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No Vacancy at Hotel Pitt

No Vacancy at Hotel Pitt

One JJ reader (and of course a Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie fan) left a little note as to Brad and Angie‘s whereabouts:

“My boyfriend is a chef at the Regency Hotel in Manhattan. And he just called me to say BAMZS is staying there. Jolie and her bodyguard have come through the kitchen a couple of times already. They’re supposed to be there the rest of the week to promote The Good Shepherd. I told him to keep his eyes open for another spotting, as he and I are both big Angie and BAMZS fans!!

Not sure how accurate the information is but if you snap pictures of the happy family, send them on in!

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  • Life can be good

    First & last time first…maybe?

  • African Girl

    First? Jared I better be First!!! :lol:

    Morning everyone and have a wondeful Sunday, Thanks Jared.

  • African Girl

    Life can be good Says:

    December 10th, 2006 at 9:04 am
    First & last time first…maybe?

    Yeah…yeah…Yeah…you are first…lol.

  • Lina

    what a cute couple. I hope they go together to The Good Stephard Premiere

  • guli

    Goodmorning BAMZS fans!!!! Thanks Jared and Audrey………..

  • FreeHolly

    Oh my lamb. Zahara in the closeup (what you can see of her face) is gorgeous! Maybe she’ll be the new Iman.

  • abigail

    Can’t wait to hear news about The Good Sheperd premiere. Love her & Brad!

  • jess

    Please BAMZS fans lets start this thread on the right foot lets not mention who shall remain nameless and no matter what the naysayer(s) say because you all know its only one posting under different names lets NOT RESPOND and go on and dicuss positive things about BAMZS for example their movies, the premiere the magazine and the shows they may be in. It is a very great time for us BAMZS fans our favorite family is coming out. And they are being celebrated by the whole world.

  • anustin

    morning all!morning jj…..hehehe

  • bluemoon

    Clooney comments on Newsweek

    What do you get asked more: “Why don’t you want to get married?” or “When are Brad and Angie getting married at your villa?”
    This year it was Tom and Katie getting married at my house. He sent me a bottle of wine to thank me. With Brad and Angie, I say they’re not getting married and the press goes, “Arrgh!” The more you deny, the guiltier you sound.

    Breaking Up Repeatedly Is Hard to Do

    It began on the set of a film called “the break-up,” so let’s face it: the Vince Vaughn-Jennifer Aniston romance was doomed. It met its official, flack-certified demise last week, but it sounded over many times before.

  • missouri girl

    Very cute family, kinda puts me in the Christmas mood. It makes me miss my 3 boys being little. That was such a fun time, now there 16,17, an 18. I don’t miss changing diapers, I did it for 6 yrs straight…I want a grandbaby now!!!! Brads a doll’.

  • **!!!**

    Thanks Jared for the new thread. I hope you will close the old thread. BAMZS forever

  • jill

    Oh Please! george have another drink & talk about your pet pig! wow so jen & vince broke up. Do you know how many men & women brad & angie have broken up with! Not to mention broken up happy homes! Angies younger & has had way more men going through her live then Jen. Divorced twice before 28! Great track record. Lets praise her now! Shes so great! You guys need a btter role model! Why don’t they settle down in one place for their kids for awhile & let their kids maybe make some friends. People hang on for the kids sake I don’t believe their in as much love as you guys want to believe!

  • Missouri Fan

    SUPER FAMILY !!! Love them!!
    Thanks Jared & AudreY


    G.C. snidely commenting on Maniston and McBloaty McCoedMolester? HILARIOUS.

  • Down To Earth

    Why is baby Z in sandals??????????

  • CCCC

    Good Morning All,

    Hopefully, today will be a better day. Have a good one.

    P.S. Thanks JJ and Audrey for the new thread.

  • julia

    wow this closeup of Zahara and Brad..

    just beautiful..
    They are such a lovely family, and they have the loveliest fans….

    thanks Jared..

  • aileen

    Thans JJ 4 the new thread. Awesome family. Love them to death!

  • angelah

    thanks j!! +)..aww don’t i wish i was in

  • bdj

    Thanks Just Jared. You are the Man. Love your site. Those unmarked pictures are beautiful. B and A are loving, doting parents and I wish them a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a prosperous New Year. Little Zahara should be 2 years old soon and she is already a beauty. Max is a cool gentlemen and I am sure Shiloh is a pampered princess. Best wishes to BAMZS.



