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Matt Damon Is Very Outspoken

Matt Damon Is Very Outspoken

Here are some stills of Matt Damon and James Lipton on the set of Inside The Actors Studio. The episode they were filming is going to air January 8th, 2007 on Bravo (8-9PM EST).

Also, below is a video segment of Matt Damon on MSNBC’s Hardball saying that if a country must go to war then all people who are of age — like President Bush’s daughters — should also have to chip in and fight the war. The segment airs tomorrow (Monday) at 5PM and 7PM EST.

Damon says:

“I don’t think that it’s fair as I said before, that it seems like we have a fighting class in our country. That’s comprised of people who have to go for either financial reasons or — I don’t think that that is fair.

And if you’re gonna send people to war, ahh, if, if we all get together and decide we need to go to war, then that needs to be shared by everybody. You know, and if the President has daughters who are of age then maybe they should go too.”

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  • MJ

    I love Matt Damon and he has some good ideas.

  • anustin

    love him…..

  • kidi

    You go Matt! Laura Bush says the media is only showing the bad in Iraq. So, she and the twins should fly over there, stroll the streets of Baghdad, do a little Christmas shopping, maybe have a capuccino in some nice sidewalk cafe.

  • ploypaphat


  • Maria

    Love him.

  • Renee

    I forone am gald that celebrities are speaking out. Our politicans sure arent and sometimes it seems they (politicans) are more concerd with their careers than doing what is right.

    That being said, I applaud Matt for being bold. The military should represent all levels of our society. Perhaps that what those twins, and Paris and Lindsay (I would add Brittny but she needs to be with her sons) off to war and I bet that would give them a good wake up to real life. Oh add, Nicole too (that is if she isnt haulled off to jail)

    BTW: I think Matt is very boyish like cute. I wish him and new little family the best.

  • bdj

    Way to go Matt. John Kerry said something similar and the Media and the Dems/Reps pounced. The situation in Iraq is only getting worse and many men and women of lower economic status are dying on a daily basis. The rich and upper middle class can afford to have their children educated. Lower income families see the military as a way of getting an education. However, with the situation in Iraq it is easier to get brought back in a body bag then to take advantage of the GI Bill. I hope that with the new Congress, our elected officials will take a more aggressive plan with Iraq whether downsizing or working with the UN and other countries in a more diplomatic solution. Something the United States should have done in the first place. However, with the insurgence rising, the United States is between a rock and a hard place.

  • another look

    Matt …….. That is the same thing i have said for so long now, it’s time
    for a draft. It’s everyones problem not just a few, this is not a middle class
    war, all Americans should be involved, the rich party and go about their lives while
    the poor die…..not fair….. Thanks for putting it out there Matt.

    IMO … A draft from prison institutions would be in order, for short turm offenders !!!
    Just … IMO

  • lily

    So funny but so true. It’s always the elite and the rich who’s making the policy and decision while the son of the poor are sent to dead.

  • dean

    OH WOW Matt! What a concept! Send the US Presidents daughters off to war!

    So what about YOUR own step daughter, Matty ole boy! I don’t hear you BOSTING that YOU will be waving HER off to fight on the front lines in a few years.
    What about CA Gov. Schwarzenegger’s daughter? She will soon be 18 years.

    Why don’t you shout out to the world that SHE should go to war TOO?

    Can we say DOUBLE STANDARDS?

  • skinny fat

    dean Says:

    December 17th, 2006 at 9:49 am

    Thank you! I’m so sick of celebs and their political views. They should take a cue from Bono who doesn’t bash politicians, he works with them.

  • http://n/a Emma

    If Matt feels so strongly about this why doesn’t he enlist? Last time I checked he was “of age”.

  • Matt’s ugly

    Matt’s an ass. The military is made up of volunteers, no one forced the wonderful men and women of the military to join. God forbid we ever need a draft to defend our country Matt himself would be called to go….does anyone think he’d do it? Asshole.

