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Brad Pitt at The Good Shepherd Premiere

Brad Pitt at The Good Shepherd Premiere

Here are some more photos of Brad Pitt at The Good Shepherd premiere on Monday (Dec. 11) that have never been posted on the site.

In other news, Babel, starring Brad Pitt, was nominated for 7 Golden Globes which included:

  • best dramatic picture
  • best supporting actress Adriana Barraza
  • best supporting actress Rinko Kikuchi
  • best supporting actor Brad Pitt
  • best director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu
  • best screenplay Guillermo Arriaga
  • best original score Gustavo Santaolalla

Good luck to them! Check out the rest of this year’s Golden Globe nominees.

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  • schae

    FIRST….Love to B&A and the whole Family.

  • Joanna

    Pitt looks like an old hag he may as well since he is with one.

  • first

    first! guapo. Way to go Babel!!!

  • schae

    JJ u spoil us BAMZS fans so much, but we love it.

  • shocked

    he is sort of looking like BENECIO. . .time for a new stylist Brad!!!



  • schae

    Come on Joanna, stop looking in the mirror and projecting your image onto Brad.

  • jewel fan

    he is a hottie!!!
    and i am totally in love with him :))
    you’are so lucky angie :)

  • ntt

    Joanna, you mean he was with one, the infamous Chinocchio.

  • yucky!!!

    just not attractive. what happened to him? he looks sleezed out.

  • suspicious_package

    He’s 43, not 23. Whaddaya want?

  • timestwo

    I think some of these folks are right. Both Angie and Brad need an image redo. THey looks worn out, greasy, and too thin (both of them need to freaking eat!).

  • guli

    Ohhhhhh Thank you Jared and Audrey!!!!

    I am so happy for Brad finally he is recognized for his work not just his looks. I think having Angie and the kids and the recognition for his work is the best Bday present ever. Man, thay are on a roll…. Just love them :-)

  • Kier

    She sure is an old hag not to mention a fukin sluut ,I live that CNN poll that say only 27% of people respect them as a couple, that what I thougt the loonies on this board only represent the whoores who sleep around. LOL

  • yucky!!!

    i just think he needs to lay off the hair and skin shine and shave. maybe start using some eye cream to help with the dark circles.

  • kidi

    This means he’s a shoo-in for an Oscar nomination as well because the supporting nominations aren’t broken apart between drama and comedy as the lead roles are. So we will get to see Brad and Angie all glamorous on the red carpet, and X will be at home gargling with razor blades.

  • ntt

    Talking about Chinocchio, I wonder why VV hasn’t sued TheStar mag for their story yet. Anybody knows? I had problems with my ISP for several days so I am behind on the story.

  • alicet

    Thanks for the new thread- it was really hard to load the entire page. It the best week ever for all BAMSZ fans. I can’t wait for more red carpet action from Brad and Angie.

  • sexydwayne

    hot brad. yummy. ive been following this family eversince mr.and mrs. smith. since then i was hoping they should pair up for real. and they DID! that’s y im always checking out this site for more infos! i love




  • timestwo

    KIER: I saw the CNN poll too. It was pretty damn funny. Not that they need the respect of general society, but I know they will be back peddling for this one. Watch out world, there will be a lot of pumped up publicity to get B&A loved by all. I wish she’d go back to the real her and stop trying to act like she’s “cleaned up” and without an edge. He needs to get some balls and start acting like a man again. He’s gotten all pretty boy’d with her and gaunt. I’m sure they are lovely parents but their public images sucks..

  • trullesand

    i just love the fact that emily blunt is nominated for the golden globes. i loved her in “devils wears prada”.

  • yucky!!!

    whatever, JA will be a host at the oscars. just like they had jen g do to trip up jlo. it will be the only drama getting people to want to watch that show!

  • ntt

    Seven nominations for Babel. Wow! So now we know both B&A are going to walk the red carpet together again at The Golden Globe Awards. Yeah!

