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Kelly Clarkson: The Vandalizer!!

Kelly Clarkson: The Vandalizer!!

JJ reader Chris just sent this in and it’s a riot!! It’s a video of American Idol winner “Kelly Clarkson riding in the back of a van with known adult filmmaker and singer for Society 1 Matt Zane en route to vandalize Evanescence‘s lead singer Amy Lee‘s house.”

Kelly is the seen tossing rolls of toilet paper into the trees and over the house while laughing. Matt comments, “I can’t believe American Idol‘s Kelly Clarkson is riding in the back of a van going to commit vandalism!” Thanks, Chris!!

Kelly Clarkson vandalizes the house of Amy Lee from Evanescence
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  • metardedandlovcapslock

    whatever the fuk that was it sucked and was boring as h3ll

  • punxass

    Kelly fucking rocks!
    cant wait for the show!

  • RJ

    Okay, you guys are slow. That was from atleast 2 years ago.

  • arm

    That is funny – but it IS over 2 years old.

  • punxass

    its never before seen footage.

  • Adila

    That is soo funny..
    That’s even better that the Metal Skool Thing!!!

    You Go Girl!!

  • ja

    I hope amy lee kicks her in her face!


    not many of u know that amy had a big feud with ben moody.
    it was stupid that she didnt include ben which he wrote songs in her last album
    shes an ungreatful bitch. and Kelly Clarkson was just having fun.

  • Rachel

    It’s childish behaviour. On both sides.

  • A.

    What a fat fucking cunt. I hate Kelly Clarkson.

  • s.d

    LMFAO. i LOVE it. Though, i’m not sure if that is actually Amy’s house or not or if they just wanted to make it seem like it was…

    ..regardless, this just made me love the KC even more.

  • N.A.

    What an immature prick. He’s the one that left the band in the middle of their European tour with no explanation at all. He also co-wrote SOME of the songs on Fallen, some he didn’t even contribute to. I see its from 2 years ago but the guy needs to move on, he screwed up his chance to be a part of the band and now hangs around with little wannabees such as Kelly Clarkson and Avril Lavigne.

    If he wanted to stay with Evanescence he shouldn’t have been so abusive towards Amy. Thank God he’s gone, that “pop” sound Ev had in Fallen is gone with him.


    she rocks!!! fuck amy lee … kelly can outsing that weirdo zombie anyday

  • Someone

    Haha, love it. It’s for a show, so I highlyyyyyyy doubt that what they were doing was remotely illegal, and it more than likely wasn’t even Amy Lee’s house. Seriously funny though!! Rock on KC!

  • nobody

    Whatever went with Ben Moody wasn’t the pop sound. The new Evanescence album is crap. And so is Clarkson. Man, i never thought her chubby arms would manage to throw even TP.

  • stephanie

    i love this video go kelly. this must be in 2004 cause thats when kelly was dating david. and oh yeah the song behind these hazel eyes is about david .and oh yeah lay off of kelly k this wasn’t even her ideal .

    she didn’t even did that much of it and i know yall have done something like this . let people have some fun its not like she threw rocks or something just because she a star dosen’t mean she can’t have fun. and oh yeah kelly can to sing and she rocks .

  • hyondebbie

    I love it!
    No offense but Amy Mann can’t sing live! She sounds so whiny.
    She may look tough but I bet Kelly could take her! lol

  • Chrissy

    What a friggin idiot KC is.. If I were Amy I would’ve knocked KC on her f*&*ing ass. And if anyone says that the Open Door sucks you have problems. That cd kicks ass and is 100x better than Fallen.

  • JJ

    First off her name is not Amy Mann, it’s Amy Lee and she is amazing live. Amy could kick Kelly’s ass any day, both vocally and physically.

    And like they say, if you don’t say no and go along with someone elses idea then you’re just as guilty. **** Kelly Clarkson.

  • Me.