  • cook


    You’re an imbecile. Matt’s stepdaughter isn’t old enough but the drinking and partying Bush twins are. It’s fair.

    I am a US Army Veteran. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander is what he’s saying. Understand? This is not a game. Everyone the administration has sent should be supported by the rest who of are age and body.

    With that said, volunteer if you meet the criteria. I am in good shape for any age group, yet, I have volunteered and is out of consideration because of my age. By the way, I’m not only a veteran, I’m also a college graduate. I enjoy posting on celebrity blogs.

  • kidi

    If there had been a military draft we NEVER would have gone into Iraq. Bush treated these wonderful brave men and women as if they were a bunch of toy soldiers for him to play war with.

  • Angie

    First of all, if you’re not serving in the military don’t pop off about the men and women that are. My husbands there and it’s for a good reason. The media isn’t showing all the good, only the bad. Matt has proved he’s just another moron who has no clue what the hell he’s talking about and should shut up. If Kerry were in office we’d all be dead and buried in Heinz boxes.

    People go to the military because they care about everyone and want to protect people. Yes, even you all that think they’re horrfic people. Without them you’d not stand a chance walking the streets right now. Be thankful and learn a little respect.

  • Malia

    Skinny Fat you are 100% right. of course Matt going to say that. He is a Demorcrat. I bet he wouldn’t be saying what he is saying if his own daughter and step daughter was of age.

  • ritzygal

    This is the VERY first time that I post on a non Brad & Angelina thread but I am really starting to fall in love with Matt Damon!

    However, I have to disagree with him here. We have a VOLUNTARY military. You can either join or not. Until the human losses we incur in this war force the powers that be to REINSTITUTE the Draft (:(), then his argument (or at least the snippet that we just saw) makes sense.

    It’s funny, Matt the Actor does nothing for me, but Matt the Man is so fascinating. For me, Ben Affleck is the same way. I could listen to him talk politics ALL DAY.

  • bdj

    Yes there are brave men and women in the military. However, I know many men and women in the military and believe me many joined for a variety of reason. Some people see it as a way of bettering themselves and getting an education. This is a fact. We are involved in a war that seems to have no end. The facts are men are dying for all the wrong reasons and many of the reasons we went to war in the first place have not exactly panned out. I wish all the men and women of the Armed forces the very best and hope that we can somehow find a resolution to the Iraq situation without causing more lives. To simply say it is a privilege and honor to serve is not enough. Our Men and women in the Armed Forces livelihood, dedication and service should be taken into account and deserve more than what they have gotten with this shoddy war. Just my humble opinion.

  • tabitha

    I think Matt Damon has a very simplisticview on the matter. I served in the Navy . I know many people who served in the military for non financial reasons. I know people of all financial class and educational level that served in the military. The US has a volunteer miltary . There are plenty of people who want to serve . There is no need to instigate a draft at this time.

    People are not getting the whole story. The liberal press only reports the negative stuff. I prefer to read about all sides of it. I’ve gottwn first hand accounts from people who have served over there. I trust them far more than the non objective press.

  • cah

    Here is yet another Hollywood moron who hasn’t educated himself before he opens his mouth. I like his films, but Matt is sooooooooo wrong on this. I read a story in Time or Newsweek the other day about how educated, smart, middle and upper class our military is. Be smart and research your ideas before you mouth off and sound like an idiot.

  • Jill

    So Matt was really quick to name the Bush daughters. IF they were to go, they would never see the front line since they are college educated.

    But kind of interesting that he did not name oh, say, Paris or Lindsey or Nicole R. or Jessica S. or any of the other non educated hollywood c listers that cloud these blogs with their drunken antics.

  • Kelly Kelley

    I am really tired of idiots spouting the opinions on the military. FACT-the military has a higher rate of college graduates than the general population.
    This moron is obviously a devoted member of the Church of Michael Moore-he was the first to insist people “sign” their kids up for the war. What kind of retarded shit is that?? You don’t SIGN your kids up for the army-you enlist as an ADULT!! That is by far the most retarded argument I have ever heard. It doesn’t even make sense and yet I hear over and over again. Get a clue, people. These are not children forced by their parents to fight a war!!!!!!!!!
    BTW-my husband is a Captain in the Military. And, FYI, Matt Damon and Jon Kerry, he has a masters degee.

