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Barneys for Ben & Jen

Barneys for Ben & Jen

Jennifer Garner was spotted doing a bit of Christmas shopping yesterday afternoon at Barneys in Beverly Hills with hubby Ben Affleck and 1-year-old daughter Violet.

Ben recently spoke to USA Today about parenting: “I’ve never been very judicious about my own behavior or choices until they had an impact on people other than me. Obviously, my wife. And my daughter, who’s going to have my last name – I don’t want her to mutter it over a drink. I want her to be proud of her old man.”

He also spoke out about not selling baby Violet‘s pictures to magazines: “”We just didn’t sell them – that was the thing. I’m extraordinarily lucky and privileged and I’ve tried not to be bitter, but I have developed a reactionary defensiveness. But for my child, she didn’t make the bargain I did. She didn’t make that choice. And I don’t want her to have to pay for the parents’ sins. I try to protect her privacy. I’ll end up in the magazines, and that’s life, and I can live with it, but I try to shield my daughter.”

Ben‘s directorial debut, Gone, Baby, Gone, is due in 2007.

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  • anustin

    nice fam.good for them!

  • ceeusbeeus

    Lovely family.

  • whatever

    I do not see that the kid is extra pretty. She is not ugly but nothing special as compared to little sci and the chosen one. Jen Garner is ok looking and kind a blah.

  • Mary

    I love Jen, and I love Violet, but I don’t like how Jen dresses Violet I think that there are a lot of clothes nicer than Violet wears, but if she like it, is her election. I have my own opinion.

  • Drainbreath

    If he’d sold his photos for charity other people’s daughters might benefit from the money and I’m sure Violet would be proud of that when she’s older. BA is a bit of deadhead

  • emma

    He may not be selling the photos but the paparazzi are sure making a killing. At least 1-3 pics of Violet with one or both the Affleck’s make it to the tabs every week. At least those selling photos of their child are donating the money to charity whereas proceeds from the tabs for Violet’s pics are lining the razzi’s pockets. But, hey, maybe these are planned photo ops for the ‘flecks. Good way to keep their names out their especially with Mr. ‘fleck campaigning for a GG and Oscar.

  • Denise

    emma, not everybody who sold their baby’s pics gave the money to charity. Britney Spears, for one didn’t give the money to charity. Also Britney, the vulgar slut, is trying to find some other mag to buy the pics of her new baby. (who she is not raising).

  • ifindthemboring

    No one is really that interested in Ben family pictures. He has a cute baby but we have all seen better. Overall this family is boring!

  • jones

    Ben looks tired of Jen.

  • Charone

    Jen and Ben have different ideas about papz and baby picts because all you see is jen with and V,

    Oh well that is their stuff.

    Love me some Ben though.

  • Iagreewithifindthemboring Says:

    I agree with I find them boring!!! He did not sell the pictures because there was not an interest. People are so over Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner.

  • NYCGalnVA


    ITA! When Jen & Brad broke up, they were foisting these two up as the next “Golden” couple….. too bad Brad traded up to Angie…denying Bennifer2 the crown….

    I also sort of turned off JG after she dumped Michael Vartan for Ben Affleck and ruined the last two years of Alias bringing about it’s cancellation. I also wonder why THEY get no flack about hooking up when Brad & Angie are still being roasted after almost 2 years……JA & BA met on the set of Daredevil and there was talk about them back then and her former husband Scott Foley won’t even mention her name these days….

  • http://deleted Ew

    Sorry to say this, but I’m just waiting. Ben will get bored. He’s not really family oriented. Grew up w/o a pa, so what does he know?

  • mmyers

    I think they’re both plain to ugly. Ben’s head it to square, and Jen is too plain janish! It’s amazing that Violet is such a cuttie pie! Perhaps she’ll be a sea hag when she gets older!

