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Beyonce Models for House of Dereon

Beyonce Models for House of Dereon

Beyonce’s fashion clothing line, House of Dereon, may sell some nice items at their online store, but I have a feeling they would have some trouble selling stuff if they had to solely rely on these promo shots featuring Beyonce. They just don’t look up to par with some of the other shots she’s been in. Granted, there’s going to be a consumer for this type of style, so Beyonce probably has nothing to worry about. But seriously, I personally think the whole denim look is old (especially that denim jacket she’s wearing).

Hmm…and as far as fashion shoots go, Beyonce sure seems to be wearing very little clothing to sell her clothing. I guess it works though.

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beyonce house of dereon photoshoot 01
beyonce house of dereon photoshoot 02
beyonce house of dereon photoshoot 03

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  • Amy

    I personally think that Beyonce’s one of the most beautiful women I’ve seen, but DAMN girl, don’t be gettin’ all Mariah on us.
    And I hate that clothing line. All the clothes look ridiculous with their miles of lace and ruffles, etc. Matthew and Tina Knowles may be one of the biggest opportunists in showbiz.

  • tanique

    even worse the only time her outfits look really good is when she is wearing a top designer. anytime she looks a mess it’s usually her own collection.

    i havent heard ayone interested in her line.


    So many Jealous females.. lmao

  • wow

    Sad, her clothing lines sux so bad she has resulted to selling her “body” in order to sell some clothes. Fact is, is that the whole line sux, and as someone previously said, whenever you see her looking crapy shes wearing HOD.

    Yea, she a good singer, shes beautiful but one thing she is NOT, is a fashion designer.

  • wow

    AND this pic shows that her butt isnt as big as everyone thinks…she’s hippy but no booty.

  • suspicious_package

    Sadly, she relies on her mother Tina to do her styling, and Tina is behind most of the House of Derrierre designs. Totally flashy, tacky, overdone, could be featured at K-Mart but is probably not good enough, crap.

  • Susie

    Beyonce always looks over the top. Most of the stuff she chooses to wear is so loud from the colors to the designs. Beyonce sometimes less really is more. She is going to turn into another Mariah. These photos look sleazy as far as I am concerned. People were beginning to think she is a lot older than she really is cause of all those ugly over the top clothes her Mom makes her wear. When they were Destiny’s Child they used to look even more ridiculous.


    lmao..@ pure jealousy

  • kmillz

    Beyonce is suppose to be selling her clothes but she isn’t all you see is her shiny back

  • anon

    it’s all about memememememememememememe. she’ll crawl across the floor to sell anything — a video, cheesey clothing.

    gawd, she’s annoying as hell.

  • Katy

    whaaaaaaat this isnt about clothes, its all about her!!!

    GEEEZ Beyonce….and the few clothes she has on are fugly

  • Pitchajarun

    Beyonce Boring, Boring Beyonce….. i’m so sick of her, solo beyonce was cool once for about 2 songs!! but she’s so stale – not even good enough to be a mariah copy!! She shoulda stuck with Destiny’s Child, the other girls distracted from how boring she really is with a closer look!

  • MonkeyShines

    Photoshop abuse! Photoshop abuse! Geez the photos couldn’t have been that bad could they? Is it Beyonce or is it memorex?

  • Kate

    She looks made out of wax, too much airbrush. Cute too.

  • Cal

    Airbrush this, stretch that, shrink this, make that smaller. Photoshop. Making ANYONE look better.

  • Amy

    This is the very epitome of airbrush abuse. They didn’t NEED to, since as far as I’m concerned, B don’t need photoshop to make her look gorgeous, since she already has wonderful skin (but an awful weave). This photoshoot reminds me of the one she did for her “Dangerously in Love” album; she looked so brushed and shiny that it looked like her clothes were painted on. BAD idea.
    Personally, I don’t think Beyonce has bad fashion sense, but you can tell that it’s Tina who made her daughter, Michelle, and Kelly wear such hideous designs. But the girl got to, loyalties and all.

  • Marisleysis

    It’s okay if you like that swap meet gangsta look.