    K honestly, ben Moody is a fag.
    Fucken gay fag.
    Amy Lee is so much fucken better than he will ever be.
    Sure ben, jump all over the plaque because you are so fucken jealous that Evanescence mad it without you. Surprise Surprise your “talent” wasnt needed. And Just for the record. Evanescence Sounds 400x better w.o Ben and his supposed contribution to the band. Someone needs to go vandalize his house…ooh wait…he lives on a couch!
    Atleast Amy has a house you can throw stuff at. Way to go Ben!…sarcastic much?

  • LMAO!!

    hahahaaaaaaaa. The idea that Amy Lee could ever outsing Kelly Clarkson is freakin’ hilarious. C’mon now, I can see someone liking Amy Lee more, and The Open Door is great, but let’s not get delusional here.

  • punxass

    Amy Lee could outsing Kelly Clarkson ?? ahahahahhahahah!!! LOL
    what a fucking joke!

  • LegalEagle

    LOL yeah the dumb twits smackin’ on Kelly Clarkson being so called ‘FAT’

    Bet you idiots are no prizes, probably smelly, fat bloated pigs.

    Don’t really care for Kelly Clarkson either.

    But hey like the girl really cares WHAT YOU THINK???

  • HeatherH317

    cWQECWQE I totally agree with you. Amy Lee is a poser wannabee who doesn’t write her own songs and has a terrible voice. She needs to go sing opera, where she belongs. F*** Amy Lee!!!

  • JJ

    So you’re saying Amy Lee can’t outsing Kelly yet you think she should be singing opera music. Isn’t opera music real music, where you actually need to have a voice. I see Amy doing that so much better than Kelly. Amy has a more classic voice whereas Kelly has a raspy, wannabe rock voice.

    And Amy does write her own songs.

    And yeah, I’ll say this, at least she didn’t get her start on some stupid little tv show.

  • alison

    kelly clarkson is 1000x a better artist than amy lee, they have ONE good song on their album “call me when you’re sober” and that is probably because ben wrote it before he ditched that crap band. the rest of the songs are garbage, without ben they couldnt even keep their original sound, how ironic, cause ben did all the work, amy lee is a wannabe and if you see her in concert you will hear how bad she actually CANT sing without synthesizers and all the other computers to make her sound better, watch kelly in her acoustic sessions and you have PURE talent, no computers needed!!!

  • JJ

    I’ve seen Amy and Evanescence in concert twice and they couldn’t have been better. She is a true talent. And no, Ben did not write Call Me When You’re Sober. Have you listened to the entire album to say that there is only one good song on there. And you obviously haven’t seen Evanescence on AOL Sessions. Amy alone at the piano is true talent.

    Funny that Kelly didn’t keep her original sound either on her second album. She somehow tried to turn into a rock chick. How about sticking to one genre and trying to be good at that.

    And Ben did not write every single song. It’s a band for a reason, so they can all contibute to the music and the songs.

    How many times have you seen Evanescence live that you seem to know she sounds horrible live? And why have you gone to see her if she’s that fake and a wannabe?

  • mmers

    Amy lee f****** rocks! She has an amazing voice and definatley can out sing kelly clarkson any day!

  • AP44

    Amy lee’s voice is nothing compared to Kelly Clarkson’s BEAUTIFUL, NATURAL, CLASSIC, ORIGINAL VOICE not raspy wannabe rock. I’ll say Amy lee was lucky enough to get ben moody in the band. Ben probably felt sorry for Amy and decided to help her in the songs. Anyway, why are you messin with american idol? So Kelly got her chance in it. Isn’t that why it was created? to discover TRUE talent. Another thing, Kelly changed genre because making the same type of cd over and over gets boring (like Evanescence’s cds). Im so glad Kelly vandalized Amy Lee’s home. She rocks!! Amy – BBBBOOOOOOo

  • Gigglez

    I have heard both in concert and i think they are both awesome, you guyz r makin them hve more problems when you say one should beat up the other, thatz stupid, because if u dnt lke one of them dnt listen to her music, but if you do then dnt make fun of the other one, k?! I would hate it if i waz a singer and some fans were sayin i should beat up some one else, when they hve no clue wutz goin on, y we dnt hve a clue on wutz goin on, iz because did u or ne one else actually see them get into a argument, not on a computer or on t.v, because they’ll change it to make pple tlk about it, but did u actually see them with ur on eyes in person fight or argue?! thatz my question and by the way if a part of a band leaves, so wut itz over u dnt have to keep bringin it up, because frm wut i hear he left, because he wanted to make hiz on band and sing christianty, so get over your selfs and leave them both to make their own decisions, they r big gurls and can handle them selves, k?! byes!!!