  • emma

    NYCGalnVA, ditto to everything you just said. I can tell you why they, especially Garner, have received no flack…Garner’s PR people, namely Nicole King, have gone out of their way to cover Garner’s tracks. They practically turned the Vartan relationship into a one-month affair when in all reality they dated for over a year and lived together up to the day she left for Vancouver to film Elektra. And of course we all know that Foley was made to look like a bitter, jealous spouse because of Garner’s success when in all reality the downfall of a four plus year relationship and marriage began namely because of the DD set rumors. There was a lot of truth to those rumors. Personally, I think Garner deserves the same flack that Angelina Jolie, who is quite honest about her wrongs, continues to receive.

  • AL

    I like Ben with this Jen, then with jlo, but he just doesn`t seem happy with her. I hope I`m wrong. I don`t like the fact that he does not change diapers. That is just selfish! I don`t dislike Ben, but i don`t care for him as much as I use to. I do hope the best for all three.

  • Nicky

    to NYCGaiinVA .They got no flak because She was a free woman and so was he. Jen’s relationship with Vartan ended the begining of the yr.Obviously she wanted a serious relationship and he didn’t .And She wasn’t going out with Affleck when they did DD those were just rumors ,He was with JLo at the time.If anything they been friends for a long time since Pearl Harbor .So it wasn’t like they had a torrid love affair on the set like Angelina and Brad had.Any relatinoship that starts out with scandals ends up bad .Differnt relationship than Ben and Jen have.Boring and stable means lasting relationship .Personally I like them better ;)

  • myo

    No family pictures with Violet ? Come on Assfleck, who are you kidding !

  • Jacque

    Why is she hiding behind her kid? she is one of the first stars ive seen not hinding her child from all of the cameras, but trying to use her kid as a sheld for her self. Thats weird, or is it just me noticeing this?

  • MIzLIz

    I like the way Ben and Jen dress like ordinary people, live their lives as quietly and discreetly as they can. You think they’re “boring”? Excellent! That’s exactly what they’re aiming for. Violet’s clothes are the same sort of thing I’d buy for my grandchildren. Contrast this with Gwen Stefani, who dresses to the nines every time she goes out, plastered with makeup and that gawdawful woolly roll on top of her head. The baby is worn as an accessory, more or less. I find this just plain nasty.

    Ben and Jen will go for the long haul…they’ve both run through quite a few other romances, and love their little girl dearly.

    Remember: marrying without a prenup is the ultimate Leap of Faith.

  • emma

    Nicky, you don’t have a clue, do you? Michael and Jennifer were living together up until the day she left for Vancouver on May 3. I know because I lived down the street from them. They had returned from a short vacation in Las Cabos the very day she left for VC. Michael even visited her twice while she was there, in mid-May and Memorial Day Weekend. She and Ben were seen in downtown Vancouver in mid-June. In a month and a half, she had moved out of one man’s bed into another. Once again, you and others are reading into what her PR people want you to think.

  • jh

    Yeah, I remember that Michael and Jennifer had been living together, but I also remembered that Michael’s home was being renovated, so that negates the seriousness and commitment that you imply. Even going by your timeline, a relationship of 1 year also doesn’t indicate a huge commitment that should never be broken. Britney Spears was married for longer than that.

    As for Foley, he said himself that there was no cheating involved. If she truly had cheated on him, I’m sure he wouldn’t have minded saying otherwise. Unlikely that there was really cheating going on at DD; that was at the height of Ben’s JLo’s phase when he was absolutely crazed for JLo, and besides, Ben had already met Jen G on Pearl Harbor. But, there were indeed lots of scattered reports about how Foley was resenting Jennifer’s success, and this was before their marriage broke up. If DD had a part in that, it was because DD was Jen’s big movie debut. If Nicole King was that much an expert, she would have made sure that those reports were never published because a happy marriage was part of Jen’s image.

    Finally, I KNOW you don’t know when she and Ben started sleeping together, which makes your statement about her moving out of one man’s bed into another kind of disturbing. It’s interesting that you judge her by the amount of time in between relationships–how long do you give yourself in between relationships? Give me a time that you feel would be more appropriate. Maybe Jen should have thrown herself on a funeral pyre? Funny, according to your thinking, JG is evil, she’s probably worse than a woman who has 6 one-night stands in the space of 7 days, because she moved on from one relationship to another (!) in less than 2 months (gasp). Also, she and Ben might have been hanging out in Vancouver in June, but he was there for his Elektra cameo, and I doubt you know for certain if they actually started their relationship then too, as opposed to at the end of summer when they were actually photographed and clearly going out.

