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Brad, Angelina & Kids in Cambodia

Brad, Angelina & Kids in Cambodia

UK’s Hello Magazine have exclusive pictures of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie‘s family photo album from their recent stay in Cambodia. Big brother Maddox, 5, is from Cambodia and this was his first trip there. Also pictured: Sisters Zahara, almost 2, and Shiloh, 7 months.

Mommy Angelina said, “It’s an absolute joy to be in Cambodia. Cambodians are incredibly resilient survivors — they have overcome so much. After many trips over the years, this is the first time Maddox has really understood this is his country. He enjoys his home, is comfortable there, and recognizes himself with (?) the people, which is a wonderful thing to see.”

Daddy Brad commented, “It was incredibly moving to visit my son’s country.”

P.S. Other pictures of the happy family are floating around, but they will not be published here. They are absolutely to die for though. Here are some descriptions of what the other pictures are of:

  • A close-up of baby Shiloh‘s face (gorgeous portrait, especially Shiloh‘s beautiful eyes, eyelashes, and full lips)
  • Angelina carrying little Maddox, both of whom are staying at a sign warning of danger of landmines
  • Maddox shaking the hand of a military ranger, who was enlisted to protect wildlife
  • Brad carrying Maddox on his shoulders
  • Angelina laughing with one of the children at a school funded by the Maddox Jolie-Pitt Project (MJP), one of her humanitarian programs
  • Brad holding Cambodian school children in his arms and smiling
  • Brad and Angelina walking along a dirt road, Maddox seen running ahead of them

Added Angelina: “This project (MJP) is very close to my heart. The people have taught me so much. I’ve been quiet about this for over four years but now I’m speaking out because we’ve learned so much and I think we’re on the right track.”

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  • candycancy

    Shailoh is very cute! Happy family!

  • lola

    awwwwww i luv the jolie pitt family so pretty

  • Nancy

    Eh, big deal.

  • paola

    They are a beautiful family!!And they look so peaceful together =D

  • raqchel

    okay thats a cute kid ………

  • The real lou

    Ok,we now have a picture of Shiloh,(who is beautiful by the way)let’s see what sh#t the haters come up with to b#tch about!:lol:

  • B

    hey guys if you go to the attached website the pics are up… there are also more of the GS premeire! Gorgeous family!

  • Saundra

    This is the best picture they could take?? Madd and Z look unhappy, Brad has that stupid doo rag on again, and where’s Angie?? Oh, there she is…the boney thing behind Madd. Shiloh looks cute though…not gorgeous, but cute! Angie looks like she needs help…she looks terrible in this pic. Way too skinny!!

  • Mentally Ill People

    That baby has a big head, she looks no diffrent than every white baby there is.

  • Beebee

    OMG! How beautiful – I’m going out right now to buy a copy! :)

  • Hailey

    Hey Everyone-

    If you go to celebrity baby blog they have the separate scans from the issue- there is an absolute precious, precious close-up of Shiloh which is the cutest thing- check it out!

    Such an amazingly beautiful family- inside & out- there is absolutely nothing uppity or snobbish about them- they truly come across as very humble individuals- with the good sense to realize that they are most fortunate and therefore feel a need to give back and do what they can to help those that are less fortunate… such a breath of fresh air and so rare when most of hollywood/stars are so selfish, arrogant and only care about their own self-image and the amount of $$$ they can acquire… if only others would follow their lead…

  • hmmm
  • alicet

    Thank you Jared and Audrey for this new thread. And for those saying ill about this family- you’re all just sour grapes and envious. It doesn’t change the fact that the Jolie-Pitts are happy, gorgeous and living their lives on their terms despite this obsessive media scrutiny.

  • fiona

    Thanks JJ, we’ve seen the scans, the Jolie-Pitts are beautiful family. They are down to earth, no need to dress up the kids in frilly clothes, no need for 2-week photoshoot, no airburshing, they are just naturally beautiful. Thats what I like with B&A, I think they are raising the kids well. Its so heartwarming, seing brown, white and black skin all together. Its amazing!