  • gossippup

    Ritzygirl I am so with you. I never thought he was cute but after I saw the Departed I am feeling him and Leo. Plan B midas touch of BP strikes again.

  • Be sane

    If there is a draft I’m sure the Bushs will pull their famous “strings” so that the girls go but maybe cooking something somewhere SAFE.

  • scherzo

    Brovo, Matt!!

  • scherzo


  • Me

    Yes Bravo Matt. He looks good and he got a haircut

  • Maniston

    I have a whole new respect for Matt Damon. He speaks the truth. When there is no draft the military is built on the basis of class instead of mass. It is those from the lower economic classes who end up on the front lines and are ultimately more likely to come home in body bags. Enough is enough. If our government -Republican or Democrat really believes in the war, really believes in the mission then it must be willing to sacrifice the lives of its citizens and permanent residents from all economic and educational levels.

  • Rachel Pannell

    I live in New Albany MS it is a small rural town in between Memphis TN and Tupelo MS my daughter is a senior in high school and alot of kids do join for education. she had 3 friends who graduated last year who enlisted and already 2 from this year and she was even talking about it. I talked her out of it. But if you would have offered any of her friends a full paid college or the armed forces all of them would have taken the college. I usually don’t post either but i did want to say this. Thanks Rachel

  • Jean

    So, is Matt going to insist that his daughter and step daughter both enlist when they are of age? He is SO gungho on sending other peoples daughter.

  • lula29


    He’s exactly right. This war is being fought by those on the lower end of the economic spectrum. I knew a kid who’s family was so broke he thought he’d join the army for the steady income and benefits. Thing was he was too underweight to make the cut because he wasn’t getting regular meals.

    He might be an extreme case to some, but I know many others who joined because their future seems dim. They aren’t sure how they are going to make it as adults after high school. The military becomes the easy option.

    If the draft was reinstated, I’d love to see how many people would continue to think this war needs to go on. The main reason there were protest surround Vietnam was because there was a draft, and there was no way people, upper middle class and rich, were going to continue to allow their kids, or their friend (notice a lot of the protest were from students on college campuses) to return home in body bags. The same will happen again because people might not want to admit but there are definite class lines in this country and when it comes down to it the rich protect their own. Everyone else can eat cake.

  • nylonmeals

    Look at the Royal Family in England – both Wills and Harry are in the military and are set to go to the front line. You’d never see Bush’s daughters enlisting!!

  • Cyndi

    What a moron and idoit! Does Matt not know that the U.S. military is a volunteer military and no one is forced to join??? What a stupid@ss and liberal!!! That is what all liberals think of the military….that anyone who volunteered is because they are poor or uneducated. Dumb@ss! Yeah, he’s of age and so is his wife….why don’t they sign too huh? Like that would ever happen.

    I have friends in the military, and they are way smarter than the average person you meet on the street, and they’re all college graudates too. My father was in the military and he is one of the smartest men I’ve ever known.

    And FYI……this war is worth fighting and dying for! We are fighting to save our way of life and our freedom….and to hell what those libs think. They would never sacrifice their lives for anyone else, so they need to just STFU. We DON’T need to reinstate the draft….we have enough men and women in the military. We all know what happened during the Vietnam War when there was a draft.

  • Iolee

    Not every single person in America will agree in going to war. For him to suggest that both daugthers should go and join the military, we’ll they can if they want to because it is after all, still voluntary. You can’t force someone to join unless we are in dire need of it and that’s when the draft will come in effect.