  • NYCGalnVA

    Thank You Emma! I remember that Los Cabos trip to Mexico JG took w MV because JG said it was one of the things she received in her Oscar gift bag when she was a presenter and wore that great looking orange dress. She and MV even met up at the VF afterparty…so much for them splitting at the beginning of the year…. JG & MV’s split in the summer was under a cloud of secrecy…..MV was working on the Mother -In-Law with JLo and JG even visited him on the set…..Then JG came back from shooting Electra and was photographed alone…bought a new house. …..and latched on to Ben Affleck by the fall…..

    As for AJ & BP having a torrid affair….Hollywood knew JA & BP’s marriage had been over since 2003…..I’d believe AJ ( and Brad Pitt too) before I’d believe JG anymore….AJ’s new Vogue interview reads just like her previous interviews….the woman tells the truth, and that comes from ALOT of folks that have interviewed her….she doesn’t care what folks say or think about her about her….look at all the lies the tabloids have written on her and Pitt the last two years…..they both know their truth…..

    Interviews w JG used to sound like she was some “Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm”…all innocent and everything…..and I believed it and I dismissed those who said it was all an act…. until her split w MV opened my eyes to her true character….. as Emma said her PR folks tried to “erase” MV from her life and reduce their year-plus long relationship to “they only dated about a month” ……I have a very bad taste in my mouth about this as her behavior cost MV his job on Alias…….and the wrath of alot of fans when she got pregnant and became a producer of Alias and had it written into the script that MV was her baby’s father… about rubbing salt into a wound… ruined Alias and Sydney Bristow…..Her pregnancy DID NOT NEED TO BE WRITTEN INTO ALIAS!!……THAT KILLED THE SHOW……no one wanted to see a pregnant Sydney…….it CHANGED the WHOLE DYNAMIC of the show… pi$$es ABC off too as it was the first show they cancelled in the new year…..I have the first four season DVD’s of the show but I have yet to purchase the last season….it is painful to watch what she did to my favorite show with her OFF Screen behavior….

  • Violet’s Auntie

    Oh good grief. Vartan himself said the relationship wasn’t that serious. JG was not the cause of Alias being cancelled. It was a show that lasted longer than it’s ratings and its plotlines. Vartan’s moved on, why can’t you?

    I suppose Jen could carry Violet on her back, then she would be shielding her daughter appropriately. Not.

  • mimi

    I agree with NYCGaln. I’ve never been a fan of Jennifer Garner nor was an avid follower of Alias, but I can see through her deceit. While Ben was still with JLo and they shot DD, Jennifer was really smitten with Ben. You can see it from the interviews and when the whole cast of DD had a sit down dinner interview. She chased after Ben, called him constantly on the set of Elektra (when they written off Ben’s role in it), telling him she misses her, get herself knocked-up so Ben will marry her.

  • NYCGalnVA

    Vartan was being nice…..I have moved on… Brad & Angelina, who someone here saw fit to accuse of having an affair while touting the virtues of Ben & Jen…..

    Suffice it to say, I won’t be seeing any of Ben & Jen’s movies…. and I’m not the only one either…..

    Gotta go listen to real A-lister’s Angelia Jolie, Matt Damon & Robert Deniro on Larry King…..

  • emma

    Thank you, NYCGalnVA, for adding more to the story and I will add even more since the naysayers can’t seem to believe that the relationship between Michael and JG was serious and that Garner could never do any wrong. Of course Michael denied the relationship was serious. Can you blame him after what she pulled on him with Affleck? He found out what was going on via gossip coming from the Elektra set. And, BTW, Affleck made more than one trip to Vancouver while she was there. In fact, he made two trips, one in mid-June and one at the end of June to actually shoot the cameo. Affleck was in VC with Garner in mid-June when the young disabled boy (along with his parents) that Affleck supports visited the Elektra set.

