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It's All In The Family

It's All In The Family

People’s end-of-the-year double issue features the Jolie-Pitt family–Angelina, Brad, Maddox, Zahara, and Shiloh–in Cambodia. The pictures show the family very relaxed and happy and includes great shots of the kids. Be sure not to miss out on the close-up of baby Shiloh!

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  • Montserrat

    First! Hee

  • Okitter

    Cambodia Rocks!!!

  • daveasodi


  • I

    Thanks for the pictures.
    This family is really nice and adorable. The parents looks happy together.
    People just loves them.

  • angelah

    i love my recent copies of magazines [vppl]. Oh you know the fam rocks the house!

  • Rose

    Got this issue, it is great! Have to get the other tomorrow. Love this family, I so hope they will stay together.

  • bc

    Beautiful family!

  • Grace

    Can’t wait to get the my magazines today! What a wonderful time for BAMZS family! Thanks for the updates.

  • clazr

    wow..shiloh is so cute!..and this family is growing

  • nobody

    Love this family. Love the pics.

  • tin_59

    Party of Five looks beautiful. Love these pics. Do you guys know where I can get a copy of “Hello” Magazine? I went to Borders. All they have is the Vogue and People Mag.

  • Christopher

    That is one BEAUTIFUL family, great pictures :)

  • Alice

    These are one of the most awesome pictures of a Hollywood family. Picture perfect!! And Shiloh is soooooo adorable.

  • Daniel

    Love them. I can see Shiloh is more of lovely Angelina. She’ll be beautiful as well as Zahara & Maddox will be handsome.

  • I

    I’m gonna get all those magazines.


    So ADORABLE & LOVING FAMILY. They are my role-model. Can’t help gushing. I bought the People Magazine already & still waiting for the Vogue issue. Lookinh forward seeing The Good Sheperd.

  • ariel

    Always love seeing their pictures. Yes I got a copy People Magazine already. Can’t help looking at the photographs.

    Did anyone knows if The Good Sheperd will have another premiere in Los Angeles? Please lt me know. Thanks

  • ceeusbeeus

    Wha I find interesting is the photos a magazine chooses to place. I love the Vogue spread but I wonder what were the ones left out. The same goes here. This is such a beautiful family and there is only so much space in a magazine…but it does make me wonder what other gorgeous pictures I might be missing because another person’s aesthetic differs from mine.

  • Tiffany

    I love the pic of Brad and Angie. One of my favorites. Drooooolllllllllllllliinggg!!! The family pics are so heartwarming.

  • Missouri Fan

    Beautiful family!! LOVE the Jolie – Pitts!!

    Thanks Dobby!!

    Thanks ariel for the alert !

  • aileen

    I feel the LOVE, my friends. I surely do! Exceptional all the way as always

  • Missouri Fan

    Daniel Says:

    December 16th, 2006 at 2:52 am
    Love them. I can see Shiloh is more of lovely Angelina. She’ll be beautiful as well as Zahara & Maddox will be handsome.

    Yes, I agree with you!! ADORABLE Family!

    I have the people magazine, Life style & US weekly.

    Still waiting for the Vouge magazine.

  • Tiffany

    I just finished reading the interview and Jolie said that she is the disciplinarian and Brad is the softie. Awwww, how cute!!!

  • Vera

    apparently my local barnes n noble is taking their sweet ass time putting out the new vogue. the 20/20 interview was good, Matt is funny and they must’ve had a blast working together.

  • Sarah :D

    thans for posting!
    lovely family.
    here’s hoping they dont succumb to the usual hollywood ways.
    how cute are the kids too?!?!!

  • Mrs. Smith

    I don’t usually check this site so late, but I’m wrapping presents so I thought I’d take a quick peek and, lo and behold!!!! Picx of the Most Beautiful Family! Shiloh is truly like a doll. Zee, another beauty in the family, and of course the coolest kid on the planet, Madd himself. The parents are not too bad. What a week! And still more to come.
    On 20/20 tonight, I love how Matt was so surprised to be described as ‘toothsome.’ His expression was just hilarious.

    Thanks Dooby. Holding down the fort just fine for Jared. Just keep those BAMZS picx and articles coming, and you’ve got a happy camper here.

  • kat

    wow Shiloh is unbelievably gorgeous. she is too cute! Love the jolie-pitts. their all lovely.

  • briseis

    Whew, such hotness in one place!

    I’m supposed to be taking evaluation tests at work, but I’m kinda pooped out, so to take a break, I had to sneak into JJared. I’m glad, because all this hotness will inspire me in my work.

    Will go straight to Barnes & Noble after work … hope it’s already open.

  • angie

    SHILOH is GOREGOUS!!!!!!!! so is Z!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE beauty of this family :D shiloh, i think is starting 2 look more & more like angelina every day!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mad is such a cutie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • Brienna

    Shiloh is stunning. This family together is amazing. Time will tell if it lasts….

  • abby

    Wow, nice looking family. I love Maddox, he is such a cutie and looks to be a great big brother to his little sisters. Zahara and Shiloh are gorgeous looking little girls.

    Beautiful family inside and out.

  • julia

    ok what happened to the theory that two goodlooking people wont have a goodlooking child? That is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen anywhere! There have been some cute celeb babies born this year but Shiloh is exceptionally gorgeous!!!

    Im sure she will be just as beautiful inside, just like her siblings. All three kids are strikingly handsome,and mom and dad look pretty good too.

  • leni

    I cant get over how beautiful shiloh is. We have seen Zee turn into a beauty but shi.. it just isnt fair that a baby has longer eyelashes than I do!!! :lol:

    and those pretty shining eyes and cute nose!! omg not to mention that little rosebud mouth…. a rare beauty indeed.