  • Katie

    Comparing Kelly Clarkson to Amy Lee is like comparing a child’s picture to a Van Gogh.

    Have you ever seen KC playing an instrument? It means she can’t play one! Amy Lee had 9 years classical piano training and played a guitar on Cartoon Network!

    KC gets people to write her songs… example Ben Moody! Amy writes her songs with her band, but they are mostly about her own feelings.

    KC’s image is designed by the company she is signed to. Amy Lee wears what she wants.

    Listen to ‘The Last Song I’m Wasting On You’ and you’ll see the bad side of Ben Moody.

    Watch interviews of Amy Lee and you will see how kind she is.

    She’s been writing songs since she met Ben (she was roughly 13?). KC was ‘discovered’ on American Idol. Gosh, what prestige! Amy and Ben sent a demo tape to a label and they got signed. They didn’t have to go through a stupid series.

    Ben ditched the band during tour. That alone shows he wasn’t an admirable person. At the same time Amy had a viral cold which he knew… and he still left.

    Amy can outsing KC. Have you heard her belt out notes? The only reason some people might think she’s bad is because she gets breathless while jumping around onstage and performing.

    If you still think she sucks I advise you to learn all Amy’s songs off by heart and then try and sing them one after the other in perfect pitch, breath and timing.

    Listen to her AOL recordings; they’re impressive.

    I liked KC before I saw this but now I think she’s a little bitch. How old is she? 20ish? I know she’s older than I am. That shows immaturity at it’s best.

    I’m 18 for god’s sake. If my friends did that to anyone’s house I’d let them know they were retarded.

    I hate people who classify Evanescence as ‘emo’ because they sing sad songs.

    Sad song’s are more touching. I listen to every genre too, by the way, as I’m a DJ on a radio station.

    Translation of all of this: Amy Lee is admirable and nice because she doesn’t do stupid shit like this. KC is immature and hardly comparible to Amy Lee.

    And before you think I’m like, OMG Gawth; I’m at uni’, am blonde, wear ANYTHING (a.k.a not all black) etc. And I’m not a plastic either; my hair’s black too.

    And I’m not preppy.

  • AP44

    Yes we did. hahaha ok

  • AP44

    Hey, at least Kelly isn’t a boring-zombie-wannabe-poser-non-Grammy-award-winning-freak like Amy Lee. Amy Lee is too boring! She always does the same old music over and over. Most people need some new music. Kelly is always changing music themes cuz it’s not Evanes,I mean boring. HA! Kelly is normal except with phenomenal music, voice, personality, appearance, and talent. Kelly is not immature, she’s fun and nice. She’s just very sweet and spunky.Her life also has its downs so she’s not always laughing. She can get serious too. She writes some of her songs. As a matter of fact, she wrote her whole new albulm “My December.” And leave American Idol alone ok. Kelly technically also started with singing when she was in 7th grade (12 or 13 yrs. old) From then on she kept singing. She also worte from a young age before fame I just don’t know the exact times. American Idol just opened the doors for her. As I probably said before somewhere else, American Idol discovered TRUE talent from Kelly. Kelly can outsing Amy. She has a way better voice. Hey, Kelly is way better than Amy Lee. Period.

