts
    If love is the Bible
    Then we are lost in sin
    Because its not in our hearts

    So why don’t you go your way
    And I’ll go mine
    Live your life, and I’ll live mine
    Baby you’ll do well, and I’ll be fine
    Cause we’re better off, separated

    If love was a fire
    Then we have lost the spark
    Love never felt so cold
    If love was a light
    Then we’re lost in the dark
    Left with no one to hold

    If love was a sport
    We’re not on the same team
    You and I are destined to lose
    If love was an ocean
    Then we are just a stream
    Cause love isn’t for me and you

    So why don’t you go your way
    And I’ll go mine
    Live your life, and I’ll live mine
    Baby you’ll do well, and I’ll be fine
    Cause we’re better off, separated

    So why don’t you go your way
    And I’ll go mine
    Live your life, and I’ll live mine
    Baby you’ll do well, and I’ll be fine
    Cause we’re better off, separated

  • QQQQ

    Its always someone else’s fault and NOT hers……. she was the BEST wife to Brad right, and he just upped and left her for another woman, and its HIS FAULT that she and the other FRAUD dough BOY VV broke up…

    The same wife who told an interviewer that HE WAS NOT THE LOVE OF HER LIFE, the same GREAT WIFE who said she had to FORCE HERSELF to go see him after being apart for 6 months… the same best wife who TWICE after winning an award “FORGOT” to thank him, even though he was right in front of her face…. the same “LOVELY CARING” wife who went on SNL and made fun of not having a baby, knowing her HUSBAND had been feining for a child 4ever……but BRAD is insensive….. had he done or said any of these thing he would have been crusified, like he is now by her fans….. But hey, she’s America’s Sweetheart!!!!!!

  • A little Birdie

    Jen got the message and was very upset. She didn’t want to be known as a two time dumpee so she wrote him a letter:

    Dear, I fear we’re facing a problem
    you love me no longer, I know
    and maybe there is nothing
    that I can do to make you do
    Mama tells me I shouldn’t bother
    that I ought to stick to another man
    a man that surely deserves me
    but I think you do!

    So I cry, and I pray and I beg

    Love me love me
    say that you love me
    fool me fool me
    go on and fool me
    love me love me
    pretend that you love me
    leave me leave me
    just say that you need me

    So I cried, and I begged for you to
    Love me love me
    say that you love me
    leave me leave me
    just say that you need me
    I can’t care about anything but you

    Lately I have desperately pondered,
    spent my nights awake and I wonder
    what I could do have done in another way
    to make you stay
    Reason will not lead to solution
    I will end up lost in confusion
    I don’t care if you really care
    as long as you don’t go

    So I cry, I pray and I beg

    Love me love me
    say that you love me
    fool me fool me
    go on and fool me
    love me love me
    pretend that you love me
    leave me leave me
    just say that you need me

    So I cried, and I begged for you to
    Love me love me
    say that you love me
    leave me leave me
    just say that you need me
    I can’t care about anything but me

    Love me love me
    say that you love me
    fool me fool me
    go on and fool me
    Love me love me
    I know that you need me
    I can’t care about anything but me…

  • Who Cares

    Who cares who she will date next? She is getting to be a ” has been”, unless she goes out with KFED, then they will be the next tabloid fodder.

  • kate

    The best Man Alive..she to deserve

  • Buh-bye Jen

    Colin Farrell, they both make s*cky movies.

    And watch your back Jenny, Oprah’s taking off her earrings and shoes!

  • the real truth

    I used to watch every single episode of Friends. I used to look at what Jen wears and I will go to the store and find the same thing. At that time, I didnt know anything about this Brad/Angie/Jen saga.

    I therefore did my research. I put a lot of weight on their personal interviews particularly on the interviews before they announced their separation. . I try to get a gut feel of each of them. Beleive me, I separated tabloids and facts. I have come to the conclusion that Angie is brutally honest. I respected her giving 1/3 to charity. I did a search on oprah’s site, there was a picture of Brad with all the African children surrounding him, I was so disappointed that Jen was NOT in the picture. I looked at the date of that pic and it was taken before they were separated. We see pictures of Jen with Brad on every red carpet event yet she didnt accompany her then husband to Africa. Why???

