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Angelina Jolie on 'Larry King'

Angelina Jolie on 'Larry King'

Angelina Jolie will be on Larry King Live this Monday with The Good Shepherd co-star Matt Damon and director Robert De Niro. Here’s a little preview:

Larry King:: Are you gonna get married?
Angelina Jolie :: No…
LK :: I wish you lots of luck. Someone said you’re planning a Christmas wedding in South Africa.
AJ ::
[giggles] No… but thank you for your support if I was. But I’m not.

LK :: You sold the pictures of your baby, right?
AJ ::
We did for charity, yes.
LK :: Oh, it went to charity? And the money?
AJ ::
Yeah. [The paparazzi] were gonna get that picture. They’re gonna get pictures of my kids unfortunately no matter what we do, so we chose to control it and give the money to charity and not paparazzi.

Angelina also addressed how Brad and she will handle raising kids as movie stars: “As we get older, maybe we’ll do less films. We’ll be less focused on [films] as our children hit their early teens or at times when it’s really, really on them. So this hopefully is as bad as it’s going to get for us. And we don’t raise our kids in Hollywood. They don’t go to sets every day. They travel the world and do many, many other things. So hopefully they don’t think this is just what their parents do for a living. They know many other things about who we are. … They’re restricted by they have a lot of other blessings. And like every parent, you just do the best you can with whichever situation you have.”

Larry King Live with Angie, Matt, and Robert airs Monday, Dec. 18 @ 9PM ET/PT on CNN. Watch the video preview here.

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  • trivia

    Yay first!

  • trivia

    I absolutely love her hair like that!

  • jjoy

    wow….jared and audrey….thanks so much….i just came to check coz can’t get away….addicted to jj’s…. :)

  • trivia

    LOL at Larry King, trying to bait angie, see if she’d fall for it.

  • jjoy

    yeah….he’s an old codger…..he needs to be pastured and get off from the green grass….. :-D

    goodnight jj and the rest of fellow BAMZS fans….again thank you very much jj and audrey….

  • Lil

    holie had a little lamb

  • Sabrosa

    She is just Bellisima and Brad her equal, their babies just gorgeous. Love them

  • Katy

    YAY IM 6TH!!!


  • tin_59

    does anybody know if she’s going to be on any shows on Friday? I know she’ll be on GMA on Thursday.

  • tin_59

    does anybody know if she’s going to be on any shows on Friday?

  • lurker/fan

    Coming out of lurkdome to say this:

    You know, I am so amazed how tough Angelina is. I’ve read all the horrible things people have said about her on blogs, in magazines, on tv, and for her not to ever breakdown, that’s really amazing.

    If I ever were in her situation, I don’t think I’d have any energy left in me to even giggle at a rumor.

    That she can still smile and laugh knowing there are some really hateful and disturbed people out there wishing her and her family harm is refreshing. People have gone through much worse times than Angelina, but I have never seen anyone be the target of so much hate as her.

    I have never seen the HUGE mediastorm that Brad and Angelina created by simply coming together so they could be a family. Maybe I’m projecting, but even I get offended by the horrible things said about those innocent kids and I’m not their mother. It’s just that the kind of unbelievable hate that people have for this family is disturbing to say the least.

    People’s disdain for her makes it seem like she is this incredibly horrid and evil women. Instead I see a women who grew up and finally found happiness and because of that she is being criticized every step of the way. We all make mistakes in our past and all I can say is that atleast Angelina is honest and mature enough to acknowledge her true thoughts and feelings. She doesn’t say what people would always like to hear, but atleast she always says the truth. And it’s all the easier to believe what she says because she’s never hidden anything about her past. It’s not like people dug up dirt about her and that’s how we know all this stuff about her. It’s because she found no shame in being herself and was willing to be always open her life.

    For all the mystery that surrounds her life, she’s more of an Honest book to me than a lot of other people in the public’s eye. You don’t have to like her, but atleast people should acknowledge that she is HONEST. And she rather be hated for who she is rather than be liked for something she isn’t. I may not always agree with her opinions, but I respect her for being her.