  • AP44

    Most beautiful awsome video ever!!!! ^^^^

  • christine

    they all are so sad. from the way they act you know that they have no lives. it may have been edited to look like it was amy lees house when it wasnt but the fact is that ben moody still smashed a platium record of evanescence. i think it was amy lees house because thats the kind of childish things that those losers would do. i dont even have to talk about ben..hes an idiot..the end! as for who is better? amy or kelly! its so clear that amy lee is. she writes her own songs. i know for a fact! has a beautiful voice and plays beautiful piano and is beautiful herself. unlike kelly who sits on her ass eating pies all day. whos voice has been trained(amy lee hasnt) and kelly is but ugly with or without makeup were amy is beautiful either way. amy respscts herself unlike kelly who flashes her boobs any chance she gets! evanescences music has helped me and alot of pple threw alot…what has kelly clarksons music said…? since youv been gone? how is that supposed to help anyone? i ask you..why does kelly even have fans..the world is fucked if she does! i leave you with this..amy is smart, kelly is not…simple but true…xxxx

  • Wtflol

    Haha, I think it’s funny how people diss Amy Lee, even though she writes a majoiry of EV’s songs, she writes all the parts out on piano, and then gives them to the band er whatever, she writes the lyrics on most of the songs and she also does all the vocals (obviously). Moody was an unintegral part of EV’s history, and it’s called history for a reason, because they’re still putting out albums and still making good music. The two singers are uncomparable because they are totally different, which one is better is a completely preferential term, but the fact and Amy writes most of the music I’m afraid is enough for the one, as far as musicianship goes. And also, the fact that she’s more humble of a person than KC speaks volume about her character.

    The bottom line is that it doesn’t fucking matter if they’re fat, if one does rock and one does pop, it comes down to responding to the article, I mean, that’s why everyones here, and if someone TPed my house, I’d probably run out and beat the shit out of them. Some may call if fun or whatever, but if you’re a home owner, you wouldn’t want some douche bag throwing shit at your house. End of story.

  • Wtflol

    And calling Amy a zombie reflects a biased, closed mind, or, as I already stated, preferential statement. Amy Lee is a musician, period, Kelly is a vocalist. I’ve been doing music for a long time now and go to school for performing arts. If someone says “Evanescence writes all dark sad depressing songs.” then it’s just simply not true, If I was to say “Kelly only writes poppy dumb songs.” that would be a retarded statement, I know she’s got many styles ranging from blues, to gospel, to pop, and I KNOW she’s a good SINGER. But the fact that Amy Lee can write all of her material, and impose her OWN image, well, anyone with a brain can realize that that speaks for itself. And someone that already replied to this said it best, it doesn’t fucking matter whos idea it was, she was a part of it so she’s just as guilty. Ben Moody is dick, sure, I don’t know him, and I don’t really care to know him either, if you sign up for a tour, you better finish, that’s not just a music thing, it’s a part of being a MAN. I can’t believe this thread exsits in as many forms as it does. Amy Lee is a musician, and Kelly Clarkson is a singer, and that’s… the bottom line.

  • Wtflol

    Hahahaha, I can’t believe people keep going on and on and on and on about Ben moody and how EV’s sound has changed, you fucking retards, you know nothing, I’m tired of being humble, you know absolutely nothing, they have one good song and it’s call me when you’re sober???? Wtf? You’ve already shown that you know nothing outside of your TV or radio, and guess what bud, that effects more than your musical tastes. I’ve not insulted KC once, she’s actually a good singer. It’s just fucking retarded and all these KC fans have to be like oh Amy’s fat, oh she’s a zombie, oh Ben Moody is awesome (Even though he’s just a fucking loser who established a name in the writing industry.). If Kelly Clarkson and Amy Lee sat down in a room, I’d guarentee they’d get along, and talk and laugh like FUCKING people, it’s a shame their fans can’t do the same, I usually don’t waste time posting about dumb shit on the internet, but Amy is a very respectful person, and so many fucking retarded teenagers and fucking people who know nothing about music or RESPECT for that matter run around and fucking say the most idiotic bullshit about her being fat and zombie and blah blah. Fuck Ben Moody, I’ve heard all the songs he writes, he’s nothing special. And this video proves it. Anyone with an established career wouldn’t DARE do something like this to fuck up their rep.

    Fuckin’ retards. PSH.

  • Art Masters

    It is kind of sad that an so good an artist was not appreciated during his lifetime.