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Britney Spears Airbrushed to the Max

Britney Spears Airbrushed to the Max

Here’s the new promo for Britney Spears‘ new fragrance, Midnight Fantasy. Looks like it’s straight out of her “In the Zone” tour book, no?

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britney spears airbrushed 01

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  • Amy

    Oh God. No words.
    I can’t exactly say she looks good, ’cause the life has been airbrushed out of her. I can’t say she looks horrible either.
    I can’t say that I love her after the absolute horror that’s been the last two years. But I definitely don’t hate her because she used to work her non-singing ass off on the tightest female choreography since Janet Jackson. She just needs to get her ass straightened up and start taking her comeback seriously. Ditching Pharrell to go partying out somewhere ain’t the way to go. And take care of the poor children, too.
    Until she comes to her senses, I’ll be watching her “Me Against the Music” music video with a sad, wistful expression on my countenance. And laughing inside. Sad laughter.

  • messenger

    i truly believe the whole bagina showings was part of the “come back” thing.
    it was all planned.

    her PR people who seemed to be dissapearing, were there ALL the time.
    are you kidding me? she is the queen of a billion $$ deal…. still.

  • jordan

    i think that britney looks good

  • $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$



  • Courtney

    Most all ads are airbrushed the hell out of- I like the photo. And her perfume’s smell great! I bet this one is just as good.

  • kmillz


  • wachikuni

    seriously whats wrong with this girl
    not just this pic
    just her life recently it’s been really chatioc (no pun inteded)
    but really she needs alot of help

  • Ace Tomato

    Oh Christ – they airbrushed her arms in half. Seriously – that was a lot of work. Her upper arms are TWICE that circumference.

  • scotty

    Alternative ‘Perfume’ names:

    Chunky Chick

    Nit-Wit Brit

    Fleshy Flasher

    White Trash

    Thunder Thighs

    Rewind – (back before Fed-X)

    Tantalizingly Tarty

    Stale – With a hint of stale beer, stale cigarettes and stale vomit.

  • sis

    Its not a new photo I think It looks like a photos from tourbook thats right (The Onyx Hotel Tour = i got it :-))


  • joy

    I am so confused one day she looks fat, the next she looks a little smaller, then she is blonde, then brunette. Her hair is long then short. All in a matter of days. Her look changes more than she changes diapers. No matter what, she is still a skanky, nasty, gross piece of white trash who can’t sing worth a crap. Anyone who buys her albums have no taste in music whatsoever. And who cares if her perfume smells good, she didn’t mix the formula herself, it just has her name on it. She looks like she needs to spray some on cuz she looks stinky and dirty, Airbrushed or not.

  • SergioH

    That pic is from an older photoshoot, for the Onyx Hotel Tour.

    So she’s not *that* airbrushed after all.

  • orchid

    The expression on her face looks like she is so disgusted.The same look she has at times when she doesn’t want the media following her. But she has a different look,
    that is phony,when she wants the media to take her picture. The way she has been
    carrying on for the past few weeks, I won’t buy anything that has her name on it.
    She is a disgrace.

  • dina#1

    she is just trash. No class, no brains, no substance! Airhead to the bone.

  • mah87

    Jeez she just model for magazine. in real life she is shi* her life up.. to me she is fuc**** UGLY and hang with wrong people. She is a MOTHER of 2 boys WHY CANT SHE THINK OF HER KIDS?? She said she will have new life in 2007. i reckon it is Bull****……………..

  • curly

    Her life has been a whirlwind for the past few years or more. I can relate to that and I´m not talking about her fame. You need just a bit of self-destructive ways, a poor self-image, lousy self-esteem and then a marriage too young with someone abusive who just want to kick your ass. And the chaos is ready.

    She needs help. But I understand though, no one can help her if she´s not willing to be helped. She needs to wake up.

    I hope her the best. Her kids deserve that. They need a mom who is strong and mentally balanced.

  • candy blackmail

    The photo is dated from 2004 and is airbrushed – considering that Photoshop is not representative of reality, she probably didn’t look that great then either. Granted, she looked *better* then, but no one is as perfect as they look in their PR pictures.

  • WTF

    She’s a nasty piece of used up crap. This comeback is a joke. She needs to just go away for good.

  • fuckparasite,shitney&blohan

    she’s an ugly fat piece of useless shit!!everyone knows that!!!who is she trying to fool???