  • Dolly Parton

    Her forhead looks huge!. She needs to eat something because she’s making Nicole Richie look better.

  • lula29

    She’s so damn fierce it’s amazing.

    How can you hate her?

  • Dolly Parton

    I am the real Dolly darling & stop using my name. By the way, Angie is one gorgeous woman inside & out.


    She is stunning. I absolutely adore. Brad and Angie 4ever

  • Dolly Parton

    Did anyone notice Jen Aniston does not have a forehead?

  • Dolly Parton

    Nicole Richie=DUI anyone????

  • Bleep

    I think she lies all the time, just like everyboy else in Hollyweird. She is so transparent… whatever!

  • tin_59

    Angelina looks thin because she is breastfeeding Shiloh, 6 mos. old. Breastfeeding mothers lose 500 calories a day. She also has two other kids. They have been travelling a lot and it probably has taken a toll on her. I admire her honesty on her interviews and for her humanitarian work. She is an interesting person but her personal life is nobody’s business but I am really glad to see both of them step out together on the red carpet. I don’t care much about the reviews of TGS. I will still watch it. Go Angie!

  • Dolly Parton

    The fake Dolly Parton…question…what’s a forhead? Can you spell correctly….PLEASE

  • Te-Te

    I love Angie but she’s definitely been on the “too” thin side lately. I think she just needs to rest for a while…eat right…and get some damn sleep…Globe-trotting can be exhausting, I imagine. She and the fam need to take it easy for a few weeks while celebrating the holiday together. They are always on the go…

  • Bleep

    I mean Aniston the fraud….sorry to deceive you guys

  • Bleep

    Oh my I just to “bleep” myself & what the “bleep” I am talking about? Being an Aniston you have to be a “bleep” moron since that is the first “bleep” thing needed to be a “bleep” Aniston fan.

  • Kenny Rogers

    Dolly, I see you are still using your big bazooms to do your thinking.

  • Dolly Parton 123

    I didn’t know there was another DP. Btw, why do you talk about Jennifer Aniston? Is she so relevant to you? she doesn’t do anything for me so…

  • Bleep

    trnsalation…”bleep”= F8ck

  • Dolly Parton 123

    I am a whore. In fact I just finish one of my client. I am a stupid son of a gun. Can someone KILL ME NOW> I DERSERVE TO DIE. MY HATRED IS CONSUMING ME

  • Dolly Parton 123


  • Bleep

    Can I shoot you instead? Just asking…



  • Grace

    Thanks JJ! So much news, such great and fast updates!

  • Dolly Parton 123

    Dolly Parton Says:

    December 13th, 2006 at 2:19 am
    The fake Dolly Parton…question…what’s a forhead? Can you spell correctly….PLEASE

    I know it is FOREHEAD. Calm down.

  • Jen Spin

    anuston is just disgusting me so much

  • Dolly Parton 123

    And also I need to calm down. In the meantime, what will be my next name? Hmmmm I used Dolly Parton now Dolly Parton 123 maybe Dolly Parton ABC. Gosh I am smart. I am gushing here.

  • Dolly Parton 123

    Dolly Parton 123 Says:

    December 13th, 2006 at 2:25 am
    I am a *****. In fact I just finish one of my client. I am a stupid son of a gun. Can someone KILL ME NOW> I DERSERVE TO DIE. MY HATRED IS CONSUMING ME
    That was funny. Don’t you have an intelligent comment to post? Awww, that’s right, dumb worshippers can not have a decent conversation without the name calling. So, go on, this must be making your life more interesting. I will help you with that.

  • Dolly Parton 123

    I love changing my names to deceive people. I even copy other names just to show everyone hates Angelina. Love it.

  • Dolly Parton 123

    What can I do? I am just a stupid moron. I just love to stir up emotion. that would go nicely on my term papers.

  • bettyimages

    angelina baby angelina!