    And to JH up above, Michael and Jennifer were living together before he ever bought his house which was in September. He went to NY with her and spent the entire 3-4 weeks with her while she was filming TGOT in July 2003. And they were both seen on the same flight returning to LA after the shoot was over. While they were there, they even dined with Victor Garber and her parents.

    I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, the Foley/Garner marriage hit the skids because of Ben Affleck. Does anyone actually believe that Foley, who is a super nice guy, would actually tell the true story? No he wouldn’t and will never just as Michael Vartan won’t either. She lucked out being involved with two guys who are the ultimate gentlemen. But others who do know Garner and what she did do talk but not to just anyone. I’ll say it just like Jack Nicholson did, “You can’t handle the truth.”

  • angel

    Very cute family!

    Michael Vartan? I thought he was gone, went back to France.

  • jh

    emma, you are clearly OBSESSED and prejudiced beyond belief. Oh, so NOT exploiting their child means that they are jerks, huh? And pictures of them on public outings appear pretty much at the same regularity that they did long before Hollywoodland came out. Sheesh.

    So, Ben visited Jen twice in Vancouver in June. Yes, and? When did Jen start sleeping in Ben’s bed? You don’t know, do you? You implied previously that she immediately jumped from Vartan’s bed to Ben’s, but then in your post above you post that uh, both times Ben visited Vancouver, he had legitimate, non-relationship reasons for doing so. Dum dum dum. What does it all mean?

    Please, don’t pretend to have inside knowledge and then only give vague generalizations. The Foley/Garner marriage died because of Affleck, really, how so? Please, explain how he managed to accomplish this when he was still under JLo’s clutches! And please explain how the many frequent reports of Foley’s real professional jealousy of Jen that begun with DD weren’t a factor at all. Oh, that was Ben’s fault too!

    Oh, and after Jen and Michael broke up but before it was announced, Michael was seen in the presence of random women as well. But since none of those women lasted longer than one night, no one accuses him of being less than a gentleman. What a double standard. And by the way, keep pulling out examples of how much time they spent together out of your file folder–does it really matter? A “serious” relationship, or any relationship, can’t be defined on that alone, unless you know what’s going on in both of their minds.

    The truth is, I really don’t care because I am not a huge Jen fan, I am not an Alias fan, but I do get a kick out of the maniacs who are still bitter over this. Vartan who has shown to be less than a gentleman and has thrown hissy fits, i.e. the Punk’d incident. Oh, and I certainly don’t think JG can do no wrong, but I don’t think that everything she does is evil either, and I don’t presume to know everything that happened because of the INTERNET.

  • NYCGalnVA

    Emma is not obsessed, just observant as I was…..I was a HUGE fan of Alias and neither JG or MV could do no wrong. I used to read the blog FAMETRACKER and they were really mean to JG and I never thought that it was true….just folks to include Ted Casablanca blowing smoke out their A$$es. Then I saw how she & her PR handled her break-up w/ Vartan…..extremely cruel to fire someone for no plot reason at all….and the fans were livid and ABC HAD to bring MV back to wrap up ALIAS.

    Face it..Affleck was and is still box office poison…..the average person thinks he’s an a$$….We have yet to see him in any high profile movies like his bud Matt Damon….Outside of Matt D who are his friends?? He had to do something to rehab himself and a marriage and child with Jennifer Garner has done wonders for him….plus he has a great PR guy in Ken Sunshine that keeps his name in the public eye. They took the buzz he got at the Venice Film Festival win as Best Actor for Hollywoodland and parlayed it into a Golden Glob nomination….I’m hoping that this will be as far as that will go with so many other folks more deserving of a best supporting Actor Academy Award nomination than Affleck……

  • lula29

    I think Garner is a schemer. I think it’s obvious too without all the details. I’m in no way biased either because I didn’t use to think this until I saw Affleck on Ellen being very underwhelmed about having more kids and read Garner in Elle avoid discussing JLO because IMO the way she worded it, it sounded as if Ben has tons of respect for Lopez and she (Garner) knows not to go there (of course out of respect for him). I think his regard for JLO is obvious in the way even she knows not to talk crazy.

    I think a lot of women want to see this type of relationship for some reason and they tell themselves these two people represent so kind of perfect when they really don’t. Garner was smitten by him and chased him down and to me it’s obvious in the way they interact.

