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Britney Gives 'Fantasy' For The Holidays


Beyonce – “Listen” Music Video (Alternate Version)
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  • Amy

    LOL @ Victoria Beckham. I don’t suspec this to be true, but it’d be hella funny if so.
    And B, love ya, but is it really necessary to rerelease a “Listen” video. This wasn’t an upgrade from the last one, though she looks much better here. It reminds me too much of Destiny’s Child’s “Stand Up For Love” video. I also don’t get that black and white color scheme. What’s the difference?
    Her arm movements are crazy, though. :)

  • tanique

    i think this video was much better than that horrendous crap she first had. she does the most RIDICULOUS dancing in videos i may have even seen.

    another interesting thing. i know the song has to do with her character, but i wonder if anyone else does a video, if the shots from the movie would be of only them. again, i realize it’s about her character, but i wouldn’t have minded a shot or two from the movie that showed something else. i’m just saying.

  • Amy

    tanique Says:
    another interesting thing. i know the song has to do with her character, but i wonder if anyone else does a video, if the shots from the movie would be of only them. again, i realize it’s about her character, but i wouldn’t have minded a shot or two from the movie that showed something else. i’m just saying.

    Whoa, I didn’t catch that. I’m not jumping on the “Beyonce’s a self-indulgent bitch” bandwagon, but that was weird. But then again, the song IS about her character, so I guess that’d fit.
    I think Jennifer Hudson should release her version of “I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” as a single and maybe video, because while it doesn’t top Jennifer Holliday’s classic version, it blows “Listen” out of the water. Then there would be no reason to center the video around Deena.

  • tanique

    amy, yeah no kidding about jennifer. when they were on oprah, before it began i knew jennifer would not be singing that day, and that is a damn shame. i’m not saying it was a beyonce decision, at all.

    but clearly, they wanted to keep the perception of who they want us to think the star is

    whats funny is, beyonce is doing the most promotion, but jennifer is still the one getting the most buzz.

    that song absolutely blows listen out of the water, and i think she did a good job on it.

  • iiii

    Beyonce is wow really gorgeous but her boobs and nose are fake if you watch well her boobs aren’t shakin when she moves so they’re fakes apart from that she’s fabulous

  • JJ

    I love the Jennifer Hudson song as well as the Beyonce song, and I am so excited to be able to see Dreamgirls tonight. The Jennifer song will never be released as a single or a video because it is not an original song to the movie or soundtrack. You can’t compare one song to the other because they are two completely different things and two completely different songs.

    I also heard that Beyonce had to hold her voice back for the movie as to not upstage Jennifer’s character, since Effie White is the one with the voice. Some of you might say bull, but I do believe it to be true.

    I love this video and the song. I can’t wait to see the movie.

  • MikeDaRemix

    I love the song, but that’s gotta be 3 and a half minutes of contrive-ness I have ever seen.

    The scenes in the movie look great, but the ones where she’s singing to the camera are a little ridiculous and way too over the top.

  • tanique

    jared, is the idea that a remake of a song, from a moive, has never been released before?

    i actually believed beyonce when she said she had to hold her voice back until she got to listen, in the movie. i don’t see any reason anyone would have to think she lying.

    it comes down to personal choice. i happen to think jennifer is a much better singer. it is a rare occasion that i like beyonce’s voice. so listen is the song beyonce said she was able to sing her way, and it just does not compare. but, she did a good job with the song.

    i look forward to seeing the movie, but i don’t think comparing voices is out of the question, considering they are rivals in the movie. a lot of what they do is who is better, or the perception of who is better.

  • Amy

    I also believed Beyonce when she said she had to hold her voice back on the role. I mean, she’s no Mariah or Whitney, but the girl can definitely belt the hell out of a tune, as she proved in many of the generic RnB songs in her first solo album. I ADORE her live renditions of “Proud Mary”. Unfortunately, “B’Day” is a poor showcasing of her talent. I hope people don’t think that “Irreplaceable” is her range of voice because that’s far from the truth.

  • Fifi

    Beyonce is a great singer, but she is not the star of dreamgirls. She could have had Hudson’s role, if she would have stayed fat though, I believe. She should stop hating on Hudson and just congratulate her for her Oscar nod. Jessica is planning future surgery, well if that is true, I hope she gets that ugly bump shaved off her nose, because that is all that she stands in need of!

  • Courtney

    I love Britney, shes a sweetheart. And her perfumes smell SO good.

  • angie

    britney is LAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JJ

    Just saw the movie Dreamgirls tonight and it was AMAZING!!! Beyonce and Jennifer rocked the hell out of that movie. Will definitely see it many more times.


    Never have been into Britney and her bubble gum music. As for her perfume
    after showing her (charley brown) all over the internet it would all smell like (CB)
    to me. She’s disgusting!!!

  • Z

    First, I just want to say I’ve heard Beyonce perform live and Jennifer perform live and Jennifer can sing CIRCLES around Beyonce. ( This was before Beyonce allegedly had to hold her voice back for the movie, so I heard her belt it out at her best) Secondly, the producers/promoters of the movie had initially decided to release Jennifer Hudson’s song as the first release for the movie. But Mr. Knowles and his daugher caught an attitude and stated that if Beyonce’s song was not the first single to be released from the movie soundtrack that they would not do ANY promotion for the movie at all. Not pouring salt, just wanted to let you guys know the info I have. PEACE

  • Susie

    I have had enough of Beyonce. She has been in our faces non stop since the whole Destiny’s Child thing. She and her father need to understand that there is such a thing as over exposure. I am hopeful that she will stop after this whole Dreamgirls thing is over. As for Jennifer Hudson all I can say is YOU GO GIRL. The problem for Beyonce is that her and her father could not control Jennifer Hudson as they have done with all those Destiny’s Child people who were basically Beyonce’s back up singers in the end. Latoya went and had a hit record and I remember her saying that when she was making her album she was always told what she could do as opposed to what she could not do…. I can only imagine who used to tell her what she could not do… This is Jennifers time

  • jaykaydee

    Oh great. There’s Beyonce again, oversinging and doing her “don’t you sass me” face as usual. Whatever.

  • JJ

    When did everyone all of a sudden hate Beyonce? Do you guys not realise that this is how she makes a living, it’s her job. You must have a lot of free time if you can afford to hate Beyonce so much.