    There is more that can be done to win this war. The reason why it looks like we are losing is because we have our hands tied down. Also we got plenty of these “outspoken” celebs like Matt Damon or politicians who have their own agenda to get into the white house who have been against this war from the beginning. If everyone would just show support and not be such a fucking pussies, we would have won this a long time ago. And yes, that includes the administration right now who are pussy handling this war! If only they could take into account how we defeated the Nazis granted our enemies are a bunch of cowards who hides behind the civilian population. Tactics needs to be changed and the Geneva convention need not apply to these cowards. Oh but guess who will be the first to apply the Geneva conventions on these cowards, we’ll the same outspoken cowards in hollywood and sold out politicians!

  • Dawson

    Oh, boy. Let’s be more idiotic to try to make a point. It’s an ALL VOLUNTEER military service. Regardless of how you feel about Bush, this is a moot point. No parent can send their child to military service. Let’s not fall prey to liberal “what if..” arguments. They are stupid to fall for. But, hey, can we send Chelsea Clinton, too?

  • starla

    Yay Matt!

    Bush was ridiculously cavalier about sending other people’s children to fight a war and in such a unilateral fashion! Bush totally thought he could avoid the U.N. process and that we still have the complete support of the rest of our “friends” like those of European countries with their support of troops and bases (i.e. sharing the cost of the war).

    Instead Bush’s recklessness has gotten us into a Vietnam-scenario where we lose no matter what we do next!

    If Bush had something personal to lose , like his own children going to war, he would have no reason to go to war with Iraq. He was quick on the whole unilateral decision– i.e. risking the lives of other people’s children, but his own? Never.

    After all that is said and done, Bush’s legacy will be this Iraq fiasco.

  • Grandma

    The Pentagon is filled with thousands of military men and women who are college educated. Fort Belvoir is filled with thousands of military engineers. Quantico is filled with highly trained marines. That said, they are not in Iraq. If they go to Iraq, they go into the Green Zone. The vast majority of the highly educated are not the grunts dying on the battlefield. This war should have always been one of shared experience. If not on the battlefield, then with a tax to pay for the needed armour. Instead, the President pulled in the National Guard, lowered the standards for entrance into the military, promised citizenship to kids from poor countries, and failed to protect the young he sent o war. It isn’t just the Democrats that oppose what he has done so do half the Republicans. I would gladly go with anyone who wants to go to the Veteran’s Hospital in DC to see the carnage this war has wroght.
    Matt Damon is right this should have been a shared experience and then no one would be so cavalier and it would not have lasted longer than WWII.

  • starla

    Btw, everyone knows that it’s a voluntary military. However, it’s the economically disadvantaged that are the only ones who seriously consider it as a career option. i.e. they are the soldiers in the field.

    Even the the rich kids who go to Westpoint or the other academies do not bear the brunt of war in the same way either.

  • mel

    Did Matt serve in the Military? Did John Kerry’s children? There are thousands of military men and women serving our country who are college educated and from upper middle or wealthy families. Only an idot would make such a general and misleading comment. Stick to the half a** acting Matt. Obviously the majority of American’s don’t agree, Bush did get re-elected. Oh no, I shouldn’t have said that, bring on the dummies who think it was rigged!!!!

  • mel

    Oh yeah and another thing, if anyone is under the illusion that there is even a slight difference between Republicans and Democrats they are sadly mistaken. In today’s world they each have the same agenda, to further the cause of the special interest groups who are padding their pockets. It all boils down to who is covering their a** the best while doing it!!!

  • yadda yadda

    I don’t care for the opinions of movie stars on any subject, especially politics. If I want informed political debate, I listen to those that are experts in the field….

    However, Matt looks hot. That smile is a killer.

  • pp

    I’m not American, so will probably know a lot less than most of you about your own army processes.
    However, I think you are missing the point about what Damon is saying – that it is easy for leadership to send troops to war when their own loved ones won’t be at risk. Decisions may be made differently if the risk covered all.
    And I think he realises that the army is voluntary – it’s just that more disadvantaged tend to enlist because of the opportunity it offers. Kids from richer backgrounds have greater choices/opportunities & may be therefore less inclined to enlist. However, that is a generalisation as there will always be very patriotic & selfless people who also enlist E.g that Canadian(?) pro-football player who was killed a couple of years ago.
    I don’t think Damon is pro-war at all, so to suggest he wouldn’t want to send his own daughters is missing the ponit!