    I saw pictures of Jen smoking. We saw Jen at Oprah, at Diane Sawyer, at Access Hollywood, claiming a baby is on the way. Why cant she tell the truth? Why lied? Some people called her a fraud. Well, I call this misleading the public. Honesty is important to me. Once you lose this trust, it’s hard to gain that back.

    There is this Vanity Fair interview. This interview is the one which I am fuming. This is the deciding factor that I believe Jen is responsible for all the things printed. Even though her publicist mis-guided her. But an employer is responsible for her agent’s actions. She knew what was going on. She should take accountability of this.

    Now, this fake relationship with vince/jen was created to seel movie tickets and DVD. Notice the timing , now DVD’s all relaeased, so they announce the split.

    I believe they did date, for a very very short time. I also believed Vince did propose. But Jen drag this out, probably asked Vince to wait and continue the charade. Now, Vince probably wanted to do the REAL dating.

  • A little Birdie

    Vince was like, what the? And he decided to break it down for Jen

    You say ya like to travel
    But you don’t even have a ride
    Say you like walkin’ around
    But your shoes won’t fit
    I like certain people
    But with wise words to give
    I’m walkin’ down onto the pier
    And talk to the voice I hear

    Said I be leavin’
    I’m lookin’ for my wings in the sky
    My journey’s long over
    And my body’s tired
    So when I’m leavin
    I’ll make sure I tell you good-bye
    I know somebody really loves me (Brazilian Hookers)
    But I gotta be leavin’

    You say you like nothin’
    But somethin’s always on
    your mind
    You say ya don’t think much
    But you’re always tellin’ lies
    I can read you
    I think your’re about money
    and greed
    I’ll pack my bags and be on
    my way
    I can’t stay…

    Said I be leavin’
    I’m lookin’ for my wings in the sky
    My journey’s long over
    And my body’s tired
    So when I’m leavin
    I’ll make sure I tell you good-bye
    I know somebody really loves me (Hungarian Hookers)
    But I gotta be leavin’

  • Adrymala

    Johnny Lee Miller

  • ntt

    Perez Hilton: “JEN CHINOCCHIO”. Someone else named her JEN FRAUDISTON.

  • fifi

    Jennifer needs to hook up with an older guy who would be a little more patient with her insecurities, a guy who already has children so won’t pester her for any; too bad Michael Douglas is already hooked up with CZJ.

    And for those who keep saying that Brad and Angelina will split, well, that ain’t happening NOW, so let’s keep to the topic at hand — which is Jen and Vince finally admitting they are no longer a couple (not that they ever were, IMO, just f*ck buddies, nothing wrong with that).

  • Dancer

    I feel bad for her because I think she needs to be loved unconditionally no matter what she is or does. BUT I still think Brad was the wrong man for her. He is a deep thinker, a believer in causes, a rebel, passionate about architecture, nature and his other hobbies/causes/interests. He loves to fly, love his motorcycle, loves children, loves his causes. Jen was afraid to fly. You never saw her on a motorcycle. She has publicly said she doesn’t do charity like Angelina. She has said that she wanted kids, but only one or two and then we have not seen a lot of evidence that she was in a hurry to produce that one or two. She hated modern furniture and architecture and made sure the world knew by making little snippy comments aimed at Brad. And as another poster detailed, there were many many times when she wasn’t there for Brad (and to be fair vice versa).
    So I do not understand why Jen fans still think they belong together or were in such a hurry to throw her into another relationship with Vince so she didn’t look like a loser. I don’t understand why they still hate him and Angelina. It makes no sense to me. Yes he hurt her, but she wasn’t supportive of him in so many ways and she didn’t share his passions and again to be fair he didn’t share all of hers either. He chose to follow his heart and go with a relationship that would provide him the depth and richness he craved. And he found that with Angelina. He has kids, a passion and love with her that he didn’t find with Jen. He has shared interests in charity and flying and cycling etc.
    So again, why hate this couple?
    Why not, as Jared said, find someone for Jen to love that can share her interests whatever they are. Someone that will only want one child or no children. Someone who will support her needs and her emotional make up. I think whoever mentioned John Stamos for her had a good suggestion. He lived with Rebecca whatever her name is for many many years and she reminds me of Jen. However, I do think he has said he wants several kids…a stumbling block to be sure!
    I don’t wish ill things on her, just hope she finds someone she can love. Or if she doesn’t, find peace in being single. A lot of folks are and have no desire to marry. That is fine too.

