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Gwen's Sweet Escape on SNL

Gwen's Sweet Escape on SNL

Gwen Stefani was the musical guest (along with Akon) during yesterday’s episode of Saturday Night Live. She performed her hit single “Wind It Up” off her new candy-coated pop album, “The Sweet Escape.” Gwen intro-ed with the usual (off-key) yodeling, and then sang and danced her her way through “Wind It Up” in a grey jaguar print unitard. Everybody I know hates this song but I still love it for some reason. Plus, there was some serious back-up dancing going on in this performance. Siiiick!!

I was then expecting Gwen and Akon to perform “The Sweet Escape,” which is one of my fave songs from Gwen‘s album (and a guaranteed hit). WOO-HOO!! YEE-HOO!! WOO-HOO!! YEE-HOO!! WOO-HOO!! YEE-HOO!! Instead, Akon performed his own single “I Wanna Love You.” Ah well, next time.

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  • Ace Tomato

    I want to hate that song for ripping my childhood memories of The Sound of Music. But . . . Gwen Stefani is about as cute as a bug, and she sounds great. The darn thing is catchy. I still don’t LIKE it – but the cuteness factor is irresistible. Glad I watched =)

  • SkankyHO

    “The Sweet Escape” is the only good song on her album…I hope it’s her next single.

  • amr

    yeah, i was wondering what happened to gwen bc i kinda tuned out between the first musical performance and the 2nd bc i was taking care of some other stuff. i definitely wasn’t feeling the yodeling.

  • angiefan jsr

    For a funny reason, I am addicted to this song. Plus Gwen is awesome. She has a very solid voice. I like her.

  • Kamikaze Kitty

    What the heck was that? That is suppose to be a song?!?!?! Seriously! That’s what music has become these days? That’s not music!!! It’s embarrassing! I don’t find it cute at all I find it annoying that someone can get away with releasing a “song” like that and call it music. And what is going on with that leopard leotard and all the swinging her arms and legs around like she’s having some kind of seizure? I’m sorry but I miss her “Don’t Speak” days. This crap is probably making an entire conference room of record execs laugh. I can hear them now “I can’t believe we can shovel this shit down the public’s mouth and have them eat it right up!” Where has our taste gone America? Ugh, and I thought Fergie was a Gwen wannabe. Gwen seriously needs to get a reality check. Disgusting.

  • Lisa

    I HATED this song at first, but TRUST me, it will grow on you like it did on me.
    This performance was abit weird, and so was her outfit choice, but thats Gwen for ya, and she’s different, cool and unique.

  • Ldglns

    RE: SkankyHO Says:

    December 10th, 2006 at 2:35 am
    “The Sweet Escape” is the only good song on her album…I hope it’s her next single.

    **I think the next single is Yummy. I think.

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, a unitard looks good on NO ONE. Not even Gwen could rock that without having what looks like a pooch there. I mean, I’m not perfect, I’ve had 3 kids and have finally gotten down to my perfect weight (130 lbs-5’8-kinda thin) BUT I have common sense enough to never rock a unitard.

    The song is kinda blah. I somehow expected more from her, but I think this sticks in her vein. Her voice is not that strong and tends to be annoying when she talks child like, but I’m with Jared, I hate the song but I go running to the tv or radio whenever I hear it.

    Props to JARED for being FIRST with all the good stuff!! I think this site is awesome!! Other sites don’t really update on the weekend, which is why I’ve bookmarked you as my home page!

  • angelah

    Lisa Says:

    December 10th, 2006 at 8:37 am
    I HATED this song at first, but TRUST me, it will grow on you like it did on me.

    the same thing happened to me.



  • fish lips bagina face

    Gwen needs to take a break and get some ORIGINALITY INSTEAD OF RIPPING OFF


    SNL sucks on so many levels now. They need new actors, younger and some originality instead of doing the same lame skits over and over.

  • Morgan

    Looked like she was pulling a ‘ ashlee simpson ‘ to me

  • youknowit

    horrible horrible horrible. She can’t rap, she can’t rap on key and she can’t dance. Go back with No Doubt.

  • fanny

    terrible song ( if you can even call it a song). some rhyming and yelling thats all.
    and she can’t dance for sure.
    plus, she is trying too hard to be a fashion icon.

  • Kate

    Okay I must say I’m disappointed in Gwen Stefani and thats too bad cuz I like her! and just watching the snl performance confirmed it, she’s gone the wrong direction. Her new music does not do her singing voice any justice! she sounds horrible and I know the girl can sing! so ugh wutever. And geez that outfit is disturbing. Does not compliment her shape at all and makes her ass look as flat as her back. Whats happening???