  • Jean

    EXCELLENT POINT DAWSON!! How come Mattie did not mention Chelsea Clinton? She is the same age as the Bush twins and also a MAJOR party animal!!

  • Original jpf

    I beyond Matt Damon. I’d honestly rather watch him than Johnny Depp. I’m serious. He’s really good, and he acts with his eyes so much. He and Leonardo are tops on a short list of the the newer/younger actors IMO, and I totally agree with him that if all were considered, the move to push would not be so quick.

    There was a time when the military was entered into voluntarily by all walks, but when the draft was instituted, more well healed than not tried hard to found officer positions for their sons and that’s simply the facts. When they couldn’t keep them completely out through various means, they made sure their time was done stateside, and George W. Bush was one of those that strings were pulled for.

    I’m certain some wealthy democrates also did all they could to keep their sons out of it all together if they could. IMO Matt said, or NY congressman Rangle says is true. If all had to be considered, they wouldnt be so quick to go that route.


  • Jeff

    Just curious, when signing up for any branch of the military, on which page does say you won’t ever be expected to go to war?

  • naysayer

    I commend all that readily enlist in the armed forces. Their willingness to tow the line is admirable but this war isn’t. We’re in Iraq under false pretenses. The war on terror would have been better fought in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. We all know that. Sadaam was a bad guy but so is that loon in North Korea & the government of Darfar. Why are we not there? Say what you want about Kerry but if he were president, we wouldn’t be wasting time money and lives in Iraq. Thanks Matt for acknowledging that the emperor has no clothes and if this war hinged on the offsprings of the Bushes and Roves going to fight, there sure as hell wouldn’t be one. Think people, lack of support for Bush’s Iraq policy DOESN’T mean lack of support for the people who must carry it out.

  • Courtney

    I really like Matt now. He’s a really good guy. I’m so excited to see him, Jolie, and De Niro in The Good Shepherd! I will be in the theater no doubt!

  • Read an effin book people!

    Alright i have never posted on any thread but half you people are absolutely ridiculous. What matt said was completely valid, yes the army is voluntary,however, matt was contexting a hypothetical situation in which the draft would be started up again. If the draft is started again the first people who will be forced to war will be those of lower to middle class families. Fact! (im making fun of those people who said that so many times…idiots) review any war in which the draft was enacted you will discover that often those privileged children of the upper class will be able to dodge the draft (ie George Bush) because they have the ability to go to college (which eliminates you from being nominated from the draft) or because they have strong political and social connections. Thus, Matt is suggesting, and for good reason, that there exist a social and economic difference which exist between those who are drafted and those who remain in the States during times of war. Therefore, matt is making a valid point that if the draft is enacted we have to be concious of the fact that the poor will be picked to fight the rich man’s war…FACT! Furthermore, the majority of foot soldiers that are in the military, not the captains, not the generals, but the actual foot soldiers on the front line come from lower income families and DO NOT have a college degree and at the most have only a high school level of education! There are class levels that do exist in society and if you are apart of the upper levels you will have the security and confidence that you will never have to fight in any war ever. AND FURTHERMORE TO ALL YOU DAMN REPUBLICANS STOP SPITTIN YOUR DAMN MOUTH OF ABOUT THE “SCARED” LIBERAL. YOUR HOLY THAN THOU PRESIDENT AVOIDED THE DRAFT IN VIETNAM IN ORDER TO SNORT COKE AND DRINK HEAVILY IN COLLEGE SO DONT EVEN BEGIN TO SPEAK OF THE REPUBLICANS COMMITMENT TO COUNTRY…CAUSE ITS A LOAD.

  • mel

    Wasn’t it a Democrat that started the draft for the Vietnam war??? I think so.