  • Denise

    This girl is the worse trainwreck American has seen in recent memory. She is one VULGAR sk*nk, anybody who displays their genitals to the world like she has done on multiple occasions, is VULGAR, and there in no other way to put it.
    And anybody who buys her music and perfume and continues to pad the coffers of this VULGAR sk*nk should be ashamed of themselves.

  • lula29

    It’s just that she has no talent. She can’t dance. Her routines remind me of high school cheerleading routines. It’s no wonder a lot of squads use her music or at least use to. She can’t sing at all.

    I think people are tired of talentless dumbasses being rewarded for things they shouldn’t be. I don’t think she’s fat. Women always think a woman with curves is fat, but she’s not. I don’t think she’s treating her god given figure well these days, but I can’t call her fat, and I don’t count pregnancy and post pregnancy. She is human.

    But she doesn’t have a lot of talent and I don’t want her to make a come back. Music has gotten so much better without her on the scene.

  • Capriciousdiva

    Her face hasn’t got that shape no more thats definetly an older picture

  • Fio

    She looks fantastic! Wait for her comeback, she is going to outshine everyone else.

  • lula29


    No she’s not.

  • right

    why would want to smell l ike her??? has anyone seen her latest pics? ewwwwww.. nasty!
    i bet she would want to smell like me! at least i use shampooo and soap on a daily basis.

  • Marivic

    Britney will make a comeback. That’s for sure. Even after all that’s happened…she still has a lot of loyal fans out there. I wish her the best. Happy Holidays everyone! ^_^

  • celebxposed

    airbrushed to max

  • aneu

    comeback schmumback. i also don’t think she will have the success she & her handlers are anticipating. like someone above said, music has been getting better since her departure. she had her time & made her fortune. she doesn’t deserve anymore. enough w/ the ghetto wigger pop.

  • Denise

    That vulgar nasty sl*t is not making any comeback, she IS VULGAR AND WASHED UP?

  • letsee

    she has already killed her “comeback” . No matter how hard she tries she is always going to be a trash. She’s just a puppet and got no talent of her own.

  • wateva

    ofcourse this picture is photoshoped to death…her chest is flat like 9 year old. I know recently her fake titties have “grown” bigger again,like they did back in 99 (rolleyes). she is just way too stupid, i cant believe she manages to stay popular for 3/4 years, her fanbase is probably as stupid as her. She should go far far away with her fake tits and newly tucked belly and leave the world alone.

  • kellyaussi(e)

    markus klinko & indrani retouched this.
    by the looks, they heavily embrace the photoshop.

  • remember da truth

    Photoshopped or not, 2004 or 2006, her hair still looks dirty.

    I would love it if she left L.A., went to a small town or the Caribbean somewhere with the boys, and laid low, just exercised and raised the kids, meditated, read, got a bit of a self-education just learning about life and writing in her journal and reading and just getting away from everything for a while. After about a year, start taking the journal writings and make them into songs and get a good producer, show some discipline, be in shape, practice the dance routines, and keep one hairstyle, no extensions. THEN come back. It doesn’t matter if she isn’t a great singer — she CAN sing some, and she can dance some. She can make it for the teenybobber crowd if she just settles down adn figures out where her life went wrong adn how to make it right, and concentrates on what is important and what she really wants out of life. She needs to cut loose those who aren’t really her friends and find out who really has her best interests at heart — and I don’t know if her mother is one of the former or the latter.

  • remember da truth

    watevea — those are real — didn’t you see the naked photos? And yes they get bigger when you have a baby and when you get fat and let yourself go! They also droop like hers are.
    Get over the obsession with her body — it’s her mind and heart and soul that need some help.

  • DRAGULA !!!!!!


  • Goliano

    Airbrushed or not, Britney is hot! Stop hatin’, haters.

  • Dave

    Goliano Says:

    December 27th, 2006 at 7:47 pm
    Airbrushed or not, Britney is hot! Stop hatin’, haters.

    And you are insane.

  • LLime

    U guyz…U dont understand a thing…
    Let it be as*oles! Its her career, she’s gettin a life…she’s taking a blow to have a living, if this will not be her comeback to a stardom again, well its not too bad to take the risk and try it again. Afterall, everyone on this damn earth has their own f*ck*n disgusting weirdo history in life…its like making individuality…an art to your story before you die. If she does it nasty…well just wish her luck next time.