  • black

    Though Mad and Zahara (especially Zahara) do not look very happy or good in this one, we still have Shiloh to save the day.

    This baby seriously has to be one of the most adoreable babys on this planet.
    And this coming from someone who used to write her off as “too plain”…….well what can I say, she is changing so much.
    Everytime I see her she looks different.

    But back to Mad and Zahara. Mad is a cool little boy, but this is simply not his best shot. But hey…..he always was in the spotlight before…..he will have his day-he´s cute.

    Zahara though…..well I know she´s a baby and all, but you know seeing her all the time kinda gives you the permission to have an opinion about her (or all of them for that matter)- and let´s say…..she changed, but not for the better.

    What the hell happened with her?
    I don´t want to sound too offensive (hey I tried) but she used to be soo cute… she just looks angry and moody all the time.

    I think I will leave it at that….for now.

    But there are still two other people to write something about.(thought it´s easy to forget)
    They really did a good job with putting their kids in the front row. You really forget that Brad and Angie are even there……and this due to Shiloh who outshines everyone!!!(yes, includng her famous parents)

  • black

    Oh, I forgot to mention just how cool the pic with Brad and Angie on the premiere is.
    It almost looks too personal to look at.



  • blogelina

    My god Shiloh is beautiful. I am so glad to see new pictures of her. I have shown her picture to EVERYONE who has come near me and they all agree she is exceptionally pretty. Even my husband, who normally never has a human reaction to anything did a double take and exclaimed…”she’s purty” when he saw the picture. I didn’t even have to ask him…its a miracle.

    This entire family is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. I love getting all these little glimpses into their family life with the pics and interviews. I bet these three kids will be super close, especially if they continue to travel alot. They will be one anothers best-friends. A lovely, lovely family.

  • Me too

    Black, kindly keep you thoughts about Z to yourself. You don’t like her, fine.
    The majority of the people here don’t share your opinion.

  • Avid fan

    Family of the year===Yippeee.

    Adorable kids. Wonderful parents.
    Grandparents from both sides must be very proud of them.

    Thanks— Dooby.

  • anonymous

    I can’t believe there is only one troll (Black) who came in at this time. All the other loonies must still be sleeping.
    Just love this family, especially Z!

  • Rebecca

    Shiloh has such beautiful eyes..
    thnx for the piks..they cool awesome..such a great family.


  • deena

    Thanx whoever’s responsible for putting these pix up, I got mu People Mag yesterday, but they still had the Dec Vogue up. :-( That’s what I get for living in BFE

  • laura

    Zee is a beautiful child. The pic of her and her family shows them concentrating on a book… she isnt scowling. And since her mom has said she is the personality in the family.. I am quite sure she does a lot of smiling.

  • anustin

    morning all… oogling right now!

  • chanel

    gorgouse family

  • bluemoon

    From Today’s NyDailynews, cute story

    Gizmo bowwowed her

    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie almost pulled off an unauthorized adoption during their visit to New York this week.

    During their stay at the Waldorf Towers, Angelina fell in love with the hotel’s most important guest: Gizmo, an 18-month-old Yorkshire Terrier.

    “You’re so lovely, aren’t you? You’re coming home with me!” she joked as she petted the pooch, who was on his way home from a walk.

    Says an insider: “Gizmo has lived in a $1,100-a-night luxury suite at the hotel for the past four months while his owners have their home on the upper East Side rebuilt.”

    Waldorf staff even nicknamed the pup “Super Heavy,” the security code assigned to ultra-VIP hotel guests, including President Bush.

  • ZOE

    CLINIQUA, you are sick in mind; there must be something mentally and pyschologically wrong with you.

    You are obsessed with Jennifer Aniston much more that Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and the kids of them.

    The worst part, you and your pals have NOT realized how sick you are. Go get a treatment before you are hopeless care, or are you already?

    The other fans of BAMZS are using use like having a dog in the garden; you bark, you and you try to scare people who don’t say high things about BAMZS. But you deserve this treatment, because you are nothing but an obsessive looser!

    Maybe you used to love Jennifer Aniston deep inside but, because of she lost Brad, your love turned to hate. That’s why we call you looser; looser hates the other looser as you hate Jennifer Aniston.

    You are vulgar. How difficult it must be to be lonesome like you in this life, you just have BAMZS who don’t know and give a sh*t about you. Angelina and Brad are kind of people do hate some obsessive, aggressive maniac like you.

    You have been kicked out from every single website of Angelina and Brad. Wait and see. When the other fans had enough of you, you’ll go just like before. Don’t worry you’ll stick around until the other fans find another dog like.

  • Junk

    I don’t think Black is a troll, just concerned about Z. Maybe all the pics are getting to her. It’s a lot for a little kid.

    Are people not allowed to express opinions on this site? I know it’s a site for BAMZ lovers, and I come here to see pics of them too and have loved Angie from the beginning. But wouldn’t it get boring if every post was how wonderful they are? Of course they are wonderful. Now let’s speculate on the details, that’s the fun part to me. Who’s having a good day, who’s having a bad day. Like that pic of Ang and Brad with their faces close… Inthink that’s the first pic I;ve seen with them that close. MAybe they are going to let the world see more of their relationship? Angie certainly has been more open in interviews lately. Maybe they are thinking enough time has pasted and Jennifer should be over it and they can be more free without having to worry about hurting her feelings by being overly affectionate in the press.

  • My take


    GORGEOUS SHILOH!!!!!!!!!!


  • aimee

    Junk Says:

    December 16th, 2006 at 8:11 am

    She isnt CONCERNED bout Z, she has been here before and has negative things to say always.