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Beyonce Goes Black and White

Beyonce Goes Black and White

Sick and tired of the House of Dereon material and moving on to something more stylized, here is Beyonce in a very classic looking photoshoot for the January 2007 issue of Seventeen magazine.

Check out a behind-the-scenes video look into how they shot this particular photoshoot.

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  • claire booth luce

    She is getting very artifically ugly is all I see..

  • elizabeth

    I agree. Ugly.

  • e

    she’s cute. not beautiful

  • MiloFan

    Beyonce is nominated for BEST ACTRESS in motion picture comedy/musical

    Jennifer Hudson is nominated for BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS for DreamGirls……..I thought that the Jennifer Hudson character was the main character, or that they’re both supporting characters……

    And what a joke Beyonce best actress in the same category as Meryl Streep and Helen Mirren…Hah!!! Well I think Jennifer Hudson has a better chance of winning her category, I mean Beyonce is beautiful, a bit OTT and screechy when she performs, but her acting is AWFUL!!!

    Daddy Knowles must have canvassed his A$$ OFF for nommy votes……..

  • brit

    stop hatin on beyonce. beyonce is a great singer and 20 times more beautiful than jennifer hudson. if jennifer hudson was so bomb then why did it take her this long to be doin somethin after american idol. hmm? beyonce will definitely get an award for her performance.

  • mercredi

    “Daddy Knowles must have canvassed his A$$ OFF for nommy votes…….. ”


    That’s the only reason. This girl is OVEREXPOSED, it’s not even funny. She’s EVERYfreakingWHERE!

  • wow

    I dunno why I cant stand her but I am upset that she got a nom., lets just hope she goes home empty handed cuz if not: it we’ll be seeing her EVEN MORE! and that, I cannot take!

    I bet is Jennifer Hudson was thinner and dressed half naked in her videos and had money hungry parents like Beyonce she would be just as or probably more successful than beyonce.

    So please, we all know all these young “stars” are famous because of everything BUT TALENT! EXAMPLE. britney spears

  • jon

    omg.. stop hating on beyonce, she’s doing her thing, at least she’s not into all that partying and other stuff these other celebrites are in and “wow” you can’t compare her to britney spears, hell no! Just take your hate and shove it up your butts!

  • hotlikepeppa

    ugh I am sick to death of this girl…. the picture where she has her hands on her head! b*tch looks crazy! but not as crazy as in her “Ring the Alarm” video…
    the fact that she got nominated for best actress makes everyone else in that catagory lose credibility… I mean hello? if this talentless heffer got a nominated what are you saying about everyone else? Her dad is so extra I wonder how many times he had to bend over spread his ass cheeks and take it up the ass for her to get his nomination… Beyonce pls just go away….

  • Cynthia

    You people are stupid, Beyonce is nominated for Best Actress in a COMEDY/MUSICAL but Jennifer is nominated for Supporting Actress. Don’t you get it, Jennifer is nominated for something better. BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS IS A GENERAL AWARD. But you guys can stop hating on Beyonce though.

  • Queen Bee

    Very beautiful pics. Can’t understand why people don’t give her her props. She has one of the best “natural” bodies in Hollywood and flawless looks. In fact I think she’s better looking than you all’s goddess Angelina HO-Lie

  • Bobby BIG NUTS

    As a white guy, I would love to have her butt up and face down. Just slamming my dong on her rump and loving the feeling.

  • Amy

    Why y’all keep saying this woman is talentless and ugly? She is one of the damn farthest from that description that I’ve seen. If you say she’s talentless, you’ve obviously never heard her perform. Some might not like her voice and it might not be the best, but compared to many artists nowadays, she blows ‘em away. Also, she’s one of the most hard-working people in the business. The reason she keeps appearing is because she’s got a hell of a lot of things to promote, and I’m glad she makes the effort unlike some people. I’ve never seen this girl party (she sings about partying, but the poor thing don’t ever do it), and I’ve only seen her drunk once, and she kept her parts well-covered. Her weave is so goddamn fake, but if she got rid of it and kept her hair the 90′s Destiny’s Child way, she might be one of the most gorgeous women in entertainment. Not to mention that flawless body, that she works hard to keep…I’m a girl, but she’s probably the only woman I’d tap other than Janet Jackson. I hate it when people call Beyonce fat, but when she decides to lose weight, people say that she has no ass. Well DUH, most women lose curves as they lose weight (a few are lucky though…)

    That being sad, I hate the photoshoot. :)

  • B’s biggest fan

    Her dog, Munchie is sooo cute !

    he was just shaking his head like ‘wheres the bones?’ what a cutie xoxo

  • jassifai

    I wish the haters would leave the girl alone. I mean HELLO she’s in the entertainment industry, she’s SUPPOSED TO BE EVERYWHERE! Sure she could probably take a break so that we miss her, but doing that is risky cause who knows if another beautiful talented YOUNGER girl is gonna take her place while she’s out the spotlight? Oh and I LUV the photoshoot! I havent seen her looking this youthful since her first solo album.

  • asiandongphil

    wow she’s so beautiful and sexy…. but she looks bad??

  • asiandongphil

    maybe she will more prettier, sexier and beautiful if she would bit lightened her skin….

  • dont diss anyone until you’ve dissed yourself

    i detest all yoo haters on here i don’t particulary like beyonce’s music, movies or whatever myself, but at least i still respect her!! all i can fink about yoo guys tho is that ur jealous!! and jealousy is the key to a cold and bitter life with hardly any meaning!!

    big up to the people hu are defending her!! :D

  • Nathan

    Your all gay she is it and no of you people know that i mean wow i suppose i shud like you for it but i dont

  • jayneshia

    she is GORGEOUS but b/w is not her than color is betta

  • jayneshia

    she da best stop hatin

  • b3y0nc3 hubby


  • olivia

    OMG stop hatin on Beyonce she’s a beautiful woman and your just mad your not her.