  • bdj

    Thanks JJ and thanks to the link for the additonal pictures. . The pictures are precious and the family is beautiful. Zee and Shiloh have beautiful eyes. I see the haters have arrived. It must suck to be so miserable in your private lives that you have to come to a web site and hate. Best wishes to BAMZS.

  • capriciousdiva

    Thanks for that Jared I’m going out to buy the magazine

  • Whatever

    Do they really have to use those kids for publicity? if you’re going to do something good for the world then just do it and stop trying to get recognition for it. There are thousands of other people doing more than those two, and the unknowns go unrecognized. I’m so sick of their bull.

  • hmmm

    # Whatever Says:
    December 12th, 2006 at 9:49 am

    Do they really have to use those kids for publicity? if you’re going to do something good for the world then just do it and stop trying to get recognition for it. There are thousands of other people doing more than those two, and the unknowns go unrecognized. I’m so sick of their bull.

    and yet your here

  • black

    I have to say Shiloh changes soo much every time I see a photo of her…..but for the better.
    She really does look cute. ( even I have to admit it)

    Brads bandana on the other hand….oh well….

    But Angie seriously needs to eat something….if she is so eager to help poor and hungry people she should start with herself first.

  • KAS

    Thanks JJ! Love this family! Angie & Brad look awesome at the premiere!

  • The real lou

    Thanks for the links hmmm.The 3rd picture,the close up of Shiloh is so beautiful!She looks like both of them,Brad’s eyes and Angelina’s nose and lips.

  • lhenpop

    the family is beautiful!

  • Is Shiloh blonde?

    Is Shiloh blonde or a ginger head?

  • jos

    Shiloh looks adorable. Is it me but Zahara’s left eye looks swollen.

  • fifi

    Jared and Audrey,

    Thanks so much for the new thread, and to B for providing the links to those gorgeous pictures. Let us just ignore the naysayers … when they don’t see Shiloh, they scream “Where’s Shiloh? Why are they hiding her?” and now that we see her, “they are pimping those kids, using them for celebrity.” Ay, dios mio, make up your f*cking minds!

  • sheryll

    i havent seen the regulars yet….good am BAMZS!

    thanks for the new thread jared & audrey! you always rocks!
    hopefully this thread will not go downhill..hmmm let’s enjoy the pic, dont answer back the haters they dont deserve our time.


  • NaNa

    JJ thanks so much for another thread.

    I think Angie lost some weight due to TMH.
    Now she is done with the movie, she will have time to rest.
    So please do not mention any more of Angie’ weight.


    OK I went to that Pitt Impressions site to get a better look at Shiloh and while I think she’s a cute baby I really don’t get why everyone is calling her the most beautiful baby in the world. What? Just because her parents use to be hot?? Honestly Suri Cruise is much cuter. She’s a true beauty. Everytime I look at TomKat’s baby I melt. Shiloh definitely has Jolie’s lips and I think they look kinda strange on a little baby. Her eyes are pretty though. But Suri is definitely 10x cuter. Ugh and look at Angelina in the background. What is wrong with that woman? She use to be so beautiful. Now she’s morphing into a characture of herself. All boney and Skelator looking.

  • AddictedtoBAMZs

    Just loving them all sooo much! Shiloh is gorgeous, but then, in this crowd who isn’t! Maddox and Z are, too, and don’t get me started on my Brad. He is just getting better and better and better. I adore Angelina, she is beyond gorgeous, just too, too thin (although I just watched Original Sin last night, made in 2000 I think, and she is just as thin back then, so it is just her way.) HEY QQQQ, I am so thrilled for you that you were at the premier and saw them!!! Could you have spoken to them? Were you that close? Please write more about them! Wonder if the other JJ fan will be able to send the pictures to Jared. We’d have our own In-House Papparazzi….

  • suspicious_package

    There’s no pleasing some people. If they don’t take Shiloh out, then they’re neglectful. If they do pose for pictures with her, then they’re using her for publicity.


  • Mia

    I don’t necessarily think they’re using their kids for publicity. They’ll get publicity whether the kids are present or not. I’m not some foaming at the mouth BAMZS fan but I do like Brad and Angelina’s politics. They are do gooders and dammit, that’s a good thing. As for the kids not looking too thrilled about having their picture taken, well, they’rekids. Some kids are natural hams and love the sight of a camera others aren’t. With cameras and paps so ominpresent in their lives, I’d be surprised if they did like having their pictures taken.