  • aycaramba

    i dunno y, but i can’t seem to like Beyonce hehe…



  • Sandra

    Does anyone know if she ever finished school?
    She may sing pretty well but the minute she opens that mouth to speak-she sounds totally uneducated.

  • Gena H

    Beyonce needs to really go through a complete class on how to speak, act in public and be humble. And as for the clothes, that stuff looks like something that would have been worn back in the 1950′s, hahahahahaha…notice you have not seen Kelly Rowland or Michelle promoting them. Nor have you seen any other celebrity promoting them or coming out saying that is what is in their closet. THINK ABOUT THAT ONE!!!! LET IT MARINATE FOR A MINUTE.

  • hotlikepeppa

    She looks fake and Plastic… and pleeaazze! aint nobody jealous of this heffer!

  • loverofone

    oh lawd, Miss airbrushed overrated country talkin lame Beyonce, she and her mother need to hang it up…those designs are tacky country and ghetto (like them)Hell to da naw, I would never purchase those ugly thangs! Beyonce is so overexposed, and someone need to teach her how to speak better in interviews. She just received a nomination for Dreamgirls (her father had his hands in this)betcha…Jennifer Hudson is the star! Beyonce is jealous because she wants everything to be about her! Everyone says she has STANK BREATH! No I ain’t hatin or jealous of her either, just my opinion..I used to like her!

  • Nolo

    Coming to a Marshall’s near you…

  • Cynthia

    If you don’t like her keep her name out of your mouth and stop going on the internet to read stuff about her. So you can get mad and jealous because you aren’t her.

  • Cocobuttr

    You all are just jealous because she’s more bootylicious than you all will ever be!

  • shari

    LOL, NOLO her clothes and shoes are already in Marshalls. Some of her things are cute I got 3 pairs of shoes from marshalls 2 pair were 49 each and one pair was on clearance for 25 bucks. I will only buy the items if marshalls has them because they are too expensive on the website. I’m still a big fan of hers though.

  • Josalynn

    Is it just me or is she pulling a J-Lo move with this clothing line. ???????????? And also, What class / age of people can aford it or let alone rock that mess, It dosent spark like j-lo line

  • nitra

    I feel like everyone who have talked ba about B wish they had the life an wack group an mom like she has!! grow up stop being so jealous of her. B has worked hard to have what she have!! she is a good person inside an out an it really do show., an to keep it real!! all you haters would be the first in line to go see her if she came to your town!!! an how i no? its because all you haters cant keep her name out you mouth!! e-mails an off the internet to see what going on in her life!! so stop haten!!!!!!

  • http://no. toni

    hi beyonce i am nine butt i love your music . my mom and I have all your your albums. i also have a brother email is real my mom made it for me.

  • linda

    what ever beyonce is a beautiful woman and all u hataz thats talkin ya’ll stuff forget ya’ll ya’ll jus wanna be her cause she the best lookin singer my opinoin no hard feelings but really she do look betta than hataz

  • dymond

    beyonce is the best out thier and people just love to hate so haters just keep hateing beyonce is the best she is better than any body else thier is

  • teanna brown

    I would like to send Beyonce a picture of my 6 month daughter modeling her clothes by house of dereon.I want her to have a beautiful future modeling because she is so beautiful as she. please have her contact me. my daughters name is Nevaeh Carter she is 6 months old she was born december 14, 2007 at 3:28am she was born sexy, she was born smart, she has been holding her head up at 2 months, she has been holding her bottle since she was 4 months, she can say words like “da da” and “ma ma” and she knows how to wave ‘hi’. she is a “survivor”. my phone number is (313)516-9298. please contact me i want her to be something in life. If you see her 1time you would understand. she is a happy baby. All she does is smile like beyonce, I have never seen beyonce without a smile and my daughter reminds me of her. Thanks for taking the time to read my letter. sincerly, T. Brown

  • lillly

    Omg, these haters…beyonce is beautiful, fuck you jealous ass hoes, u want beyonce’s ass, wish you had her money, and all you idiots who say she can’t sing ? Go suck a dick, this girl is one of the most talented singers we’ve had since whitney…so fuck off