    That said, they do have a child and hopefully they will last.

  • lula29


    You’re dead on. The public was very angry with him for dating JLO (for reasons I still don’t get, so what they were “mediawhores” and blah, blah, blah, people have the right to fall for and date who they choose). He had to clean up his image by dating the (wh)right Jennifer.

    It’s working. Some women, who is his fanbase, still don’t really trust him, but he’s gaining respect inch by inch.

    I don’t think he simply hooked up with Garner for publicity sake either, I know their relationship is legit. I just think she’s safe for him, which isn’t really bad either.

  • curly


    Come on, these two have GROWN up. They´re parents and act as ones. They live a normal life and buy normal, gurly clothes for their daughter.

    What else should they do?

    You don´t like Brityney´s lifestyle but then you call these two boring? I don´t get it.

    I wish this family all the best.

  • You Guys Are Funny

    Wow, you people are pretty pathetic. Get your own lives! Don’t you feel silly on the internet insulting a baby?

  • bebe

    There was always something fishy about JG, I thought she has been constantly trying to trade up. First she dumps Scott Foley for Michael Vartan, then dumps MV for Ben Affleck and makes sure she has a baby just to secure him. I bet if Brad Pitt looks her way, see ya later BA….

  • http://deleted Lily

    Yep, Garner was smitten. She was singing Affleck’s praises right after she met him. I mean she was not hiding the fact that she had fallen for him. I think she wanted it put in print so that it got back to him. Affleck knew Garner was carrying a torch for him before he broke up with Jlo.

  • RJ

    Its quite interesting to see the faceless comments given on a board like this. Only a few who truly hate the couple and go to these places just to have open discussions on why their favorite couple EVER on a damn tv show didn’t work out seem to be talking up a storm. You guys are stuck in the past. If these two weren’t married celebrities, their life story would be just as common as some of your own, and to even justify that you have the right to judge them from what the media LET’S you see, well thats just incredibly sad and naive. They live their own lives, not giving a damn what any one of us thinks and they will continue to LONG after the fame they have is gone.

  • NYCGalnVA

    LOL BeBe…….Jen Garner wishes Brad Pitt would have looked her way….Ben is the best she could do as far a A-list men to date… Brad is with a woman that is his equal now as everyone know……and we didn’t see any otther A-list actress’ willing to date Ben after Jlo….so he had to go to safe and smitten Garner…..

  • NYCGalnVA

    RJ….the same could be said of that person above that said BA & JG were free to date while in the next breath saying Brad & Angelina had a “torrid affair” on set. Read AJ Vogue interview and for her take on the situation. If I get one thing from Angelina in her print and TV interviews is that you can ask her anything and she is an honest interview….fom the blogs I get an entirely different story….homewrecking, man stealing…..yada yada yada….

  • lula29


    No one’s stuck in the past. I’m commenting on the present. I never thought negative about them, and still don’t, but once I saw him on Ellen it just changed my opinion.

    I don’t know what their relationship is like at all and I hope they make it and are happy.

    That said, I’m over the Jennifer Garner is an Angel BS because it’s not true. I don’t particulary care for the way she ended her marriage, but hey, it wasn’t my marriage I don’t really know her reasoning, however, from what I”ve seen of her she has a pattern, and it was low what happened to Vaughn because of his job, not because they broke up. To me they weren’t married so I could care less he moved on to Affleck because she liked him better, but she is a schemer and I hate that for whatever reason she doesn’t get called out for being one, while other women, JLO inlcuded because all hell broke loose when she moved from Judd to Affleck in the same manner as Miss Garner, but Garner gets a “She’s innocent’ pass. I simply don’t buy it at all.

  • NYCGalnVA

    lula29 Says…

    ITA Jen Garner gets a pass, Jen Aniston gets a pass , Kate Hudson gets a pass….I don’t buy the innocent acts of either Garner or Aniston….their behvior speaks volumes…..Sure JG moved on w BA which is her perogative but to have MV fired off Alias when it was said that he was going nowhere was appalling!