    I’m bringing my old Maniston posts over here because I don’t want us hanging out in the Chin’s thread giving her more hits than she deserves, and making it more interesting than it ever will be. So outta the man thread guys – now…and here’s a few chuckles to start your Sunday off right….

    Claire Says:

    December 10th, 2006 at 8:46 am
    Beautiful. I really like her.

    CLINIQUA Says:

    December 10th, 2006 at 9:03 am
    Claire. Stop lying. There is no way you can look at that face, and say “beautiful.” Unless you’re from some weird tribe of humans where the standard of beauty is if the woman all look like Dustin Hoffman. Here in the REAL WORLD, she is neither ‘beautiful,’ ‘pretty,’ or ‘cute.’ She is dressed appropriate for her age (damn near 40) and that’s all I’ll give ya.

    Heh-heh. Go George.

    I knew GC hated that b*tch. LMAO

    CLINIQUA Says:

    December 10th, 2006 at 9:10 am
    Awwww…so sad.

    I see she’s doing that “big hard tense ‘I am really doing GREAT — JUST GREAT…REALLY..NO..NO REALLY — hard wide grin” THANG to try and convince us that she’s really having fun, and is carefree and happy.

    Sad. lol I wonder if she got asked about the little college girl Vince finger banged?

    Wow. I almost felt sorry for her, for half a second. I’m over it.

    She’s dressed like an old crow….or old crone – take your pick. It suits.

    Claire Says:

    December 10th, 2006 at 9:10 am
    Cliniqua, what’s your problem?

    If you don’t think she looks beautiful, that’s okay with me. But why accusing me of lying and insulting me? Geez, you have no class.

    CLINIQUA Says:

    December 10th, 2006 at 9:17 am
    She did that same really wide ‘I’m so happy I can’t fookin’ stand it’ grin thing when Shiloh was born….

    ‘Hi folks look at me…look at this huge wide ****-eatin’ grin I’m wearing…geebus my face is breakin’ in half, but I will NOT stop smilin’..I have to pretend I am over it…and that I am not thinking about what you are thinking about and what you know I know that you know that I know that I am thinking about (BAMZS in NYC at a REAL PREMIER for a movie, not a HACK TV show, which you know I’ll be guest starring on soon, Fallin Water, babies, Vince finger banging co-eds, Angelina’s stunning beauty, a harrowing fear that some reporter will ask me if I’m doing ‘Dancing w/ the Stars,’ or about Miss Candy Canne, or Lori Lane, or Mallory Bar – or Whatever the Fook that kid’s name is that blew my fat Vince in Bulgaria….WAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!) No, I’M HAPPY SEE MY GRIN ….happy happy happy happy happy -grin grin grin grin….Oh god when is this red carpet thing gonna end…my face fookin’ hurts like hell….eee-OW!’

    CLINIQUA Says:

    December 10th, 2006 at 9:22 am
    Okay, last comment – I cannot BELIEVE GC commented on this ***** and Vaughn…it’s almost surreal….where in the hay is AG? I have to talk to her about her man…has he lost his mind?! Almsot calling Maniston a fraud right out in the open?! Wow. That’s news! See. You have to be careful or else you might get a backlash sitch…don’t want to seem like people are piling on to poor Jen Georgie Porgie…so take it easy.

    CLINIQUA Says:

    December 10th, 2006 at 9:45 am
    If there’s one guy who can knock her up it would be federline. His stuff is so powerful he knocked up Bea Arthur last week. So Old Maniston shouldn’t be a prob.

    That would be sweet, Maniston, Britney, and Shar Jackson’s kids would be brothers and sisters….

    Maniston could then be like Brad & Angelina, in that she could legitimately say, ‘My family is multicultural.’


    Okay…anything further I have to say about Man…I will say in this thread. lol

  • anustin

    yeah shes in sandals with 2 thermo sacks on!

  • ariel

    Hey “peeps” I went to see Apocalyto last night with friends as a treat from one of my friend who hails from Central America & of Mayan descent. Overall, the movie did not convey the reason of the Mayan demise. The movie focuses mainly on 1 particular Mayan tribe family’s survival. A bit on a gory side but a risk Mel Gibson did quite fine. It is over 2 hrs & 15 minutes long & all subtitled since Mel used the Mayan dialect. Acting-wise of the casts are good since most of them are not professional actors. One word of advice when you see this movie…A LOT OF RUNNING is involved.

