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Jennifer Garner: Princess Bride

Jennifer Garner: Princess Bride

The January 2007 issue of Elle Magazine has arrived with the gorgeous but gawky presence of 34-year-old Jennifer Garner. With a baby daughter, a dream boat husband, and a big new movie, Catch and Release, sunny, sexy, Jen is positively sailing along. Here is my favorite paragraph of the article:

“Oh my butt crack is showing,” Garner says, hitching up a pair of jeans whose designer she can’t identify as she plunks down outside the museum with a paper cup of decaf Earl Grey tea and a jumbo hunk of greasy banana bread. She’s also wearing red Gucci boots and a black Marc Jacobs turtleneck. Fashion has never been an obsession, though she does work with omnipresent stylist Rachel Zoe for red-carpet events. “I would be happy if there was a uniform for life and we didn’t think about it,” Garner says. “I do appreciate people who have style. I like to look at it. And I even like when I accidentally stumble onto something that is a combination of me and something fancy — that makes me happy. But otherwise, the whole thing terrifies me.”

Jason Bateman, one of her costars in the Peter Berg-directed ensemble thriller The Kingdom, also had a few kind words about Jen: “She’s a girl that a guy can very easily be friends with. Usually I would be sort of fumbling and disarmed by somebody so pretty, but she’s even more distracting as a pal: funny and energetic and sarcastic…. [Acting] is not a hard thing for her to do, and that’s nice to be around. A lot of actors take this stuff real seriously and make it brain surgery, and it’s so not.”

The Elle article even references this exact YouTube video of Jen dropping to her granny panties at a wrap party for the Georgia Shakespeare summer festival. Jen‘s response: “Really? Oh my God, it was a joke!”

Two more great quotes because Jen is such a hoot! Check it:

  • On her lingerie scenes in Alias: “I was in about half the lingerie that they wanted me to be in! Every now and then I’d get a script that would be like, ‘Sydney’s in a bikini,’ and I’d be like, ‘I can’t! You have to give me notice. I have to have months ti get ready. Don’t make me do it.’”
  • On her sizable midriff: “I’m in the worst shape ever. My trainer just shakes his head and says, ‘This is a disaster.’ I am as physically unfit as I’ve probably been in my whole life. It’s such a horror in front of the mirror without any clothes on.” [lifts her sweater and squeezes her tummy] “You still have that little bit of extra skin, know what I mean? But still, it’s enough for people to think that you’re knocked up. No, everyone calm down. Nobody’s pregnant.”
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  • metardedandlovcapslock

    gotta love a girl who could kick your ass if it came down to it.

  • Original jpf

    I love JG and I think she’s even more gorgeous since having her baby. She seems so happy, and she and Ben a good fit. I think along with Seal/Heidi, Brad/Angie, they’re going to beat the hollywood odds.

  • defahoot

    hahaha, i love JG. she seriously is a “hoot”.

    i love this – * “You still have that little bit of extra skin, know what I mean? But still, it’s enough for people to think that you’re knocked up. No, everyone calm down. Nobody’s pregnant.”

  • Mediterranean

    If she really said that her but crack was showing, she got soo low. Because she is trying to hint on Jennifer Lopez. I have recently seen her photo when she was getting into a car and her butt crack was showing.

    Ms Garner should get over JLo because she is out of her league to hint on JLo.

    I don’t find her beautiful and hot at all

  • defahoot

    Mediterranean — i dont think she meant to hint on JLO. she… was just… mentioning that it may have been…..

    i think you may be overthinking it…

  • AllieOop

    It still annoys me that she says she’s in the worst shape of her life, but her picture spread has obviously been photoshopped within an inch of it’s life.

    I want to see them publish the pictures as-is, then I’ll give her props for “keeping it real” in her interview!

  • who cares

    Love her!

    Unless they airbrushed it…I see no midriff. LOL. She may not be in the best “shape,” but she’s certainly just as thin as she was before she got pregnant.

    She looks really good. I love her, Ben and little Violet!

  • geniass

    I heart Jen Garner and I think she looks great!

  • who cares

    AllieOop – jinx! There’s a lot of photoshopping going on in those pics…face too. She’d would have looked great without the airbrushing. It was kind of crazy on their part to do that…after all, she says she’s in the worst shape ever and has this flab…and then there is none!

  • Mediterranean


    I hope that you are right, otherwise it sounds so low.

  • Violet’s Auntie

    I think you are confusing Photoshop with make-up and lighting.

  • AdorableJen

    Oh God, This is her worst shape ever. I can’t believe. She’s absolutely gorgeous and she seems to be happy with her hubby and a baby girl. She deserves all the best!

  • Angel

    Mediterranean- Unless Jennifer Garner has a crystal ball and can predict the future there is no way she was making a crack at JLO’s expense. I think that photo of JLO was taken about a week maybe two weeks ago. There is no way that Jennifer Garner could have given an interview to Elle no more than 2 weeks ago and the mag still make it on stands this month. Magazines take more time than that to publish.

  • Get Real


    STFU – You’re an idiot for making that assumption. Maybe your JLO needs to get over JG. Who do you think the paparazzi follow around everytime? Let me give you a hint – it ain’t JLO. She’s so five years ago.

    Jennifer Garner can’t even go outside her house without somebody snapping her picture. JLo has to sink so LOW as to show half her ass just so she can get some publicity, and you know what she didn’t even get much, So there!!

    Get over yourself, dumbass! Can’t get over what a dubm comment you made.

  • serenegab

    I agree that she is a natural beauty w/ great bones, skin, elegant body and class. I think it’s ironic that people compare her to Lopez who has had extensive work over the years. One was born a beauty; the other has radically altered her face, body, hairline, etc. yet still has terrible skin with noticeable acne scars. (Take a look at Lopez’s headsghots from 1990 – 1997 and compare to now.) A great stylist, lots of money for couture, makeup artists & surgeons don’t compare to great genes and inner beauty.

  • gs

    She looks gorgeous

  • sk

    jennifer looks beautiful. i wish they didn’t put that much makeup on her. i think she looks better without it.

  • louloute

    jennifer is such a sweetie. love her

  • Charone

    I am so ambiguous towards her.

    I think she is pretty but not all that.

    I believe Ben can do better but on the other hand, if he is happy, then that is great.

  • amie

    i love jennifer garner, but these shots are all way too photoshopped. yes she has good makeup, hair and lighting, but come on, someone really did a number with the old pen and tablet. expecially the last picture. i don’t understand why they do it. she looks great without any makeup, she doesn’t need any help. and in case you are wondering, she has no say over how much they photoshop her, unless it specifically states that in her contract, which it usually doesn’t.

  • lil mo

    i don’t think photoshopping was probably her idea. if she admits that she’s in the worst shape of her life and then goes on to grab her stomach, i don’t think she cares to hide fat. i have always got the feeling that she’s pretty easy going and doesn’t take herself too seriously. that’s why i love her!

  • MizLiz

    Ben can do better? I seriously doubt it. The man’s worked his way through most of the do-able women in Hollywood but then—-guess what? He grew up! Wanted a family! You don’t pick a bimbo for THAT. You choose a woman with class and sincerity. Which he did.

  • Garner Fan

    Med –

    You’re obviously confused – Garner has a class, beauty, and elegance that Lopez couldn’t begin to approach – ever…