    Jen Aniston’s reward for siccing her friends on Brad in that VF article has led to her not working for the last 18 months on ANYTHING new and can’t get any projects green lighted because she bad mouthed her film Rumor Has Itand all the films she made last year flopped…….Funny how in those same 18 months Angelina has made the Good Shepherd, Beowolf, Kung Fu Panda, A mighty heart, with Atlas shrugged up next…..even taking time to have a baby….

  • kitsun3gari

    I’m sick of people who always bring brad & angelina in almost every topic. It’s stupid and not fair. Stop comparing, it’s getting old!

  • emma

    JH, I’m not obsessed at all but I do have the inside track regardless of what you think and personally don’t care if you believe it or not. One thing that Michael was during the relationship was “committed.” And I dare you to find anywhere in tabs or otherwise where he was with other women while in the relationship with the esteemed Ms. Garner. And I also dare you to find anything negative he ever said about her or acted like an ass after the relationship ended. You won’t because he didn’t. Sure, he began flirting with other women and dating but only after he discovered what she was up to in VC. And as far as the Punk’d debacle. If I were as afraid of flying as he is and was Punk’d on an aircraft that was supposedly falling apart, I would have punched Ashton Kutcher right in the freaking nose. If that’s the only negative publicity you got on him, JH, then you really don’t have much because he’s certainly not the only celeb who told Ashton to shove it. As far as the J-Lo/Affleck hookup, that was only in the beginning stages when DD was being filmed and being as Garner was supposedly happily married, there was no way on this earth she was going damage her “good girl” image and career to pursue Affleck any further than she did. But that doesn’t discount the fact that what happened on the DD set caused her marriage to go belly up but by the time it did, Affleck was well invested in the J-Lo relationship and Garner snagged MV because she knew he was crazy about her.

    Since I do work within the industry and have good connections, I do know that she and one other person were responsible for MV’s departure from Alias and that’s as much as I’m allowed to say. Having been a great fan of Alias, whatever respect I had for her went straight down the toilet.

    And I do resent the fact that she continues to receive a free pass for her actions, while AJ and BP are continually blasted for falling in love. The marriage between BP and JA was well over before that hookup ever took place.

    Now rant on ye fans of Garner who think she’s the greatest person to walk the face of the earth. She’s really not, a fact that is well hidden because of good and well-paid PR.

  • lucie

    Yeah.. it was their right to sell or not sell their kids pics. But at the same tiime, this family is not hounded the way some other couples are. Even so, I see several pics nearly every week of Violet Affleck. Close up pics too. They are lucky that they arent so popular that the paps take the pics from a distance.

    I still personally feel that if paps are going to be hunting for pics of your kid then why not take some control and sell a pic to go for charity. I know most celebs sold their pics and pocketed the money.. i think that is wrong..but letting the money go for charity is a great idea. Again, it was their business, but I think it is wrong for him to imply his decision was more noble not to sell a pic of his baby.

  • nonie

    well.. i wish them the best for their baby’s sake. It is nice ben is settling down and not running around strip bars. But I do think these two are very similar. Jen basically threw MV to the side when Ben came along…Vartan didnt deserve to be treated so badly. Ok, if a relationship isnt working .. then yes it is wrong to stay in it if both arent willing to work on it ..but to get Vartan fired and treat him like she did..Very wrong. And Ben, once he realized his relationship with JLO was hurting his career, not only bailed on her but has since tried to put all the blame on HER for that time in his life. Ok, maybe they BOTH got carried away with the publicity or whatever but… BA was just as responsible. HE was the one who sent flowers down the red carpet for JLO right in front of her then husband Chris! He is the one who wrote that sickly sweet and glowing letter in Variety. He sought her… and to blame her for the whole thing is tacky and wrong.

  • jh

    “And I dare you to find anywhere in tabs or otherwise where he was with other women while in the relationship with the esteemed Ms. Garner.”

    See, I never said that he was with other women while with JG. You’re building strawmen. So he’s a saint because he didn’t do something that I never claimed he did?

    “And I also dare you to find anything negative he ever said about her or acted like an ass after the relationship ended.”