  • Adrymala

    “Jennifer needs to hook up with an older guy who would be a little more patient with her insecurities, a guy who already has children so won’t pester her for any” hmmm. . .what about Billy Bob Thorton?

  • Oprah and Jen

    so what characteristic does Jame Frey and Jennifer Aniston have in common ?

    ding ding …. they are both Liars.

    Surprise ?? No – Looks like Oprah has liars on her show just for ratings.

    All you Oprah fans need to write to her to tell her how you honestly feel about her have liars on her show.

  • Be sane

    It’s really, REALLY time to completely forget about this woman. Her over-extended 15 minutes of fame has come and gone, long ago. She doesn’t make any impact in the movie world, she is just a over-exposed tabloid fixture. There are many more interesting tabloid targets these days. She has no movies coming out next year, so hopefully we hear less and less about her.

  • Gail

    from perezhilton

    Jennifer Aniston’s publicist (pictured above) just sent us the following email:

    Hey there.
    Just saw your item and wanted to correct you. I understand that being mean is your thing and honestly I am not trying to convince you to be any other way. If that’s what makes you happy then by all means go ahead and be mean. It’s just that if you are going to be mean then try being right. We never told People magazine that Jennifer and Vince were still together. Just do a little research and you will find that we told that Jennifer was not engaged, had not been proposed to, and had no ring.

    Your venom towards Jennifer and Kirsten is something I will never quite understand because if you actually knew these two ladies you would really like them.

    I hope you will fix your item but my expectations are really low.

    Stephen Huvane

    rebuttal from perezhilton:—

    Excuse use???

    If Jennifer did not lie to People magazine, then what the fuck was THIS all about!!!

    Huvane orchestrated to have his client on the cover of People in late October, and the headline screamed “Defending Their Love.”

    What more, not only did Maniston lie to us and People magazine, but she also lied to Oprah, and that’s much worse!

    In mid-October, Jennifer made an appearance on Oprah and she lied to the talk show host and her millions of viewers, saying that she and Vince Vaughn were still together.

    And, even though they had hardly seen each other all of September or October, Huvane himself lied about the status of Maniston’s relationship.

    When reports surfaced in October that Chinocchio had been dumped by Vaughn, Huvane issued this statement, claiming that any breakup talk was “rubbish.”

    Finally, when it became painfully clear to Mister Huvane and Miz Anitson that they could no longer continue deceiving her “fans,” they turned to their lapdog People magazine this week once again, issuing the following statement on Tuesday night: “After Jennifer’s trip to London several weeks ago, Jennifer and Vince mutually agreed to end their relationship but continue to be good friends today.”

    Unfortunately for Chinocchio and Huvane, their history of lies and deception with the public and the media have made them lose all credibility.

    Next time you send us an email trying to “spin” us, Stephen, you might want to do a little research and try to be right!



    Posted by on December 6, 2006 3:29 AM

  • Buh-bye Jen

    KD Lang

  • Adrymala

    truthfully, jake gyllenhaal – at least those are the rumors circling town.

  • Buh-bye Jen

    Jenny Shimizu

  • what I think…..

    She’ll of course date next a star that will keep her in the news. I would say her next co-star, but I’m not sure she’s going to be making any more movies for a while. But I’ll go with K-Fed for now.

  • kmillz

    Maybe she will be happy with a woman….i dont think she will get married again. how funny would it be if she was on daciong with the stars. that would only prove that she is a has-been or d-list celebrity..have you seen the kind of celebrities on that show…maybe she will do surreal life

  • Karma

    God is fair
    Karma at it’s very best .

    No one ..remember … no one gets away with creating and doing harm to others in any form . the almighty is fair

  • Izzy

    Well, we knew the X show would begin….Huvane is saving face for his client, so that when VV’s partying ways come out, she’ll be LESS a victim if that is possible…

    On the bright side, she is appearing to be as interesting as day old bread.

    The BAMZS fans have so much to look forard to = Vogue tomorrow, then next week the TGS premiere, then the awards…..X will really just be a small little blip on the celebrity radar……. she’s making her way there VERY fast…..

    Let’s stay positive, and I really really want to see a photo of the Jolie-Pitt family together….

    KD Lang is a good idea….I think she likes dogs too.