  • squid

    I like Gwen too but I can’t take this ‘song.’ The Sound of Music yodelling is total blasphemy!!

  • coalharbourqt

    Glad to hear I’m not the only one who likes this song – yes it’s different than what is popular right now – which is why I like it. If I see one more Pussy Cat Doll wannabe lip-synching and dancing like a slutty stripper I’m gonna barf! At least Gwen has some CLASS! Not that anyone seems to know what that is anymore :-(

  • Whatever

    Ugh, I think Gwen Stefani is about as far from original as a person can be. First it was the blatant ripoff of “Fiddler on the Roof” (“If I was a rich girl” – blech!) and now it’s happened again with the “Sound of Music”. If taking material from old musicals and sucking them up, then I can do without her music. She was so much better with No Doubt. At least then she was halfway interesting.

  • Whatever

    ^sucking them up is original, then..

    typo demon..

  • Ugh

    Wow that was terrible. How embarrassing

  • D

    Awful. Sounds just like friggin Fergie.

  • Cal

    She isn’t original or talented, just getting away with being a hack is all. Steal others work, that’s the name of the game.

    Also, her extremely moley skin is repulsive.

  • byrdi

    The “song” is flipping horrendous. It has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. I also don’t buy Gwen as “unique and different”. I think she just has no damn taste. Jeez, what a waste of time!

  • peter k

    i remember gwen during her punk/ska days and before Tragic kingdom. Cant believe her music now. she had such great old stuff when had a free concert at my college.

  • JT

    GHAH! My ass hurts from even hearin this trash for the millionth time. High school band Drum tracks, Bass tracks snurrled together in pure Steffani (Yoko) fashion. Then the pop-rap techno jap lyrics….. Try sitting through GS’s BS for 25 hours in a studio while this shit pulses all around you. By the time you are done, you’d want to pound a sheep rather then listen to another minute.

  • bob dylan

    This song is so bad, I guarantee it will be a hit. Especially considering this era (05′, 06′ till atleast 07′) where literally the dumbest sh*t works (I sure people can think of examples). Most people, like always, will eat up whatever the current “socially proofed” trend is, it seems to be “urban contemporary” and “emo” right now.

    Interesting how things seem to follow the same patterns today.

  • wtf

    how the hell is that music, it sounds like shes mentally retarted and trying to rap wtf

  • Rob

    one of the worst sounding songs ever made, and if you like this piece of shit, well, sheep, i feel for you.

  • Syrinx Panthea

    Adding to “Whatever’s” Comment: Let’s not forget that back in 1995, Bjork was putting out big musical numbers like, “It’s Oh, So Quiet!” that put her on the map, eventually leading Lars Von Trier to feature her in “Dancer in the Dark”. At least Bjork can sing. Gwen’s been auto-tuned for years, and people just have no idea that all she is is merely a freakin’ cheerleader. Glad she’ll soon be moving totally into Fashion, ‘cos her music days are clearly numbered!

  • Bloody Ears

    0 talent. 0 looks. 0 fashion sense. Why bother.

  • rob enderle

    . Gwen’s been auto-tuned for years, and people just have no idea that all she is is merely a freakin’ cheerleader.
    - – - – - –

    Bubblegum bimbos and rappers; that’s what we are fed through the boob tube.
    There are TONS of excellent bands in the US,… TONS… in every possible style imaginable, that are out on the road 100-200 shows a year, year in, year out.
    Those people are called musicians.
    We’re sold cardboard cutouts and illiterate inner city cartoons
    characters who barely have grade 3 edukashion as if it somehow compares to music.

  • dan

    Just freaking awful. If you like gwen, fine, I can understand you liking anything she does. But in no way is that or the song anything other than awful. She can’t sing, rap, or dance. Talentless performance, and to claim otherwise is a crime against all that is holy.

  • Jedi Bendu

    The only redeeming quality of this song is the beat. It has a marching band feel – then again – Gwen has used that before.

  • kaysee

    not good.

    outfit is questionable, her post baby body is commendable, but that pooch does not belong in a unitard

    gwen’s style use to be great, before she started trying so hard.

  • JOEY


  • Harley Quinn (aka Hania)

    My website’s not finished yet, if any of u see what its called. Anyway, the song is cool, but horrible. Gwen showed no musical ability whatsoever in this performance of “The Sweet Escape,” a sad excuse for a song. What happened to ska, with her. All her songs are like cheers now. She’s awful! I liked No Doubt, but now she’s a different person.

  • nazgul

    That was retarded. I hope I never hear or see it again.

  • yipes

    sing the lyrics CLEARLY, dammit.