  • Kier

    Hi timesTwo: I agree their public image is terrible Angelina went from being genuine to acting like she’s better than everyone else she has no personality anymore

  • timestwo

    such a shame. all you got to do is rent alexander and troy and see THE WORST ACTORS OF ALL TIME. they are a load of crap!

  • jewel fan
  • kidi

    Who says X will be a host at the Oscars? She presented best makeup last year–big whoop. She’ll be watching them with Norman and a bottle of tequila.

  • timestwo

    hi kier! i just think angie was so much more interesting when she wasn’t trying to save her image. she wasn’t known for having talent but she was INTERESTING. brad, he was on and off. i just thnk he got her some push back into the business and it seems so fake.

  • Andrómeda

    Congratulations Brad on you nomination!!!…You deserve it
    Will somebody download the Diane Sawyer interview here?…. LOVE ANGIE AND BRAD !!!

  • http://..... f u

    I hope he will win!

  • yucky!!!

    who says JA won’t be a host. why was she last year? this year she had a “success” with that god awful film of hers. highest grossing comedy. so they are going to have to do something. or she’ll pay to host. watch – it will happen!

  • The real lou

    Kiki,I bet she drank 2 bottles of tequila when she saw this weeks People!:lol:

  • http://..... tess

    Brad guapo

  • lol

    timestwo Says:

    ok Jennifer go walk your dog and scream into the ocean.

  • ntt

    I am no movie expert, but so far I have been pretty right on with which movie or which actor deserves a movie award nomination. After I saw Babel, I thought it was a great movie. I am glad it got nominated for 7 awards. Hey BAMZS fans, we need a celebration party.

  • yucky!!!

    well hopefully Angie won’t be drunk as a skunk and brad wearing a stupid berret (just like BBT and her at the awards) when she had those hideous eyebrows. but no one really remembers that because no one cared about her then. she did good getting herself in the limelight again. but my god, back to the pics of brad, he looks horrible!

  • Casey

    Did anyone hear that Angelina fed Maddox cricket when they went to cambodia? my god what a sicko. This is a real story check out celebrity warship and other sites .

  • sexydwayne

    brad pitt is so so hott.

  • Brad said F U

    Haters-Jennifer would be so proud of you-She is so NOT over Brad-Poor thing, I heard she was in private therapy with Dr. Laura but Dr. Laura quit after the first session ’cause Jen is just too messed up-Girl has more baggage than an airport

  • Brad said F U

    I would rather feed my kid crickets than loads of S**T which what Jen has been feeding you for almost 2 years-and you stupid hoes keep eatin it and asking for seconds!

  • timestwo

    lol: you are a sad, pathetic excuse for a fan. all you can do is comment back at others as if they are jen? oooh, burn! how about make a real comment about the subject at hand. oh, i’m sorry angie, did we hurt poor bradie boo’s feelings. why don’t you go stick your finger down your throat, take another hit, and make sure to have your guard mickey beat the crap out of some poor bystander again!!!

  • kidi

    X was a presenter last year because Huvane called in every marker her had to get her a spot, and they were cynically playing on the divorce story. The ratings were actually down as compared to the year before. There was no groundswell of interest and increased ratings because of her, just as her movies bomb.

  • kidi

    Yucky–What’s a berret? Is that like a ferret?

  • !!!

    we knew all the good news on the jolie-pitts was going to bring all of the crazy jealous losers out. Oh well, go watch the break up again.

  • sexydwayne

    eversince mr.and mrs. smith ive been hoping they can hook up for real. and they DID! ive been following brad and anj since then and this site id just perfect for my cravings. is the best!

  • yucky!!!

    ‘Brad said FU” This is so funny. We come on to say that Brad doesn’t look as good as he usually does and their “fans” start making fights. And they ALWAYS relate it back to Jen. Who brought up Jen to begin with??? They did. Not us. NOT A JEN FAN!!!! Guess it must be you all because you seem to not want to let her go!



  • http://..... I

    I had a dream last night that JA had a s** with her dog.