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'Bazaar' Uncovers Janet Jackson

'Bazaar' Uncovers Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson is taking the cover of Harper’s Bazaar January 2007 in a swimsuit… for winter. Bazaar (Singapore edition) gets the skinny on her life, her love, and that killer body. Keep in mind that this cover definitely looks like a mock-up, so this may not be the final version…

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  • Hmm

    She sho’ looks fresh here although there’s some heavy retouching goin’ on!

  • Margaret

    Jared this is Harpers Bazaar Singapore not Us.On the US cover are Kate Winslet and Caemron Diaz!!!
    Thought i should let you know!

  • LV


  • Russia

    Thats the January edition and i will be buying it.

  • http://deleted Blah

    Give me a break! Janet Jackson does not look this good. This is pure deception! Sorry y’all.

  • kae

    yeah, lipo…And a host of other surgeries!!!

  • Amy

    Janet’s looks great, though her face looks a bit overworked here. I’m hella glad that she’s not giving in to this blonde weave trend that so many black women celebrities are getting into (yeah, I’m talkin’ bout YOU, B). Lipo or not, we know that the woman works out because her job REQUIRES it, unlike many people who just do it to look good. If she was twenty pounds overweight, she still pulled the slick choreography off that Billboard Awards and I salute to that.

  • magnus

    That’s 100% retouched. She probably didn’t even fit on the cover before they ran it through a computer.

    What a moron.

  • sultrydame

    Good for her but she’s putting her health at risk. She lost 15 lbs within a month? That’s very dangerous. I wish her a luck on her health and her future.

  • $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    she’s horribly ugly.

  • aycaramba

    that mag. cover is xtremely photoshopped, c’mon, r u kidding me?

  • black

    Yeah, sure……………………..

  • scherzo

    Very nice pic, but obviously have done a lot after photo work, seems unreal.

  • Mrln

    I don’t think she is beautiful…

  • malibumom

    Some ppl never learn-when your music is good-you don’t have to sell anything else!

  • ldglns

    holy skinny-ness!! this chick is not this skinny-when retouching is this *blatant* someone needs to be fired.

  • ifindthemboring

    I love Janet for the person she is, intelligent, strong and confident. But lately, on all the magazine covers she is always have naked. I applaud her losing all that weight but she would look better in clothes worthy of that great body that cover her up and show case what a classy woman she is.

  • Susie

    Some things begin to bore people after a while. Janet needs to get back to the basics which are singing and doing videos but with clothes on. I have seen so many photos of her with just a few clothes if any…. This is getting old. I do like the fact that her hair is black though. Too many of these singers are all trying to look like Beyonce right now it is also getting old.

  • teamme

    They should start handing out awards for Best Photoshopped Magazine Cover

  • Cyndi

    This picture is a joke. Well if they give out awards for Best Photoshopped Magazine. She would win. Wow she is overdressed on this cover.

  • http://deleted Carmen

    I loved Janet too, but the craziness of her life has taken its final toll. When women start getting up into this age bracket, they need to give up the pop and dance routines and stop trying to look like they did when they were 20. They just look silly. Janet does not have a voice like Streisand or Patti Labelle. She can’t sing that kind of music that displays her great vocal range. Janet’s weirdnesses with her family, marriages, and weight gains and losses have left her looking pretty haggard. I believe that if she hadn’t been “cut” on, she would still be looking great at her present age. All that plastic surgery is making her look worse now that she is getting older. Her nose, her cheeks, her smile… something doesn’t look right. It’s like gravity is pulling downward on her face. Now that her looks are fading, what does she have left? Dancing?

    Whitney Houston is no youngster either and the drugs have nearly destroyed her, but as far as we know, she still has a voice. Her great career was built on the fact that she can sing.

    Mariah Carey did major damage to her career also after having that “breakdown.” A lot of people don’t like her anymore, because she still acts unstable, but if she can still belt out great songs with her amazing voice, that’s what matters in the end. That’s going to sell the CD.

  • Brandon

    People say Janet should could cover up but who would pay attention to her if she did. Madonna still doesn’t cover up and she is still on top. J-LO recently started going w/ a very conservative look and u never hear anything about her anymore except the whole Tom Cruise connection. On the other hand Beyonce covers up but she dresses so flashy to compensate for it. Ofcouse she also has an amazing voice. So if u can’t really sing like Britney, Janet, Madonna, J-LO you need to show some skin to stay on top. If u have the pipes u don’t need show any skin.



  • Newbie

    I’m neither a hater nor a fan but have to say, this pic looks like her face has been attached to someone else’s body.

  • http://deleted Carmen

    I believe it’s over for JLo too. We got an overload of her with Puffy and Ben Affleck and that whole fiasco. There is no mystery to JLo anymore. She has lost the drive, she’s lost the eye of the tiger. She seems like a regular person now, not strikingly beautiful or even much of a serious actress. She has put on weight and looks “settled.” I picture her just having kids with Marc and fading away from the public eye.

    Madonna did much of her weirdnesses when she was younger. She deliberately stirred up controversy and had a look and way about her that women everywhere tried to emulate. Madonna is strong-willed and smart. She always gave us the notion that she was not lost and that she was in complete control of her life. Madonna was meant to be a superstar.

    Madonna has always looked good. Her body remains tight and lean after marriage and 2 kids. She dances, but not like she used to. She does a slower, more seductive, sexy type of dancing that doesn’t look foolish for a woman her age. She’s not hip-hopping and jumping around like the young kids do. Madonna didn’t fade away or have a breakdown and try to come back afterward. She has simply “lasted.” She is riding out her career for all it’s worth.

