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Beyonce's Celebrates B'day All Over Again

Beyonce's Celebrates B'day All Over Again

Beyonce and rapper beau Jay-Z sat court side as they took in the New Jersey Nets beating the Cleveland Cavaliers 113-111 last night at the Continental Airlines Arena in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

Beyonce recently confirmed to Spansish telecast Univision that she will indeed re-release her sophomore album “B’day,” featuring 2-3 brand new songs, including a duet with Shakira called “Beautiful Liar.” How exciting! The Spanish version of Beyonce‘s current hit single “Irreplaceable” (already leaked onto the Internet) will also be featured.

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    Their The Brad & Angelina Of The Music World. [Lol]

    Thank God The NETS Are Coming 2 BROOKLYN

  • mmyers

    If her hair gets any bigger, she might start saying things like “Kiss my grits”!

  • Just Jared

    mmyers, HAHAHA.

  • oh my

    mmyers: exactly!!!

    why can’t she try to look her age just ONCE!! always overly done, this ultra glam diva look is getting so annoying.

  • Susie

    Those extensions are soooo over the top. I do not get this pair. They are so wierd together. But hey if it works for them then good for them.

  • Nando

    Oh that sucks…she sings the Spanish version of “Irreplaceable” with a Puerto Rican/Dominican slang… you know, pronounces the R’s like “L’s. Ugh!

    LOL!!! She says “peldonar,” “engañal” and others instead of “perdonar” and “engañar.” UGH!

  • Nando

    * slang = accent :P

  • Sandbitch

    The wig that ate Beyonce…

  • Sandbitch

    Thanks for the tip Nando – I’m trying to learn/speak spanish (without an aussie accent!)

  • Amy

    Everytime I see a pic of these two, “’03 Bonnie and Clyde” comes into my head (Hov’ and B, holla!). I didn’t think they’d work out, but they definitely are a match artistically and personally. But I swear to god, one day I will find Beyonce and burn her weave with her head still attatched to it.
    I’m excited about the rerelease, though it definitely did’t surprise me. I’m sure many people who bought the album were like “WTF, ten songs?” (Listen and the Get Me Bodied Remix don’t count). I hate it how nowadays albums are about 98% sure to be rereleased. They’re so greedy now…give sub-par material to starving fans who’re sure to buy it no matter what, then pull out the big guns two months later to rerelease album with new songs, DVD, etc. It doesn’t matter whether the album was good the first time around or not (ie: Mariah Carey: Emancipation, Usher: Confessions), it WILL be repackaged. I hate how the music industry thinks we’re so stupid.
    BTW, Beyonce’s solo version of “Beautiful Liar” and the “Irreplaceable” Spanish version have already leaked. Beyonce doesn’t sound too hot with the Spanish Irreplaceable, but she sounds better than JoJo’s god-awful version of TLTL. “Beautiful Liar” is gorgeous; potential single and I can’t wait to hear Shaki add her charm to the song.

  • LV

    Wonder what her hair really looks like?? She’s always wearing wigs!

  • !

    Damn B got her way with Shakira, she told a magazine a few yrs ago that she wanted to collaborate with her cause her videos “are so sexy” and I almost puked, what about wanting to work with someone due to uhm maybe their talent. Personally I like Shakira and I’m gettin fed up with B so I’m not too happy about their duet…but oh well…

  • $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


  • Maria

    OK, what’s with that doggone wig upside the woman’s head? With all her monies — and his — you’d think she’d do better.

  • Maria

    Oh, I have no problem with the woman wearing wigs, it’s just that they LOOK like wigs. Come on girl, spend some of them bucks on something nice looking. Next thing you know she’s gonna look like one of the William’s sisters.