  • African Girl

    Why is Baby Zahara in Sandals? Because she has legs!!!

    Now I know why I fell in Love with GC! The man is just too cute for words.

    Catching up on the last thread and your post on white coat and Pucci scart is a thing of beaut. Poetry in motion darlin’ and it should be framed and proudly displayed..(okay, you can tell me to stop now).

    BRB….still have a lot of reading to do.

  • Be sane

    They are in MY town Yay! LOL

    What a serene, genuine domestic bliss! A stark difference with someone on the next thread with a huge, and harrowingly EMPTY grin.

  • rorypop

    Thats adorable! I simply adore them!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lala

    One quick question…why is their baby (shilou?) never with em? That’s the one odd thing I can’t get my mind off…

  • ariel

    Hey anustin…I am sure this poster is the same hater who always look at the pictures of this family & find teeny-weeny bit of flaw they can find. The haters are being critical for some small detail on the pictures. These haters are bucnh of losers..plain & simple & they feed on their utmost jealousy.

  • angelah


  • African Girl

    Shoot! Mistakes on my last post. Lack of sleep willl do that to you….but you know what post I’m talking about.

  • ariel

    I mean bunch not bucnh..typo…sorry folks

  • Alicia

    hey AG, so what in the world happened last night?! Did Mmom ever post it??


    Hey thanks AG!! Hee. …and no, don’t stop.

    But yeah that came to me while searching for appropriate analagous Maniston and Angelina counterparts from yesteryear…and that would so be it…

    Florence Henderson is Maniston….Audrey is Angelina.

    I was going to do Shirley Jones of Partridge Family fame as Man’s counterpart, and Elizabeth Taylor for Angelina….the Liz works for Angie…however, I found out that Shirley Jones was actually nominated for an Oscar in her early career…

    ….so of course there’s NO WAY, THAT could that ever be Maniston.


  • kiki

    Z is really beautiful, and her father is not bad either lol. I love this family.

  • AsianFan

    Aww They look so cute and happy. I just love them!

  • angelah

    deng..i posted it on the wrong thread

    bravo gc!!

  • Esther

    Good morning Jared and Audrey!

    Jared, thanks for the new thread… i think, you’re trying to spoil us. I just got my Maxim, they wrote that she can quote Keats and reel off statistics like Bill Clinton at a wonkfest… makes me wonder how intelligent Angie is. I’m proud that there is more to Angelina Jolie than her kissable lips and sultry eyes!!!

  • deena

    good morning all

    I just finished watching Legends, again, and I love the part when he goes into town with his kids. It was so cool especially knowing what I know now, how natural he is around children

  • malaya

    Can we please not talk about Jen A. until we stop i don’t think the faniston’s will. I mean she doesn’t register to brad so she shouldn’t register to us.

  • Alexanderina

    Thanks Jared and Audrey for the new thread, damn that last one was crazy

  • cook


    I could be mistaken but I believe Shirley Jones has won an Oscar. Either way, It’s good you rethought that part of your analogy. LOL.

  • Alexanderina

    Morning to all my fellow BAMZS fans and Happy Sunday.

    Way to go GC lol

  • Alicia

    I’m also really digging Angie’s boots. Does anyone know who they’re by and/or where I can find them? thanks :)

  • clearview

    HAHAHAHA, It’s so funny, because Aniston fans thought that Aniston and GC should date. And he goes on one magazine and call her a liar. This is just too funny.

  • tresjolie

    Aww…”poor” Brad. He looks so tired on the last pic. :-))
    Well he cant say that live with Angelina Jolie is boring.

  • julia

    Angelina always looks such the Lady, doesn’t she… She has embraced Her femininity.. Brad I’m sure makes Her feel like such a Woman, and in turn She makes him feel his masculinity.. They are the perfect match..
    digging the boots too Alicia.

  • deena

    no one has “owned” classy clothes like she does since Jackie O

  • deena

    tresjolie Says:

    December 10th, 2006 at 10:21 am

    I know, Angelina is just wearing him out, lucky him. ;-)

  • chanel

    they look so beautiful wish bamzs the best

    angie 4 life!