  • Amy

    @Harlem J: I agree with that for the most part. I think that most people were expecting her to come back with a “Control”-like album, which obviously isn’t the case. My advice for her is to ditch JD (as her producer, don’t mind the couple). Since Dupri penned most of the tracks on her album, they all sound the same, except for a few gems not produced by JD (ie: Enjoy). Though Dupri blessed Mariah’s album, the formula’s obviously not working here. She needs to go back to the studio and rework the album and re-release like Shakira did.

  • Susie

    Difference between Jermaine writing a song for Mariah and it being a success and then trying to write stuff for Janet and it flopping…. MARIAH CAN SING ALMOST AS GOOD AS WHITNEY. Janet is in the same gruop vocally as the JLos and Britneys. This is not rocket science here people.

  • Russia

    I will be buying this issue.

  • Page Black

    It always amazes me to hear folks like Susie make constant mentions of Janet’s vocal ability or lack there of when voicing their opinions. Or the other folks who stress she is too old to either dress provacatively or dance for that matter. If you do not like Janet as an artist because she doesnt meet your taste whether it be her image or voice then say that…but to imply she is washed up, old, can’t sing, need to put clothes on, etc. is just plain STUPID!

    First of all..the woman is an ICON in the music industry.

    Nobody told Tina Turner to wear long dresses when she was still sporting mini-skirts at 50 or 60. So why knock Janet at the YOUNG age of 40 when she looks this good. Especially when it is a blessing for a 40 year old woman to look damn near better than most 20 year olds in the game. AND where is it written that a 40 year old should not dance? Thats crazy! Especially when she still dances better than (and I repeat)most 20 year olds in the game!

    As for her voice…Janet’s vocal ability hasnt changed any. And won’t. So for those folks who are expecting Janet’s voice to all of a sudden be equivalent to that of the BIG voice female artists…let me be the one to break to you this NEWSFLASH. It’s not going to happen. And why should it? Hell….her small vocal ability, combined with years of amazing performances and countless Show-stopping concerts, videos that to this day still influence many of the newcomers in the game is what made her the ICON that she is today.

    It just amazes me that the same folks that used to ride Janet’s ass back in the day now wanna bash her like she don’t posess an ounce of talent. And if that were the truth…who would be the fool here? Think about it because I am sure thats going to go over most people’s head.

    Yall better act like you know. Ms. Jackson is fly!


  • Amy

    I totally agree with you, Page Black. Just because an artist doesn’t necessarily have the strongest voice, that doesn’t mean that he/she isn’t an artist. I’m a huge fan of Mariah, but I’d definitely rather put money down to see Miss Jackson perform live, than standing for two hours watching Mimi wave her arm around. Aaliyah, Ciara, etc. have rather thin voices, but they’re excellent performers.

  • http://deleted Carmen

    The problem is that Janet keeps letting herself go year after year. If she leaves the public eye again, I’ll bet that she will gain a lot of weight again… and so on and so forth. She cannot keep doing this. In fact, that’s probably why she doesn’t look good. Some of you keep saying she looks great, but does she really? I don’t think so. Forget the photo above. That’s not her. In reality, she looks haggard. Her skin now has an ashy tone to it. She’s lost the beautiful golden brown glow she used to have. I blame most of it on her ridiculous dieting. Kudos to her for losing that weight, but did she have to be so extreme? That’s probably why she turns around and gains it all back.

    Hey just because you are an icon or superstar doesn’t mean you get to go on forever. All good things must end. There comes a time when you need to make changes. Janet can still dance and put on a good show, but she needs to change it a bit. When she was younger and really sleek, she had a sexier look. All kinds of men were dreaming about Janet. I think those days are gone. She is not going to look like that again. I’m afraid she’s going to end up looking really bad because of her plastic surgeries. Michael and LaToya look horrible now.

  • wasabe

    here is the forum where her editorials are posted complete with the articles:

    of course it’s retouched, it’s fashion magazine, duh…at least it’s better than that W magazine cover she did before.

  • Beachmoores

    It looks like they took her head and put it on someone elses body! yuck

  • To Janet Jackson

    Janet Jackson-first album-produced by Renee and Angela-decent-clothes on
    Dream Street-second album-same producers-nice-decent-clothes on
    Control-Third Album-Blockbuster-awesome-jam and Lewis producers-clothes on
    Rythmn Nation-same producers-awesome-clothes on
    Janet-Renee Elizondo holding breast on Rolling Stone cover-okay album
    (goes down hill from there)
    Damita Jo-
    Velvet Rope
    20 yr-

    From the last three we had nipplegate, we learned she loves sex-simulated sex on stage-videos became more raunchy-
    I can’t speak for anyone but myself-but I collected Jacksons records and memorablia fir 30 years- about 8 years ago some Fan loved Janet so much, I packed up all of Janet’s stuff and sent it to her-She couldn’t give me a free copy of this last thing-I think she is one of the hardest workers in show business, is keenly aware of what her limitations are and is highly talented. With that said, She forgot the publicity side-The majority of Americans do not want to know about what you do in bed and what you like-or how you look with the majority of your clothes off. When I watch football, I want to see Peyton Manning’s golden arm throw the football-that’s what I buy-not his personal life-I want to see Denzel act-I don’t care about what goes on behind closed doors.
    I appreciate Berry Gordy for preparing the stars at motown for the public and making sure their image was marketable. Janet needs to realize that she is a product. A total package- You cannot separate the music from the person and expect ppl to buy it-Don’t throw up on my CD and expect me to buy it anyway-JMHO

  • http://deleted True

    Right on about Janet Jackson and the sex talk. Completely turned me off. When people start talking like, “oh we have the best sex” and oh, we like to do it in the car” and “oh, I like to talk dirty”… I get suspicious. I think they are not ALL that! Usually it’s a sign of problems or a relationship that is on it’s way out. Look at what happened to stupid Britney Spears.