  • missouri girl

    My my what a nice surprise. Shiloh is cute, I guess she looks like Brad. This is way better than any red carpet event. Beautiful family !!


    It’s Official…… Their Taken Over The Planet.

  • suspicious_package

    There’s no pleasing some people. If they don’t take Shiloh out, then they’re neglectful. If they do pose for pictures with her, then they’re using her for publicity.

    This is probably the MOST POWERFUL COUPLE IN HOLLYWOOD, whether you like it or not. I doubt they need to troll their kids out for publicity. They’re a family, and presenting themselves that way. Besides, if their ‘do-gooding’ is done entirely for publicity, it would have been over with a loooong time ago.

    Get over the fact that they’re together.

  • judesezy


  • suspicious_package

    Oops. Double post thanks to some weird keystroke.

  • chi-chi

    Thanks JJ! Shiloh is so cute!

  • xmc

    suck it all up haters……

  • KazzieKazoo

    There’s a great article here:,2933,236005,00.html
    in which Angelina talks about how she and Brad fell in love (I think it’s from the Vogue interview). I thought it was great. I’m not usually one to go all “ga-ga” over celebrity couples, but I just can’t get enough of these two and their gorgeous family! They are real – unlike Captain Famewhore (aka Tom Cruise) and his Corpse Bride (Katie)!

  • tabitha

    What lovely photos.


    Oh and NaNa? She played a pregnant woman in TMH hence she should have GAINED weight not lost it. So your logic has no reasoning. And please stop telling everyone what they can and can not mention. This is a free speech country, remember? Besides this is Jared’s site he can say whatever he wants to say.

  • bamzs 4-ever

    Good morning everyone! Cheeze thanks guys, I kept reading about pictures with the kids but didn’t see any until someone said new post. Have a great day!!

  • The real lou

    Suspicious_package,your Oompa Loompa comment had me LMAO yesterday!:lol:

  • suspicious_package

    Well, I can’t really take credit for it, Lou. She was so orange I couldn’t comment on her nipples for a change.

  • Be sane

    I always wondered why Jolie-Pitt didn’t bother to go on defending themselves when MISS Tangerine went on VF etc. and giving almost a year of snide offensive on various TV interviews and continued to ‘recover’ from her ‘ordeal’. Now, this is a major, MAJOR offensive launched by Jolie-Pitt, not attacking anyone, but to state themselves up-front and proudly, who they are, what they did, showing the world who really is relevant in Hollywood. Now I’m giggling the impeccable KARMIC timing of this by chance, when the Tangerine camp has absolutely nothing to sell, completely ran out of gas, and any comment they make now would prove yet again, that they are liars.

    Mr. Huvane, I’m being nice. Try to remember, Miss Tangerine doesn’t read gossip magazines? Oh and also Miss Aniston is “not in a habit to comment on anyone else’s personal life”, right? Any counter you will make now will make look your client such a sore loser that she is. Don’t even try to contradict yourself, YET AGAIN. If I were you, seriously, I would send Miss Tangerine to Greece for a while and lay low. There isn’t much else to do here.

  • gitane

    here i am, expecting to see more premiere pics and WHAM! the whole jolie-pitt clan staring me in the face! what a lovely family. shiloh is so big now. is she sitting up on her own or is maddox holding her up? i can’t tell. anyhoo, i’m going to have to find out where i can get a copy of Hello! in my neck of the woods. scans are great, but they’re not nearly as good as the glossy copy!

  • fanny

    shiloh is soooo cute!!!
    love the family.
    wish them the best…
    btw, isn’t interesting? when brad was aniston he used to hang out with tv stars like courney cox and his unemployed husband.
    now he is with jolie, and he spends time with de niro :) can it get any better :)

  • fanny

    ^*when brad was WITH aniston*
    sorry for the typo

  • Rach

    Brad and Angelina are desperate to get back all the attention they lost to TomKat’s wedding. lol