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Courteney Cox Gets Down and 'Dirty'

Courteney Cox Gets Down and 'Dirty'

Here’s the latest batch of promos for new TV drama, Dirt, which chronicles the life of Lucy Spiller (Courteney Cox), the ruthless, powerful editor-in-chief of the celebrity tabloid magazines DIRT AND NOW.

Pictured below: Courteney Cox as Lucy Spiller, Ian Hart as Don Konkey, Shannyn Sossamon as Kira Klay, Josh Stewart as Holt McLaren, Alexandra Breckenridge as Willa McPherson, Will McCormack as Leo Spiller, Jeffrey Nordling as Brent Barrow, Laura Allen as Julia Mallory, Timothy Bottoms as Gibson Horne, Carly Pope as Garbo, Grant Show as Jack Dawson, Mariette Hartley as Dorothy Spiller, and Rick Fox as Prince Tyresse.

Dirt premieres on Tuesday, Jan. 2 at 10PM ET/PT on FX.

OF NOTE :: Rick Fox was once married to singer/actor Vanessa Williams. Grant Show played Jake Hanson on Melrose Place. And Carly Pope was on the same Air Canada flight with me from Vancouver back to NYC (JFK). We exchanged smiles at the luggage conveyor belt after the luggage started to arrive and I yelled “WOOHOO!”


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  • Tees My Body

    I wonder how long this series will last…

  • exclusive gossip

    Courtney needs a comeback.

    Her and Maniston keep slipping.

  • anustin

    eerrrkkkk!she looks like shes been full out from the grave!eewwww

  • Krista

    I think she looks great in those pics.. I’m not sure she needs a comeback though..

  • Amy

    I think Courteney looks hot in those pics (except she needs to tone down on the eyeliner, methinks). Somehow, I imagine her character to be an upgraded version of Gail Weathers, her character in “Scream”. Not sure if I’ll be watching, though.
    @Jared: That must’ve been really cool. The man’s aging, but is still fine as hell.

  • kae

    As good looking as she is, the third pic of her looks terrible.

  • Courtney

    I want to see her show. I’ve always loved her work.

  • Shelostafan

    She’s going to kick some serious ass on this. The writers on the show are wonderful!

  • JSoss

    Shannyn Sossamon looks absolutely stunning.

  • naysayer

    The fact that ex basketballer Rick Fox has a role in this series tells me its gonna suck, hard.

  • wow

    It won’t last past 6 shows!

  • http://Rekane Rekane

    I don’t think this show will do well. I heard she has characters similar to the BP/AJ/JA/ Triangle, I’m sure it will mak BP/AJ look Bad and Pal Anuston
    look good, so I read that was one of the episodes.I think I’ll Pass!

  • Rose

    I am glad she is coming back. I have always liked her, with the dark hair and those blue eyes it makes an awesome contrast.
    She can transform into a different charector. I am glad she chose tv again instead of thinking she is so huge now she will go to movies.
    I will watch and so hoping it is good and hooks me from the start.
    I wish her best wishes and lots of luck.

  • Rose

    Rekane, I so hope she does not do anything like that. My respect for her would head downward so fast as I am a AJ/BP fan.
    Hopefully her work ethics (if there is some) will prevail here.

  • gitane

    i’m tempted, really tempted to watch this show. CC was the only one of the Friends i thought was actually attractive. but it’s not about her looks. they’re promoting the hell out of this show on FX. can’t catch nip/tuck without seeing courtney’s mug every break. it looks interesting and it just might do well.

  • design_officer

    could they have photoshopped courteney any more? she doesn’t even look like herself. i guess that’s really a good thing.

  • blogelina

    I don’t know, I’ve always liked CC but this show might well change that. I’ve heard this show portrays Brad and Angelina in a very unfavorable light. If that is true then I won’t be able to like her any longer, like that is some big deal. Still though, she looks really good, always thought she was very pretty.

  • is Huvane her rep too??

    Boy, anybody associated with his royal “vaneness” has a career that is headed to the toilet-kristin dunst, Jen Aniston, GPaltry and others. They should read blogs to find out what ppl really think of them. Gone are the days of HW fooling everyone by the stories they plant. It’s a tech world and ppl in HW including the pet walkers will sell a story to whoever will pay them. As soon as Courtney’s hispanic nanny can translate her tell all book into english it will be Bye bye bye bye bye!

  • http://Rekane Rekane

    Hello Rose! I read that in a reputable source. One character is based on a
    Angelina like character(according to this source) as an actress who goes after
    married actors. But there is always media people who try to spin. I hope not
    but I wouldn’t put it past one of JA Minions!

  • ME

    Funny to see CC is doing a story on BP and AJ. If I recall, didn’t she get involved with a married man and his name was Michael Keaton and he and his wife had children. CC don’t act like you are innocent.

  • wtf? lower case

    Me Says:

    It’s so funny about this now happily married moralists who were in relationships that were also as shaky as they say Brad and Angie’s were — you are right, Courteney was with Michael Keaton from 1989-1995 and he was divorced in 1990 — so he was very much married when she shacked up with him. How quickly she has forgotten that now that she has conformed and is married to her husband. Such as Laura Dern who kept alluding to Billy Bob getting married and she didn’t know, and yet Laura hooked up and had a baby with a very much married Ben Harper. Tsk tsk tsk! Such double standards!

  • a friend

    OMG….there is no storyline of Brad, Angelina or Jennifer in this show. Where are you people getting your bogus info from? Stop reading the tabloids! This has been denied by the producers of the show and that’s final. Grow up people. Isn’t this saga over already. And, if you were to really sit there and think about it long and hard. Do you really think that one of Jenn’s friends would go and dredge something like this up?…even if it’s to make brad and angelina look bad?…Come on, we are more intellegent that this aren’t we? Somebody simply made this story up (and once I find the article where the honchos of the show laugh at the thought of that question and clearly deny it–I will post it). Let’s stop reading that crap. Look, now all the brad and angelina fans won’t watch the show all because of some jerk who spread this false rumour.

  • teamme

    damn, could they done any more airbrushing/photoshopping of Courtney? She does NOT look like that at all.

  • amanda

    Photoshop’d like crazeeee

  • Patty

    Nice to see a new topic on this blog…Courtney’s new series. She’s beautiful, and i am looking forward to being thouroughly entertained. She’s a talented actress, so i know i won’t be disappointed.

  • Maria

    NOTHING, NOTHING could make me spend some of my very precious time watching this woman’s show. Could not stand her when she was on that silly show that should have been cancelled years before, so I sure ain’t gonna waste my time on this one. Oh, and her pictures were scary and so air brushed, she almost looked like a cartoon. Gee, am I being harsh? YOU BETCHA!!

  • blogelina

    a friend Says:

    December 21st, 2006 at 10:10 am

    Thank you for the lecture now I for sure won’t watch this show. Btw…just where do you get your non-bogus information? I don’t read tabloids so my information did not come from that source, maybe I am psychic and it came to me in a dream. No matter, because this must seriously be a lame show if someone like you is promoting it on a blog. Problem solved, don’t watch show.

    ….not a friend….

  • BJ Johnson

    I love the show Dirt. I love the sex scenes between Lucy and Holt and Garbo and Julia Mallory and I hope they have more in future seasons.