  • She’s beautiful

    Beautiful well built not anorexic wannabe-she is talented and she works veryhard-PPL are always critical but they are also critical of the black ppl who look this good and don’t work hard for it-they despise welfare moms who are just as goodlooking-
    and another thing if that miss usa chick was black she’d be fired-Vanessa Williams lost a crown over something she did before her miss america days-dble standard all the time- so yeah rock it B

  • stop hatin

    y ya’ll hatin on B. thatz her hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amy

    stop hatin Says:

    December 21st, 2006 at 6:37 pm
    y ya’ll hatin on B. thatz her hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love B to death, but that is NOT her real hair. She had her real hair (straightened) in the early Destiny’s Child days (with LeToya and Latavia), and while it wasn’t exactly black, more brownish, it definitely was NOT this blonde and poofy, and a lot more fitting on her in my opinion. I think she should stop taking weave cues from Tyra Banks (who I think is gorgeous, BTW), and opt for a more natural look like Ciara who has been looking on FIRE lately.

  • fair

    that has got nothing with race, or hate.

    she has to find her OWN identity, and her own look, period.. this is not how a young woman in her twenties should look like. i am white, and i admire B for her talent. i love watching her shows, i like her voice. but she is being pushed to something she is not and i guess it is time for her to find her true soul.

    a young woman, no matter how famous she is, should NOT go to a game looking like that!

  • Queen Bee

    Beyonce has long hair. She wears wigs because constant styling dries it out. That’s why she rocked the braids so long.

    If you look at the pic most of that is hers. The blondish color is hers (look at the natural part). And the dark brown might be extensions.

    And her hair looks so poofy because she doesn’t permanately relax it, its straight combed.

    Ciara? Please ALL of Ciara’s hair is a weave…and until now it used to look a HOT mess. And that IS a weave she is wearing above.

    And to Fair Says? You must not get out alot or live anywhere near a large city…heck she’s dressed down compared to some women. I’ve seen women grocery shopping in heels and fur coats.

    I just hope she’s not wasting her early 20s on that player…BEAUTIFUL GIRL

  • stephanie

    Just to let your guys know, Beyonce natural hair is long and curly. Early in her career someone told her its best to wear your hair long instead. She did not want to relax her hair, so, she decided to wavy it instead. I agree, most of the time she goes over board with the wavy but, she’s only given the fan what they wanted. Everyone is hating on B; stop, I wish I was doing her hair because, she probably pay funny money for that job.

  • Susie

    Whatever… this girl has some ugly ass weaves sometimes. This one is a bad one. As a black woman I know a good weave when I see one. Actually Ciara does have nice weaves and does look very pretty. Her singing is not all that hot though. As for Beyonce she wears some of the ugliest clothes sometimes and they are all her Mothers designs. When she looks decent she will be wearing a real designer. I think she needs to do that more often. One of the worst outfits I have seen was the green number she wore to TRL. Girl looked like she had feathers on her butt. Really bad look.

  • Amy

    I know that Ciara has a weave. It’s just that it’s not all overdramatized like B’s. Like I said, I’ll still support her, fugly weave or not. I mean, I’d be kinda shocked if she stopped wearing them. It’s like PART of Beyonce Knowles. I hated it when they made ‘Chelle start wearing that reddish weave during “DC Fulfilled”. She was so pretty with her black hair before, but I’m glad that she’s toned down on it since DC broke up. Kelly looks fab now with her natural look.

  • Coco Butter

    2 days and counting until DREAMGIRLS

  • chanice_p

    Shut the fuck up. All yall hataz. Probably nothin but hating ass white girls. Yall don’t know if that is a weave or not. Plus I know too many white girls, wearing extensions. Now shut tha hell up about Beyonce. The gurl is bad, either way. (this is good)

  • sfe

    Every last one of us has had a bad hair day. It just wasn’t seen by 20 million viewers. Extensions or real hair, if Beyonce has a bad hair day she’s unfortunate enough to have a bunch of people who obviously have too much time on their hands, including me, talking about it like its going to change anything important in the world.

  • Bday the best

    so happpy that B is doing this, Bday was hot enough, now i dont know how hot this new ones going to be

  • yaya

    y everybody trippin over their weaves i mean most black women don’t have long hair unless their mixed and i don’t think they would want to sweat out their perm or freshly washed hair on stage so weave is the answer

  • yaya

    but i do agree hair wig is very big too big