    “Sure, he began flirting with other women and dating but only after he discovered what she was up to in VC.”

    Now, that IS what I posted above; glad to see you concede it. Of course you have to throw in the unsupported suggestion that they didn’t just break up, he “discovered” JG doing sneaky stuff in VC! Did you time the amount he took to start jumping into other women’s beds as well? And the Vartan/other woman sightings began long before Ben and Jen were snapped in any sort of affectionate, private setting.

    You also admit that JG couldn’t really “pursue” Ben on the set of DD beyond what she did, yet what happened there caused her marriage to end. Yeah, so what exactly happened that was so bad yet couldn’t really be classified as serious pursuit? Your arguments are full of holes and insinuations, but you do have the tougher position. But that’s the position you chose. A lot of your claims cannot be supported without actual knowledge from inside JG, Foley’s, BA’s heads.

    So far, you have not said a SINGLE thing that makes me think your connections are more legit than popular Internet gossip sources. I think I’ve read just about every conspiracy theory possible by Vartan fans.

    By the way, if you know Alias, then you know that the show was STRUGGLING with Vartan, it STRUGGLED without him. It ALWAYS struggled. I personally did not care that Vartan was killed off. I liked him before but I’ve since realized he has the most vanilla, bland presence, and it’s no wonder he couldn’t even get onto the poster for Monster-in-law. And while JG may have been a factor in him leaving Alias–so? I can understand why, and frankly, Michael shouldn’t have gotten involved with the star of the show if he couldn’t handle consequences like that. He and JG are BOTH to blame for that.

  • ZOE

    Ben is dying for an attention. If you don’t want your child photo in the magazines, why do we keep on seeing her photos every single week?

    Ben didn’t sell the photos because noone was willing to pay the money he wanted.

  • emma

    JH, Affleck and Garner were together long before it was ever officially announced or them being photographed together, just the same as the relationship between her and Vartan was never offically announced until long after the relationship had began. Once again, her PR people made darn sure she was not seen in a negative light. Affleck was seen at her home as early as July 2004 by industry insiders but this was not reported to the media. It was kept, hush, hush as are many secrets within the HW community. And obviously you never saw the MiL poster that did include Michael Vartan and was heavily publicized here in the US. In fact, it was the only one publicized with the other poster without Vartan being used for release abroad.

    And from my viewpoint as a fan of Alias, removing Vartan from the series was akin to removing Lucy or Desi from “I Love Lucy.” Quite simply, I quit watching as did many others. However, I do realize that Alias struggled as do many cult shows. The series lost some of it’s good writers to other shows and the budget was cut as the series moved forward. Promotion became scarce and moving to a different day and time slot a major mistake. I am surprised there was ever a 5th season and in all truthfulness, there shouldn’t have been what with the Garner pregnancy and then the murder of Vaughn. It should have ended at Season 4.

  • laughingontheeastcoast

    Give me a break! Emma…if you were such an industry insider with so much knowledge about these people, you would not be on this site gossiping about them. Real Hollywood “insiders” don’t need to come to JJ to read or share info.
    Jennifer Garner, whom I knew in school, (and I won’t pretend I knew her well) is a regular girl who had big dreams and alot of luck. If your every waking moment was talked about online and photographed, would any of you be able to say that you are proud of every single thing you have ever done???

  • emma

    And give me a break, laughingontheastcoast, I never said I was an industry “insider.” Said I worked in the industry and know those in the know who are called “insiders.” There is a big difference.

    In regards to your question regarding every waking moment, blah, blah, blah, I presume you are basing the question on Garner’s life up to this point in time. Like any other celebrity in HW, her private life has become public and even moreso since her hookup with Ben Affleck whose celebrity status is way up on the status meter, but not because he’s a great actor. Did Ms. Garner actually think that her private life wouldn’t be highly scrutinized when she married the very guy who she was rumored to be flirting/having an affair with on the set of DD while she was married? If she didn’t, then she’s not nearly as smart as I thought she was. Or did she think that her PR people would make all the bad talk go away about her hookups and breakups with no breaks in between to figure out what happened with the first breakup….which, BTW, seems to be the bone of contention of ex-Garner fans.