  • Dolly Parton 123

    This is hilarious. Some people need to relax, it is all in good fun. Obviously JA is very important for the BAMZS crowd. They are the only ones bringing her up everytime they can. Just because someone says AJ is not SO BEAUTIFUL, you immediately think that this person is a JA fan. I feel sorry for you. Have fun, go on. It must be hard for someone like you to think with only 1 damaged brain cell left. :(

  • aileen

    Jared so many threads. So many posts to read. At any rate, Thanks. Love BAZMS

  • Dolly Parton 123

    I don’t like her new highlights. She should go back to her dark brown hair. Her new color makes her look older. She looks a lot younger (and better) when her hair is dark

  • Dolly Parton 123

    Does anybody know if she has done some cosmetic surgery on her face? She used to have a natural beauty. She looks very different.

  • Natural beauty

    Is there anybody more beautiful than her? What a natural beauty.

  • Anna

    Universal Threatens To Freeze Out Online Journalists

    Posted Dec 12th 2006 12:31PM by Ryan Stewart

    Everyone knows that, over the past year, the ability of online outlets to influence the movie-going audience has increased by several orders of magnitude. Movie websites that pull in millions of unique viewers each month are now being given the kind of access once reserved for newsstand glossies, as they should be. But there’s a rub — wildly unprofessional behavior on the part of some online outlets, which is getting worse, not better.

    At a recent junket for a Sony film about a certain British secret agent, stars arriving in rooms reserved especially for online outlets were mobbed for autographs and targeted in the cross-hairs of cell-phone cameras. At other recent junkets, stars have reportedly been followed out of the room after they said their goodbyes by online writers hoping to score some unauthorized one-on-one time.

    After similar goings-on at the recent junket for the Angelina Jolie/Matt Damon drama The Good Shepherd, Universal Pictures has now hit back.

    Universal’s publicity department has fired off a missive to all the online outlets they deal with, stating that autograph and picture whoring is “reflecting poorly on the online press as a whole” and noting that they would “hate to have our online coverage limited even more,” which suggests they’ve already limited it previously because of this behavior.

    So, on behalf of all people who follow the rules, will the autograph whores please grow up? Because if you don’t, Cinematical is going to start printing your names.

  • Mediterranean

    Good morning,

    This is very satisfying, everyday something new about the Jolie-Pitts.

    I also think that She looks more beautiful with little darker hair, but no black please.

    Let’s find out where I can find all the interview to watch or read.

  • dddddd

    I don’t think I will be getting any sleep from now and until after the Oscars! Lol. Don’t forget THURSDAY- The Golden Globes noms are announced 5am. (Btw, anyone know why in the hell Matthew Perry is one of the announcers?) Anyways, I have my fingers crossed for Brad. That would top off one hell of a week if he is nominated. I have a good feeling! Let’s pray it comes true. I hope Ryan Gosling gets a nom too.

    So let me get this all down:

    Thursday Dec 14: Angie on GMA+ Golden Globes noms
    Friday Dec 15: Angie, Matt D and Deniro on 20/20
    Mon Dec 18: Angie, Matt D and Deniro on Larry King

    I can’t wait to watch the Good Shepherd!

  • Mediterranean

    There is no point to complain about Larry King. This is him, everybody knows how he approachs to his guests and what kind of question he asks. C’mon he is older than TV itself almost!

    If Angie was bothered by him, she wouldn’t accept his invitation at all.

  • ploypaphat

    Angie is stunning as always!
    And I hate Larry King :P

  • please let me….

    Angelina’s farts smell like a spring breeze, her children are the second coming. She is a Saint. It’s just too bad someone is holding her at knife point making her do movies and interviews, subjecting her to all the paparazii. Get real people, her outings and interviews are well orchestrated for publicity. If she didn’t have a movie coming out she wouldn’t be whoring herself like she is. But, it’s ok because she gives so much to charity right? Wrong, just because you are able to give more money than the average person doesn’t make you any better. And her whole thing about how her and Brad fell in love, that makes bile rise in my throat, again another publicity stunt. She shamelessly whores herself and people eat it up. All Hail Angelina!!! And yes………I’m being a hater so let the bashing begin. AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD……..NO I’M NOT A JENNIFER ANISTON FAN! So when you start commenting do not use that as an excuse as to why my opinion is what it is.

  • malaya

    please let me…. Says:
    December 13th, 2006 at 4:07 am

    Does it feel good to get that off your chest?